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Ugly trannies is not pleasing to mr.DJ Grothe.

This is what he said:

https://twitter.com/DJGrothe/status/397471189041283072 or https://www.facebook.com/djgrothe/posts/10152021454425856

No hyperbole: I just saw the worst-passing transsexual I’ve ever seen in the lounge here. It was so disruptive that I am forced to believe it was an intentional way to protest against rigid gender binaries. Or so I’d like to think.

DJ Grothe

No hyperbole, satire, parody or jokes: On the behalf of all transsexuals out there, i apologize for her disrupting you, Mr.Grothe. In fact, i will send a telegraph to the international counsel of transsexuals, to have her removed from the streets.
She’s the one reflecting poorly on her group! Not you, Mr.Grothe. You’re an upright member of a group focused on educating people. And i for one believe that education is important, if we want to live in a better world.

Tell me, Mr.Grothe. What more do you want? Should we apologize every time we see you, or someone in your progressive group? Should we message you every time we’re nearby, so as to not disrupt you? What can we do. Please tell us!

I don’t want to drag on this! I just wanted to write this to emphasize just how much i feel the James Randi Educational Foundation has earned the right to be called educational. With people like you around, how could the world continue to be shit? It makes no sense to my empty little tranny brain!


What if i am wrong about Feminism?

Been pondering a lot of things as of late. During the dull moments of the Howard Stern show, i almost always phase out their banter about some boring celebrities or boobies, to ponder about things. And sometimes, i sit in complete stillness too!
I’m melting down yet another chat i had with my brother, regarding feminism! TJ made a video about some list that a supposed feminist had written.

TJ’s video is as (un)eloquent as ever, and it’s obvious that he’s just taking the shit out of that guy. But who can blame him.. The list is so silly,  that i don’t know what to say. Is the guy in question a troll? Is he for real? Is he even a feminist? How many feminists actually think this way?
The last question, i don’t even understand that i have to ask. Because with all other groups, you get a pretty good grasp of what the consensus within it is! But not with this.

AwesomeRants made a video a few months ago about feminism, where she basically said that it’s a moot term at this point. Because no one seems to know what it even means anymore!

I agree with her. But i would like to add, after a lot of thinking about it. I think feminism is in a crossroad, where it is changing a lot.
I mean, this very aggressive stance to redefine atheism and all of these feminists you find everywhere, who basically espouse the dreary things that this list maker pukes out!
I don’t know. The more i see, the more i’m convinced that they’re indoctrinated! Someone should not be able to proudly say “I went to this feminism study for a week, and it changed my perception of everything!” or “I didn’t know how marginalized and discriminated against i was, until i found feminism”. I mean, it sounds an awful lot like indoctrination! I’m sorry. I just feel that way!

But maybe i’m wrong in my perception of feminism! Maybe i’m just not seeing it! Maybe a naked woman is wrong, and is furthering the objectification of women in society at large! Maybe their conviction holds true, and i’m just a grumpy, dumb conservative.
I’d like to be proven wrong! Show me what feminism is!

I’m the worst person i know

Emo title. But i think it’s fitting. Because i am a bad person. I should probably just come to terms with it, and proceed to killing puppies.. I’m joking about the puppies.

As a followup to the previous post, it seems that all i caused for my friend was stress. She apparently had a panic attack or something. Which isn’t surprising. Because just look at who she’s talking with. I’m a transsexual who’s the least genuine and most stressed out person ever. I haven’t made an honest effort to dress as myself in public, for a long time. Just because of some irrational fear that things are just gonna get more complicated.. Just because both mom and dad seem to not want it. I mean, how weak can you be, right? Well, not much weaker than me, apparently.

Then the stress that i must exude at every single meeting, offline or online. I don’t know.. I shouldn’t say “I don’t know all the time”, but i don’t know about people. I can’t shake the feeling that it’s me. That i am the one who is expecting too much, putting too much pressure and being the asshole. Maybe everything i’ve ever done towards someone, that they didn’t like, has been my fault. Maybe that’s true.

I might have to come to terms that i’m bad, like i said at the beginning of this post. And i owe it all to my disingenuous sense of being. Just the fact that i’m moping and moaning about this just makes it all worse too. Just thought i’d add that.

Open letter to Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks. I’m calling you out!

I want to bring some context to this before writing the letter.
A few days ago, i watched a video with the young Turks (embedded bellow) where Cenk Uygur equated transsexuals with ugly. Now, this isn’t the first time he’s been expressing an anti-transsexual sentiment. He’s been expressing that attitude on numerous occasions. But this time, when it’s so blatant and so recent, i feel that it’s a good time to write about it. I’ll try to be as brief as i can.

Before anything, let me apologize in advance. My native language is not English. So there will be grammatical and spelling errors.

I really enjoy The Young Turks. Mainly because i find myself in disagreement with you guys a lot of the time, and because you often bring a fresh view on issues.
When you guys do the “Supreme court”, where we get to hear everyone’s stances and opinions on an issue (Sometimes multiple issues), i think we as viewers ends up well informed. All thanks to the great staff at The Young Turks.

Then you bring to light the less covered stories that mainstream media just won’t report on. Stories like the “Heroes” of that one football team, in that one town, who raped that girl (Not the story that mainstream media did report on, but one before that), comes to mind; horrible to hear about, but i thought it was important that you guys reported on it! You more often than not make me feel that your reporting isn’t like the mainstream, which focuses more on silly things. Like if Taffy is a racist candy or not.

The humorous moments and the lighthearted stories are always a nice break from the very heavy stuff you bring to light. The road to nowhere April 1st episode was very delightful.
All of these aspects of the show makes TYT, The Young Turks, one of the best news shows out there..
However. I’m not sure of your stance on transsexuals. And i have one reason to be unsure — and i want to be fair about this. I haven’t actually heard you explain it anywhere, you’ve just been anti-transsexual, seemingly without knowing it.
You guys sometimes bring up very stupid issues that aren’t really issues, and you start complaining like any other typical liberal would. And that’s all fine and dandy. It’s just the nature of the show. You guys are the liberal show, and that is fine. I am fine with it, we’re fine with it. We all have political leanings, and it’s just the nature of the game, i can’t stress that enough.
But to me, that brings something to mind. Which is that you obviously care about when sexism is being perpetrated, or homophobia, or racism, etc. But like the video at the top demonstrates, you have no issues with calling transsexuals ugly. Just generally.. We’re all ugly. And this isn’t the first time i hear this anti-transsexual sentiment from you, mr.Uygur. It’s happened on numerous occasions. And it just seems strange, because you’ll jump at the most minute, to me, non-issues, when someone as much as makes a joke based on gender/race/etc, and you will tip toe around women’s issues and homosexual issues by saying that you don’t obviously mean something, or that you’re saying it jokingly (Seriously, you always excuse yourself too much. We know at this point that you’re not anti-women or anti-gay or a racist). What we don’t know, however, is your stance on transsexuals. Which is my question to you. What exactly are your feelings towards transsexuals? What’s your stance on transsexuals? It’s unclear to me, and i would like to know, please. Because right now, i feel that you’re just disrespecting us on a purely visceral basis. Which is contrary to every other stance you take. Stances that are thought out.

Thank you for reading.

As a reference, here’s one example of, what to me, is an overreaction: 

Always on, never good.

I woke up to this bombshell today: http://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/1bpbp0/im_glad_microsofts_creative_director_cares_about/

Source: https://twitter.com/adam_orth?protected_redirect=true (Of course, like a douche bag, he decided to go private. But in the unlikely event that he goes back to public, it should be linked)


There are two reasons why i want to comment on this. One is because i want to spread that message in whichever way i can. Second is because i need to sit down with you all, to tell you something important about this situation.

I doubt someone who’s managed to garner this much public backlash would have a future in a videogame company for years to come, so i think we can all rest assured that this guy’s gonna get what’s coming to him (Or at least that’s what i hope).
But i think we as consumers need to take it a step beyond the controversy, and start voting with our money.
Plain and simple, if microsoft decides to go through with the “always on” bullshit, don’t buy anything from them (Or at the very least, no more xboxes) until they change it. I mean, we saw this fail completely with sim city, and Diablo 3. Those two titles got a lot of negative publicity because of always online DRM.. People obviously don’t want to have a “always on” system anywhere. For three reasons:

  • One — it’s a headache and huge inconvenience for people who actually pay.
  • Second — it doesn’t work. Ever. At all. Never has. Never will. So it feels like companies are screwing us over for no good reason.
  • Third — Not everyone has access to a stable internet connection, and just because you do, that doesn’t mean everyone else does.

So show me that you mean it, people. Buy a PS4 or a PS3 to show microsoft that we will not accept this. Show everyone that good can come out of money being power every once in a while. And if you’re going to complain and buy a new xbox, then stop complaining. You revoke any rights to the moment you give them money. So i don’t want to hear it from people like you.

Yeah.. You sons of bitches!

Day 52: More women, please

I had some issues sleeping last night. Fell asleep around 6am-7am.. Consulted with mom earlier about it, and she thinks its underlying stress.. And yea.. I was programming for the entire day, so maybe it was related to “walking into the wall” and stress on that level? Subconscious stuff. So you know. That sucks. But i think it feels better now. Just did a little programming today. Maybe sat for a total of 2 hours or so. Tried to figure out why the same notifications would display more than once over and over.. And i just can’t figure it out. It’s as if the value i have to keep a check on it just resets itself. But it doesn’t.. Gah! Very confusing to say the least.

Anyway.. I had a fairly good day regardless. Had a lot of exercise and stuff. Feeling really sweaty now though. Which sucks. I should have showered today, but i never did. Bleh.. I did arrange some future stuff with my brother though. So we might do something this weekend, maybe.
Played some wordfued with mom today as well. We’ve been playing that a lot lately. It’s a lot of fun though. Although she totally stole a row i was gonna put, and got 130+ points from it. So i’m about 200 points away from her now.

Don’t really have much to talk about today. Been playing quite a bit of dungeon village. My town is lv 4 now. On year 9. Apparently, the game ends at year 18 or so. I love the different puns of the adventurers. Donkey Hotty, Seffi Roff, Clown Stripe, etc.. A lot of humor in it.

I was thinking of that atheist picture i showed a few days ago. And it occurred to me that the people who said that it lacked women are judging and viewing art through a very narrow lens. A lens where everything has to agree with their rigid standards. You know. Things can’t just be art, it has to be politically correct first. Meeting those requirements is more important than to express yourself through the medium. The artist obviously has a lot of love for the people in the picture, and he/she wanted to express it through art. And then you come around, telling him/her that “oh, you should have had this in the picture”. Yes.. I can look at artwork and think that it would have been cooler if something that i like was added to it, but i think i have yet to really type that out, or say it out loud. Because it’s silly, and it’s basically me saying that what the artist feels should cater more towards what i feel. Seems a little selfish when you look at it that way, don’t you think?
But oh well.. It’s not like anything i say can change the mind of someone in that mindset. I just wanted to bring it up again because i just hate people acting that way.

I think that’s about it. Tomorrow.. I’m not sure. I feel that i’m walking in limbo until i get an answer from the school. But i’ve already talked so much about those feelings. Maybe i’ll feel some amount of stress over working a little. But hey! At least it’s not over social interaction.

Saw this video yesterday:

I just love Gamester81.

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