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Mirror, mirror!

It’s been about two weeks since i looked myself in the mirror, and i can honestly say that i’ve been feeling better for not doing it. I should probably try to confront myself at some point, though. After all, it’s less than a week left until i have a meeting with my therapist. My transition process will finally continue.

The video
As for that video. I’ve been pondering about it a lot, and i feel it would probably be better without a script, and if i changed my approach to it. Instead of trying to find nostalgia, melancholy or bitterness; where none of it can be found, i should just try to be above my past self. Because this honestly isn’t something i really care about that much any more. And i want that fact to be apparent in the video.

I was sick earlier too. So the video got postponed because of that. Had a lot of fun just relaxing with some wind waker SD on my gamecube.


Dani Landers, and some gaming trans stories

A fellow trans woman is making a video game, i just found it. Couple that together with this article: http://penny-arcade.com/report/article/video-games-showed-me-who-i-could-be-transgender-gamers-share-their-stories

I couldn’t find her twitter, sadly. But at least i can show you her work. It looks to be a pretty interesting title.
The article goes into the game she’s making, some clarifications on definitions and best of all, some transgender gamers stories. I highly recommend reading the entire article, to learn a little more about transsexuals and videogames (Very little of the article focuses on the negative, which is a huge refresher). A lot of it applies to me, and i’m sure a lot of my transsexual readers. And for those you want to know a little more about why gender in videogames matter to us, then please!
Oh, and if you would, please support her kickstarter! ^w^

Princesses & Illusions. A response to SomecallmeJohnny

An internet personality whom i adore to no end, made a video today about a game which i adore to no end. So obviously, i must be outraged, right? Well, not quite. I’ve got some thoughts and ideas that i want to share. It won’t take long.

Anyhow. Before anything else, watch the video:

Now, i was surprised when he said that he would be tackling Link’s awakening. He had said a few times in the past that he would take the handheld games in a separate marathon.
My initial thought before watching it was “Damn you, Johnny! Releasing it right when i have to go to work”, followed by “It’ll be really interesting to hear the perspective from someone who didn’t grow up with it”. And long story short, it was. It was a very interesting video, and it made me wonder. What if some random shmo, or nintendo, remade the game, and improved it by fleshing out the story, thus making it live up to its potential. Because just like he says in the review, there’s a lot of potential there. Like when you learn that the island is but an illusion and a dream. Pretty heavy stuff, i have to say.

Another thing you could also improve on is the graphics (As charming as they may be) and the gameplay. So i was thinking that i wanted to do it myself. That was a thought that instantly came to me around the midpoint of Johnny’s review. Admittedly it’s something i’ve been wanting to do for years, for the exact reasons that Johnny pointed out, but this review made me want to do it all over again. I think, out of all the Zelda games out there, this is the one that would benefit the most from a remake.

Me in a nutshell? (Reddit, reddit, reddit)

I think i’ve finally realized that i’m a reddit junkie. But who can blame me? Here is a screenshot of all the subreddits i’m into:


And here are a few random just now posted content from those:

New Zealand


Mount Roraima - Venezuela






You see what i mean? Reddit is pretty amazing. Most of the community aspect, most of my media consumption, most of my entertainment, most of my news reading.. Do check it out, if you’re for some reason not on there already.

Day 138: The nerdist is great and new clothes?

In today’s post:
More Borderlands. New clothes? Tekkit in minecraft, it has begun. The nerdist podcast network is great. And roller-coaster tycoon.


Been playing borderlands for the most part today. Pretty amped about the second one.

Talked to my big sister today briefly about the appointment i went to yesterday, and i asked her about the clothes she was thinking of throwing out, if i could have them. And she said she was going to think of me when she gets to that. So that’s always good! We’ll see how that turns out.

But yea.. Haven’t done much! Played minecraft briefly, because i set up a new tekkit server for my brother, a friend and him.

Decided to go through “the nerdist podcast” back catalog today, and i found a bunch of great episodes. I really like the nerdist. Such great shows. Highly recommend checking them out!


I should probably be doing some school job. Been postponing it a little too long now. Will probably end up playing more borderlands though.

Today’s Image/Video

Day 137: Obama is a socialist!1one

In today’s post:
psychiatrist report. A lot of new clothes? Obama is a socialist and ignorant bastards


Today was the day! I went to the psychiatrist for the first time, and it was great. She was a very nice person, and felt so great getting thoughts out, and some advice on how to contain my anxiety, and some more info on how and why i feel this way. So a lot of great info i’ll be using to get by.

Then i also talked about my transsexual issues, which was great. She said that she would try to find some info on where i should turn to start my transition, since she’s not really qualified for it. So that’s awesome! Then i may be getting some medication for my anxiety issues too. But we’ll have to see how that goes.

All in all, i got a lot of help, and it feels great. I got a new time in two weeks from now.

Later today, i heard my sister talk about how she’s going to go through her old clothes and discard some.. I figured i’d ask her tomorrow if i could inherit (For the lack of a better word) them.

Lastly, my brother and i spent some time talking about stuff. I’m going to sleep at his place next week.


No plans.

Today’s Image/Video

A great picture someone named “Kevinbolk” on deviantart, about people who simply won’t listen to reason.

Defining let’s play


You hear this term a lot if you’re a videogame goer who uses youtube to watch videogame videos. But what does it really mean? Is there a way to define it? Let’s find out!!

In defining what a “let’s play” is, we must first look at a few things. First of, what people refer to it as, and how it’s used. Second, to look at what can be inferred from the term. And third, try to look for any official source that defines it. If there even is such a thing.
Keep in mind that i’m just some schmuck who knows nothing about nothin’. So take it for what it is.

Videos labeled “let’s play”

To me, it seems that people will use the term”let’s play” in their videos to essentially mean a very loose walkthrough of a game, that focuses more on the individual and the individual’s relation to the game, than it does the game itself.

Some people do it better than others, but no matter what, it will always be some kind of playthrough, be it only playthrough in the sense the game gets completed. They’ll always include someone talking over it. Never in the way that you’d expect from a guide, but rather, someone talking more loosely, sometimes not even about the game.

The spirit of it

It’s in the name: Let’s play!

Let us play! Let’s just pick up the controller, and play some games. Let’s relax and just do it! At it’s core, i would say that a let’s play is just someone or some people sitting down, playing a game while talking. That’s basically what a let’s play is.

But a lot of people do more than that. Some decide to include an entire guide section to their videos, and some look up info on the game to tell about, and some even 100% the games, rendering it a perfect walkthrough.

So even if the spirit of it is to just play it and not bothering with the walkthrough part so much (Unless you’re a living walkthrough, like i know a lot of you nerds are), there still is a huge subsection of people that are accepted as let’s players, and label their videos “Let’s plays”, who focus a lot on the walkthrough part, and really, do walkthroughs along-side the personal commentary.

Another thing that sets it apart from pure walkthroughs

Walkthroughs of games often include extensive editing for the perpose of just including the parts that explains how to get through, or solve parts of the game. While a let’s play does ligther editing usually to break the monotony of grinding/retreading old ground/or seeing the same enemies (If it’s an RPG). Some let’s players don’t even do that very often, and tend to feel guilty when doing it, due to it not being very “let’s play like”. Which again proves (For the lack of a better word) my point of the spirit of let’s playing.


There is a wikipedia article on it which explains it in very simple terms http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Let%27s_Play_(video_gaming)  Someone recording while playing a game and commentating over it.
Other definitions i found were outdated, and talked about picture walkthroughs. Basically the origin of the term. Although i can debate and argue the legitimacy of “the origin”, i will just assume it’s true for now, seeing as it doesn’t matter.
In either case, i don’t think it’s what most people refer to it as anymore, and my reasons for thinking that is the wikipedia article and the fact that the popular among let’s players do the whole recording and commentating thing. So yea, it’s outdated, from what i could find outside of the wikipedia article.


I don’t know if i’ve made any sense in this article at all. But in case it didn’t make sense, here’s a quick summary of what i mean: Basically, a let’s play is a more loose form of walkthroughs of a videogame, which will be more inclusive of the player, rather than just explaining how to complete individual parts of the entire game.

In conclusion

I’ve been using the word “walkthrough” to mean guide in this post. Even though all you can infer from a walkthrough is that you’ll walk through the game. Which is in actuality more loose than Let’s playing. But in practice, i’ve noticed that “walkthrough” is usually what you say when you mean guide.

I could be wrong on everything here, like i said earlier, but at least i got to write down something a little more extensive than what’s out there, and hopefully spark up something in another person who can actually do more research, and who knows more about it than i do.

Maybe i am just reading too much into it though. It really doesn’t matter if you think about it. In this day and age, terms can change meaning very quickly, so i guess there’s no point in trying to define a term that refers to something so young that no one else can truly define anyway.

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