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Rain, the story of a transsexual, turns 3 years!

I just wanted to make it known to everyone, that the comic “Rain” has reached the 3-year milestone!



The art is good, the story is good; but you know what is the most amazing thing to me about this comic? That it’s been going steady for three straight years. That is, it hasn’t encountered indefinite hiatuses, it hasn’t waned in quality! For three long years! That alone deserves a medal.

Here’s the quote to her thoughts on the achievement:

You know, I always wanted to do a comic.  And I mean, long before I started writing Rain.  Before it was even a thought in my mind.  The concept of a webcomic in particular offered a medium with which I could tell a story to the world, without having to impress some publishing company.  I could go at my own pace to tell my story the way I want without having to bend to the whims of some so-called expert saying, “nobody wants to read a story about that.”

The thing is, I was always afraid I was too ambitious.  I was afraid my ideas wouldn’t catch on and no one would be interested.  Or I was afraid that I’d start, but then get discouraged or bored or sidetracked or lazy and just drop it (as I have with pretty much every other writing attempt prior to Rain).  I’ve watched it happen with so many of my favorite webcomics, and I didn’t want to be just another quitter.  And these fears held me back for a long time.  Much in the same way, my fears held me back from starting transition until very recently.

But here we are.  It’s been three years now since the first page went up.  The readership is far more vast than I’d ever anticipated.  And people not just read, but appreciate my work.  Some people say they have had their lives changed by it!  It means so much to me.  I don’t even have words for it.  What I have with Rain, I could never have predicted.  And I have every single person who has ever read this to thank for it.
It was life-changing for me.  I’ve learned a lot about the world, about myself, and about others like me since starting.  I’ve started transition since the beginning of Rain, and I think writing this has been a bit of transition in and of itself into a serious writer.  Because despite my prior fears, I’ve never felt burnt out with this story.  I’ve never gotten bored.  I’ve never dared to miss an update (excluding planned, announced hiatuses with planned, announced returns).  I’ve had some new story ideas, but nothing that actually took away from this one.  I would never dream of doing anything other than writing this to very end (which has many years left in it).  And it’s all because I have you: devoted readers of all ages, genders, orientations, etc. from all over the world.
So thank you.  For helping me grow as a person, as a woman and as a writer, so I can continue to produce the best work I am capable of.
I love you all so much!  Have an amazing day!

The effort has definitely payed. To this day, she’s been mentioned in a few big LGBT networks, accrued plenty of fans… and there’s no sign of it stopping! I feel that, in the next year, we’re going to see this reach the mainstream of all the LGBT forums!

Here’s to another year! I’m proud of you, my friend! You’ve done a great job so far, and you deserve all the recognition and success in the world!


Chelsea Manning and transgender pronouns.

A lot of talk about how news outlets has been wrongly covering the Chelsea Manning’s transgender closet-walkout. It basically boils down to transsexuals being mad at news outlets for not using the correct pronouns when addressing her.. And all i can say is this:

Most transsexuals don’t seem to get that understanding is a two way street. They need to understand the simple concept of pronouns, but we also need to understand that cis-people don’t look at gender the same way we do. They don’t really get what being transgender really entails. And getting mad, and once again overreacting, won’t solve anything.
We certainly won’t be understood if we don’t understand their position to begin with! It just creates more misunderstanding, discombobulation, and that’s not good for anyone in the long run! So please stop it!

Swede privilages

I’ve spent many a-hours and even days pondering privileges as of late. What kind of privileges do we all have? You hear it from feminists especially. They always espouse the male privilege question. “Oh, men has so many privileges in our world”. And sure, they do. Like you’ll hear. They won’t have to worry too much about rape on a day-to-day basis, they’re also stronger, which comes with a lot of advantages. And you could go on with the male privileges. Certain advantages that men just has.
But is that all though? Is that the only set of privileges of a group worth discussing? And is it even that big of a deal, to be a man? Cats are usually said to be one of the most successful animals on the planet. They have all the privileges and none of the responsibilities. But let’s just focus on the privileges of humans instead of going down that rabbit hole. Swedish privileges. We get free healthcare, we have a lot of great social programs for all kinds of people, we have a lot of freedoms that the vast majority of countries could only dream of having (Like “Allemansrätten”, our crém de la crém), our government isn’t nearly as corrupt as the vast majority of countries, we have a good educational system, knowing two languages comes naturally to most of us here (Which means we can communicate very well.. Also a privilege, i’d say), etc. Looking at a country like, let’s say, USA, i could consider myself to be privileged to be a Swedish citizen. My Swede privileges come shining through. Yet, i complain about how we have it here. Because Norway has it better. Norwegian privileges are far better than Swedish privileges. They have no debt, their country handles terrorism like fucking badasses, they speak like the most friendly people on earth, their nature is pristine and illustrious (Fucking Lofoten, fucking please..).

But enough about countries various privileges over one another. What about other ones? Economic privileges. You’re born in a rich family. Compared to most people in your country, you have many more advantages than they have. You’re very privileged. You pretty much won’t ever have to worry about a job. Your future is safe. If it’s not for the many contacts you will no doubt have, it’s your parents. Racial and national privileges. I’m of Swedish decent, so naturally, i will have it easier in my country than people who doesn’t have it. People of Iraqian decent, people of a different skin color. People who dare to speak in an accent that will sure to rile up the Swedish rednecks. I’m privileged.

And men and women. Like i stated before. Male privileges. But what about female privileges? We can make a guy think with the wrong head, and make that an advantage. I know a lot of independent, strong and smart women who exploit that over and over again. Get drinks for free, get men to carry our shit (I’ve done this a few times myself), have a much easier time to crash in men’s places (So long as you know them even remotely well. We’ll pretty much get dibs automatically for being female), we won’t get in fights as much as men (And when we do, they’re usually not as brutal as guy’s tend to make it), we can dress in a lot more outfits due to society’s pressure on guys to not “seem gay”. I could go on. But i won’t.. But i could.

What have i learned from thinking about this? Struggle is a human universal. It seems to me that we all struggle. Be it the rich snob on wallstreet who wants to take away pensions from 100s of workers just to make another million bucks. Or some fisher, getting by in a tough economy and climate change.
These complaints that all these groups have, are all legit. You could probably think of even more. Bottom line is that we all have complaints. Good complaints. Legitimate ones. Here’s an idea. Let’s strive to fix them. Instead of pointing fingers and expecting a group with more (How you can quantify that is way beyond me) privileges than you to kiss your feet because they’re oppressing you by just being. That’s the problem i see. I don’t see good men doing nothing. I see stupid men doing the wrong thing.

Dream about a casino and obama

I’ve been having a lot of dreams lately. One involved having lesbian sex and another was about easter eggs in videogames.

The one i had this night was about a casino that someone was making in a normal American household neighborhood. The casino (The owner, a woman) contacted me where i live, in the middle of Sweden, asking me if they could buy some land from me. More specifically, they wanted to buy the land where my bed is in the room. Now.. i don’t know why they’d want that, but i said i was going to think about it.

After that, the dream eventually took me into final fantasy, where i did some money stealing trick on a monster in that game. That monster would later turn out to be the casino, which made me want to un-retweet the tweet i had retweeted, after having stolen money from that monster (The tweet was about me stealing that money. I think it was about 5000 GIL). I can’t let them think that me stealing money from them constitutes a selling of land, now, can i? You’d think i’d be more concerned with them wanting to press charges.. But yea..

So where does Obama come into the picture? Well, they called again shortly after i had un-retweeted that tweet, and i said to them that i was still unsure, and that i would only consider it if they sent Obama.
A few hours later, the doorbell rang, and in came Obama. I remember not being too surprised. He was a very nice person — as i expect he is in real life — and he told me everything about the legality of me selling this land, and what they were going to do with it. Apparently, they could take this land and transfer it to the US.. Somehow..

So after a nice visit, and having made a new friend, Obama took his leave, and left for the US in his private airplane. After he had left, my parents came back (I live with them, and they weren’t at home), and asked me who that was. I said it was the president of the united states, Obama. They didn’t believe me at first though! Only later when the transfer of the land was completed would they believe me. Which is what i did. I called back to the Casino, which was now owned by two people, and sold them the land. I can’t remember for how much though! All i know is that i was suddenly in the Casino with them. It looked like an old school videogame arcade…

And that’s the end of the dream. Pretty weird.

Brief on libertarianism

My brother was reading a report in the news paper that talked about Slab city earlier, and it got me thinking about libertarians.
To put it short, Slab city is basically a tax exempt (Fully, maybe mostly) society in the middle of nowhere (USA) where people live their lives, mostly without any government intervention. He read about police patrolling the place once everyday, but i think that’s about it. So since the government has so little say in what they do there, it’s basically a haven for libertarians.

Keep in mind that this is just Slab city. There are societies of people who have no contact with any government, who live in other types of places. All i wanted to point out with this is that living without intervention from the government is possible, and is being done by people all over the world. And of course, i’m not saying that they’re free to do anything and everything! They can’t form their own armies to overthrow the government and crazy shit like that. There are limits to even living this way…. So now that this digression is out of the way, let’s continue.

So what is a libertarian? A person who advocates civil liberty. So in theory, basically a group who focuses on individual freedom, usually accompanied by “the invisible hand of the free market” idea. I’m not going to go too deeply into any of that though, since i don’t feel that i understand it enough. I will point out the practical libertarian. The ones i have come across, and what principles they seem to hold by.

Basically, they want to limit government as much as they can. To the point where “paying taxes is against freedom”. A lot of them seem to hold to this idea, and i wonder.. Why not just contact other libertarians and form your own society, where you don’t even have to pay taxes, and you can live making your own rules and stuff? Basically living in the perfect libertarian society? I mean, if paying taxes is such a big issue for you.

But i guess you want everyone else to live this way and see it the way you do. That is fine with me, and if you want to make an actual case for how it should work, and how we could transition into the libertarian dream, then do so. Just don’t say that you don’t have to make an argument cause “You’re free not to” and don’t base everything solely on principles (Everything must be absolutely free for every individual, and damned by the consequences and the pragmatic repercussions), because that’s not convincing to anyone, and it just makes you look like a nut.

So to sum up. Make a valid case based on reality, or you could always move out and form your own society or live in a cottage somewhere, if you really hate the government’s control so much.

In defense of non-voters


Last night, i had what could best be described as a “clusterfuck of an argument”, with a friend on twitter. I don’t really think any of us understood each other’s points. It was an argument about voting, essentially.
So now i’m going to clarify what my position is on the voting issue.

I’m of course referring to voting for political parties. Exercising your democratic duties, some would put it. I’m inclined agree with that somewhat. Although i think people should have the choice to vote or not.

Vote or STFU

The first argument is “People who don’t vote has no right to complain”. I find this a very stupid thing to say. Because i think you should engage in a discussion with them, ask them why they don’t vote. Instead of telling them to vote or STFU. How likely do you think it is that anyone will be inclined to vote when voters will tell them that they have to, or else their view is invalid. At least that’s the tone you usually get.

Would anyone think i was making a good argument if i told a voter who voted in the politicians currently in power, that they can not complain, because they were the ones who voted for them to begin with? I think that would be equally as stupid.

All i’m saying on this point is that, we should engage in a discussion instead of just dismissing one another. Because that does nothing productive what so ever, in my opinion.

Voting ignorantly is worse than not voting at all

I think the title here explains itself. If you’re someone who vote on a superficial level, (Example: You hear a politician make a bunch of promises you like, and vote based solely on that) then you’re a bigger part of the problem than non-voters. As simple as that. And you don’t get to taut your own horn in discussing politics. Because people will pick up very quickly, that you’re an ignorant fuck.

I think Issac Asimov said it best:

“Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that‘my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.’
― Isaac Asimov

Do i vote?

I have yet to really vote, myself. But i am thinking of voting at some point. So what does that make me? Am i to believe that it’s a dichotomy, where either you vote, or you don’t? Because if we’re to believe that, then i would fall into the same group as people who openly reject the notion. I try to be someone who has a good understanding of something, before jumping into it. I openly admit that i have little clue as to how the Swedish political system works. Obviously, i have the basics that i learned in school. But i don’t know the actual.. Dance, if you will. The lingo. The game. I don’t know if that makes any sense, but i feel like i want to understand it on a deeper level before voting. Maybe then, i could even vote for any of the main parties.

I’m not currently making any larger efforts to get to that point in my mind though. Mainly because i have other things in my life that i feel are more important. I honestly don’t put as much weight on voting as many others seem to do. My personal life comes first.

And i know that politics influences my life too, and yes, i do have political views. All i’m saying is that i have to focus on myself, only, for a while, and i feel that my view on politics in Sweden isn’t enough. That’s all.
Maybe the election after this coming one, i will make a vote.

What the fuck am i talking about anyway?

I guess the point of this post is to explain why i haven’t voted yet, why we shouldn’t dismiss one another and why voting doesn’t automatically make you a better person (Not a part of the problem).
I hope these points are clear to anyone reading this. I sure as fuck didn’t make a clear  case yesterday apparently. Although, i am told that twitter’s 140 character limit isn’t exactly friendly to those of us who try to explain things. But, you know. Other inadequacies of mine are obviously also a factor. After all, i am a Swede, writing in English. English is not my native language.

I think voting is a step in the middle, towards making a difference in this country, and even in countries like the US… although, i might be wrong there, due to the massive corruption problem. But i think for the most part, it holds true.

So in short. My view on voting is of someone in the middle. I don’t think it’s utterly pointless like many non-voters and even voters do, but i don’t think it’s this super duper thing that represents everything that’s good in this world, like so many voters seem to think. It’s just good, and i think you need to do more to make a significant change.

Day 68: HAFH2-4 – Libertarian

About that.. argument — if you will — with Emily Jillette (Penn Jillette’s wife). I told her i was for universal healthcare, she told me she’s against it. I’m for it because it helps the vast majority, it stops people from dying because they couldn’t afford healthcare and it keeps people from being in debt for the rest of their life, for something they have no control over (Accidents, decieses, etc). All we require to fix it, is to make a tax for it. A smaller tax, really. I mean, even someone with minimum wage in Sweden, could easily spare that money.
So that’s my view on it. Her view is that it infringes on her freedom. Freedom to not pay. She thinks it’s wrong for the government to take her money, without her consent, and that it limits freedom. She’s a lot about freedom, apparently. And people being in debt for the rest of their lives, is freedom? People being crippled by an injury they couldn’t afford to have fixed in time, is freedom? Personally, and maybe i am wrong here, i think people’s freedom to not be in debt for the rest of their lives and be crippled, far outweighs your freedom to not be forced to pay.

I have to say though. I am not sure if it’s worth really going any further in the discussion with her, because i don’t think that thinking it through is of any concern to her (” I don’t have all the answers. Don’t have to. Freedom can include things that don’t work.”). Basically saying that she don’t care, so long as we’re free to do whatever we want (Like Penn often says.. The nut point of view. If i have to say anything good though, at least she’s consistent in what she believes, and at least she’s clear on it. And that’s always something to respect, in my opinion).
I’ve found myself doing that quite a bit, where i just brush off people because i don’t think i can change their minds. But at least i can tell my point of view, which is all i really aim to do. I prefer to keep debates verbally. But you know, i should probably try to get better at that (Still haven’t read the comment on the vegan thing..)

Other than thinking of this most of the day. My teeth have been acting up quite a bit as of late. I need to get that checked. Listened to the 99th episode of “All gen gamers” podcast today. Been listening to them since day 1. So almost 100 now! Which is about 2 years of podcasting (Weekly podcast).

Apparently, my mom and my brother have been talking about my situation, and have decided that they should help me find my own apartment. Which is a huge thing for me! I love the idea. I need to apply for something called “sos” and i will get some money from the government by getting an apartment when you’re unemployed as well.. I’m not 100% how it all works, so i will be updating on this as it becomes more of a reality. But yea, maybe i’ll get to move!!

The 3ds situation is still on wait until tomorrow, when i should get an answer whether or not the money has been transferred…..
BREAKING!!: It appears as though Jenna HAS gotten the money.. Let’s see.. Yes! I have confirmed that the money is safe in the bag, and she’s now going to order it online! Fuck yeah!!

So next week, i will be the proud owner of my very own pink 3ds! Soo happy! Thanks again, Darrin!

Tomorrow, i should try to get my thoughts out on how i see the government, and where i would like it to go. You know, maybe give some insights on how i view countries, etc.. my politics.
I’ve also decided that i should probably do more editing on my posts, to get my thoughts out in a better way. But we’ll see when that happens. I’ll be going home tomorrow as well.. Kind of sucks to leave, but hey.. There’s always another day.

Later last night, a new “Meet the” episode came out:

I just love Valve and their humor! Anyway!! Off to the store to buy some stuff!!

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