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Epic music. Bravely Default and many more.

Two days ago, i was recommended a soundtrack from a friend (Jocelyn. I’ve mentioned her a few times before). We were talking about epic songs and how we both love rock music. Fast forward a day later: I’m told that my appointment was canceled, and i’m bummed.. Majorly so. But in the second half of yesterday, i gave the Bravely default soundtrack a proper listen, and it helped me immensely to get over my depression (That, and talking to Jocelyn about it).

Fast forward to now. I’ve listened to one of the best song’s i’ve heard in a veeeery long time, about 30 times now. And i’m telling you. It took me 20 listens to get over the goosebumps i kept getting. That’s how good it is! I mean, i’ve listened to songs on repeat a lot in the past, but never have i really had something like this for one song. Sure, for the whole album of Dream theater’s Metropolis part 2, i had goosebumps after many repeat listens. But never for any one song.

So here i am right now, just raring to share a bunch of epic songs. So why don’t i start with the song that i keep mentioning?

I refuse to think that the creators of the Bravely Default soundtrack aren’t fans of Dream theater. At the very least, they must have been an inspiration on some level (And considering that DT is big in Japan, it wouldn’t be too hard to believe). This song illustrates that DT inspiration more than any other:

I’m guessing this next one is a 2nd to final boss. Or final boss, first form:

And that’s more like an orchestra:

And there are plenty other fantastic songs in that sountrack. I strongly recommend you check it out if you’re a fan of videogame music and rock.

So here are a few more epic songs, just to collect them:

Just about any old school nightwish song, really.

A sample from Octavarium, sporting a pretty funny, almost DCMC-esque animation:

Anyhow. I’d be here all day. But these are some of my favorites. Anyone reading this has any good epic songs they’d like to share?


Day 173: Evolutionchild likes Poets of the fall!!

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Life progress. Fun with languages, something you might not have known. Poets of the fall rocks!!


Went down to the employment offices, and i’m now instituted (I think that’s the right word to use) into it. Going to call the social services (Don’t know the English equivalent) tomorrow and hear what they might say. That’s all i can really say about it. Let’s hope for the best.

Looked up lexial similarities today. It’s a measurement you use to see how alike two languages are. Norway and Sweden has a 95% similarity and Amerian and british are 99%! So i think that should tell you just how similar Norwegian and Swedish are. 85% being that of a dialect. So that was pretty fun.

I gave a friend on twitter a link to a great song i love (Which will be in the feature) to see if she would like that one. Since she had dissed the great rap songs i sent her last time, i felt that i should try to find some music she likes. Turns out that the first song i sent her, she loved. So much so, that she wanted to find out more of their songs. I’ll list some of my favorite ones at the end of this post.

So yes! I’m feeling a bit better, after having stayed here for a while now. So that’s good.


I will be heading home tomorrow, and call the social services.. or whatever they’re called.

Just for fun, if i can remember, i should write a script for youtube which will make it easier to get embed code for videos on youtube.


Day 132: WordPress problems

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WordPress issues persist. Craving videogames. Idea for a picture. New Borderlands 2 trailer

WordPress issues

This is the second day in a row now, where i’ve been forced to use the “quick post” on the wordpress dashborad when making new posts. I don’t know why, but the regular tab view just isn’t showing anything, and the big text editor doesn’t work unless it’s editing something. I hope they’ll fix this soon, cause it’s kind of annoying, and i can’t see the stats of my blog anymore.


Tried some skyrim mods, and tried to get into that game again. But i feel that it’s going to take a few years before i can get into it again. I mean, i did get in 130+ hours on it, so it’s understandable that i’ve grown tired of it. But yea..

Been craving borderlands too. My brother hasn’t been able to play any today due to early work hours. But we’re gonna play tomorrow. So that’ll be fun!
Speaking of borderlands! I saw a great trailer for borderlands 2 today! I can’t wait! They seem to have addressed all the issues with the original.

I remember having some weird dream where i stayed at a stranger’s house.. sadly, most of it escapes me, but i remember that it was very strange, and it might have involved kissing a girl.

I’ve been thinking a lot about making a picture.. It’s not just any picture, but one that will hopefully span a year or so. I want a collection of everyone i like, in one way or another. Be it a musician, a scientist, an artist, etc. I was thinking of incorprating some signature characters and objects of those characters too. Like with Nick Drake, i’ll add five leaves blowing to the left (Five leaves left) as a metaphor, and “Hazy Jane” sitting on a fence next to him, to symbolize some of his best songs. Or with Lars Winnerbäck, i was thinking of having “Ms difficult” and “queen of hearts” next to him. Etc..
It seems like a fun idea, and if i can just figure out what style i’ll use. we’ll see.


No plans!

Today’s Image/Video

The borderlands 2 trailer i saw:

Day 105: Psychiatrist scheduling

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Psychiatrist scheduling — So it begins. Koko is coco. The most powerful music app in the world!! Salt’s effect on water.

Scheduling. Mainly for a psychiatrist

A lot of scheduling going on in my life now. It’s funny, because just a few days ago, everything felt hopeless, and i had nothing to really do. So here’s what’s gonna happen. 18th of August, i have an appointment with my doctor again, about the swollen leg. Then school starts around 3 weeks from now (27th, i think). Then later on, in a few months, i’ll be going to the dentist, i’ll get my own place to live (Hopefully), and basically just get a life. It’s a long rope to get to the end to, but it’s worth it. It’ll be arduous and tear inducing. But totally worth it.

Brief on Koko

Saw a video with Koko today. I’ve always been skeptical about that gorilla, when it comes to the claims that she can understand language (That is, understanding grammar, the logic of it, etc). I don’t think she does actually. Now, she’s still very interesting, but odds are stacked against the alleged owners of her. Mostly because they refuse to study her, and actually bring out scientific reports. We’re only getting anecdotal  allegories. All the while, refusing to bring up the arguments against them.

More info on the arguments can be found here: http://forums.randi.org/showthread.php?t=65071

Music app progress

I did it.. I succeeded in being able to use custom scripts and styles on any webpage on the web. Which means that, you could re-skin youtube to fit the music player to your liking, and make it work whichever way you want. You could do that with grooveshark too. Which is what i’ll do for the first skin, by the way. I’ll have a grooveshark, youtube and local player all in one. Can’t wait to show what i have in mind for the UI.

I also enabled some flags which should give me full paths to local files when dragging and dropping. Which is fantastic!
You know.. I think it’ll be one of the most powerful music players out there, due to its openness. However, if no one ends up liking it but me, then that’s fine as well. I made it mostly for myself, because i got so tired at all the samey shit in terms of music apps, out there. I’d say the program is about 2/3s done.. Although, i might be underestimating it. At the very least, over 1/2 way done.

It was amazing doing the programming on it today though, and tomorrow, i will do the final touches on the website skinning thingie i made, so i can start making the skins proper, and have something to show.
Not to self though (And this won’t make sense to anyone else): The website skinning is currently in the zoom function, and needs replacing.


Other than that, i’ve been feeling a little restless for some reason. Maybe it’s just because  i’m kind of tired. But yea, i’ve mostly been programming, so i don’t have much to really tell.


Sunday.. Boring Sunday. Will probably do some programming.

Today’s Image/Video

While salt and water is pro thirst:

Day 101: Brevity is the soul of wit

In today’s post:
Blabbermouth. Mayor news on the music program. I think i’m witty, can you believe it? And a raping parrot.


I ended doing a lot of programming today. Finally done with most of the rough parts of the music program. Turned out looking much better than i thought. I didn’t make a video of how the window animates yet. I might do it once the UI is done, which is what’s next! Hell yes!

Been very social this whole night (didn’t get much of a shut eye, to put it lightly) and the whole day. So it’s been fun. Even though my body is kind of tired, and i’m probably not making much sense anywhere, i’ve still had a good time.

We had a very sudden thunderstorm today too. Took a video of it. Probably won’t show it anytime soon though! Just for later, i guess.

But yea.. This post is fairly disjointed, which is indicative of a non-sense post. Haha!

Had so much fun with people on twitter though.. I love just saying whatever pops into my head, and making witty jokes about things. Mostly rooted in sarcasm, but i think they end up being very witty. You know.. Maybe i am naturally witty. From what i read about what wit really is, i feel that i may just be fairly witty, when i don’t restrict myself too much. But i don’t know. I couldn’t possibly be the judge of that.


Didn’t end up taking out the motherboard today, because mom forgot to bring the tools from my brother’s place. Oh well. I can always do that tomorrow.

Hopefully, i’ll get an answer from the school tomorrow. Also, i should apply for a new flat too. Got a no in the mail once again today. Which is still expected, of course. Not frowning about that.

Today’s Image/Video

It speaks for itself:

Day 87: Ignorance is bliss!

In today’s post:
A slow day. Making money drawing mojang avatars? And bowser’s own musical.


A slow day, as per usual. I can’t really say i’m in the best mood to write something at the moment. No reason, really. I just don’t have much to say, nor did much happen today. I woke up fairly late (Around 2pm), listened to podcasts for the whole day, and watched my little brother and mom play some Mario kart on his wii. I would have gone down to the work agency or whatever the English name is for it. But by the time i thought of it, it was already too late.

A fairly good day. No news on flats yet. Not that i’m expecting to get much of an answer in quite a few months. But still.

Oh, yea! I guess it’s worth noting that i’ve gotten quite a bit of interest in the mojang avatar that i made.

One person even wants to pay me for making one for him. Sure, i’m fine with that. But i have to get an ok from the person who makes those avatars first. And i think i’ll charge about 50 SEK (Around 7 dollars) for one. That’s a price i feel good with. Enough for me to feel motivated enough to make one, and for me to feel that it’s worth the effort and time. And also enough to get people to pay. It’s the smallest i will go.


Gonna go down to the work agency, and maybe browse some stores while i’m down in the town.

Today’s Image/Video

A song that i go back to a little now and then. It’s nothing spectacular, i guess. But there’s something about it that just appeals to me.

Day 85: Good old Jenna

In today’s post:
Music halt, amazingatheist and vanilla flavored words.


Not much has happened today. Was raining for the most part. Has been pretty cold for a few days too.
Been watching a lot of Amazingatheist as of late. I think he’s a good combination between funny and interesting. But yea. Training is going fairly well. Should probably get less lazy on the situps, but other than that.

For the most part though, i’ve been programming.

Music program update

Less than a minute ago, i fixed an issue that i had been sitting with the whole day. The issue is that it wouldn’t update any animations if the window wasn’t in focus. Turned out to be an allegro thing, where i had to tell it to be able to do so.. I should have gone through the function index on allegro before mixing around with peek and get message. But hey! It’s done now.

Tomorrow, i’ll be implementing timers and making the animations. Sadly, i have nothing to show at the moment. But there’s the update!


I will start looking for an apartment! Fuck yes!! Then i’ll be listening to Penn’s sundayschool. Love that podcast.

And… i think that’s all i wanted to say. A fairly vanilla day.

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