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Pretending to live in normalcy

I’ve taken a bit of a break from the podcast app i’m making (Which i might have a name for now) to catch up on podcasts, play some games and stuff. Played a bit of minecraft on the official unofficial StephenPlays server. Don’t know what that means? Check out the video:

So if you want to play some minecraft with me, you can jump in!

The other game i’m playing, and the thing that sparked this blog post,  is Pokémon. I’ve played it for about 2 hours or so, and am already loving it. Being able to customize your character’s looks is huge to me, and i’ll tell you why.
Back when i was younger, i used to escape into the world of pokémon. Everyone needs a break from the monotony of life sometimes, but for me, there was more to it. The version i played the most was Pokémon crystal, which was the first game to let you play as a female character. Back then, it was just what i needed to fulfill the urges of being a woman.

Now, playing generation 6, i can say that it feels good to live in normalcy once again. That’s the feeling i get. And it was just what i needed. As of this blog post, i’m still living in a complicated limbo between going full time and staying in “guy mode”. So many you can understand that even small things such as an RPG can mean so much to a trans woman.


April 1st recap

I’ve come to really enjoy april 1st. All thanks to the internet, really. Back in the day, you were forced to suffer through tasteless pranks, but now, you get pretty funny jokes instead:

Google nose ― http://www.google.com/intl/en/landing/nose/

Minecraft 2.0 ― http://mojang.com/2013/04/its-finally-coming-minecraft-2-0/

DeviantHEART ― http://www.deviantart.com/deviantheart/?utm_source=deviantart&utm_medium=header&utm_campaign=040113_MKT_deviantHEART



Youtube shutting down ―  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H542nLTTbu0

More coming..?

Day 145: Gray outfit

In today’s post:
Gray outfit. New picture. Minecraft parody.


Went and got a bunch of new clothes today. It’s mostly gray. One new black scarf for the winter, one cute gray skirt with a gray and black tartan pattern (Might be a little too school girlish) A gray blazer with a nice line pattern, very much like tartan. A nice new black top and gray tights.

So a lot of gray. Here’s a new pic i took by the way:

Played a little borderlands, but spent most of the day outdoors doing little of anything. It’s been a fairly slow day.

Trying to think what else i’ve done. But that’s really it. Glad i managed to get a pic i liked though, and the new outfit is great! So i can’t say i feel too bad today.


I’ll be going home again. Last day at my brother’s place today. It’s been pretty good actually. In less than a week, i’ll be going back to the expert again, and hopefully get some news on my transgender issues and the anxiety pills. So we’ll see how that works. Can’t wait though!!!

Today’s Image/Video

Day 109: Awesomerants

In today’s post:
Awesomerants rant. Minecraft. Blueberry season. Almost fall. Mario 64 speedrun


There is this user by the name of “awesomerants” on youtube, who make, you guessed it, rants… Well.. To be more specific, she makes informal videos meant to spark some conversation, along with pure rants.

The video i want to bring up is a rant. And there’s no issue with the video itself. I think she makes good points, and i agree that it’s very annoying when people just won’t listen…. Especially when they claim to like the videos.

I saw someone leave a comment on that video where he said that “making fun of people’s dick size might not be the best idea if you want to be constructive”. Only issue with this comment is that she never insulted anyone’s penis size.

So to put it briefly, i got into a smaller argument with this guy, telling him that maybe you’re not that big of a fan as you claim to be, since you clearly aren’t listening to her. It ended up with him telling me that i had nothing worthwhile to say, and me saying that i probably shouldn’t have gotten angry at him for not listening, but since it was on the subject of not listening and all that, it kind of just made me annoyed to see that even then, someone will flat out be ignorant about it.

But you know what’s the most annoying aspect of it? AwesomeRants puts in so much work and effort into what she’s saying. She’s very well spoken and articulate. So there’s no excuse.

The videos in question:

The one where people claim to have heard her insult dick sizes:

The video where she rants about people not listening:

And you know.. I tend to misinterprate and misunderstand quite a lot. I usually have to double check everything to be 99.99% sure i heard something right. So i know where he’s coming from, when i attack him for being so ignorant. But you have to be stronger than to not learn anything from it. I mean, what’s wrong with admitting that you were wrong? Well, i can think of a lot of reasons why people have issues with that. Heck, i even have problems doing it sometimes.

But oh well. It is what it is. I just wanted to point it out because for one, it’s something that happened in my monotonous life, and second, it gives a little exposure to a very smart woman. I recommend checking her out.


I played some mincraft today. The 1.3.1 update. I managed to play for a little over an hour, and here’s what i noticed, in order: Large biomes are fucking huge. Villagers can live in their own houses. The hard difficulty is much harder. You get exp from mining and cooking now. Temples spawn in the overworld.. I died, gave up, won’t play until i can get some people to play with again.

I love minecraft, but ever since i played multiplayer, single player just hasn’t been the same. I’m gonna try to see if i can get my brother and some friends to make a new server with me. A legit server! That would be cool!


I finally got to pick blueberries today


I managed to get a little more than that before getting too tired to pick anymore. Enough to make a pie. So we’re making a raspberry and blueberry pie tomorrow. It’ll be awesome. I might even go back up to pick some more blue berries too. Because there were a lot of them.

Other than that, i haven’t done much. Chatted with some people in real life and on the web. Had a fairly good day. Decided not to do anything on my music program too. So no progress there.


Might pick some more blue berries. Very therapeutic. I love how the wind of the fall has started to blow too.. We’re getting closer to my favorite time of the year. Oh yea, and i HAVE to remember to remove the motherboard from my computer so that i can send it in for repairs.

Today’s Image/Video

I watched a speed run of Mario 64 earlier. It’s a 100% speed run. I recommend it if you’re very bored, and want something to just be awed at.

Day 100: Random pictures say more than words

In today’s post:
100 days of writing. And some random goodies for my followers.

Words about the 100 days past

Finally! 100 posts! I’m about 30 away from beating my old record. You see, i had a blog i started at the very beginning of 2010, called “Jojosbloggingyear”, on blogger once. I gave up on it for some reason. Maybe it’s because i gave critique on iJustine, and got such a backlash. Or maybe i realized that keeping a daily blog update was pointless if it was going to be about other things.. I don’t know. For some reason, i quit it.

On a side-note, i remember that the 100th post on jojosbloggingyear was a tribute to Nintendocaprisun, a fellow i used to follow back in the day. Until i got disappointed at him. It’s a long story. Maybe some other time.

But here i am, 100 days later. It’s been a little less than 1/3s of a year already. A lot has changed since i started it. I began as a distraught transsexual, who had to take her mind off of things, by writing. And that’s pretty much me, still. But i have made progress, because i’m now a student, i’ve got myself some new clothes, and i feel generally better.

Hopes for the next 100

I hope that i’m seeing a psychologist about my angst and transsexuality. I hope to be doing somewhat good in school, and maybe even made new friends. I hope to have my own flat.

These are my hopes for the next 100.

Random goodies

I feel like randomly posting some stuff

Today was a decent day. Got my bra today! Fits perfectly! I’m a size B as of right now, but probably will get slightly bigger as soon as i get my hormones. It’s been too warm today for my taste. I listened to some Penn’s sunday school, which had the voice actor of Fry from futurama as a guest. Very funny man! I may even listen to it again when i’m done. About 30 mins left on it.

While out walking, i took some pics and a video of the beautiful field i walked alongside:

I love how the wheat looks like the ocean waves. Very beautiful.

Anyway. Here are some random pictures that i really like:

But yea.. I guess that’s that. Random pics because.. Well.. I’m random myself! Hehe.

Thank you, the reader

Anyway. I would like to thank everyone who actually reads the mess i’ve created.  It’s always nice seeing the number of views increase  on a regular basis. I hope to keep blogging for quite some time, going forward. I mean, at the very least for more than a year. I said before that i might start blogging in a non-regular basis if my life ever gets to that point, where i don’t feel the need to do so anymore. But right now, i’m content with updating daily.

I hope everyone will stick around, because my transition is just starting, and it’s gonna get a whole lot girlier from this point on.


Going to send in the motherboard on my big PC for repair, and probably just be lazy, because tomorrow might be a warm-ass day

Today’s Image/Video

Saw a great visual mod for minecraft earlier:

Day 99: Hot summer day, hot skirt!

In today’s post:
Humor hatin’. Heat wave. Got my skirt! Louis CK. And The Stanley Parable


Quite a few things has happened today. Nothing major, just some things i want to point out.

I made a bitchy comment on something opinion-based today. I hardly ever do, but this time, it was something so atrocious that i just had to say something. I couldn’t contain myself. And i thought that i would be left alone, and no one would reply. But someone did. He tweeted with some smarmy comment on how i can’t just accept that everyone has different types of humor. Well, i can. But i didn’t this time. And i own up to that. I’m only human!
Oh, and the video was a short minecraft video (30 seconds or so), where all it was was a guy clipping to random places in some minecraft world, screaming. Just screaming. You know, what you do with babies to make them laugh. You make some random loud noise, and hope it sticks.
I guess what triggered my bitchy response was the fact that i see it get to that. I would not be surprised if something like that became something mainstream. Where people just make some noises. Where words are no longer necessary to make money. Where people will find it a legitimate brand of humor. It wouldn’t surprise me.

Speaking of someone making a video about being pissed at bad humor:

Music program

Stumbled upon an issue i’m not sure how to fix. I have no idea how i’m going to do drag and drop. There are plenty of ways i could try.. But i just don’t feel like spending so much time on something so small. But oh well… Progress is slow, but it’s going forward. Maybe i’ll do the HTML/JS/CSS part tomorrow. Should be fun! That’s the easy and substantial part of it.


Anyway. I’ve been watching some Louis CK  today. He’s pretty good. Hadn’t really watched him before. It’s been a warm day, so it’s all i’ve been able to do. Really don’t like this hot weather. But oh well.

Got the skirt i bid on earlier too. It’s really nice! Perfect for hot days, that’s for sure. It’s all frilly and stuff. Love it! Oh, and it’s green too :3

And that’s it, i suppose. Warm days just take all the energy out of me.

Today’s Image/Video

A very funny little short game. The Stanley Parable:

Day 87: Ignorance is bliss!

In today’s post:
A slow day. Making money drawing mojang avatars? And bowser’s own musical.


A slow day, as per usual. I can’t really say i’m in the best mood to write something at the moment. No reason, really. I just don’t have much to say, nor did much happen today. I woke up fairly late (Around 2pm), listened to podcasts for the whole day, and watched my little brother and mom play some Mario kart on his wii. I would have gone down to the work agency or whatever the English name is for it. But by the time i thought of it, it was already too late.

A fairly good day. No news on flats yet. Not that i’m expecting to get much of an answer in quite a few months. But still.

Oh, yea! I guess it’s worth noting that i’ve gotten quite a bit of interest in the mojang avatar that i made.

One person even wants to pay me for making one for him. Sure, i’m fine with that. But i have to get an ok from the person who makes those avatars first. And i think i’ll charge about 50 SEK (Around 7 dollars) for one. That’s a price i feel good with. Enough for me to feel motivated enough to make one, and for me to feel that it’s worth the effort and time. And also enough to get people to pay. It’s the smallest i will go.


Gonna go down to the work agency, and maybe browse some stores while i’m down in the town.

Today’s Image/Video

A song that i go back to a little now and then. It’s nothing spectacular, i guess. But there’s something about it that just appeals to me.

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