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I’m done being a whiny liberal!

For those who might be following my twitter or facebook, you might have seen a lot of outrage over the olympic games lately. I meant all of it and i think it’s piss-poor style of people who went to Russia to see the Olympics, and that they should be ashamed. But what i didn’t mean was to be all whiny about it. It’s a part of me that i really need to tone down. Because truth is that no one cares. Not a single person cares about you espousing the same bullshit as every other person in your group.

People want a unique perspective from people like me. Because if they want to hear the same old rants as everybody else does, they’re gonna go to the people who does it the best. People like AlphaOmegaSin! They really don’t need me, because i’m not good at ranting!

So from here on out, i’m going to speak my opinion and make a rational argument for my position, or don’t say anything at all. That’s another thing! I need to stop jumping on every single thing too! Keep things relevant to people who might like what i have to say, and not jump around everywhere.
I have opinions on a lot of things… But maybe most of them are best left with me, and i’ll share whatever i feel really strongly about.. In a reasoned manner.

So that’s it! I’m done! For real this time!


I’m the worst person i know

Emo title. But i think it’s fitting. Because i am a bad person. I should probably just come to terms with it, and proceed to killing puppies.. I’m joking about the puppies.

As a followup to the previous post, it seems that all i caused for my friend was stress. She apparently had a panic attack or something. Which isn’t surprising. Because just look at who she’s talking with. I’m a transsexual who’s the least genuine and most stressed out person ever. I haven’t made an honest effort to dress as myself in public, for a long time. Just because of some irrational fear that things are just gonna get more complicated.. Just because both mom and dad seem to not want it. I mean, how weak can you be, right? Well, not much weaker than me, apparently.

Then the stress that i must exude at every single meeting, offline or online. I don’t know.. I shouldn’t say “I don’t know all the time”, but i don’t know about people. I can’t shake the feeling that it’s me. That i am the one who is expecting too much, putting too much pressure and being the asshole. Maybe everything i’ve ever done towards someone, that they didn’t like, has been my fault. Maybe that’s true.

I might have to come to terms that i’m bad, like i said at the beginning of this post. And i owe it all to my disingenuous sense of being. Just the fact that i’m moping and moaning about this just makes it all worse too. Just thought i’d add that.

Disappointment in a friend

Woke up a few hours ago. I stopped lying down like a lazy shit, and came to my senses just now. I’ve been a bit annoyed, frustrated and incredibly disappointed for the later part of yesterday, and all of today. The reason is because me and a friend of mine were having an argument over something. It’s kind of a silly topic, but i think that what she did was far from it, and incredibly disrespectful. Of course, she won’t see it that way. Because to her, i just want to be right all the time.

We were talking about Nintendo putting ads on the footage of the games that they own. Which includes any non-partnered let’s play channel. A let’s play is when someone plays a game through, and adds his or her commentary to it. By all accounts, they don’t own the rights to the footage, unless they’re a partner.

So with that said. We were arguing whether or not this is ok. I said that i didn’t really mind Nintendo doing it. Only that i thought it was a really stupid decision. Because the short term profit is not with the bad reputation that they’re getting because of it. But sure.. My argument isn’t that they’re wrong to do so. Just the thought behind it. Because i can’t imagine this turning out in their favor.
She argued that people shouldn’t put their ads on footage they don’t own, period! And that anyone who does is no better than an art thief, and that they should get a real job.
Now, i should argued her argument directly, but at this point, i was kind of angry at her. Because i know how big of a fan of gamegrumps she is, and they, if anyone, is making a living off of doing it. I think it’s worth noting that she took this angry i had for her, as me caring about Nintendo putting ads on their videos.. But no. I was angry at you, rest assured. Because you’re sounding like a total hypocrite at this point in the argument.

So instead of arguing that, which i should have, i suppose, i decided to talk about the partner channels. If only, to prove a point to her. Because the partner channels are completely unaffected by companies putting ads on their videos. Just because the partner channels on youtube owns the rights to the footage. They’ve bought it!
Keep in mind that, at this point, she isn’t responding. I tell her about how gamegrumps is making a living off of “stealing” (As she puts it) and by not having a real job (As she also put it).
There, i proved my point, i thought. Maybe she’ll understand that it isn’t as clear as she had previously put it. At this point, the argument has nothing to do with Nintendo, and all to do with her two points here. I wrote a lot about it.. Because quite frankly, she’s being a hypocrite.

Time goes.. 5 minutes.. another 5 minutes.. yet another 5.. and 5 more. Eventually, she finally responds, and this is the part of the argument that i have a problem with! She tells me that i obviously do care a lot about Nintendo putting ads on the videos (No.. I’m not. I care about you saying what you said, obviously), and that i just want to be right. And because of this, she won’t argue with me any further.
I can take not wanting to argue anymore. That’s fine. But to write me off as though i just want to be right is just disrespectful. Why won’t you defend your position? I mean, i obviously want to talk about how it’s not as clear cut as “them stealing footage”, and that a “real job” isn’t quite that easily defined. I mean, i had an actual argument about this with a friend later that night. I told him about this thing that bothered me. And it was really constructive and it actually lead somewhere. And i think we both learned from each other..
But you! You just want to write it off as me just wanting to be right. How low do you think of me? You think i argue just to be right, is that it?

Words can’t even describe how disappointed this makes me. And how hurtful it was to me. Maybe i’m looking through this in the wrong way though. Perhaps i’ve misjudged, misinterpreted and misrepresented in this post. But this is my side of the story at least.


Fuck freedom of speech. Er.. i mean. I do not care very much for other people’s ability to say things i don’t care for, and i want it banned

Alternative title: Ultra liberals continued war on free speech.

Seriously though. Enough with all this fucking wine on comedians. Have a fucking sense of humor and get over yourself, you ugly, moronic, sad, lonely excuse for a human being. You’re a disgrace to the free world that some of us actually believe in, want to live in, work to achieve.
At the very least, realize that some people have a sense of humor. Maybe you also laugh at some jokes (Although i highly doubt it), in which case, realize that some people have a different.. very different kind of humor from yours. Not everyone laughs at Tinkywinky as he makes tubby cream for his friends. Not everyone’s forté.

So yea.. Fuck you.

The reason why i made this post today was to make a statement. To prove a point. To fight censorship and people who don’t believe in free speech. I’m going to write Seth McFarlane’s joke in this post. And know that i do so, only because people were offended by it. No other reason. In fact, had people not decided that this is what they’re offended by now, i wouldn’t even have known that he made this joke. In fact, i wouldn’t have known about Daniel Tosh either. Or any other comedian you’ve decided to take seriously (Piece of advice for all you ultra liberals. You’re supposed to take politicians seriously. People who make decisions of huge proportions. Not comedians, who crack jokes). So here it is. I actually laughed a lot at this, and i’ve already spread it to various networks. So i guess i should also be thankful for turning me on to this.

“Django is a movie where a woman is subjected to violence, or as we call it, a Chris Brown and Rihanna date movie”

Appendix: Privileges

I went for a walk as soon as i got done writing those two new posts yesterday, and while walking, i figured out a few more pretty big things about privileges. Now, i know i’m basically the ultimate enemy of feminism at this point. I’ve done several posts about it, i belong to uber opressed grewpz, and i won’t accept their religious dogma on its face value. In fact, i think it’s fake as fake can be. Equal rights isn’t exactly what they’re striving for, but rather, to make the world kiss their feet. That’s how i view feminism.

So here’s some more privileges i think matters far more than the difference between genders.

  • Beauty privileges — It’s often said that beautiful people live in a completely different world. They don’t truly know what the world is like. Because from the time that they’re born, to the time when their bodies finally start getting old and wrinkly  they get everything served to them. All their jokes are automatically funny, everything they create is automatically beautiful, the songs they write are fantastic, and simply being around them is a pure joy for most people. Then they get old. They start to realize that you actually have to work for things. That the only reason why people even cared to begin with was because you were beautiful. Oh, and they can totally snipe someone’s acting gig in a heartbeat, and they can be models too.
  • Extrovert privileges — Introverts has a much harder time getting connections with people. Which makes it harder to get jobs. They’re usually not liked by people. There’s a social stigma against introverts. If you want to know more, then check out schrojones on Deviantart. He knows far more about it than i do, and can more accurately tell you the privileges differences between introverts and extroverts.
  • Tall people privileges — Tall people don’t have to worry about people messing with them nearly as much, if ever, as people of “normal length”.. Let alone people of short length. Tall people have it easier finding his or her way in a crowd. And if you read any study on being tall, or if you engage in a social experiment yourself, you’ll quickly realize that tall people are just better treated than people of normal length or short length. It’s such a strange thing that is in our subconsious. But it is there, don’t take my word for it.
  • Slim trim people privileges —  I don’t need to go through a list of all the social stigmas, misconceptions and just how bad fat people are treated on this planet, to get you to understand why slim and trim people has it so much better in this world. And that’s just the social part of it. Never mind all the illnesses and physical pains a fat people go through. If you want to know more, i recommend checking out boogie on youtube. He’s a fat person with a lot of charisma and character. He’s truly had to work on himself in his life.
  • Charismatic and charm privileges — People born with a lot of charisma. They seem to be able to do whatever, and still be liked by everyone. Only, unlike beautiful people, they can get through their whole life without ever having to know what it’s like to be a person of no charisma. Christopher Walken comes to mind. He’s really nothing special as an actor. But he has a lot of charisma and charm. People like that just has it easier in some ways.
  • Mentally ill — People with mental illnesses are by and large misunderstood in this world, and they’re seemingly blocked by an invisible wall that most people will say (Just walk passed it, it’s easy). No. That wall is in the way, and just because it’s easy for a normal person to walk through it, it must be easy for everyone else too. Again, there are a lot of social stigmas and misconceptions about this too. It isn’t until very recently that we stopped treating it like they’re possessed by a demon, and we can now treat these people.
  • Physically disabled — On one hand, everyone feels sympathetic towards you, and you get a lot of shit easier as a physically disabled person (Be it just a leg injury, or something more serious, like brain damage or paralyzing) by people being sympathetic. On the other hand, it makes life much much harder, and that sympathy isn’t always welcome either. Quite frankly, it can feel condecending and patronizing at times. And it can make you feel useless. Obvious privileges that the non-physically disabled has, so i won’t say too much here.
  • Sexuality — In a lot of countries, the simple act of loving the same gender gets misconstruded to the point where marriage between such “sexual deviants” are prohibited. Let alone expressing yourself or being a homosexual. There is such a thing as “coming out” as a homosexual. Homosexuals has to fight for their rights. For their basic human rights. Hetrosexuals has so many more privileges than homosexuals has.
  • Cisgender privileges — I didn’t bring this up yesterday because i feel that i have too many biases to speak objectivly about this. But as a transsexual myself, i’ve had to experience first hand, the aggression and feeling of unease that cisgender people has when confronted with a transsexual. It’s quite amazing how mean and out right reptilian that people can get from just being near a transsexual. The privileges cisgender people has should be obvious.. Again.
  • Religious privileges — People getting disowned by atheists for being Christian, people coming out as Christian to atheist parents. Both of those scenarios doesn’t exist. As far as i can tell, it never happens this way. The other way around though. Yes. In highly religious countries, atheists are oppressed to a larger or lesser extent. Misconceptions is something an American atheist has to deal with everyday. Discrimination at work. Being open about being an atheist just sucks in countries like America. And if you are in a theocracy, it’s far worse. You won’t live to tell about it. And it’s not just atheists. I know a few Christian Iranians who had to move because of Muslims trying to kill them for being Christian. Same nationality, same skin color.. Just not religion. Fucking sick.

Some are repeats from yesterday. But i left out most of them to focus on what i didn’t bring up then. And yea.. I think all of these factors matter far more than what gender you are, to be perfectly honest with you. They kind of have dibs on gender privileges.

And one last thing. Just being different or being considered a deviant (By just being yourself) is enough to have less privileges than those who follow social norms (By just being who they are). Those who conform to social mores.
Like i said yesterday: Struggle is a human universal. Even if you’re able bodied, slim, trim, intelligent, “Normal”, tall, cisgender, of your country’s decent, etc. Even if all of that is to your advantage, you still have to struggle in life. And you complaining that your group has it worse just makes you look like a narrow minded little child, who wants to make their struggles seem so much worse than the struggles of other groups. Not understanding that at the end of the day, it’s mainly subjective.

Swede privilages

I’ve spent many a-hours and even days pondering privileges as of late. What kind of privileges do we all have? You hear it from feminists especially. They always espouse the male privilege question. “Oh, men has so many privileges in our world”. And sure, they do. Like you’ll hear. They won’t have to worry too much about rape on a day-to-day basis, they’re also stronger, which comes with a lot of advantages. And you could go on with the male privileges. Certain advantages that men just has.
But is that all though? Is that the only set of privileges of a group worth discussing? And is it even that big of a deal, to be a man? Cats are usually said to be one of the most successful animals on the planet. They have all the privileges and none of the responsibilities. But let’s just focus on the privileges of humans instead of going down that rabbit hole. Swedish privileges. We get free healthcare, we have a lot of great social programs for all kinds of people, we have a lot of freedoms that the vast majority of countries could only dream of having (Like “Allemansrätten”, our crém de la crém), our government isn’t nearly as corrupt as the vast majority of countries, we have a good educational system, knowing two languages comes naturally to most of us here (Which means we can communicate very well.. Also a privilege, i’d say), etc. Looking at a country like, let’s say, USA, i could consider myself to be privileged to be a Swedish citizen. My Swede privileges come shining through. Yet, i complain about how we have it here. Because Norway has it better. Norwegian privileges are far better than Swedish privileges. They have no debt, their country handles terrorism like fucking badasses, they speak like the most friendly people on earth, their nature is pristine and illustrious (Fucking Lofoten, fucking please..).

But enough about countries various privileges over one another. What about other ones? Economic privileges. You’re born in a rich family. Compared to most people in your country, you have many more advantages than they have. You’re very privileged. You pretty much won’t ever have to worry about a job. Your future is safe. If it’s not for the many contacts you will no doubt have, it’s your parents. Racial and national privileges. I’m of Swedish decent, so naturally, i will have it easier in my country than people who doesn’t have it. People of Iraqian decent, people of a different skin color. People who dare to speak in an accent that will sure to rile up the Swedish rednecks. I’m privileged.

And men and women. Like i stated before. Male privileges. But what about female privileges? We can make a guy think with the wrong head, and make that an advantage. I know a lot of independent, strong and smart women who exploit that over and over again. Get drinks for free, get men to carry our shit (I’ve done this a few times myself), have a much easier time to crash in men’s places (So long as you know them even remotely well. We’ll pretty much get dibs automatically for being female), we won’t get in fights as much as men (And when we do, they’re usually not as brutal as guy’s tend to make it), we can dress in a lot more outfits due to society’s pressure on guys to not “seem gay”. I could go on. But i won’t.. But i could.

What have i learned from thinking about this? Struggle is a human universal. It seems to me that we all struggle. Be it the rich snob on wallstreet who wants to take away pensions from 100s of workers just to make another million bucks. Or some fisher, getting by in a tough economy and climate change.
These complaints that all these groups have, are all legit. You could probably think of even more. Bottom line is that we all have complaints. Good complaints. Legitimate ones. Here’s an idea. Let’s strive to fix them. Instead of pointing fingers and expecting a group with more (How you can quantify that is way beyond me) privileges than you to kiss your feet because they’re oppressing you by just being. That’s the problem i see. I don’t see good men doing nothing. I see stupid men doing the wrong thing.

Everyone hates me – Incoherent rantings of a madwoman


Before anything.. Yes, that’s hyperbole.

DISCLAIMER: Just a bunch of ranting here. No good arguments or anything. Just ranting. I need to get some things off my chest, and this is where i’ll do it. I’m not claiming to be a better person than anyone. I mean, it’s not like i were making good arguments to the people i’m going to write about, so why would i expect any good responses?

Have you ever felt that everyone on the internet hated you before? Because i seem to be in that position right now actually. Again.. I don’t mean that literary, i just wanted to point out a few things i’ve been doing as of late.

One includes some condescending bitch who thinks that her politeness, that she learned from Skepchick, makes her a better person. But in reality, it makes her come across as a condescending moron. Then i pissed off the vocaloid community on reddit for daring to have a different opinion than them. Granted, my arguments could be better, but still. Then i’ve just felt like a total bitch in general as of late. Bitter and what not (Although, i have been making some progress in real life as of late). But anyway. On to the really winy post.

Wining about Watson and her Ilk

I said something about how Rebecca Watson and her ilk was a bunch of morons in a post that linked her site, skepchick, a few days ago. Of course, a fan of Watson decided that she would act all high and mighty over me thinking that, and tell me, in a very pretentious, pedantic and condescending way, that i am wrong. I mean, no matter how often i would tell her how despicable Watson is (And she clearly is. Just watch one video with her), she wouldn’t listen. Now, i could have posted some examples of course, but when she couldn’t even understand what i was talking about, what good would a video example be? I might write something about just how despicable Watson is, in the future, and bring all my concessions against her and her ilk on the table for all to read.
And you know.. What made me just want to say fuck it, in that argument, is that she had the nerve to ask, to the one who owned the comment section, if we were being intrusive. Maybe i’m weird, but that feels really bad. It’s very condescending. I know this is mostly wining, but i had to get it off my chest somewhere.


It went as far as to where i got booed by the “Mikusexual” community of reddit’s very own r/vocaloid, for daring to suggesting that the site in which vocaloid had its first real success was hindering the growth of the phenomena in the rest of the world. Grr. How dare i!?
How dare i suggest that maybe forcing people to sign up to watch videos on a site isn’t perhaps a good place to put videos that you would want to grow in popularity. Sure, maybe for Japanese audiences, it’s fine. Most of them probably have an account on there. But if you expect vocaloid to reach global fame, maybe that’s not a good place to post it. We’re not going to get a 50,000,000+ video on a site like that. Think a little, damn you!

But yes, guy who rubs the other guy’s back for saying the word “Mikusexual” in response to a really creepy video with their “teal goddess” kissing a camera; maybe i’m the freak.

Some random stuff

At the time of writing this, news about a remake of wind waker has been announced. Needless to say, i’m excited. It’s one of my all time favorite Zelda games. Probably my favorite 3d one.. Second to. Majora’s mask is the tits.
Anyway. Here’s the video

I’ll make a post with updates later, but for now, this will have to suffice.
Again, sorry for being the most incoherent post ever, but i just had to get some things off my chest. Because.. Quite frankly. Fuck people sometimes.

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