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Boycott Sochi!

To paraphrase a much smarter person than me: The show doesn’t have to go on! It’s the last thing that must go on!

I think in the face of human rights being violated, you should probably abstain from entertainment. You have to be pretty fucked up or very ignorant to give money to a bunch of people who torture homosexuals. If i were to strip away a few middle hands and make the scenario a bit more easier to understand, i would say that you’re giving Nazis a bunch of money (because the Olympics is big business) just to see an athlete do things.

But if that doesn’t phase you, then perhaps this will:

Boycott Sochi! Don’t give your money to these horrible human beings! Make a stand against human rights violations! Show Russia that we won’t tolerate this behavior! Now is the time to do what’s right, not to be entertained!

Disclaimer: I know Russia is not the same as Nazi Germany. Although it is really close! And i know it’s not all Russians, obviously. But in chunk, and as a country, they permit the torture of homosexuals. That’s what i mean with “horrible people”.


Day 190-191: Bipolar disorder

Lots of podcasts. About mental illnesses, stephen fry, bipolar disorder and dream theater. George Takei on Penn’s sunday school.


Been out walking for most of this day, and yesterday. Listening to a lot of podcasts. I have to say. I have no idea what i would have done without podcasts. I would probably have gotten sick of my music a long time ago, and i wouldn’t have as much to think about.

Listened to the full, what i think is, 3 hours, of Stephen Fry talking about bipolar disorder. About his own struggles, where he’s going next with it (Medication, therapy, etc) and how it’s getting worse for him. He also talked to various people who had undergone a lot of different therapy to feel better. And talked about detaining the hyper manic. How it works. Basically the whole thing. It was very moving to hear, and i think it’s very courageous of him to be so open about it.

I can’t really say that i personally am suffering from bipolar disorder though. Just a lot of anxiety, in what i think is anxiety disorder. I’m hoping that it’ll get better as soon as i move out.

Lastly, i’ve been listening to penn on his podcast, where he had George Takei on, to talk about various things. One of which was George’s efforts to educate the american public on the racist prison camps that came about during the WW2. Very interesting stuff, since he was about 5 years old at the time. I recommend checking it out.


Again, i can point to dream theater when it comes to mental illnesses, since they wrote a whole album about the subject (Six degrees of inner turbulence)

This one is expressly about bipolar disorder. From what i understand, it explains it pretty well.
Another song about another mental illness, which also wraps up the whole album (The finale), explains how we basically need to stop discriminating against those of us who are suffering from a mental illness. Highly recommend that one as well.

Day 66: HAFH2-2 – Game of thrones song

I’ve decied that i will do the training and the blogging earlier now. So it’s about 8pm right now, and i’m about done with everything. As soon as i’m done with this, i will go to the store to buy some things.

Had a terrible sleep last night (Or rather, no sleep). Slept around 8am to 3pm. But hey.. It’s better than no sleep at all. I’ve finally started telling myself to relax too. I think i just never had a break for the “I wanna do this”, and thus, have become burnt out. Since i really don’t have anything i absolutely have to do until much later, i should probably take it easy this summer. Just relax and get my mojo back. I think that sounds like a good plan. Come to think of it.. I think all these courses i’ve taken with the employment offices has contributed to the mindset where i think finding a job is the most important thing ever.. But then again.. everything influences a person.

Been listening to a lot of Penn Radio. It’s something that’s easy to listen to, and is a lot of fun!

And yea.. I guess that’s that! Take it easy this summer!

Here’s a fantastic song from game of thrones. Still haven’t seen it:

Day 65: HAFH2-1 – Steam.exe issues

Decided to just call it “HAFH”. Home away from home episode 2, part 1. It’s nice just sitting here. Been feeling a little stressed today too. Again, no good reason. But eh.. It’s pretty chill right now. I love the rain that you can hear from the outside, and i was thinking of relaxing with some miles davis after this post. So i can’t complain.

I’ve been trying to fix my brother’s steam today. Steam on his computer isn’t working. It says that it needs internet. Which obviously, we have here. It’s not the network (Although i decided to try out different fixes on it just in case), because it works on my computer. I’ve tried to reinstall, restart computer, uninstall, in many different combinations. As well as deleting the “blob” file. It stopps as “updating”, and tells me we need network. I also tried closing services from a list valve posted. And stopped firewalls, etc.. Nothing’s working! I guess we’ll have to reinstall windows.. *Sigh*.
If anyone reading this would like to help, please leave a comment.

I haven’t checked my 3ds money yet.. Guess i should, just in case it’s here early. Nope, nothing yet. Well, i should have it tomorrow at night, or at latest, sometimes this Wednesday.

Today’s Penn’s sunday school was amazing. Really manic-depressive. Penn talking about how his dad, mom and sister would have been proud now that he’s getting a star in Hollywood.

Tomorrow, i’ll be making dinner for my brother (He works nights all the time), which i think he’ll enjoy. He hardly ever eats proper meals anymore. So maybe i’ll get to be a little useful too. After that.. I guess try out some other routs to take, now that i’m sleeping in the middle of town. And that’s about it.

Adam Savage at TAM 2009. Not sure if i’ve heard this one yet, or not. But we’ll see.

I’m a huge fan of Adam! So i’m sure i’ll like it.

Day 58: Can’t get enough of Penn Jillette

It’s been about 15 days now, i think, of exercising. I’ve taken the step where i stop eating snacks, sweets (Started that yesterday), i’ve done specific exercises for 14 days, and today.. i started something the doctor also recommended i’d do. Walk briskly and/or start jogging. So the first time on the track, so to speak. It’s actually a forest close to where i live, you can take a rout there. It’s fairly long. I think a little over a Swedish mile. I’m used to walking, so i was able to take a longer walk.
My feet felt pain from the walk, and i worked up quite the sweat. Was a pretty beautiful weather too. Saw two rabbits at the end of the rout.. You know.. I never really thought about how huge they are. But they were deathly afraid of me, so i was too late to get a picture. There was also a bunch of water in some places. You know. From the rainy weather, combined with people taking heavy vehicles into the forest. So i got a little wet.
Lastly, on my 200 word training section, i also upped the ante on my regular exercises. So now i have to do a few more. 6 more “Framåt stretching”, 5 more toe-ups and 5 more sit-ups.

So while out and about on my walk in the forest, i listened to Penn’s Sunday school. It’s my favorite podcast that only comes once a week (sadly). And.. It’s hard for me to really describe it, but i just love Penn. I love all the stories he has, i love how much he enjoys life, i agree on most of the things he believes in (Politically, religiously, etc), i love when he’s serious, i love when he’s goofy, i love the shows he puts out, i love his unique perspective on life. I just love him.
I will totally re-listen to all the Penn Radio podcasts he has. It’s been ages since i listened to them last (A little over a year and a few months), and i simply can not get enough of him. I’m sure there are a lot of them i have forgotten though. But yea, it is what i’ll do.

In case you’re interested, i highly recommend Penn’s Sunday school. Latest episode was about how James Randi shaped Penn into what he is today, TAM and squid sperm.. Which is another aspect of him i really like. It’s about the only show out there, where they can talk about how funny monkeys are, and have interviews with the likes of Richard Dawkins. Wonderful times to be had, for sure.

Other than that.. I had a strange night, where i woke up suddenly, feeling pretty anxious.. Well, it is what i told myself. I am prepared for the feelings that i will have! It is part of facing the fears and “evils” of getting a normal life again.
During the day, i played some Roller coaster tycoon again. Such a fun game. Didn’t think i would have the urge to play it today, but i did, and i had fun!  Then i played some call of duty with my little brother. It was fun, but i think the game is wearing thin on me now. I donno.. There’s just not much to it after a while, i feel. Oh well. Mindless fun, non the less. We should play border tomorrow. I had some mild feelings of discomfort due to my condition, but overall, it went good. Better than yesterday, when the discomfort was a little worse. But.. Like i’ve said.. It’ll get better.

Tomorrow.. I guess will be much of the same, minus the dog that came for a visit today.


My moms brother’s dog, Zorro.
Apparently, it was going to rain tomorrow, so we’ll see if it’ll be a walk in the forest, or if i’ll have to take my brisk walk elsewhere. Then i’ll start with Penn Radio again. A lot of stuff to listen to for the coming months. Awesome!

A pretty funny video with “Somegraybloke” i watched earlier:

Day 31: Home away from home pt1 – Gay talk with a Christian

I’m currently at my brother’s place, here to spend my first night. I might stay here until friday. He went off to work for a few hours, and will be back by the time i wake up. Hehe. So now i have the place to myself.

Started the day by forgetting to call around for new internship possibilities. I kind of feel the urge to call some places again. It’s been a while. I must not forget it tomorrow. Then i completed the second to last dungeon in Golden sun. Might actually play for an hour or so after i’ve written this blog post.
Then after lunch, my brother came to my parents house (Where i live) and after that, we went to his place. Around 6pmish or something. And we spent some time watching youtube videos and family guy. So a pretty good time actually.

During the day, i’ve been writing to a Christian about gay marriage.. Yay me.. Needless to say, it’s kind of obnoxious. Why do i get myself into that situation. There’s no point. Even though he is of the more sensible time, he’s still fucking retarded. I mean.. I don’t even know where to begin. I guess.. Why is it wrong? There’s no reason what so ever. He just won’t see it from my angle, or even acknowledge my points. It’s like he just gets the response, reads some keywords, and sends some stupid ignorant shit my way. And everything just fules my anger towards him. There’s no possible way i could response to everything. Especially since he ignores me anyway. It just annoys me. That mentality.

I ended up just picking some really stupid shit in there, and asking him what gave him the right to say “self-appointed Christians” to those christians that are for gay marriage. I mean.. How fucking arrogant do you have to be? Ignoring me is one thing, but thinking that you’re a real christians, and others are not, is just fucking stupid. So fucking retarded. Exuse my language.
I told him that he just ignores me, and that he’s arrogant as fuck. And really, i just want to say “Fuck you” to him. Because i can’t deal with a mentality that can ignore the obvious about gay marriage (Like the fact that the issue was interracial marriage a few years ago, among other astonishingly obvious facts). And he manages to squeeze in evolution there too. Which is another thing that requires you to be ignorant beyond belief to not see. But whatever. There’s nothing i can say to him. And really, i shouldn’t have said anything to begin with.

Because he won’t listen.

And that’s it. I’ll probably get some ignorant response, telling me how stupid i am or something. Who knows.

Anyway. Here’s a Penn ranting on about Obama and weed. Very valid point:

Day 30: Gilbert gottfried is a funny man

30 days! Time sure flies. I think i’ve said that a few times before, but 30 days.. I would like to th… Actually. Let’s not do that. At least not yet.
Although, i suppose i could say that i was thinking about that earlier. About getting some prize or something, and giving a speech. I would thank my family, and most of all, my mom. They’ve helped me a lot. Especially mom who keeps my earthbound. Like earlier today, i was feeling pretty stressed, and she told me that it was just stress. She reassured me, that is. I can’t even tell you how much that helps. To have her say that. And it’s not the first time either. Which, logically, proves her point even more. Something i’ve rationally been able to figure out a long time ago, but my brain keeps stressing up for some reason.

Anyhow. I was out walking in the awesome early summer weather today, when i saw two kids along a country road a few minutes from where i live. They were selling some juice or something. I would probably have bought something if i had money on me, but i had to tell them no. So that kind of sucked.
While out and about, i listened to the latest Penn’s sunday school. Gilbert gottfried was guesting again, and all i can really say is that it was fantastic and fun as hell. I laughed so much! I love the way Gilbert talks, and i love how he’s not afraid to say anything. Feels so liberating. I highly recommend anyone who loved a good laughter to check out Penn’s sunday school. Currently my favorite podcast. http://pennsundayschool.com

Earlier today, i went down the place i said i would. A place where i was hoping to get an internship. I finally got to talk with someone about it, and it turns out that they had a lot of people seeking to get internship there, and that they would maybe contact me after they had their month off of work. Apparently, June is their month off. I’m not keeping too much hope up for that position anymore, but who knows. I will continue looking tomorrow though. Make some calls.

Other than all that. Played some more golden sun. Two more dungeons left. Didn’t make as much progress as i thought i would. Awesome game as per usual. But i might skip two of the extra dungeons and special bosses to save time though. I want to finish the game before going over to sleep at my brother’s place tomorrow. So i have the afternoon to finish. Which shouldn’t be too hard. Even if i have an annoying dungeon left.. Followed by an awesome one.
Kind of sad to almost be done with the game though. I haven’t had this much fun playing it in ages. Mostly because i’ve had a bad habit to power through games as of late. It’s not about the destination, as they say, but rather, about the trip itself.

Lastly, i would just like to mention that i’ve been feeling some gender dysphoria today too. I really need to start talking more about that. I keep labling my entries with “transsexual”, and it is sort of a goal of this blog. But yea.

If you have an hour to spend, and like voice actor shinanigans, i recommend checking out this video:

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