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In which i teach Jennifer Boylan about arguments

About a week ago, i asked someone to simply elaborate on why she would vote for Hillary. And without even arguing against voting such a way, i’m going to demostrate how one Hillary supporter completely fell appart at even the slightest scrutiny of her position!

This is Jennifer Boylan! And i asked her this (A greater context of the conversation):

“Is there literature available that divulges your reasons for supporting Clinton?” Twitter ~JennaGrip

This is a reasonable question, seeing as she had just tweeted her implicit support of Hillary. All i wanted to know was what her reasons for supporting Hillary in the election.
And this was her response and my response to that

“As opposed to Trump? The only literature I have is this piece of paper declaring me sane.” Twitter ~JennyBoylan

“So no real arguments then? Just your typical “lesser of two evils”?” Twitter ~JennaGrip

Which isn’t an argument for something! Simply stating that you hate one candidate isn’t the same as arguing for another! So it’s not an actual argument.

“You’ll find this shocking, but I don’t try to change people’s politics with tweets.” Twitter ~JennaBoylan

Immediately, she goes into defensive mode! Remember, all i wanted was to read something by her, wherein she defends voting for Hillary.

And i’ll have to add to this, that you shouldn’t actually go into trying to change people’s politics ever! Not in Twitter, not on Facebook, not on Instagram, not in an actual argument, not in a lecture! Not ever!
Change in people’s politics comes naturally through argumentation! I realize you don’t do that kind of stuff, but that’s the truth.

But more to the point, i didn’t even ask for that! I know, shocking, right?

That’s why I initially asked. You don’t seem to want to convince anyone anywhere. Twitter ~JennaGrip

The first sentence of my response is dead on, but the second one misread what she actually said. I even said “Convince”. As if she said “I don’t try to change people’s mind on Clinton”. But really, i was just disappointed that she wouldn’t make such an effort anywhere. Even though she does write for various different sites.

Whatever I’m trying to say, I prove it through the fact of my life. My writing’s not bad either. Twitter ~JennyBoylan

Your lived experience means absolutely nothing when it comes to argumentation! Should we automatically take Pat Robertson seriously because of his advanced age? Or maybe good ol’ George H.W? Or maybe we should discount age altogether, huh?

Your writing’s not bad either? Are you saying my writing isn’t bad? Did you mean “My writing’s not bad, either”?
You know, perhaps your writing is better than mine, but since we’re doing adhoms, can i tell you where you got that attitude? By surrounding yourself with Yes Men! Maybe you’ve kept hearing this line of compliments a little too long!

Here’s another thing on this whole “Aheim Bettar ett languich den ju!”. This isn’t my first language. Or second. It’s my third language. So if it’s not up to your highfalutin standard, i’m deeply sorry, oh, wise sage!

Or maybe i misunderstood what you said! After all, i’m just some English is my third language fuck!

Oh, you sweet thing! Twitter ~JennaGrip

This is where any hope of a real conversation ended for me, and i went into troll mode! She was already there, but now i followed suit!

If you want to read the rest, you can check the Greater context, and make up your own mind about this whole mess! I’m just glad to finally have written this, so i can put it behind me!

In summary, i’m very sad about it! Because i used to have a lot of respect for her, but after her horrible handling of even the slightest questioning, i myself have to question her handling of her questioning.

As a funny little extra, i thought it was amusing that, during this back and forth, one of her little sycophants tweeted me this:

Idea that tweeters seeking convincing actually seek to be convinced is hilarious. Twitter Elisa

Yeah, i guess you can assume that about people. Yup! Everyone else is close minded! Not you, though!

Sarcasm aside, i actually do hear people out. Don’t believe me? Then let’s debate, @TrulyTG


I used to be an airbender

I wanted to take some time to tell a little anecdote about my childhood.
Back when i was around 8-9 years old, i believed that i could control the wind! This story came to me when i was retweeting Marco_io9 on twitter. He wrote a book geared towards people who are questioning their faith in god. Which made me think about myself, cause i’m egocentric that way. I thought about how i never had to grow up with a god in my life, as my family had been atheist for a few generations.

Anyhow, i thought about how i never believed in a god, but that i did believe in a bunch of other things throughout my life. I think i must have tested all types of theories in my life. I tried to believe in the usual stuff that you believe in as a child. Like the tooth story (Although, in Sweden, i don’t think the tooth fairy is the prevailing lie. But we do have a variation of it), the easter bunny and Santa. I eventually grew to understand that none of this was real, as most people do. But once i was done with those at around 7, i started trying out other things. Like, i used to make potions out of mud (Didn’t drink it) that i thought would give me special powers if i smelled the ooze from the cauldron (The puddle), and the power i believed i got was the power to control wind!

And that got me thinking about the lesson i want to impart from all this. At that point, i learned about confirmation bias. Because i would only remember it when the wind did what i wanted it to do. And that fantasy worked for a few months until i had to confront myself with that notion, and i eventually found out that the wind didn’t give two shits about how i wanted it to move.
So i learned about confirmation biased. But that didn’t remove anything bad from my life. In fact, it just made me that more appreciative of the wind. For being this powerful and non-caring force in the world. To this day, i carry a love for the wind, all because of what it taught me!

Always on, never good.

I woke up to this bombshell today: http://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/1bpbp0/im_glad_microsofts_creative_director_cares_about/

Source: https://twitter.com/adam_orth?protected_redirect=true (Of course, like a douche bag, he decided to go private. But in the unlikely event that he goes back to public, it should be linked)


There are two reasons why i want to comment on this. One is because i want to spread that message in whichever way i can. Second is because i need to sit down with you all, to tell you something important about this situation.

I doubt someone who’s managed to garner this much public backlash would have a future in a videogame company for years to come, so i think we can all rest assured that this guy’s gonna get what’s coming to him (Or at least that’s what i hope).
But i think we as consumers need to take it a step beyond the controversy, and start voting with our money.
Plain and simple, if microsoft decides to go through with the “always on” bullshit, don’t buy anything from them (Or at the very least, no more xboxes) until they change it. I mean, we saw this fail completely with sim city, and Diablo 3. Those two titles got a lot of negative publicity because of always online DRM.. People obviously don’t want to have a “always on” system anywhere. For three reasons:

  • One — it’s a headache and huge inconvenience for people who actually pay.
  • Second — it doesn’t work. Ever. At all. Never has. Never will. So it feels like companies are screwing us over for no good reason.
  • Third — Not everyone has access to a stable internet connection, and just because you do, that doesn’t mean everyone else does.

So show me that you mean it, people. Buy a PS4 or a PS3 to show microsoft that we will not accept this. Show everyone that good can come out of money being power every once in a while. And if you’re going to complain and buy a new xbox, then stop complaining. You revoke any rights to the moment you give them money. So i don’t want to hear it from people like you.

Yeah.. You sons of bitches!

Twitter block. Everything on face value

I’ve come to realize, like a smack to the face, that I’m quite a horrible person, when it all comes down to it.
I get jealous easily, I take things on its face value far too often, I get easily annoyed and so much more.

Taking things on its face value is what spawned this post today. Someone on twitter, rightfully, got annoyed with me taking everything on its face value. To the point where he threatened to block me (more on that later). It got me thinking, and here I am.

I made a post a few days ago where I mocked a transphobe for using southpark as a source for his hatred. One of the comments I read about his hateful post was that he must have just seen one episode, and through an internal dialog with himself, he deduced that he now know everything he needs to know about transsexuals. It’s a common thing among the ignorant, simply called “argument from ignorance”.

Anyhow, I thought about that, and I realized that I’m no better. Sure, my ignorance might not be quite as bitter and broad as his, but I think that I’ve done my fair share of ignorant arguments across the years.. So I’m really no better.

The fact that even writing this post annoys me. Not because of anyone in particular, but because I can never seem to learn to stay away from the evil circle that is your own thoughts. If that makes any sense. Maybe a better explanation would be to say that it’ easy to start tredding the same ground, and not notice when you can no longer see anything else but the ground in front of you.

So I have to say sorry to myself and everyone else.
I’m also sorry that I can never seem to learn. I’m sorry for all my shortcomings. How can I hope to change as a human being, to change my gender, if I keep doing this.
So.. Jenna. Stop and look around from time to time. Its worth more than all the gold on earth.

Changing the avenue of expression. Good bye, Vonnie and twitter.

Someone i would call a really cool person has left twitter now.. and it got me thinking about stuff. I’ve always had a fascination for the romance of moving on.


I could go on with the songs.. I mean, heck, a lot of the looptroop songs are about moving on and flying away. And i just don’t like the romantic version of it either, i also like traveling and moving on. It eases my troubled mind and calms my restless soul.

But yes. Vonnie was what made me feel this way this time (the cool person), and to be honest, she isn’t the first one to leave twitter, of all the cool people.
I’m just gonna get to the point. I’m thinking of leaving twitter too. At least for the time being. I feel that i’ve done my fair share of things on there, and quite frankly, i’m tired of all the same same things people say on there. Oh, you don’t like God Rickey, and like, ½ the people i follow. Great. That’s awesome. I don’t either. But really now. And i don’t blame the people who say the same thing all the time for me wanting to leave. I mean, i say the same things all the time too.

The only reason i want to leave is to move on. I want to start the youtube thing i was talking about a few months ago, and that i promised myself i would do once i moved out. And.. Yes, i see no reason not to try it. And if that works out for me, i might create a new twitter for that account. So instead of being someone followed by a narrow set of people on twitter, i could be someone that people follow because they like my videos. You know, be followed for my own merits. If that makes any sense.

I want to make that video about my past, and finally get some closure to that part of my life. To finally seal it. Well, i have my big PC right next to me, so i should try that “put your harddrive in the fridge to make it temporarily accessible”, so that i can get my files on there, and do the video properly. Sure, i will be able to do it anyway, but with the files on that disk, it could be better.

But yes. To do grander things, to put more time into something that could grow faster, something i could feel more proud of. I think the model i will go with is a mainly let’s play channel, but with some personal and random videos attached. Feels more natural that way.

Now is the time to take the change in my life seriously, and devote myself to it. The time has come. Finally time to bring that closure that i’ve been wanting to do for years now. Leave all that emotional baggage behind, and finally look forward.
So good bye, Vonnie, all the cool people of twitter who has left and all my followers on twitter.
I’ll always be on wordpress though. So this is just a good bye i will say to my twitter folks who might be reading this.

I’ll be leaving sometime in the near future. So in case anyone cares, they could contact me on there for the last time.

Day 101: Brevity is the soul of wit

In today’s post:
Blabbermouth. Mayor news on the music program. I think i’m witty, can you believe it? And a raping parrot.


I ended doing a lot of programming today. Finally done with most of the rough parts of the music program. Turned out looking much better than i thought. I didn’t make a video of how the window animates yet. I might do it once the UI is done, which is what’s next! Hell yes!

Been very social this whole night (didn’t get much of a shut eye, to put it lightly) and the whole day. So it’s been fun. Even though my body is kind of tired, and i’m probably not making much sense anywhere, i’ve still had a good time.

We had a very sudden thunderstorm today too. Took a video of it. Probably won’t show it anytime soon though! Just for later, i guess.

But yea.. This post is fairly disjointed, which is indicative of a non-sense post. Haha!

Had so much fun with people on twitter though.. I love just saying whatever pops into my head, and making witty jokes about things. Mostly rooted in sarcasm, but i think they end up being very witty. You know.. Maybe i am naturally witty. From what i read about what wit really is, i feel that i may just be fairly witty, when i don’t restrict myself too much. But i don’t know. I couldn’t possibly be the judge of that.


Didn’t end up taking out the motherboard today, because mom forgot to bring the tools from my brother’s place. Oh well. I can always do that tomorrow.

Hopefully, i’ll get an answer from the school tomorrow. Also, i should apply for a new flat too. Got a no in the mail once again today. Which is still expected, of course. Not frowning about that.

Today’s Image/Video

It speaks for itself:

Day 93: Return of hope and women’s clothing

In today’s post:
Hopeful about the future. New garbs and garments. Jenna, the English expert. Batman review. And much more


I started the day by going down to the employment offices to meet with some guy i was supposed to meet, but never did. But it wasn’t for naught, because i had two reasons of going down there. Yes, i gave them the papers with the signatures from the company i went to a few days ago. They told me to wait, and next time they contact me, i should be getting a date for me to start working. I’m not getting payed, sure, but it’s still work. It’s still obligations and focus on something, other than my pet projects and what not. Which i think will work wonders for my mentality (Especially when i get my own place to live in), even though it’ll probably be very hard at first.

So yea.. I feel pretty… amazed. How, after all this time, good change is coming left and right now. Getting my own place most likely sometimes this year, will get a new source of income, a job to go to, and something i want to talk more about.
I’ve been using a good swedish auctioning site to buy clothes and stuff. So i’m finally getting cute, cheap, and awesome clothing. It’s my first time buying my own clothes, believe it or not. I feel pretty proud that it’s a cute nightgown. I also have one day left on two other auctions. One’s a cute pink skirt and one’s a cute brown bra…


Life is getting better. I think hope has returned to me, and the day when i exclusively wear things i want (I have my reasons for not being able to now) is getting nearer


A few more notable things happened.. Took some test on myriam webster, where i found out that i have the vocabulary of a 40 year old English speaker. Which was fun. Obviously, nothing really definitive, but i think it’s telling, at least. I did when looking up “ne’er”. I always wanted to know how to spell it, and now i do. So that’s great! It’s a very flexible form of the word “Never” that can really save a lot of text space.

Speaking of language, i chatted with crumulent on twitter. Someone i started following yesterday. Had a lot of fun! He’s a fun man. Chatted a little about language and what not. Dragged in Evolution_child too. Fun times on the twitters.

Mom has been playing my 3ds quite a lot lately. She really loves Mario Kart 7. Can’t blame her. That’s an awesome game!

Added some widgets to the blog. Minor changes.

Oh, yea.. And i got a pintrest. Not sure how avidly i’ll use it, considering that it’s slow as hell for me, and the chrome extension i had for it didn’t really work that well. But maybe i could start using it later when all the bugs are ironed out. I had some ideas of storing a bunch of clothes i like on there. But maybe i won’t. Ionno.

Lastly, we finally started the process of getting the big pc, which had a motherboard issue, fixed now.


Hopefully, the nightgown will have arrived in the mail. Can’t wait! I think things sent via the post office has a minimum wait of 2 days, and a max of 5. So i should get it this week, if anything. And hopefully, i’ll win the other ones too.

Then i guess i will be waiting for the answer back from the employment office too. Although, i doubt much will have happened in just 24 hours.

Today’s Image/video

Spill made a very funny short review of Batman the dark knight rises.

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