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The Grudge Files: Ben Shapiro

This is a neat little collection of some objectionable things that Ben Shapiro has said.

Ben Shapiro doesn’t know the Constitution of the United States, yet he talks about it authoritatively.

Which part of the Constitution allows you to seize and redistribute

Motivation: He talks about “in the name of your utopian vision here”, which some apologetic fans could see as an out for him (Not trying to make a straw-man here; just preemptively addressing some more pedantic arguments i can think of), but i think the larger argument that Ben is putting forth is about the common conservative talking-point that “Taxation is theft”. Which it very may well be, but that doesn’t change the fact that the US has in its constitution that congress can actually make people pay their taxes.

“The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defense and general Welfare of the United States”

~Article 1 section 8 of the United States Constitution.

The part where you seize is the taxes and the part where you redistribute is in the common Defense and general Welfare of the United States. It’s clearly a very Democratic Socialistic passage of the constitution, but it’s there, clear as day; supporting Bernie, full stop.

Ben is wrong about this, and it’s really quite embarrassing that he would even ask this rhetorical question without having looked it up first. I guess if he retracted it or took the tweet down, that’s forgivable, but as far as i can tell, there’s no retraction from him. He really doesn’t seem all that worried that this is out there for all to see.

Ben Shapiro and the constitution

The Israel v Palestine Conflict is not a Difficult Issue

Motivation: I looked up if i could see a broader context to this quote, but i honestly do think that Ben believes this. It’s pretty strange that he would say this and expect anyone to take his opinions on geopolitics seriously ever again. Here’s the quote

Israelis like to build. Arabs like to bomb crap and live in open sewage. This is not a difficult issue.

~Ben Shapiro

Jesus is he dumb

More to come…

Disclaimer: I’m not an expert on anything, so I’m always looking for anyone who wants to expand or contradict what i said. Why am i wrong? Am i missing something?


Happy Easter. Where ever and whenever – A brief history of easter

Since the Babylonians were basically the first ones, i guess Ishtar would be the first symbol of the humanization of this season.


A victim’s interpretation. If you find this flasher daughter of a bitch, then please contact the police, immediately.

Then there’s the slightly newer and upgraded Germanic one called Ēostre. Not quite as keen on the whole prostitution thing. At least from what we know. *Wink wink*


She brings all the boys to the yard.. That’s just a cute way of saying that she’s a pedophile though. So report her too.

Then i guess the little sister of the Swedish midsommar, and a few summer fertility pagan rituals would count too, to some extent.


Swedes are known to dance around penises so that semen can be pumped into everything they eat.


Sex toys had more creativity put into them back in the day

Then there’s the Christian holiday of zombie Jesus coming to town to hide dem eggs.


Will his lust for brains ever be quenched? Not until every single person is a christian fundamentalist, expert creationist at the museum of true science inc says.

Then there’s the secular holiday that we all know and love. Where it’s more associated with bunnies, eggs, candy and witches. Basically a sub-text version of what it was initially, so many centuries ago. Symbol of promiscuity, lust, and forbidden fruit.




The tradition has never been more innocent than it is now.

And that concludes this slightly disturbing, yet interesting look back at this very bizarre tradition.
Humanity is great, isn’t it?

Faith and subjectivity, a response to Extra credits on pennyarcade


I go on pennyarcade a little now and then to check out the extra credits guys. Pretty sure i’ve recommended them in the past. To put it briefly, for those not in the know, they’re a group of three people (One of them being a professional videogame designer) who make videos about various subjects as they relate to videogames (For the most part, sometimes, they out right make political videos, mailbag videos, etc). It ranges from things such as psychology (Skinner box and videogames, the uncanny valley and videogames) and culture (Violent videogames, sexism in videogames), and so much more.

Sometimes, i do have a lot of concessions to the things that they say there. Like the episode about politics, which in my opinion, was too liberally slanted. But i’m not here to write about that, i’m here to write about their latest videos. A two-parter about videogames and religion.


Just to maybe quell the fire that these videos has produced, i want to point out that they clearly stated in the first two minutes of the first video that it’s by no means the best way to look at the subject of religion in videogames. It’s just how they view it, and i think for the most part, they’re well on the right track.


Like their first point, about lore in videogames. I can’t really find any issues here what so ever. Mythology is pretty fucking awesome, and it does resonate with us, all these stories that has survived so many years of human history. The Illiad, the various stories in the bibile

The Quran which mentions Jesus a lot. So many cool things, really. And if games would just expand on the religious lore some more, i think we would see some pretty awesome stories. I mean, why leave out that part of fiction, just because some people believe some of it to be true? Take it for what it is, and make a great game around it, i say. And not just in the shallow way that would, like they say in the video, only provoke tangential learning. But in a more meaningful way. Wish i could point to a great example, but i think they’re right in saying that there really isn’t one.


This is where most people are gonna have issues, i feel.. know.
Because they dared to say that Religion brings us together. More specifically, “ways that religion brings us together”. And i think the underlying thing about their comments on the mechanics part, is that they are a little too roseie about religion. As if there’s equally positive and negative sides to religion.


Although i have to admit that religion isn’t all bad, i think it could be argued that it’s mostly a force for bad. But i’m not interested in making that argument today, as i want to move along to the part i do want to go more in dept on. So let’s leave this subject for now.


I think the feelings that they’re trying the equate to “faith” should be referred to as “religious experiences”, “Zen” and/or spirituality. I don’t think the simple act of taking something on faith is really that noble thing they’re trying to describe; but rather, it’s the religious experiences, or spirituality. Which i agree with them on. We can all experience that, even if we’re very skeptical.
So really, my issue is just the terminology  and i think it’s the mayor part of the backlash, is that they didn’t adequately explain it (Not that i have any delusions of being the one to correct them. I’m just pointing out how i see it, and it’s just my opinion on the matter)

And the other thing that they use the word faith for, which i have some issues with, is when talking about subjectivity and human beings. They bring up such things as “what if we’re just a part of a matrix” or “cogito ergo sum”. Which are valid points, and even here, i agree with them. When it all comes down to it, we can only look at things from a subjective view point. Anyone who knows anything about the electromagnetic spectrum knows just how blind our senses are, and the knowledge of all the science of the universe and all that, really doesn’t help that much in giving us a more objective point of view. They bring up how people are so sure about things like Newtonian physics, yet it does nothing to explain the subatomic world.

But yea.. Subjectivity should have been mentioned instead, and spirituality (For instance) would have been a more accurate term in the first point they made. Instead, they opted to say “faith” instead. Would explaining this better really help though? Would it stop all these people from getting mad at them?
Of course not. Apart from being very.. liberal when explaining the impact religion has had on our culture (Not that this should bother anyone, seeing as they didn’t mean anything bad by it. They just wanted to get to the meat of the topic, not explain shit just to apeace maybe a few rambunctious urchins), they also dared to compare the ignorance that exists within religion to the ignorance of even the smartest scientsts. Which triggers the general fanbase of science. Because they have attached their ego to it, and they’ve made sure to put themselves far above the religious, because they with their lingo brains are so obviously better than those damn dogmatic, religious scum.

Wrap up

That’s how i look at it at least. Have i really made my point about their videos? I agree with what they’re saying, i just don’t think they formulated themselves very well (Like i said, not that i’m much better). And my attack on those who get upset at people saying those things. The science fans, so to speak. They’re just fanboys. There’s nothing else you can really say. When someone has attached their ego to something, it’s really hard to say anything without upsetting them. So an obvious overreaction on their part.


Part 1
Part 2
A response video they made

Day 155: I read too many books, therefor, i lose

In today’s post:
Muslim Moderate. Gray day. Tumblr design. Karma picture on reddit. Gamegrumps animation.

Muslim moderate?

Been thinking a lot about Islam as of late. Probably because it’s once again been on the news for totally being a religion of peace, lawlz. But also because of an conversation i had with a moderate Muslim. I don’t know if this is a consensus among the most moderate of the Muslims, but i have to think that it’s not just him. He actually thinks that the world would be better if everyone were Muslims, and he isn’t entirly opposed to using violence to achieve that.

I asked him if he supported 9/11 (Because the conversation was revolving around the US, mostly, and he said “no”, and then said that no “real muslim supports that”.. But the thing is that, that’s violence. They used to the methods you claim to favor. Or maybe you just didn’t like the type of violence, or maybe you don’t want to be associated with terrorists. He also said that Islam will one day take over the world, and that he thinks that’s a good thing. We concluded the conversation with him saying that i read too many books. Which is just funny.
Keep in mind though, that this is just one Muslim i’m talking about at the moment. But it does make me think, and it makes me a bit worried.

All in all, religion scares me. Islam is just the most volatile and dangerous at the moment, but the core of all religions scares me. Which is the surrender of one’s mind. To put it into perspective to those who might not see what i’m talking about. Just replace the word “religion” with “cult”.

I’ll end it on this: I don’t want to follow laws that were made 100s of years ago. They’re not exactly applicable to how the world works anymore, and would be disastrous.


I’ve installed most things on my computer now. Still haven’t gotten up the servers yet though (80 & 25565).
It’s been a pretty awesome gray autumn day today, so that’s always good. Been a bit annoying to have to suffer through a weekend when you just want it to be a normal weekday, so that you can get the call you’re waiting for. Hopefully, i’ll be able to meet someone soon.

Did some early designs on what i hope will be my new tumblr design. I would like it to be sort of my main site, i guess. Anyway. Here it is:

So.. What are my ideas?
Well, first of all. This is obviously not done yet. I might change around a little on the header background and the “Jenna’s home”, will most likely change into something completely different.

I’ve noticed that the font play a huge role in the tone of the site (Right now, it just screams: Here by fashion. Although that’s a small part of it (My pinterest), it’s certainly not all). I should try to make it something more personal and robust, since the site will represent me as much as possible. I aim to make my tumblr link to a lot of different places, including this blog. So i aim to make the body of the site “fun”. Sort of the way windows metro looks, except it will only be by layout, and not general design. We’ll see exactly how i’ll do it.

Feeling a bit happy that i’ve been able to get something done today. Can’t wait til next week!!


Will probably work more on the design, and hopefully. I might even get a call.

Today’s Image/Video

GameGrumps animated. Their commentary lends itself so well to this type of thing:

Oh yea. I got a lot of Karma on reddit for this one:


I don’t submit to that site very often.

Retorting common anti equal marriage arguments

I got a sudden urge to retort some common arguments i keep hearing from the anti equal marriage crowd.

Tradition argument:
Aside from it being weak, because you’re basically saying that tradition trumps development and inclusiveness, it’s also faulty because we’ve destroyed other traditions that we found to be wrong before. Such as: Child labor, slavery, no rights for women, and much more.. Just because it’s a tradition, doesn’t make it right. We need to be able to develop.
As a side-note, i should probably point out that, ironically, interracial-marriage was illegal, and is a tradition we’ve broken as well. It’s ironic because here we are again, making the same arguments, except for different groups of people.

Sanctity of marriage argument:
It seems to be a very broad term, that is interpreted differently from person to person. But if i get the gist of it, what they mean is that, if we let people of the same gender marry one another, marriage will no longer be a pure thing. It will be tainted, for whatever reason. It’ll be seen as this silly thing because gays just prance around, ‘n’ do nothin’ more.

Going by that, then i have to ask why you’re not more active towards wanting to ban marriages of people like snooki, britney, and other people who divorce and re-marry all the time (Not just seleberties). What about “fast-food” marriages, like the ones in Las Vegas? Where you can get married in seconds. And lest we forget, incest marriage is more accepted in the US, than marriage between two people of the same gender.
I’m just not seeing that you’re concerned with sanctity, if that is how you define it…

Bible argument:
… Unless, of course, you mean that the bible doesn’t sanction it. In which case, i suppose it does say that incest is ok.
But let me back off.. I’ve read about what the bible says, and i’ve seen the different quotes from the King James interpratation. It seems to accept a lot of different combinations between people (Which is mostly ok with me, so long as the people involved consent to it). But i doubt many Christians that are against equal marriage really knows about it, and if they do, they probably don’t follow it (Because no one follows everything it says. Just that which falls in line with their narrow view. And it’s narrow because if you only take morals from the bible, you’re missing out on many of the different morals you can learn from other people of different beliefs. But i digress). So let’s ignore what the bible says about marriage, because it’s just really confusing, and no one seems to agree on it anyway. Also, it’s a 2000+ old book full of fairytales, translated many times, tampered with by the King James and who knows who else. It’s not reliable.

All i really have to say is that not everyone are Christian, and not all Christians subscribe to the gay bashing that the bible espouses. You’re imposing your religion by saying that the bible is against dem gays getting married. And i don’t know how to convince you that doing that is wrong. If that is the only argument you have, then you obviously don’t care about making a good case for your view.

Homosexuals are worse parents:
Ok, look. I’ve been fed information saying both. One study that the young turks talked about that said that homosexual parents are better, and one study from a creationist that said they were worse parents.
Personally, i think none of that matters, and i think that thinking it does is no worse than a racist saying that “dem blacks are worse parents” (Which i don’t know anything about. I was just using it as an example). Because one group of people are going to be worse than another group of people. Truth to be told, we’re all on differnt levels when it comes to parenting and what not. I think race, gender and sexual orientation is inconsiquential.

DISCLAIMER: The young turks opinion on the study, from what i recall, was about the same as mine. They didn’t think it mattered. So don’t think they pointed it out in support of equal marriage. I don’t want to make it sound like that, and misrepresent them.

Slippery slope argument:
Is a logical fallacy. Something people use when they can’t think of an argument.

Kids needs both a mom and a dad:
Then how come being a single parent is ok? You’re a hypocrite.
Same here when it comes to parenting too, by the way. People with one parent can still grow up to become pillars of the community, just like any other child. The only things i can think of that would affect the childs upbringing is the environment and the people around him/her. It’s all on an individual level. Like i said before, i think it’s inconsequential.

In summary:
I keep telling myself is that this shouldn’t be a mainstream political debate anywhere. It shouldn’t even be an issue. Retorting the points you often hear, is mindbogglingly easy. The hard part is to make the people that are under the impression that allowing people of different race or same gender to marry, will destroy the fabric of what we hold dear, to understand. From my experience, it’s always the ignorant speaking for the other side. I have yet to read or listen to a cogent and well thought out argument against it.

I’d say that i welcome people to critique and make counter-arguments, but i’ve found myself not feeling up for it once i get a response from someone, so maybe that’s not entirly true. But if you feel inclined to chip in with your thoughts, go right ahead.

Day 15: God & comfort

Just got done drinking some “hot” (Lukewarm) coco. Sat on twitter for a bit, talked about god ‘n’ stuff. A pretty interesting thought went through my head, about belief and comfort. I am currently going through a very depressing time, and i think a lot about the future. I have no friends i feel i can really turn to in that way.. You know, when you need a shoulder to cry on. Only a few in my family, i feel i can do that on. Which is still good, and i’m happy to have such a great family. Most people don’t get to be in my position.
That being said.. I feel that i should become more open, and invite myself to others. To want to be social with people. It’s not that i have issues befriending people, or that i don’t like talking about stuff with them. But i have for the longest time relegated myself to a place of loneliness, which ultimatly has lead me to the place where i am right now. Depression, sadness and stress. A rough time to say the least.

But do i need to believe in some invisible force in nature to drag myself out of this? No, i don’t. I think doing that is a weaklings out of it. And i mean that in the sense that, if you do that instead of going to other people, you effectively chose to shut yourself out from the love of other people. I doubt very strongly that you can feel the love i can, if you’re someone who insist that you get love from a man in the sky. So you’re a weakling for shutting them off. But that’s just my opinion.

I could go on, but i think that’s the core of what i want to say on the subject at the moment.
I will aim to get more friends. People i can laugh and cry with. And i will. I feel like i have, at some point a few days ago, come out of an intervention, and am now reinventing my whole life. And i think the worst is over. Now i just have some stress i need to get through, and i should be fine. Like the song goes.. “I’ll get by with a little help of my friends”.

Anyhow! Dang, i rambled quite a bit about that. Felt pretty gewd though.. Been a fairly standard sunday, all things considered. No one’s doing anything, as per usual. Decided to have a walk, and it ended up much longer than i would have hoped. I must have been walking for 2 hours or more. Took some pics i wanna share though. Uploading them to dropbox now. It’s how i transfer files from my ipod.. For the most part, at least.

ImageI’ve walked that road plenty of time, but just now noticed that wagon there. I think they must have cut down some tress around it. Not sure how long it must have been there. Seems pretty old.

ImageI guess this must be someone’s private go-kart course? I always thought it was a parking, but the tires seems to say otherwise. A rich person must live here though.

ImageGraves like these are very common across the whole place. I know the location of maybe 4 or more. Most of them date back longer than the age of the US.

Anyway. I feel fairly up and down at the moment. Kind of up right now. Sister just came for a visit, so i’ll say hi to her. Pretty dang tired after that long walk though. So i think it’s time to wrap this up.

I’ll leave you with Thor breaking some uncomfortable news. Gotta see the avengers soon.

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