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Day 108: Very sexy guy!

In today’s post:
Music app progress. Libertarians aren’t pragmatic. Rain means no blue berries. Sexy guy. Amazing atheist QnA and a really cool picture.

Music app update

Now skins can fully edit any iframe. Which means that if you want to have another site embedded in your theme/skin, you can do so, and even edit it. That’s normally not possible, but now it is.

Also, i double checked the legal on the program, and it seems that i can make money off of it. So that’s great! Donno if i will monetize it, but at least i know i can.

One last thing, i checked youtube functionality, and it seems i’ll have to use their API to make it compatible there. Which all well and good, and the way you should do it anyway.

Brief on libertarianism

I wrote a post today about libertarianism. Not the best one i’ve ever written, but i think it makes a pretty good point on libertarianism.

To put it short, i basically told libertarians to either make points as to how their ideology would work in practice. You know, some pragmatism. Or you could always use the option of moving to a place with no or minimum laws. You know, just a thought.


I never ended up going out to the forest to pick blue berries today. It’s been raining the whole day, you see. So i mostly just stayed inside, doing some programming and being generally lazy.

I got an answer from the place i have to turn to to get money for my studies today, and replied to them with a signature.. So now, they’re processing it. Which is great!

One thing i want to talk about is a person i’ve been chatting with lately. I mentioned him earlier, that he made me realize that i can never really be a woman. But i actually like him, despite that. I mean, it isn’t his fault that this is a simple reality. But he told me yesterday when i sat up chatting with him til 4am that he really liked chatting with me, and that he wanted to keep in contact with me. And i fully agree. I think he’s very interesting, funny and charming.  He’s also pretty damn sexy, i’ll be honest.

Ionno.. I’m not going to put some random thoughts in my head as to our relationship to one another, because i haven’t really known him all that long and i…. Well.. I guess it’s ok to fantasize. Haha! xD


I’ll go out to pick some blueberries. According to the weather prognosis, it’s gonna be a fair weather tomorrow. So that’ll be great.

Then i’ll probably end up doing some programming.

Today’s Image/Video

Saw this really cool image today:


Amazingatheist posted a new Q and A a few minutes ago too:

Almost watched all of it. I think he’s an interesting person and kind of funny.


Brief on libertarianism

My brother was reading a report in the news paper that talked about Slab city earlier, and it got me thinking about libertarians.
To put it short, Slab city is basically a tax exempt (Fully, maybe mostly) society in the middle of nowhere (USA) where people live their lives, mostly without any government intervention. He read about police patrolling the place once everyday, but i think that’s about it. So since the government has so little say in what they do there, it’s basically a haven for libertarians.

Keep in mind that this is just Slab city. There are societies of people who have no contact with any government, who live in other types of places. All i wanted to point out with this is that living without intervention from the government is possible, and is being done by people all over the world. And of course, i’m not saying that they’re free to do anything and everything! They can’t form their own armies to overthrow the government and crazy shit like that. There are limits to even living this way…. So now that this digression is out of the way, let’s continue.

So what is a libertarian? A person who advocates civil liberty. So in theory, basically a group who focuses on individual freedom, usually accompanied by “the invisible hand of the free market” idea. I’m not going to go too deeply into any of that though, since i don’t feel that i understand it enough. I will point out the practical libertarian. The ones i have come across, and what principles they seem to hold by.

Basically, they want to limit government as much as they can. To the point where “paying taxes is against freedom”. A lot of them seem to hold to this idea, and i wonder.. Why not just contact other libertarians and form your own society, where you don’t even have to pay taxes, and you can live making your own rules and stuff? Basically living in the perfect libertarian society? I mean, if paying taxes is such a big issue for you.

But i guess you want everyone else to live this way and see it the way you do. That is fine with me, and if you want to make an actual case for how it should work, and how we could transition into the libertarian dream, then do so. Just don’t say that you don’t have to make an argument cause “You’re free not to” and don’t base everything solely on principles (Everything must be absolutely free for every individual, and damned by the consequences and the pragmatic repercussions), because that’s not convincing to anyone, and it just makes you look like a nut.

So to sum up. Make a valid case based on reality, or you could always move out and form your own society or live in a cottage somewhere, if you really hate the government’s control so much.

Day 104: Jenna’s special day

In today’s post:
Vegans. Internet is easier than local (Music app). Jenna Jameson takes it really hard. And the Onion, on bullshit.


I wrote a post today about meat industry vs herbivore activists. Nothing i really need to add to it. I just thought i had to mention it again. Cause i’m still pondering about where to go from here.

Music program

The music program is coming along great. The auto hide/show is working great and i played around with grooveshark today. The first skin (Which i might rename it “Themes” instead) will have local files, grooveshark and youtube you can use to listen to music. It’s really fun to make! And since it’s webkit and everything, i can use google chrome to test it. I could release a demo tomorrow, and make sure that that the program works on more computers (I’m really not sure if it’s using any debug files or external DLLs that i need to link for non-dev computers).

But yea. I’m very happy to have made it in webkit. It means that making the local file structure for it will be the hardest part. Funny enough! Not that it’s too hard.. but there are some issues i’m still pondering. I will have a nice little import feature while figuring out drag and drop though. Basically, it’ll check some pre-determined folders (And some user defined folders too, if the user so chose to define some) and generate a json playlist for the program to use. A fun thing to do too. File in and out functions are really fun to play with.

Here’s a quote from what i wrote in the skin specifications:

Some explaination on the framework of a skin:
A folder counts as the skin, and everything in the folder (In this case, “iOSpired”) defines how it’ll look and function. Images, html files, css files, javascript files, etc.
Required files in a skin are: index.html and injectionlist.txt. Everyting else can be whatever you need them to be.

The program renders all the content using webkit (same as google chrome), so that means you’re basically making small websites, with some added functionality and versitility. If you wanted to, you could even make it something completely different from a music player. Although it is primarily a music player program. Want to make it display stock, weather? Why not?! Go nuts. Make it a videogame.

So in short, you need to know html, css and javascript. And if you do, you’ll feel right at home.
Some limitations to the music files are that you can only play them nativly (That is, without including an SWF file as the music player on top) in ogg and mp3.

A tutorial on exactly how to make a skin is included with the program, along with some other information on developing and such. But it is recommended that you simply look up some html tutorials or look at the files in this skin, to learn how to make a skin. Learn by tampering, as i say.

Jenna Jameson

Apparently, Jenna Jameson, the porn star, decided to give Mitt Romney her seal of approval. Which isn’t the only seals she’s given to men, if you know what i mean. I doubt anyone really cares about her opinion on it, and i’m sure the enforcement from her was either just her displaying her less than stellar brains, or her thinking it would be a good business decision.
Whichever the case, i’m certain that the internet only cares because now can all make a lot of sex jokes. Which are so easy to do, by the way. Not unlike herself.

She endorses Mitt because she wants the rest of america to get fucked too… Anyway, just enjoy. Not usually into sex jokes, but they’re fun now.


Gotten a lot of love on twitter today. Chatted with some people, and just had fun. I’m having a lot of fun on that site! If you’re reading this, and you don’t have a twitter, get one, and we can chat too!

I feel better about the guy i talked about yesterday. I figured that it’s best if i just live my life, and let whatever happen in its own way. If that makes any sense.


Nothing planned. It’s weekend too, so nothing much’s gonna happen. Still a little stumped that i’m starting school soon though! Getting a little giddy.

Today’s Image/Video

I’m not subscribed to the onion, because i think that a lot of the time, they’re not that funny. They’re ok, but not very funny in my opinion. However, sometimes, i just think they make fantastic videos. Like this one:

Uncertain about: meat industry vs herbivore activists

The twitter vegan i keep mention on here talked about “cattle eating the food of humans” earlier. To which i replied “You know that humans don’t eat hay or grass, right?” and he told me that they also eat grains and wheat. Which i found out that they do. But also found that only 2% of what’s grown is given to livestock. Which isn’t a lot. Not that i feel very comfortable about the source (Or rather, lack of source) on that number. But i’ll check it later, since i don’t particularly find it too important right now. Just a quick little argument there.

I find that notion pretty weird, that livestock eating our food is the problem of 3rd world countries. A huge reason why people can’t eat. He said that for one cow (I think he said cow.. or maybe he just meant one livestock), 6 people went hungry. Correct me if i’m wrong, but i kind of thought that what 3rd world countries had in common, and what makes them such hellholes, is that the countries out right suck. Things like: Corruption, guerrillas, dry land, diseases, etc.
Not the fact that we in 1st world countries (I use that loosely when including the US) eat meat. But i really don’t know much about it, and i want to learn more. Only issue is that i have no idea where to start looking.

I could google something akin to what this post is named, but i’d end up with very slanted opinions and bias statistics about the matter. Things that just rubs me the wrong way. Whether it be from the meat industry who put up this facade that everything’s hunky dory, or it be from the vegan extremists who say that PETA has come to liberate the world — and anything in between.
I could write on forums and ask people, but i can’t really find one i think would yield too much diversity on the issue.

So i’m stumped. I feel that the best thing to do is to just get out there and find the answer yourself. Like Hitchens always talked about. Or maybe i should just go to as many forums as i can, to get some answers though. See what i can find.

As a side note: I’m not 100% clueless. I do have my thoughts and i have seen quite a lot on this issue, from both sides. It’s just that all the information is making me confused, and i don’t know where i should turn to get a new start, so to speak. Cause i want to get to the bottom of all this finger pointing.

Day 103: Flirty transsexual

In today’s post:
Morality debate. Harry Potter is a cash-grab? Transsexual problems. Doubting school. Meandering bullshit. And  


Yesterday, i got myself into quite a bit of discussion. It was pretty nice for the most part, although i will tell about the bad parts later on in this post.

But first up! Morality. My vegan twitter friend, me, and some other cool guy i recently followed got into a discussion about morality. I learned a lot about morality and how him as a vegan looks at it. I looked up what it meant and everything. If i understood things right, the argument he made was that morality is objective. Basically that there are absolute morals. But from what i found, morals basically means, a perception of what’s right and wrong, based on social groups, society, religion, etc. Which makes it completely subjective, and kind of meaningless. To give an example, Hitler was being moral, according to him and the contemporary culture in which he lived in. But to my morals, he was very wrong. Dead wrong, in fact.

Not that this was a part of the argument, but maybe there is a study where you try to find the best morals. Which would maximize human happiness, and minimize humans suffering. But i know very little of the study of morality. All i’m saying is that my vegan twitter friend was in the wrong on this one.

Arguing about Harry Potter

Another argument i had earlier was with some random guy on skype (Of all places). We got into a discussion about Harry Potter. I told him i thought the series was really good, and then he went on to say that it’s not art, and how Rolling only went into it for the money. I asked him to explain himself, and somehow, it got into a nasty situation, which eventually lead to me asking him to justify the position. So he went on a very long winded explanation as to why it’s not art and how it was only made for commercial purposes. He stated that it was very text-book heavy, and that, to him, was proof enough of his claims. He also made some other points which were equally as invalid (at least if you ask me), and before i could refute them, he went on to tell me how i’m basically stupid for not being able to see it the way he does, and that i don’t know anything about what i’m saying (He would make really arrogant comments the whole for the discussion, by the way).

So it went into more nastiness, and nothing productive was done. All because he can’t take criticism. I’ve dealt with his kind before, and they’re all the same, really. They get butthurt when they talk with someone of a different view, and then go on to blame you for being this and that, and not knowing this or that.
I got annoyed with him, and actually laughed a few times. So i let my emotions take over for a while. Which i don’t like. It’s also very possible that he simply doesn’t understand English as well as he’d like to think. Because a lot of the time, he didn’t seem to grasp what i was saying. Which how the conversation ended. He made a strawman against me, telling me to answer something based on the strawman. I told him that he was making a strawman, and he told me that i was “playing tricks” and “plotting things” against him. Which, at that moment, made me realize that i was talking to what’s basically a fundamentalist, and that i’m wasting my time. Because fundamentalists say the same thing to atheists when you try to explain to them why their initial questions are wrong to begin with.

But that’s just life. Some people will be butthurt over small things, and arguments will erupt over it.

Transsexual problems

The last chat i got into yesterday was probably the more pleasant one (First half of it, that is). This time, it was via twitter DM, with a charming, smart and handsome guy. We had a lot of fun with flirting and what not, until my transsexuality came into the discussion. This wasn’t the first time i had gotten sad about a man’s view change about me, because of that knowledge being “spilled”, so to speak. It’s not saddening because of the man, it’s saddening because it’s always made me feel that i’m not a woman. But this time, it really struck home.

Because i will never be a woman to most people. Nor will i be a man, not that i care about that. But my point is that, i will always be someone whom people will not know how to act around. Because gender is so ingrained in people’s way of speaking and acting among one another, and since i have nothing, it’ll just be awkward, and i think it’ll be expected of me not to flirt with anyone, because it’s just awkward.

I don’t know. Maybe i’m making no sense at all, or just bloating up something that isn’t an issue. But i’m very depressed by this fact. And really, i shouldn’t drag this guy into anything anymore. I shouldn’t flirt with anyone. It was very stupid of me to think for a second that a man would be able to look past this one fact, that make so many people uncomfortable.

I’m a very stupid person.

The first school doubts

So i applied for a loan and grant from the government run buisness “CSN” now, and hoping for an answer sometime next week. I also took the time to check the schedule of the class i’m attending… and it made me doubtful. It made me feel that perhaps it isn’t something i should study up on.

My schedule “Computer networking”.

  • IT Essentials – Whatever that means. Probably the equipment you use when dealing with IT. Like computer software and hardware, as well as hardware outside of a computer. Like cords and adapters.
  • Computer net 1 – basics – How computers connect to each other i guess. IP addresses, sockets, mac addresses, routers, etc.
  • Computer net 2 – Routing basics – Maybe more practical, dealing with cords, routers and what not.
  • Computer net 3 – Switching basics – How switches work? It all sounds very basic so far, not gonna lie.
  • Computer net 4 – WAN intro – Wireless network, i guess. Omni/unidirectional antennas, etc.
  • Learning while working – Internship, it seems. Already, on year one.
  • Installation in broadband networks – These last ones make me very skeptical.. I mean. So my job will be to install broadband in places? Do you have to wear a blue overall then? And to what kind of people? I honestly don’t care about helping individuals. If it’s companies, sure, but everyday people, i just fucking despise at the moment. #Hyperbole

Well, it’s not like i have much of a choice now though. Although, reading it through, it does seem kind of interesting, except for the last part. I just have some natural doubts for it.


My day has been depressing. I haven’t done much. Talked with my brother a little, and just loitered. I feel pretty useless right now. I feel like a waste of human flesh and i just want to wane away.

Chatting a little with that guy i talked about earlier. Probably for the last time, i recon.

Anyhow.. I have a feeling that i need to stop worrying about what’s on my mind. My transsexuality. But if i ignore it, i just end up more depressed in the long run. Which is an issue. The day when i go see a professional is closing in rapidly though. I think vacation time’s over the moment i start school, which will be an ample time to find someone to talk to about it.


I’m not sure. Relax a bit, i suppose. Maybe do some programming if i feel like it. We’ll see.

Today’s Image/Video

I’m probably late to the game, but this guy makes some great animation. This one’s about skyrim:

In defense of non-voters


Last night, i had what could best be described as a “clusterfuck of an argument”, with a friend on twitter. I don’t really think any of us understood each other’s points. It was an argument about voting, essentially.
So now i’m going to clarify what my position is on the voting issue.

I’m of course referring to voting for political parties. Exercising your democratic duties, some would put it. I’m inclined agree with that somewhat. Although i think people should have the choice to vote or not.

Vote or STFU

The first argument is “People who don’t vote has no right to complain”. I find this a very stupid thing to say. Because i think you should engage in a discussion with them, ask them why they don’t vote. Instead of telling them to vote or STFU. How likely do you think it is that anyone will be inclined to vote when voters will tell them that they have to, or else their view is invalid. At least that’s the tone you usually get.

Would anyone think i was making a good argument if i told a voter who voted in the politicians currently in power, that they can not complain, because they were the ones who voted for them to begin with? I think that would be equally as stupid.

All i’m saying on this point is that, we should engage in a discussion instead of just dismissing one another. Because that does nothing productive what so ever, in my opinion.

Voting ignorantly is worse than not voting at all

I think the title here explains itself. If you’re someone who vote on a superficial level, (Example: You hear a politician make a bunch of promises you like, and vote based solely on that) then you’re a bigger part of the problem than non-voters. As simple as that. And you don’t get to taut your own horn in discussing politics. Because people will pick up very quickly, that you’re an ignorant fuck.

I think Issac Asimov said it best:

“Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that‘my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.’
― Isaac Asimov

Do i vote?

I have yet to really vote, myself. But i am thinking of voting at some point. So what does that make me? Am i to believe that it’s a dichotomy, where either you vote, or you don’t? Because if we’re to believe that, then i would fall into the same group as people who openly reject the notion. I try to be someone who has a good understanding of something, before jumping into it. I openly admit that i have little clue as to how the Swedish political system works. Obviously, i have the basics that i learned in school. But i don’t know the actual.. Dance, if you will. The lingo. The game. I don’t know if that makes any sense, but i feel like i want to understand it on a deeper level before voting. Maybe then, i could even vote for any of the main parties.

I’m not currently making any larger efforts to get to that point in my mind though. Mainly because i have other things in my life that i feel are more important. I honestly don’t put as much weight on voting as many others seem to do. My personal life comes first.

And i know that politics influences my life too, and yes, i do have political views. All i’m saying is that i have to focus on myself, only, for a while, and i feel that my view on politics in Sweden isn’t enough. That’s all.
Maybe the election after this coming one, i will make a vote.

What the fuck am i talking about anyway?

I guess the point of this post is to explain why i haven’t voted yet, why we shouldn’t dismiss one another and why voting doesn’t automatically make you a better person (Not a part of the problem).
I hope these points are clear to anyone reading this. I sure as fuck didn’t make a clear  case yesterday apparently. Although, i am told that twitter’s 140 character limit isn’t exactly friendly to those of us who try to explain things. But, you know. Other inadequacies of mine are obviously also a factor. After all, i am a Swede, writing in English. English is not my native language.

I think voting is a step in the middle, towards making a difference in this country, and even in countries like the US… although, i might be wrong there, due to the massive corruption problem. But i think for the most part, it holds true.

So in short. My view on voting is of someone in the middle. I don’t think it’s utterly pointless like many non-voters and even voters do, but i don’t think it’s this super duper thing that represents everything that’s good in this world, like so many voters seem to think. It’s just good, and i think you need to do more to make a significant change.

Gay marriage, the reality of the situation

At least once a month, you get some big story on how some corporation, celebrity or over-night celebrity, is against gay marriage. Always in the US too. That seems to be where the issue is taking place at the moment. Because in every other developed country (and i’m using that term very loosely when including the US), it’s not a big deal. In fact, most of us understand that it has nothing to do with anything, in terms of how well a country is going to fare. If anything, it’s a good sign that we’re more inclusive, free and open.

That being said. Chick-Fil-A. I’m not going to go on in any intricate detail on this particular issue, and i’m not going to make arguments as to why the anti-equal marriage crowd is in the wrong. I already made a post where i refuted all the common arguments against equal marriage rights.
All i’m going to do is to level with you. I’m going to tell you exactly what will happen.
And in the future, when i end up being right (Because i am right, on this particular issue), don’t go back to this post and say how i was some kind of prophet for predicting that it would go the way i am about to lay down. Because we all know what’ll happen, eventually.

So here’s the thing. The side who want slavery to be legal, and makes arguments explaining how we need slaves, or else our culture will crumble and fall, and our economy will go to shit; will lose. The side who want women to not be able to vote, and make arguments saying how women are inferior, and bring up statistics pointing out how women aren’t capable of thinking “right”; will lose. The side who don’t want people of different colors to marry, and make arguments pointing to how interracial couples are worse parents; will lose. The side who are against homosexual rights, and make arguments pointing out how couples of same sex are worse parents; will lose.
The anti side will lose. The exclusive club will crumble. The wrong side will fail. The bad guys will drop dead. You always do. Yet, you persist, because that’s what cancer does.

Now.. can we go back focusing on real issues in the US? I mean, you have an economy that looks like shit. You have a huge corruption problem in your government. You’re rapidly losing freedom, ever since 9/11. The country is falling, and it has nothing, i repeat, nothing(!!) to do with people of the same genders getting the same human rights as you. Just like how black people being able to drink from your water fountains, didn’t make the country fall into pieces. So stop equating “people not thinking the way you do, and not conforming to your ideas” to “the end/degradation/perversion of civilization”. Have an open discussion, debate, change your mind, be skeptical, think things through. That way, you can be sure to at least have a more clear view of reality than those who don’t even want to try to change their minds on things, and will, without a doubt, see that being against equal marriage rights for every human being, is down right stupid.

THAT’S IT! End of story.

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