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Day 104: Jenna’s special day

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Vegans. Internet is easier than local (Music app). Jenna Jameson takes it really hard. And the Onion, on bullshit.


I wrote a post today about meat industry vs herbivore activists. Nothing i really need to add to it. I just thought i had to mention it again. Cause i’m still pondering about where to go from here.

Music program

The music program is coming along great. The auto hide/show is working great and i played around with grooveshark today. The first skin (Which i might rename it “Themes” instead) will have local files, grooveshark and youtube you can use to listen to music. It’s really fun to make! And since it’s webkit and everything, i can use google chrome to test it. I could release a demo tomorrow, and make sure that that the program works on more computers (I’m really not sure if it’s using any debug files or external DLLs that i need to link for non-dev computers).

But yea. I’m very happy to have made it in webkit. It means that making the local file structure for it will be the hardest part. Funny enough! Not that it’s too hard.. but there are some issues i’m still pondering. I will have a nice little import feature while figuring out drag and drop though. Basically, it’ll check some pre-determined folders (And some user defined folders too, if the user so chose to define some) and generate a json playlist for the program to use. A fun thing to do too. File in and out functions are really fun to play with.

Here’s a quote from what i wrote in the skin specifications:

Some explaination on the framework of a skin:
A folder counts as the skin, and everything in the folder (In this case, “iOSpired”) defines how it’ll look and function. Images, html files, css files, javascript files, etc.
Required files in a skin are: index.html and injectionlist.txt. Everyting else can be whatever you need them to be.

The program renders all the content using webkit (same as google chrome), so that means you’re basically making small websites, with some added functionality and versitility. If you wanted to, you could even make it something completely different from a music player. Although it is primarily a music player program. Want to make it display stock, weather? Why not?! Go nuts. Make it a videogame.

So in short, you need to know html, css and javascript. And if you do, you’ll feel right at home.
Some limitations to the music files are that you can only play them nativly (That is, without including an SWF file as the music player on top) in ogg and mp3.

A tutorial on exactly how to make a skin is included with the program, along with some other information on developing and such. But it is recommended that you simply look up some html tutorials or look at the files in this skin, to learn how to make a skin. Learn by tampering, as i say.

Jenna Jameson

Apparently, Jenna Jameson, the porn star, decided to give Mitt Romney her seal of approval. Which isn’t the only seals she’s given to men, if you know what i mean. I doubt anyone really cares about her opinion on it, and i’m sure the enforcement from her was either just her displaying her less than stellar brains, or her thinking it would be a good business decision.
Whichever the case, i’m certain that the internet only cares because now can all make a lot of sex jokes. Which are so easy to do, by the way. Not unlike herself.

She endorses Mitt because she wants the rest of america to get fucked too… Anyway, just enjoy. Not usually into sex jokes, but they’re fun now.


Gotten a lot of love on twitter today. Chatted with some people, and just had fun. I’m having a lot of fun on that site! If you’re reading this, and you don’t have a twitter, get one, and we can chat too!

I feel better about the guy i talked about yesterday. I figured that it’s best if i just live my life, and let whatever happen in its own way. If that makes any sense.


Nothing planned. It’s weekend too, so nothing much’s gonna happen. Still a little stumped that i’m starting school soon though! Getting a little giddy.

Today’s Image/Video

I’m not subscribed to the onion, because i think that a lot of the time, they’re not that funny. They’re ok, but not very funny in my opinion. However, sometimes, i just think they make fantastic videos. Like this one:


Uncertain about: meat industry vs herbivore activists

The twitter vegan i keep mention on here talked about “cattle eating the food of humans” earlier. To which i replied “You know that humans don’t eat hay or grass, right?” and he told me that they also eat grains and wheat. Which i found out that they do. But also found that only 2% of what’s grown is given to livestock. Which isn’t a lot. Not that i feel very comfortable about the source (Or rather, lack of source) on that number. But i’ll check it later, since i don’t particularly find it too important right now. Just a quick little argument there.

I find that notion pretty weird, that livestock eating our food is the problem of 3rd world countries. A huge reason why people can’t eat. He said that for one cow (I think he said cow.. or maybe he just meant one livestock), 6 people went hungry. Correct me if i’m wrong, but i kind of thought that what 3rd world countries had in common, and what makes them such hellholes, is that the countries out right suck. Things like: Corruption, guerrillas, dry land, diseases, etc.
Not the fact that we in 1st world countries (I use that loosely when including the US) eat meat. But i really don’t know much about it, and i want to learn more. Only issue is that i have no idea where to start looking.

I could google something akin to what this post is named, but i’d end up with very slanted opinions and bias statistics about the matter. Things that just rubs me the wrong way. Whether it be from the meat industry who put up this facade that everything’s hunky dory, or it be from the vegan extremists who say that PETA has come to liberate the world — and anything in between.
I could write on forums and ask people, but i can’t really find one i think would yield too much diversity on the issue.

So i’m stumped. I feel that the best thing to do is to just get out there and find the answer yourself. Like Hitchens always talked about. Or maybe i should just go to as many forums as i can, to get some answers though. See what i can find.

As a side note: I’m not 100% clueless. I do have my thoughts and i have seen quite a lot on this issue, from both sides. It’s just that all the information is making me confused, and i don’t know where i should turn to get a new start, so to speak. Cause i want to get to the bottom of all this finger pointing.

Day 103: Flirty transsexual

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Morality debate. Harry Potter is a cash-grab? Transsexual problems. Doubting school. Meandering bullshit. And  


Yesterday, i got myself into quite a bit of discussion. It was pretty nice for the most part, although i will tell about the bad parts later on in this post.

But first up! Morality. My vegan twitter friend, me, and some other cool guy i recently followed got into a discussion about morality. I learned a lot about morality and how him as a vegan looks at it. I looked up what it meant and everything. If i understood things right, the argument he made was that morality is objective. Basically that there are absolute morals. But from what i found, morals basically means, a perception of what’s right and wrong, based on social groups, society, religion, etc. Which makes it completely subjective, and kind of meaningless. To give an example, Hitler was being moral, according to him and the contemporary culture in which he lived in. But to my morals, he was very wrong. Dead wrong, in fact.

Not that this was a part of the argument, but maybe there is a study where you try to find the best morals. Which would maximize human happiness, and minimize humans suffering. But i know very little of the study of morality. All i’m saying is that my vegan twitter friend was in the wrong on this one.

Arguing about Harry Potter

Another argument i had earlier was with some random guy on skype (Of all places). We got into a discussion about Harry Potter. I told him i thought the series was really good, and then he went on to say that it’s not art, and how Rolling only went into it for the money. I asked him to explain himself, and somehow, it got into a nasty situation, which eventually lead to me asking him to justify the position. So he went on a very long winded explanation as to why it’s not art and how it was only made for commercial purposes. He stated that it was very text-book heavy, and that, to him, was proof enough of his claims. He also made some other points which were equally as invalid (at least if you ask me), and before i could refute them, he went on to tell me how i’m basically stupid for not being able to see it the way he does, and that i don’t know anything about what i’m saying (He would make really arrogant comments the whole for the discussion, by the way).

So it went into more nastiness, and nothing productive was done. All because he can’t take criticism. I’ve dealt with his kind before, and they’re all the same, really. They get butthurt when they talk with someone of a different view, and then go on to blame you for being this and that, and not knowing this or that.
I got annoyed with him, and actually laughed a few times. So i let my emotions take over for a while. Which i don’t like. It’s also very possible that he simply doesn’t understand English as well as he’d like to think. Because a lot of the time, he didn’t seem to grasp what i was saying. Which how the conversation ended. He made a strawman against me, telling me to answer something based on the strawman. I told him that he was making a strawman, and he told me that i was “playing tricks” and “plotting things” against him. Which, at that moment, made me realize that i was talking to what’s basically a fundamentalist, and that i’m wasting my time. Because fundamentalists say the same thing to atheists when you try to explain to them why their initial questions are wrong to begin with.

But that’s just life. Some people will be butthurt over small things, and arguments will erupt over it.

Transsexual problems

The last chat i got into yesterday was probably the more pleasant one (First half of it, that is). This time, it was via twitter DM, with a charming, smart and handsome guy. We had a lot of fun with flirting and what not, until my transsexuality came into the discussion. This wasn’t the first time i had gotten sad about a man’s view change about me, because of that knowledge being “spilled”, so to speak. It’s not saddening because of the man, it’s saddening because it’s always made me feel that i’m not a woman. But this time, it really struck home.

Because i will never be a woman to most people. Nor will i be a man, not that i care about that. But my point is that, i will always be someone whom people will not know how to act around. Because gender is so ingrained in people’s way of speaking and acting among one another, and since i have nothing, it’ll just be awkward, and i think it’ll be expected of me not to flirt with anyone, because it’s just awkward.

I don’t know. Maybe i’m making no sense at all, or just bloating up something that isn’t an issue. But i’m very depressed by this fact. And really, i shouldn’t drag this guy into anything anymore. I shouldn’t flirt with anyone. It was very stupid of me to think for a second that a man would be able to look past this one fact, that make so many people uncomfortable.

I’m a very stupid person.

The first school doubts

So i applied for a loan and grant from the government run buisness “CSN” now, and hoping for an answer sometime next week. I also took the time to check the schedule of the class i’m attending… and it made me doubtful. It made me feel that perhaps it isn’t something i should study up on.

My schedule “Computer networking”.

  • IT Essentials – Whatever that means. Probably the equipment you use when dealing with IT. Like computer software and hardware, as well as hardware outside of a computer. Like cords and adapters.
  • Computer net 1 – basics – How computers connect to each other i guess. IP addresses, sockets, mac addresses, routers, etc.
  • Computer net 2 – Routing basics – Maybe more practical, dealing with cords, routers and what not.
  • Computer net 3 – Switching basics – How switches work? It all sounds very basic so far, not gonna lie.
  • Computer net 4 – WAN intro – Wireless network, i guess. Omni/unidirectional antennas, etc.
  • Learning while working – Internship, it seems. Already, on year one.
  • Installation in broadband networks – These last ones make me very skeptical.. I mean. So my job will be to install broadband in places? Do you have to wear a blue overall then? And to what kind of people? I honestly don’t care about helping individuals. If it’s companies, sure, but everyday people, i just fucking despise at the moment. #Hyperbole

Well, it’s not like i have much of a choice now though. Although, reading it through, it does seem kind of interesting, except for the last part. I just have some natural doubts for it.


My day has been depressing. I haven’t done much. Talked with my brother a little, and just loitered. I feel pretty useless right now. I feel like a waste of human flesh and i just want to wane away.

Chatting a little with that guy i talked about earlier. Probably for the last time, i recon.

Anyhow.. I have a feeling that i need to stop worrying about what’s on my mind. My transsexuality. But if i ignore it, i just end up more depressed in the long run. Which is an issue. The day when i go see a professional is closing in rapidly though. I think vacation time’s over the moment i start school, which will be an ample time to find someone to talk to about it.


I’m not sure. Relax a bit, i suppose. Maybe do some programming if i feel like it. We’ll see.

Today’s Image/Video

I’m probably late to the game, but this guy makes some great animation. This one’s about skyrim:

Day 83: Child sex slaves and stampedes

In today’s post:
Child sex slaves & stampedes. Programming woes, over! Blog redesign

Making a music player pt2

I might stop making parts on this sub-section later. Because i’ll probably write quite a bit about it.

Anyway! I’ve finally fixed my PNG woes. I ended up using something based on directX (Which isn’t too bad) which is usually reserved for videogames, called “Allegro”. It’s slim enough, works well enough and it can handle everything i want it to handle.

I’ve written some essentials outside of the program. Such as, feature list/todo, version info and general info about the program. I quote:

Widget player is a music player designed to be open, easy to use, good looking, modable and powerful right out of the box.
It was inspired by the iOS double tap homescreen menu.
I created this player because the only music player that came close to what i needed was winamp. Even then, if i had made it a skin instead, i would not only lose out on the functionality i want, but more importantly, the open-ness. I think that being able to mod a program however you want is important, and although i might not be able to achieve that for everyone, i hope to at least make it so that the majority are satisfied.

It was made using the gcc/mingw compiler, and allegro (Which is usually used for games), and is powered by curl, IE-frame (Which could be changed later for gecko), fmod, ffmpeg and much more.

Widget player is free to use, and always will be. Aside for maybe an ad in the installer (If it comes to that) and donation, no money is involved.

Which gets me to the final part. If you liked this application to any extent, please consider a donation. Thank you.
If you have any suggestions, questions, praize or hate you want to send my way, i’m contactable through this email: littlejojoisme@gmail.com

I would like to thank you for using Widget player, and i hope you like it.

It’s really fun to make this. Tomorrow, i think i will do the rest of the theme and get the animations for the different buttons and stuff working. I was thinking of borrowing from the windows 7 start orb school of animating.

Child sex slaves and stampedes

I would have made a separate post if i wanted to go in depth on this, so i won’t. But i will tell about what happened.

A vegan i follow on twitter tweeted today where he equated child sex slaves with horses dying in stampedes. Before i go on to point out what i said, or at least wanted to have said; i wanted to point out that i know for a fact that i could have put my argument better, and that i probably misspoke more than once. You can check my twitter if you want to see the whole conversation and judge for yourself. I got a little too carried away at times, and fealt that i didn’t get my point across. That being said. Here’s my interpretation (Could be wrong): I told him that the two are too different to be compared, and he told me that they’re “in principle”, the same, because they’re both unnecessary exploitation of animals.
The argument went on, and i eventually told him that it’s basically the same as me equating a toe ache with the pure hurt that someone who just lost his or her leg must feel. I made an example similar to that before making that one, to which he responded that  i was being absurd, “ad-absurdum”. Yes! It is! Of course it’s absurd! What you said is absurd too…

All in all, all i can do is to hope that i got my message across. I mean, i know him as a vegan looks at animals and humans very differently than i do. I hope to one day understand exactly that sort of thinking. Until then, i need to try to keep an open mind about it. Maybe i’m failing at that though, i wouldn’t know.
It is kind of funny that i get accused of not being empathetic and for trivializing suffering, when he just made that statement though.

Blog redesign

If it didn’t cost, i would make the design myself. But i think i found one i’m pretty happy with now.  I for one like it.. Yea.. What else.. I guess that’s it.


A full sunny day for one. Not a single rain drop. If we have it like that tomorrow, i might go down to the fields again. Which should be nice. Oh, and i got so caught up with the programming that i never looked for a flat. But i will do that tomorrow.
I played some Mario 3d land again today, and i’m really starting to get into it, i think. It’s really fun and quite different from any other mario game out there. I recommend checking it  out.


More programming, probably, and look for some flats. Good times!

Today’s image/video

Numberphile (A great youtube channel), made a fun song involving numbers today:

It’s not too bad actually. I quite enjoyed it.

Day 54: Marketing ploys & vegans

It’s been a rainy day. Personally, i’ve enjoyed it. I love the cooler weather, during such a harsh season. Not a big fan of summer when it persists with its heat and what not. It is just not enjoyable. It’s been another boring day. Not much going on in real life. Thought a little more about school. Not a day goes by without me doing that it seems. Pretty excited for an answer!

I think i might have listened a little too much on the maplestory soundtrack lately. I donno.. I just enjoy thinking back on the old days, i guess. But i also think about Vanna when i do it, and about the closure i need to do with this. Keep in mind that i’ve been going home, being out of work since that time.. I know i keep what little readership in the dark on this, but it will be clear in due time. I have some ideas on how i’m going to close this chapter of my life, and finally move on. Might take more than a year or even two years until that time comes, but it will. I just know it.

There was an ad on TV today about “Fruit drink”, and it’s one of the more atrocious things i’ve seen in terms of weaseling, in quite some time. Maybe it is of little concern, but this one is just too obvious! In a nutshell, they’re basically equating juice with “Fruit drink”, which is a new definition of something they claim is just as healthy.. Now.. I seem to remember reading somewhere that, to be called “juice”, you must follow some rigid standards. In Sweden, a juice is basically something with 100% fruit. I think it is impossible for them to call it juice unless it meets those standards. And i know that the US has some rules like that too. Although it seems to be less rigid. Maybe i’m wrong about all that though, but i’m quite sure about it.
So yea.. They’re going to make people think that “saft” (No good translation of that word in English, sorry) is the same as juice. Basically, that synthetic and less nutrition is the same as natural and very nutritious. I swear.. It’s the same as this whole garbage where colored salt is somehow better than white salt. But… In the end, i think the consumer needs to be smart about it. Not saying they can’t buy this “Fruit drink” thing (My mom actually did), but as long as they’re not fooling themselves.

There.. I wanted to get that out of my system. It’s a minor thing, but still. Some thoughts i had about it.
This other thing i want to write about, i was considering writing on my tumblr. Which is another thing i should mention. I just don’t know what to use that account for anymore. I feel that having three blogs with different subjects is a little too much. I should just make froyojojo about things like.. Lists of things i use on my computers and all that. I’ve been wanting to write that to keep track of useful programs and stuff. So mostly for myself, but also for those searching for good programs and things like that. Maybe i should do it tomorrow. I need some things to do, and i love writing.. So.. Yes!

Anyway.. Vegans.. I don’t want to write too much about it, because there’s just so much i don’t get. All i can do is to point out how i see it, and how i understand it. A twitterer i’ve been friendly with (Boyfriend material, ttly.. Just kidding. Just a pretty cool guy) for quite some time now, linked an article today.
http://drstevebest.wordpress.com/2012/06/11/un-urges-global-move-to-vegan-diet/ It’s kind of a mess, in my opinion. I’m just going to point out some things that stood out for me, and then summarize how i feel towards it all.

You know.. I’m going to just assume that all the reports are accurate for this one. Some of the sources seem a bit iffy, but overall, i think i can get behind the numbers. I could read up on it, i suppose, but since it’s not the studies themselves that i have an issue with, i’m just going to leave the sources alone on this. I’ll assume they’re true. It is the dissemination of the information i take issue with. For instance. It says that the meat and dairy products account for 70% of the global freshwater consumption. Let’s ignore the 38% landmass and 19% greenhouse emissions. I don’t find it relevant, because i have no clue if the alternative would result in more or less of any of those. Too many factors to count in. But i want to ask.. How is the 70% number relevant? Are they saying that, if we didn’t have the dairy and meat products, more people wouldn’t have to go thirsty?

Then another thing that caught my eye was at the very beginning of the article. I have no idea how not eating meat will save the world from hunger. I have no idea how it will solve the energy crisis (Which i guess the fuel poverty refers to). I might be able to grant that the cows with the methane does a lot to global warming, but again.. I am not sure exactly how big that impact is. The article says one number, but i have to be skeptical (It says 19% in the article).

There is more in it that i took issue with. But these were some of my thoughts on some of the more egregious — if you will — points in it. I remain very skeptical towards veganism.

One more thing i want to point out is two comments from that friendly vegan (You know, like i stated earlier.. Relationship. Hur hur!) and some other vegan that i’ve come in contact with on twitter

I got two comments on twitter. One from that friendly vegan (Boyfriend, ya know!1one #Joke) and another from some other vegan i’ve chatted with before. They’re both pretty cool people, from what i can tell. But i for one wave my yellow flag when i see someone talk about their ideology, as if it’s flawless and perfect in almost every way. I don’t think you’ve thought about the issue for long enough if you think that way. It could also be that their bias towards the issue is very big.
The two comments in question was a response to me wanting to see a study done about the negative impacts of veganism. One comment from the friendly one (I’ll just call him that), where he said that the only negative would be that some farmers would have to re-adjust (That, to me, sounds like you think it’s an almost perfect solution). And the second comment from the other one (Sorry for not naming you by handle, but i just don’t like doing that), saying that the immediate ‘impact’ would be both environmentally and ethically beneficial. Sure, when millions of cows die out because they’re not longer needed, and they can’t live in nature anymore, and there’s no money anyone would wants to spend to take care of them; i can see how it would be better for the environment. Ethically.. If we do it immediately, no. Simply no. But i’m sure you didn’t mean it that way.

Where does the line go? I eat some animals, and animal products. I think it’s ok to kill them in a humane way, if we eat the meat. You’ve decided to put down your foot, and say that it’s bad to do, because, well, they’re life too. They have rights. And exactly how far does that threshold go? How small does a life form have to be, to no longer have those rights, where it would be ok to kill/destroy/end them? Is there a gradient? Some scale, where this group has less and the other, more? Does it depend on cognition? Exactly who decides that? And why should humans have that responsibility? I don’t see how i’m less ethical than someone who’s decided to not eat things that came from animals.

But now i’ve rambled enough! It’s getting kind of late. I feel that i didn’t get enough said. But at least i got it out there. Maybe i’ll write some more about it later. I’m really more of a debater rather than someone who writes shit up. Because there’s always so much going on in my mind, and so much that needs to be written down in one place. Debates, you can chunk it up.. So yea… Also, keep in mindI don’t claim to know more than anyone. I’m just a dumb, ignorant ape, trying to make some sense of things. Just like most of us.

Leaving that topic.. Tomorrow, i might be with my brother for the later part of the day. Not sure. He has work, so.. But i keep my hopes up.
Weekend’s coming up too. I have some thoughts about stress that i wish to share later tomorrow. But not now. I’m up to almost 1500 words. Which is more than enough.

Saw this video yesterday:

I just love jontron. One of the few “Clown” type comedy people on the web that i actually enjoy. Most of the time, i don’t like things like that, but him.. I enjoy.

Day 41: Forgive me if i seem rude

I feel a little better today. Although, i still have a fever and i’m still feeling pretty pissy. I’m writing this early because i was thinking of laying down for a while.

All i’ve really done today is resting. So nothing really exciting. Except.. of course.. The doctor’s appointment. Didn’t feel like going what so ever, as i’m feeling very ill, and it’s a long way to that place. But i did, of course, and i don’t regret doing so. I told him about the situation, and he told me that it could be fixed with some specific and proper exercise. He thought the swollen leg was due to fluids. The leg is about 2cm (give or take) wider than the other. So quite a difference.
But yea. Long story short. I got some exercise he recommended i should do, and got a new time in two months, to see if there’s any progress. I really liked the guy, he was pretty awesome. Very forward and doesn’t hide anything. So yea. Should be interesting to see, and i will be doing quite a bit of exercise this summer.

Saw this really bad-ass picture a few moments ago. A lot of really awesome people. Penn, Bill, Hawkins, Carlin, Sagan, Hitchens, Darwin, Dawkins, Tyson, Kaku.. Didn’t recognize two of them. But whatever. It’s a pretty awesome one. Way to go.

Saw this link on reddit earlier this morning: http://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/uessk/can_you_oneup_me_in_most_offensive_joke_you_know/

All i wanted to do was to add to it a little. One that my little brother knows (For some reason), that we all find very offensive, is a slavery joke. It goes like this: “Two white guys were watching two black guys carrying a TV. One of the white guys asked the other white guy ‘Is that yours?’, and the other white guy said ‘No! Mine’s at home, cleaning my shoes'”. Very offensive, but funny non the less. Keep in mind that i think you can laugh at tragic things.. Is that wrong of me? Maybe.  But i can make jokes at hitler, the titanic, Kim jong ill, etc.. Just as, and sometimes, even more tragic…
But maybe i’m just making lame excuses and am just a horrible person for laughing at that awfully offensive joke. I apologize.

Lastly, i wanted to write a little about vegans. A twitter friend asked me why i was torn on the issue of pets, and i’m going to try my best at explaining why here now.
For the “Pets should be allowed” side of the argument, i can say that there are a lot of pets out there that belong to a species that simply can not live inside of nature anymore. Should we stop breeding them and just let them go extinct? Or put the last remaining ones at zoos? I just don’t know about that.
Then i have to ask. Why is nature such a better place to be? Before we were able to live in urban environments with socialism and what not, we lived very short lives. All thanks to the way we live now, we live much longer and far more comfortable, where we concern ourselves with marriage and other, in all honesty, trivial things. And i personally think most pets in families has it good. They’re well fed, get a roof over their head, get affection.

But at the same time, i can see the other side of the argument. They should live in their natural environment. Who are we to take them from there? That seems pretty mean. They can live and develop like normal living beings there, and not evolve into things like pugs, that are totally dependent on humans to live. We’re the ones who made them like this. Which is a bit sick.

All that being said, i have to say that i’m leaning more towards the side of having pets. I’m just not convinced that they’re “having a bad time” (So to speak), overall.
I am open to more arguments on that and would like to read up more if someone would recommend some good source, though. In the end, i don’t feel that vegan issues are all that big on my priority list. Maybe that makes me immoral or something like that, but i am a selfish person just like most of us stupid fucks.

And i guess that’s that. I am by no means an expert at anything. It is my opinion, based on what i’ve observed, what little i’ve studied and how i perceive it.

Saw a pretty great video about atheism earlier:

Day 40: I is ill

I woke up from a fairly long nap a few minutes ago. My head is feeling very heavy and i’m feeling very sick. Luckily, it doesn’t seem to be stomach flu. But still… Tomorrow (Which is what i thought right now was when i just woke up) will be the day i have to go to the doctor. Quite a long way from here. More than likely in the middle of the rain, feeling sick as heck. So i donno how i’ll manage. Maybe i’ll end up borrowing my brother’s moped.

Anyway.. Sorry for the short post today. I’ll make it longer tomorrow, as i’m sure i will feel much better tomorrow. And i’m going to write about veganism then.

Meanwhile, watch this trailer for dawnstar. It’s pretty bad ass:

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SJWebster.net – Indie Comics, Art & Video Games

Life of a Swedish male to female transsexual. Follow me as i go through my transformation.


My Island in Me

Life of a Swedish male to female transsexual. Follow me as i go through my transformation.

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Just About Lots Of Things


personal style, minimalism & the perfect wardrobe


transgender & nonbinary resources


Photographs from my world.


Tristen's Gender Journal

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World through the camera lens.


Science and Education FTW!

My Darkest Hour

My journey out of darkness and my struggle into light

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Everything in this blog is true

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