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On AmazingAtheist and ultra liberals

This isn’t going to be a defense for Amazingatheist. Because i know that, if he wanted to, he could easily intellectually spank these people that i’m going to bring up. I’m just going to talk about my encounter with a few ultra liberals last night.

The inner Andrew Breitbart of Amazingatheist makes him want to retweet people who say, according to him, nutty things. This one time when he did it, i responded to the person he retweeted. The person he retweeted said that Amazingatheist was a disgusting misogynist “signed, a atheist woman”. So i responded with “Well, i don’t think he’s a misogynist, and i’m also a atheist woman. What now?”. So we started arguing back and forth, in what i would consider a rather calm manner.

What she was referring to was the time Amazingatheist made a comment to a redditor, where he was very harsh towards her. Even for him, it was very harsh. He was threatening her and everything. I don’t know too much about the details on it, because it just blew up the internet. But i did hear a lot of points of views back then, and Amazingatheist even said that he was sorry for doing so. So to sum it up, he was basically beign an asshole, and people were reacting, at least on an emotional level, appropriately — Even though i don’t really agree with people responding emotionally without an intellectual back-bone.

So yes! He did wrong, he said he was sorry for it. It seems genuine to me, and that’s that, right? Well, no… As anyone who’s ever had the displeasure of seeing a ultra liberal before, you’d know that they’re very easily offended, and stingy. They wouldn’t accept Amazingatheist’s apology, and continued taking to the blogs to write about how he’s a misogynist and so on.

Back to the twitter argument. I asked the, now, team of ultra liberals, why he was a misogynist. They linked to about four different posts, two of which was on freethoughtblogs (A site i am not going to visit for years to come) and two on other places (Probably affiliated with freethoughts blogs. I wouldn’t know). Both of the ones i checked pointed out the aforementioned story about the redditor.
So i told them that he’d said sorry (Which one of the articles even mentioned at the end), and that i thought that was a very big thing to do. Not many people will openly state such things. Most just roll with their arguments, even when they know they’re wrong. Just as a side note, I can see why most don’t opt to do that though. because doing so is usually greeted with scorn anyway. I aught to know. Me and TotalBuiscuit had a very nasty encounter once. But i digress.

They didn’t believe him apparently.
So now they’re basically saying that he is a misogynist because he uses ad hominem with ‘loaded words’.
Which i think is what they really want to say. “Anyone who says cunt, bitch, etc. Is a misogynist”. They seem to be under the impression that Amazingatheist hates all women, because he tends to call people names. I’ve seen his videos many times, and from what i can tell, he’s not a violent person and the only hate he has is non-discriminatory. He’s showed time and time again that he’ll hate anyone he thinks is stupid. Doesn’t matter what gender they are, ethnic group, religion, etc. But please. Find me where he hates all women. Where he actually does that, and not just jump on a smaller group, or one person, he considers stupid, that happen to be a group of women or a woman. Because that’s not all women. I know, that’s a shock to you. But it’s not.

They went on to say that he was a men’s rights activist and other strawmen. I mean, i know for a fact that he’s not, and i know that what they’re referring to is him making examples that there are qualms on both genders, and all groups of people. They’re taking that out of context, and goes on to use it against him, even if it’s not true. And for what? So they can cry and get people to feel sorry for them.

My advice to all you people who use “trigger warning” and are offended at simple words is: grow some balls and ovaries, please. It’s so pathetic to see you being outraged at simple words. Especially when most of you will turn a blind eye to someone calling a man “dick”, all while getting outraged at someone saying “cunt”.


Day 92: Take me as i am

In today’s post:
Jam full blogpost. Cleaning with Jenna. My Magic the gathering past. And, ZOMG, i’m weird? With a touch of politics.

Cleaning all day

I started around 12 and finally got done around 8pm. So i’ve showed, change my bed sheets, rearranged stuff, changed light bulbs, gone through every single drawer and just flipped the whole damn room up-side-down.

Feels great having done it. I finally have somewhere to store my clothes and everything. Which is good, by the way, because i won the auction for the nightgown! Woohoo! But i digress.

So cleaning.. Feels like i’m leaving behind something awful. For some reason. I also found some neat things i had forgotten about, or thought i forgot. You see… There’s one box that i’ve had unpacked (A cardboard box without a lid) since i moved into with my parents around 2009, and i hadn’t really looked at anything since.. But now i finally did. I finally removed it, along with many other things. So this room feels much more like mine now.

A few notable things i found while cleaning were: An unsent letter, which i will be telling more about in a future vlog i have planned; some more cables that could be useful; the receipt for my broken big computer and A lot..

Magic the gathering musings

…and i mean a lot of magic the gathering cards:

I love the “ultimate nightmare of the wizard of the coast customer service”. I did not know i had that card. It comes from the first edition of the “unhighned” cards or whatever the set was called. It was made just to have fun. basically, cards would tell the player to put the card on their foreheads, or spin around in a circle for 20 seconds, etc.

From left to right: Lands, common, rare, uncommon, a bunch of random cards.
I was thinking of maybe selling some of them, if i can get a decent amount for them, and put them on my new clothes fund. Even though i have had a lot of good memories playing magic in the past. It started when my brother took home some cards one day, and we just played with various people and against each other. Then when the first Kamigawa set came out, i got my very own first cards, collected and played with friends for a few years… and eventually lost interest. I mean, sure, i could play if the chance comes up again, but i donno.. right now, i feel that the money would give me far more joy. Guess i’ll think a little about it though.

Being weird

My brother and i talked a little about being weird. He told me that he had tried high heels, bathed with two friends (Who was one girl, and a guy. Boyfriend girlfriend) and all sorts of other awesome things. He told me about how people thought it weird, some of the things he done with people. Like, he’ll tell someone that he’s kissed three guys before.

Ionno.. I really like those reactions people get, because it really solidifies my suspicions that most people in this one horse town, and probably in many places, are trapped in their own bubbles. Now, of course, they can live like that if they so choose, i just think they’re missing out a lot on life by abiding by invisible codes of ethics and rules. I also think that behavior makes you a much worse voter, in all honesty. I think it goes without saying… But maybe if what you want for yourself is your only concern, then sure. You’re a bad voter for being a selfish fuck. But if you try to make the country better, and you only have a very limited perspective that extends to maybe your landscape, then you’re a bad voter for simply not informing yourself. I guess either way, you’re a bad voter.

Huge digression! But there you go.


I’ll be going down to the employment offices to talk to someone about.. something. I’m not sure. There’s someone i have to meet there, apprently. But most of all, i’ll be going down there to do the final touches on the papers i got, which could land me a internship as a photo scanner person.. Like i said earlier. Someone who takes a normal photo, scans it, edits the levels and possibly some wrinkles and then posts it to a mySQL database. Easy as pie. And kind of fun too.

Today’s Image/Video

And since i’m on the topic of being myself:




Day 90: Feminism, batman and photoshop

In today’s post:
Feminism, batman incident, and photoshopping as a job.

Final thoughts on feminism

I posted an entry today where i explained Feminist extremism and how Skepchick is both that, and skeptic extremism. You can find that right here

I’m very skeptical of feminism, because the extreme end of it seems to be the only one we get to see anymore. Whenever you hear “feminist”, you expect it to be extreme, and when it isn’t, you almost suspect that it’s misguided, like the person claiming to be a feminist doesn’t even understand what it is. I fear this is becoming how people are viewing feminism today, only because it’s just the extreme ones we’re seeing.

So i urge any feminist out there, who think he or she is of the rational end of it, to be more outspoken. Explain what it really is, educate the people about it, and separate it from the extremists. Because it’s rapidly becoming a negative term.

Batman incident

Don’t exploit the situation, please. I see all these liberals claiming that it’s the gun laws fault that this happened. In short, i’m not convinced that’s the correlation. It’s as simple as that. I know little more about it, but i felt that i should as least point it out.


I woke up today around 12, having people tell me to wake up, because we had to get moving. You see, the place i’m getting a intern position at, is about 10 minutes away by car. So i had to get a lift with dad.

They were really nice people, and it seems like a good job. All we had to do was to touch up old photos, and digitize them. Easy as cake. I mean, i think most people know about the “level” tool in photoshop.
I just hope i won’t feel as stressed.. Had too much of it lately. My whole body felt numb when i finally got home. It’s that bad. Ugh.. Oh well. When i get my own place, it should all get better.


I’m going to enjoy the weekend. Mostly alone, i suppose, but maybe i’ll try hanging with my brother for a while. We’ll see.

Today’s Image/Video

Since i don’t really have much to show today, i think i’ll give this for people to read: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-chat/2604480/posts American English is more correct than British.. Or if you chose to look at it like this: American English is less evolved, making it more primitive, than British English.

Feminist extremism and religious fundamentalism are the same, just different teams

Yesterday’s Skepchick fiasco got me thinking about the skeptic and new atheist community. I believe that skepchick isn’t insignificant when it comes to these movements, because i see far too many respectable and big atheists pay attention, and even supporting them. Ms.Skepchick herself, Rebecca Watson, is even in the same podcast as Steven Novella. Things like “The atheist elevator” incident, had most of the community strongly in support of Rebecca Watson.
So she’s no slouch. Here we have a little girl who has ties to pretty big people, and is a large part of the skeptics and new atheist communities.

What i was thinking of is why, when people at SkepchickCON espouses such radical ideas (Like that the male brain is like the female brain, but damaged by testosterone), is there no one in that community lashing out? I mean, you’re supposed to be skeptical, but as soon as it’s someone in your group/team, you don’t care.
Which is the problem, i think. Teams. We’re not very keen on attacking people in our own group. Because it’ll cause fragmentation, and possibly even split the group, which makes it weaker. We see this in politics too. To give an example: Obama’s policies are identical to Bush’s in almost every way, but because Obama is a democrat, the democrats won’t attack him. At least not with the same fearocity.

I just think it’s rather amusing that a group of people who pride themselves on being intellectual, skeptical, free thinking and enlightened; act this way. They’re still a subject of group mentality, and they can’t seem to break free from it, or even acknowledge it.

As a disclaimer, i guess i should point out that religious fundamentalism has been a much larger detriment to the world than feminist extremism, of course (Which i suppose is “skeptic extremism” at this point). But the things the two groups preach are equally as wrong. When a religious fundamentalist say that being gay is wrong, that’s no better than a feminist extremist saying that being a man is wrong. Which they do say..
And this only points to the extreme end of Feminism (Skepchick, in this case). Which i suspect isn’t representative of actual feminism, which focuses on helping women and actual women’s issues.

Day 89: Meeting a company!

In today’s post:
Job, almost get!1one Pills. And Rebecca Watson is scary.


Today, i called one of the companies i was recommended yesterday, and yes! Finally, i’m going down to one of them to see if i can get a job. They said they had vacancies, so i’m hoping for the best. So i’ll be leaving tomorrow around 12 or so.

All in all, i think it’s been a productive week. For once. So i’m feeling rather content right now, although i am also a little stressed and restless.
Gonna try some vitamin pills for a few days to see if it helps any. If anything, at least as a placebo. Which, knowing me, would probably work, even if i’m aware of it.

Internet today has been full of drama. I reblogged thunderfoot’s post about it. In all honesty, rebecca watson, skepchick… It scares me. Because i know people in the skeptic and new atheist movement respect them. It just shows you that, so long as someone’s in your team, you’re not going to shoot them down for any reason. People are too loyal, and scared of fragmenting the team.


I’m off to Arbrå for an interview/meeting.

Today’s Image/Video

I heard a great band called “Blue October” earlier:

Day 83: Child sex slaves and stampedes

In today’s post:
Child sex slaves & stampedes. Programming woes, over! Blog redesign

Making a music player pt2

I might stop making parts on this sub-section later. Because i’ll probably write quite a bit about it.

Anyway! I’ve finally fixed my PNG woes. I ended up using something based on directX (Which isn’t too bad) which is usually reserved for videogames, called “Allegro”. It’s slim enough, works well enough and it can handle everything i want it to handle.

I’ve written some essentials outside of the program. Such as, feature list/todo, version info and general info about the program. I quote:

Widget player is a music player designed to be open, easy to use, good looking, modable and powerful right out of the box.
It was inspired by the iOS double tap homescreen menu.
I created this player because the only music player that came close to what i needed was winamp. Even then, if i had made it a skin instead, i would not only lose out on the functionality i want, but more importantly, the open-ness. I think that being able to mod a program however you want is important, and although i might not be able to achieve that for everyone, i hope to at least make it so that the majority are satisfied.

It was made using the gcc/mingw compiler, and allegro (Which is usually used for games), and is powered by curl, IE-frame (Which could be changed later for gecko), fmod, ffmpeg and much more.

Widget player is free to use, and always will be. Aside for maybe an ad in the installer (If it comes to that) and donation, no money is involved.

Which gets me to the final part. If you liked this application to any extent, please consider a donation. Thank you.
If you have any suggestions, questions, praize or hate you want to send my way, i’m contactable through this email: littlejojoisme@gmail.com

I would like to thank you for using Widget player, and i hope you like it.

It’s really fun to make this. Tomorrow, i think i will do the rest of the theme and get the animations for the different buttons and stuff working. I was thinking of borrowing from the windows 7 start orb school of animating.

Child sex slaves and stampedes

I would have made a separate post if i wanted to go in depth on this, so i won’t. But i will tell about what happened.

A vegan i follow on twitter tweeted today where he equated child sex slaves with horses dying in stampedes. Before i go on to point out what i said, or at least wanted to have said; i wanted to point out that i know for a fact that i could have put my argument better, and that i probably misspoke more than once. You can check my twitter if you want to see the whole conversation and judge for yourself. I got a little too carried away at times, and fealt that i didn’t get my point across. That being said. Here’s my interpretation (Could be wrong): I told him that the two are too different to be compared, and he told me that they’re “in principle”, the same, because they’re both unnecessary exploitation of animals.
The argument went on, and i eventually told him that it’s basically the same as me equating a toe ache with the pure hurt that someone who just lost his or her leg must feel. I made an example similar to that before making that one, to which he responded that  i was being absurd, “ad-absurdum”. Yes! It is! Of course it’s absurd! What you said is absurd too…

All in all, all i can do is to hope that i got my message across. I mean, i know him as a vegan looks at animals and humans very differently than i do. I hope to one day understand exactly that sort of thinking. Until then, i need to try to keep an open mind about it. Maybe i’m failing at that though, i wouldn’t know.
It is kind of funny that i get accused of not being empathetic and for trivializing suffering, when he just made that statement though.

Blog redesign

If it didn’t cost, i would make the design myself. But i think i found one i’m pretty happy with now.  I for one like it.. Yea.. What else.. I guess that’s it.


A full sunny day for one. Not a single rain drop. If we have it like that tomorrow, i might go down to the fields again. Which should be nice. Oh, and i got so caught up with the programming that i never looked for a flat. But i will do that tomorrow.
I played some Mario 3d land again today, and i’m really starting to get into it, i think. It’s really fun and quite different from any other mario game out there. I recommend checking it  out.


More programming, probably, and look for some flats. Good times!

Today’s image/video

Numberphile (A great youtube channel), made a fun song involving numbers today:

It’s not too bad actually. I quite enjoyed it.

Day 81: The blog post without a title

In today’s post! Vegans, programming, plants in Sweden, some girly stuff, and politics and philosophy forums!

Vegan pt2

I had a conversation on twitter with a Vegan about animals and meat earlier. It was interesting. I thought about writing up on why i eat meat, and why i have no problems with the whole industry. But to summarize it, i simply don’t look at other animals the same i do humans. They’re very different in terms of ethnics, in my opinion. Now, obviously, i don’t want to mistreat them for no reason, but i think letting them live in abject luxury, letting them live longer, letting them succeed evolutionary, in exchange for us killing them prematurely to eat their meat, is ok to do.
If you put that next to a human, and say that “What if it was a human”, you could make a lot of arguments, but one i think is pretty big is that humans have different needs. Most animals are ok with just being fed, getting to walk freely in a larger area, being sheltered. And we give them that. But i’m always open to change this idea, if evidence against it is presented.

But i digress


I did some programming today. Not too much though, because i don’t want to burn myself again. Don’t think i spent too much time on it though.
Anyway. It was fun! I was thinking of making a music program powered by webkit (Which is what google Chrome uses as well). So far, i haven’t even gotten GTK+ (Which is the platform my program will run on) to work properly. Although, i suppose i didn’t do a proper test to see if it did. Will do more tomorrow if i get in the mood.

Looking for info

I’ve been looking around a little on the web, as of late. One is a forum where you can discuss philosophy, politics and all that; another is a place where plant life of Sweden is indexed. Cause i want to know more about plants here. If push comes to shove though, i might as well just dig it up myself.

Then the other thing is a forum where you can discuss politics, philosophy, etc. Cause i really enjoy doing that, and gods know that this town doesn’t have such a forum. So the internet is the only place i can go for that.


Hopeful about tomorrow, when i’ll get a time with someone to talk about welfare.
Sun finally decided to show up too. After more than 48 hours of absence. My brother seems rather stressed out about his job. He says that all he does is waking up, eating, going to work, sleeping, and that’s it. He’s down in the rot, so to speak. But maybe i’ll sleep at his place next week, and i can make dinner for him, like last time.

I’ve been thinking about about getting new clothes, and some more makeup too. I want some pink nail polish, and i need to buy some more red too. Even small vials lasts pretty long for me. So it’s not too much of a cost. Then i still need to buy a night gown too. I just sleep better with one.
When i get my own place, i will get something to comb my hair with too. I don’t have a brush.. Then i’m totally gonna buy some more things just to make me feel more like me. I’ve missed doing that, and i feel that i really need it. But you know. They’re not major costs. Any of it. Just something i feel i need. Will totally take some pics later.


I’ll call them!! I’ll make sure to set as many alarms as i can. I need to wake up for it! But i think i will wake up. Oooh, it’s gonna be sooo much fun! I can’t wait til i have the time.

Other than that, i suppose i’ll continue with the program some.

Today’s Image/Video

I saw this really cool Kinect invention earlier:

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