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Day 84: Swedish rednecks

In today’s post:
Throwing away rants just to put them up again. Music gets a whole new face on windows. Lazy with flats.  Racist opportunists and Swedish rednecks. And vheart telling it like it is.

Penny-arcade sells out (Title of their kickstarter)

At the time of writing this, popular web-comic guys, Penny-arcade, has just started their kickstarter campaign.

I actually wrote a rather extensive post explaining the situation, but ended up not posting it, due to losing passion for it. Mainly because i realize that i’m torn on the subject.
There’s no doubt to anyone that they made a huge mistake going to kickstarter, for obvious reasons. They should have just hosted it on their site.

For those of you not in the know, read this article: http://www.cnet.com.au/penny-arcade-kickstarter-divides-the-internet-339340778.htm

They claim that the reason why they’re doing it is because  they think people are tired of ads. But the reason why they’re actually doing this is because they’ve noticed that advertisers are getting more and more stingy, and are trying alternative methods of earning money, rather than bending down to the advertisers demands on showing popups, slow loading flash ads, etc. I wish they could just be forward with that, rather than claiming that it’s for the people they’re doing it.

They’re attempting a model of what they, and many other like to call “crowd funding”. It’s a more fancy word for “begging” or “donation”. So basically — putting the kickstarter thing aside —  they’re going to run their site purely on donations. I mean, that’s what it is. I know people are trying to use fancy words to make it sound more noble or whatever, but in essence, this is what they’re doing.

I know i’ve basically ranted on them this whole time, but i actually support their choice. I think they did some bad decisions using Kickstarter, and i think they could have been more upfront with it, rather than insulting the intelligence of their audience. But they’re free to try it. I don’t think it’ll work, at all. I mean, there’s a reason why buissnesses aren’t run like donation funds. But if they want to experiment, then go right ahead.

Me? I would never donate a single penny to them, just so they can keep their business afloat, and i don’t think i need to explain why that would be absurd. They have two of the largest gaming meetups out there, and have a site that’s majorly successful, with plenty of content that they could easily monetize.
It’s one thing with child’s play (Which is a charity organization they own) and maybe medical bills in case one of them gets huge medical bills or something of the sort. But pay just to keep their business afloat. Yea..


Music program update 3

I decided not to do any programming on the music program today. Instead, i completed the first draft of the theme i’m making for the program.

It looks awesome, if i may so so myself.

Other themes that i’m going to make before doing the first release of the program, is a windows classic, windows 7, windows 8 and a girly pink theme.

So yes. No programming today, because for one, i’ve had two days of extensive programming already, and i spent a lot of the day writing something i never published.

Flat search

So i got lazy today too!! But really, maybe i should wait until monday.

Racist opportunists and Swedish rednecks

There was a festival yesterday night in my town. Some fairly popular Swedish artists came, and there was a huge gathering of people. Oh, and rape, lawlz!1one Yea.. It happened again. Second time in a row. Sigh..

And of course, since i live in a town with Swedish rednecks who only has three issues they shallowly care about (Piracy, immigrants and taxes), we had protests that we need to lower the immigration. I’m certain it was sparked by some racists who used the fact that 70% of all rapists in Sweden are Somalian, and the latest rape incidents.
What more can i say about this? The fact that they’re  (Allegedly) demonstrating that we should kick out all immigrants just because the rapists, in this case (I think three are confirmed, but the second incident, we have little info on right now), happened to be people of a different origin, makes me fucking sick to my stomach. And that’s all i’ll say about this. There’s so much  more i could say, but i think it speaks for itself. Fuck this town and the horse they rode in on.


Other than that. Not too much. Fell asleep rather late last night. But no matter. Then i watched some youtube videos, and read some wikipedia articles about apes and what not.

Summer is already almost over, i’ve noticed. My little brother only has 5 more weeks of summer break, and we’re already getting cold nights. Maybe just a phase though. I’m sure we’ll get plenty more hot days, but all in all, it’s well over half over now.


Sunday.. So nothing, basically.

Today’s image/video

vheart, a really cool person on youtube, who talks about math and science, made this really good video about creating content on the internet, yesterday:


Day 83: Child sex slaves and stampedes

In today’s post:
Child sex slaves & stampedes. Programming woes, over! Blog redesign

Making a music player pt2

I might stop making parts on this sub-section later. Because i’ll probably write quite a bit about it.

Anyway! I’ve finally fixed my PNG woes. I ended up using something based on directX (Which isn’t too bad) which is usually reserved for videogames, called “Allegro”. It’s slim enough, works well enough and it can handle everything i want it to handle.

I’ve written some essentials outside of the program. Such as, feature list/todo, version info and general info about the program. I quote:

Widget player is a music player designed to be open, easy to use, good looking, modable and powerful right out of the box.
It was inspired by the iOS double tap homescreen menu.
I created this player because the only music player that came close to what i needed was winamp. Even then, if i had made it a skin instead, i would not only lose out on the functionality i want, but more importantly, the open-ness. I think that being able to mod a program however you want is important, and although i might not be able to achieve that for everyone, i hope to at least make it so that the majority are satisfied.

It was made using the gcc/mingw compiler, and allegro (Which is usually used for games), and is powered by curl, IE-frame (Which could be changed later for gecko), fmod, ffmpeg and much more.

Widget player is free to use, and always will be. Aside for maybe an ad in the installer (If it comes to that) and donation, no money is involved.

Which gets me to the final part. If you liked this application to any extent, please consider a donation. Thank you.
If you have any suggestions, questions, praize or hate you want to send my way, i’m contactable through this email: littlejojoisme@gmail.com

I would like to thank you for using Widget player, and i hope you like it.

It’s really fun to make this. Tomorrow, i think i will do the rest of the theme and get the animations for the different buttons and stuff working. I was thinking of borrowing from the windows 7 start orb school of animating.

Child sex slaves and stampedes

I would have made a separate post if i wanted to go in depth on this, so i won’t. But i will tell about what happened.

A vegan i follow on twitter tweeted today where he equated child sex slaves with horses dying in stampedes. Before i go on to point out what i said, or at least wanted to have said; i wanted to point out that i know for a fact that i could have put my argument better, and that i probably misspoke more than once. You can check my twitter if you want to see the whole conversation and judge for yourself. I got a little too carried away at times, and fealt that i didn’t get my point across. That being said. Here’s my interpretation (Could be wrong): I told him that the two are too different to be compared, and he told me that they’re “in principle”, the same, because they’re both unnecessary exploitation of animals.
The argument went on, and i eventually told him that it’s basically the same as me equating a toe ache with the pure hurt that someone who just lost his or her leg must feel. I made an example similar to that before making that one, to which he responded that  i was being absurd, “ad-absurdum”. Yes! It is! Of course it’s absurd! What you said is absurd too…

All in all, all i can do is to hope that i got my message across. I mean, i know him as a vegan looks at animals and humans very differently than i do. I hope to one day understand exactly that sort of thinking. Until then, i need to try to keep an open mind about it. Maybe i’m failing at that though, i wouldn’t know.
It is kind of funny that i get accused of not being empathetic and for trivializing suffering, when he just made that statement though.

Blog redesign

If it didn’t cost, i would make the design myself. But i think i found one i’m pretty happy with now.  I for one like it.. Yea.. What else.. I guess that’s it.


A full sunny day for one. Not a single rain drop. If we have it like that tomorrow, i might go down to the fields again. Which should be nice. Oh, and i got so caught up with the programming that i never looked for a flat. But i will do that tomorrow.
I played some Mario 3d land again today, and i’m really starting to get into it, i think. It’s really fun and quite different from any other mario game out there. I recommend checking it  out.


More programming, probably, and look for some flats. Good times!

Today’s image/video

Numberphile (A great youtube channel), made a fun song involving numbers today:

It’s not too bad actually. I quite enjoyed it.

Day 56: To travel the amazing world of ours

I’ve had three nights in a row where i’ve gone to bed fairly late now, and has gotten a little stressed because of it. Nothing too major, but still. Something i’m happy to report though, is that it hasn’t stopped me from having fun this saturday. My brother and i spent quite a bit of time just having fun at his place. There was supposed to be more people there, but no one else came. Probably busy with other stuff. But yea. We talked about a few things. Religion, games, people being idiots. And we watched some videos with James Randi and Ricky Gervais (And more).

One thing in particular was about traveling. I have for a long time now, thought about visiting places on earth. I’ve always been a traveler at heart, and being pinned down in this one horse town for so long, has been a real pain. I want to see the world. Explore everything it has to offer. Climb mountains, trek coastlines, traverse forest pathes; go by boat, plane, car, bus, train; visit japan, australia, USA, the rest of europe.. Enrich my life with many experiences and just have fun doing it. You know.. Maybe my future self will look back at this and think “It got better”. That’s how i want to do it though.

Kangaroo island, australia. Seems like it would be a pretty nice place to visit.

Speaking of that. I’ve been thinking about writing a letter to my middle age self. You know, some 40-50 year old self. Just to tell myself some things. I thought it would be a fun idea. So that’s something i’ll do.

Damn.. There’s so much more i would want to say. I downloaded a torrent of Roller coaster tycoon earlier today. Will totally play it tomorrow (And i have to buy the game as soon as i get a job). I remember loving the game, and since i’m on a micro/sim game rush right now, with many of Kairopark’s great games, i felt it was just appropriate. And i’m sure it’s still really good.

But anyway.. Been talking about stupid people quite a bit today with my brother today. It’s a scary time we live in, when someone like Romney can become president in the US, and someone like Mona Salin can come back with no one faulting her for… Well… being a lunatic, to put it mildly. And not to mention North Korea, most of Africa, a lot of south and central america.. etc.. I could go on.
I’ve been thinking about taking a short pause from reading news actually. When you’re completely powerless to do anything, and when you’re more of an observer type in terms of groups.. it just gets depressing. But oh well. It’s a frightening, wonderful, beautiful, weird, horrible and amazing world we live in.

Tomorrow, i will be playing some roller coaster tycoon, and maybe spend some time with my little brother, playing some boarderlands. So probably mostly gaming, but we’ll see where the day takes me.

Heard this great song earlier too:

Dad listened to it earlier, so we looked up the lyrics and found the song. Fantastic! Gotta love the future.

Day 38: It’s the future

I realized earlier today that we’re living in the future. I have a device running android. It’s about 2 years old, and was low-end even back then (Xperia mini e model).. And yet, i can use it as a PHP-enabled server, a mobile hotspot, a phone, a browser, etc.. I just find it amazing, what you can do today.

I’ll be the first to admit that i haven’t really done much productive today. I did call one of the places i set out to call (Which i guess is always something), and got told to call later. Well, i’ll just call that place tomorrow instead. Then i drew some crude sketches on the pic i’m making. One of two pics i’ll have to get done before sunday. Which is when i delete my deviantart account.

Other than that, i guess i haven’t done much. I realized that i need to get a wisdom tooth removed. It just broke.. This happened quite a few months ago now, but it just started bothering me yesterday night, when i just couldn’t sleep due to the right side of my face aching, and it just feeling very uncomfortable. It must be because i’ve laughed so much lately. Hurts a lot then. So i need it pulled out. Good thing it’s a wisdom tooth.

Three more days until i get to see the doctor. It’ll be exciting to see what he has to say. I’ve gotten a lot more comfortable to be around people now too. I can easily sit down with the others anywhere now. Feels great. But even though things are feeling great overall, there’s also a lot of shit. Disregarding my transsexual issues, i also have the issue of my left leg and my lower back, the issue of my tooth (And perhaps some more teeth around that one too), and my bed needing to be replaced or fixed (Right now, it’s really making things worse for my back), and a few more issues.. But i feel good mentally by just knowing that i’ve done a lot of big steps towards making my life better. And i encourage everyone to do so.

Needless to say, i had a pretty bad night of waking up around 2am and 4am.. Got to sleep for the most part, but still. Best thing is that i don’t feel stressed about it. But i guess i shouldn’t speak too soon, huh? o.o!!!
Again.. I’m being very disjointed with my post here. But i told myself in the beginning that it would be basically train of thought, and little editing. So what can you do.

I’m chugging along, like always. Tomorrow will be a fairly similar day to today, i think. Unless i go visit my brother or something. OH yes!! I need to get into Mario and Luigi. I told myself to do it today, but time ran out. Haha! Then i need to tell my little brother to look at my big PC.

A great ELO song i heard, and just wanted to listen a little to:

Day 34: Apples and grapes

Got home from my brother’s place a few hours ago. All i can say is that it was a blast to stay there. Will totally do it again, sometime soon. We ended it off by drinking some alcohol while listening to some songs, watching youtube videos, talked about religion & stuff and listening to the much needed rain (Summer has come). Was pretty damn chill!


Not much else to say about that. I mean, i wrote about 3 posts on my time there. So yea.. When i got home, i talked a little with mom, and played some Modern warfare 3 (I think) for the first time, with my brother. We played 1v1 against each other. I did pretty well, but in the end, he won.

Currently eating some snacks and watching some videos. Gonna relax a little before going to bed.

It went well at the employment office by the way. I got a new contact person, so it was basically just a check up for him. That also means i will have to go back down there in a week or two though. Oh well.  He seemed like a nice guy.

I ended up giving up on that argument with that religious nut too. The phrase “self-proclaimed Christian” just annoyed me too much. Especially when he can’t even realize his own biases there. calling someone that because they don’t look at the bible the same way you do, is just arrogant and very delusional in the end. I just snapped there, basically.

But yea! I feel great. Tomorrow, i might spend some time playing mario and luigi, and then i donno what to do. Maybe take the bike for a long ride somewhere. I love how green everything’s become now that it’s summer outside.

A few things that me and my brother watched was JonTron and PeanutButterGamer. I highly recommend checking them out.

We also watched a documentary done by Vice (Of course), which was about the scariest drug on earth. Found it on Documentary heaven http://documentaryheaven.com

Then lastly, here’s a great reggae song:

So a lot of good stuff! Check it out!

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