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Trans inspiration: Jennifer Boylan

Buzzfeed released this list a few days ago: http://www.buzzfeed.com/saeedjones/100-amazing-trans-americans-you-should-know Now, i’ve hardly even begun to go down the list. But let’s start where i started.

I showed this list to Jocelyn, to see if she recognized anyone. And just like me, she didn’t recognize anyone.. Except for one person. Namely, Jennifer Boylan. She told me about how she was her hero, and how much she meant to her. So naturally, i started looking her up. Later that night, when i had listened to a few excerpts from her books, i became a fan of hers. Such an easy listen, such an outgoing, such an inspirational, and most of all! Such a lighthearted individual. She takes all the pain and suffering that us transsexuals has to deal with, and makes jokes about it. And i don’t know about the rest of you, but i find that to be very refreshing. Because you usually find transsexuals who want to play the victim card all the time, or ones who feel miserable all the time, or ones who do nothing but complain.


I think it’s a healthy approach. And the only approach that makes sense. Because, when all is said and done, why should you let the negative around you dictate how you act? Isn’t it a sign of a strong person, when she can just look upon those faces and say “I’m not bowing to what you want! I’m not going to be miserable because you want me to”? And that’s what i mean with an inspirational person. Someone who you can actually look up to. And not someone that news papers wants us to look up to. Someone who just vents, and someone who’s shallow. Not going to name any specific people, but i’m sure we all know at least one of those alluded “inspirational fastfood people”.


But anyway. I’m going to order one of Jennifer Boylan’s books. One that captured my attention the most, and the one that Jocelyn said “It solidified my transgender feelings, and i just knew that i had to go through with it after reading this book” (She had a great story around it too, but i haven’t gotten a clear from her yet, so i can’t post it). It’s called “She’s not there”, and is a memoir of her pre-transition period. If the excerpts are any to go by, it’s going to be a fantastic read!


Dani Landers, and some gaming trans stories

A fellow trans woman is making a video game, i just found it. Couple that together with this article: http://penny-arcade.com/report/article/video-games-showed-me-who-i-could-be-transgender-gamers-share-their-stories

I couldn’t find her twitter, sadly. But at least i can show you her work. It looks to be a pretty interesting title.
The article goes into the game she’s making, some clarifications on definitions and best of all, some transgender gamers stories. I highly recommend reading the entire article, to learn a little more about transsexuals and videogames (Very little of the article focuses on the negative, which is a huge refresher). A lot of it applies to me, and i’m sure a lot of my transsexual readers. And for those you want to know a little more about why gender in videogames matter to us, then please!
Oh, and if you would, please support her kickstarter! ^w^

Tropes vs women in videogames. Whatever response someone could make to her.

You know, i haven’t really commented on feministfrequency’s video she made a few weeks ago, where she talked about tropes vs women. Because one, she disabled comments and ratings. Which tells me that she obviously don’t care about other people responding. She defends it by saying that “people are just gonna troll and be sexist” (Sorry to paraphrase), but if that is her attitude, then why bother? Why even be on the internet? Doing something like that just makes you seem like a creationist. They do that shit too, because they know their opinions (Which is what your video is) won’t hold up to scrutiny. And second, i haven’t responded because i think so many others did a great job at it.. and i’ve already talked about it with my brother. Woman and man in between.

Her video:

But i just wrote something on facebook in response to an article i read on PA (Jocelyn had shared it), and maybe it could at least give you some idea of where i stand, as a gamer myself:

I don’t think video game developers are coming from a very sexist stance on the current state of the industry. I think it’s more of a holdback from a previous era, and a money issue. And it’s a catch 22, really. Because if they never branch out to make characters something other than 30-some-year-old white straight males, you’re never going to get a bigger market for other demographics either.
So for the industry and people as a whole, i think it would be better if we started mixing it up a little. Even though your numbers are currently telling you that this narrow scope is what sells right now.

And thunderf00t made a video where he did some good explaining too, and it pretty much sums it up. She’s not a gamer, and she walked into something that was way beyond her depths. Leave the gaming analyzing and women in gaming talking to extracredits. They explain stuff so much better than she could ever (Because she’s just not a gamer. She has little to no interest in games. At least if her video is anything to go by) do. And i don’t even agree with them on everything. I think they’re too liberally slanted at times. But i always respect their opinions, and find good points in them, because there is where you’ll find non-posers..

Anyway. Do check out thunderf00t’s video, and extracredits. But i’d recommend doing like me and not think too much of it. Because like i said in the beginning, she obviously doesn’t care about other people’s opinion. She seems to have already decided that they’re wrong anyway. And no, i don’t buy her bullshit excuses for a second.

Thunderf00t’s video:

Link to extra credits: http://www.penny-arcade.com/patv/show/extra-credits

Most outspoken atheists and famous scientists are men, and an update.


Let’s begin with the update. Going to move this Sunday instead. Stockholm, where the previous owner of the apartment is moving to, as well as most of Sweden at the moment, has been afflicted with a horrible blizzard. Apparently, they’re having class 1 storm warnings down in stockholm. Because of that, i am not moving until this Sunday, when they say it’s going to calm down. Which kind of sucks. I was hoping to move today. But as luck would have it, she offered to pay the entire rent for december, if i came down this Sunday to help her pack the last of her things. Sure, it’s early in the morning, but i get to move in fairly early this Sunday instead. And with no rent to pay! Feels pretty awesome. Saved me about 323 USD (2400 SEK). So yes. This Sunday, i’m moving. Which feels pretty good, all things considered. Because i hate Sunday, and anything i can do to take my mind off it is good to me.

Other than that, i’ve just been tinkering around with bluetooth on my devices today. It’s pretty fun.

That little rant the title is promising

I’ve seen this in many many pieces of art and stuff i’ve seen as of late. You know, there’s this great image of Hitchens, Hawkins, Feynman, etc. But since those are all men, there’s always a portion of the comments on the image that will say “This image doesn’t represent me enough”. And that has happened so much lately, that i feel i need to say something.
I think i’ve ranted about this earlier. But i guess it bares repeating. Truth of the matter is that most scientists and outspoken atheists are men. It’s as simple as that. A lot has to do with how we raise our kids. Because of that, not a lot of women, until now at least, has perused a career in the STEM field, and they also don’t tend to be outspoken about things (Because, you know.. It’s not “lady-like”). But i think we’re seeing a change in that actually. In a few decades from now, it’s probably going to be equally distributed, not only among men and women, but all sorts of people.

Which leads me to my last point. This goes out to all of those who have made comments, and are making comments, regarding the absence of group (Especially gender) representation in art and other media:  I don’t see how the world has to pander to your supposed political correctness. If anything, you’re the sexists/racists/homophobes. Because you’re the one noticing the difference between people, instead of just seeing it for what it is. A bunch of people. Humans. I mean, would i be right in saying that something has little to no representation of transsexuals? No, of course not. That would be silly. There is a time and place to check whether or not we’re discriminating against people, and art and most other media is not the time or the place.

Don’t blame the mirror, blame what’s looking back at it.

Day 93: Return of hope and women’s clothing

In today’s post:
Hopeful about the future. New garbs and garments. Jenna, the English expert. Batman review. And much more


I started the day by going down to the employment offices to meet with some guy i was supposed to meet, but never did. But it wasn’t for naught, because i had two reasons of going down there. Yes, i gave them the papers with the signatures from the company i went to a few days ago. They told me to wait, and next time they contact me, i should be getting a date for me to start working. I’m not getting payed, sure, but it’s still work. It’s still obligations and focus on something, other than my pet projects and what not. Which i think will work wonders for my mentality (Especially when i get my own place to live in), even though it’ll probably be very hard at first.

So yea.. I feel pretty… amazed. How, after all this time, good change is coming left and right now. Getting my own place most likely sometimes this year, will get a new source of income, a job to go to, and something i want to talk more about.
I’ve been using a good swedish auctioning site to buy clothes and stuff. So i’m finally getting cute, cheap, and awesome clothing. It’s my first time buying my own clothes, believe it or not. I feel pretty proud that it’s a cute nightgown. I also have one day left on two other auctions. One’s a cute pink skirt and one’s a cute brown bra…


Life is getting better. I think hope has returned to me, and the day when i exclusively wear things i want (I have my reasons for not being able to now) is getting nearer


A few more notable things happened.. Took some test on myriam webster, where i found out that i have the vocabulary of a 40 year old English speaker. Which was fun. Obviously, nothing really definitive, but i think it’s telling, at least. I did when looking up “ne’er”. I always wanted to know how to spell it, and now i do. So that’s great! It’s a very flexible form of the word “Never” that can really save a lot of text space.

Speaking of language, i chatted with crumulent on twitter. Someone i started following yesterday. Had a lot of fun! He’s a fun man. Chatted a little about language and what not. Dragged in Evolution_child too. Fun times on the twitters.

Mom has been playing my 3ds quite a lot lately. She really loves Mario Kart 7. Can’t blame her. That’s an awesome game!

Added some widgets to the blog. Minor changes.

Oh, yea.. And i got a pintrest. Not sure how avidly i’ll use it, considering that it’s slow as hell for me, and the chrome extension i had for it didn’t really work that well. But maybe i could start using it later when all the bugs are ironed out. I had some ideas of storing a bunch of clothes i like on there. But maybe i won’t. Ionno.

Lastly, we finally started the process of getting the big pc, which had a motherboard issue, fixed now.


Hopefully, the nightgown will have arrived in the mail. Can’t wait! I think things sent via the post office has a minimum wait of 2 days, and a max of 5. So i should get it this week, if anything. And hopefully, i’ll win the other ones too.

Then i guess i will be waiting for the answer back from the employment office too. Although, i doubt much will have happened in just 24 hours.

Today’s Image/video

Spill made a very funny short review of Batman the dark knight rises.

Day 52: More women, please

I had some issues sleeping last night. Fell asleep around 6am-7am.. Consulted with mom earlier about it, and she thinks its underlying stress.. And yea.. I was programming for the entire day, so maybe it was related to “walking into the wall” and stress on that level? Subconscious stuff. So you know. That sucks. But i think it feels better now. Just did a little programming today. Maybe sat for a total of 2 hours or so. Tried to figure out why the same notifications would display more than once over and over.. And i just can’t figure it out. It’s as if the value i have to keep a check on it just resets itself. But it doesn’t.. Gah! Very confusing to say the least.

Anyway.. I had a fairly good day regardless. Had a lot of exercise and stuff. Feeling really sweaty now though. Which sucks. I should have showered today, but i never did. Bleh.. I did arrange some future stuff with my brother though. So we might do something this weekend, maybe.
Played some wordfued with mom today as well. We’ve been playing that a lot lately. It’s a lot of fun though. Although she totally stole a row i was gonna put, and got 130+ points from it. So i’m about 200 points away from her now.

Don’t really have much to talk about today. Been playing quite a bit of dungeon village. My town is lv 4 now. On year 9. Apparently, the game ends at year 18 or so. I love the different puns of the adventurers. Donkey Hotty, Seffi Roff, Clown Stripe, etc.. A lot of humor in it.

I was thinking of that atheist picture i showed a few days ago. And it occurred to me that the people who said that it lacked women are judging and viewing art through a very narrow lens. A lens where everything has to agree with their rigid standards. You know. Things can’t just be art, it has to be politically correct first. Meeting those requirements is more important than to express yourself through the medium. The artist obviously has a lot of love for the people in the picture, and he/she wanted to express it through art. And then you come around, telling him/her that “oh, you should have had this in the picture”. Yes.. I can look at artwork and think that it would have been cooler if something that i like was added to it, but i think i have yet to really type that out, or say it out loud. Because it’s silly, and it’s basically me saying that what the artist feels should cater more towards what i feel. Seems a little selfish when you look at it that way, don’t you think?
But oh well.. It’s not like anything i say can change the mind of someone in that mindset. I just wanted to bring it up again because i just hate people acting that way.

I think that’s about it. Tomorrow.. I’m not sure. I feel that i’m walking in limbo until i get an answer from the school. But i’ve already talked so much about those feelings. Maybe i’ll feel some amount of stress over working a little. But hey! At least it’s not over social interaction.

Saw this video yesterday:

I just love Gamester81.

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