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Day 87: Ignorance is bliss!

In today’s post:
A slow day. Making money drawing mojang avatars? And bowser’s own musical.


A slow day, as per usual. I can’t really say i’m in the best mood to write something at the moment. No reason, really. I just don’t have much to say, nor did much happen today. I woke up fairly late (Around 2pm), listened to podcasts for the whole day, and watched my little brother and mom play some Mario kart on his wii. I would have gone down to the work agency or whatever the English name is for it. But by the time i thought of it, it was already too late.

A fairly good day. No news on flats yet. Not that i’m expecting to get much of an answer in quite a few months. But still.

Oh, yea! I guess it’s worth noting that i’ve gotten quite a bit of interest in the mojang avatar that i made.

One person even wants to pay me for making one for him. Sure, i’m fine with that. But i have to get an ok from the person who makes those avatars first. And i think i’ll charge about 50 SEK (Around 7 dollars) for one. That’s a price i feel good with. Enough for me to feel motivated enough to make one, and for me to feel that it’s worth the effort and time. And also enough to get people to pay. It’s the smallest i will go.


Gonna go down to the work agency, and maybe browse some stores while i’m down in the town.

Today’s Image/Video

A song that i go back to a little now and then. It’s nothing spectacular, i guess. But there’s something about it that just appeals to me.


Day 70: Emily Jillette is not like a creationist

I was crying in the middle of the day. Quite a bit too. I saw some images of my sister, with her friends. She was all dressed up, she has a boyfriend.. Everything seems to be going so well in her life.
So what did i do? I cried, because it dawned upon me that, perhaps i don’t have a life. I mean, when i do hang out with people, it’s my brother and his friends. I know that it’s up to me to make bonds with friends, and that i can’t really complain. But i guess it was a bit of an epiphany. Decided to remove my sister from my friends list on facebook though! I figured that, maybe it’s best if i keep away from things that make me feel bad. Like people talking about illnesses and stuff. I just don’t want that. My body doesn’t need it, my brain doesn’t need it (You know.. I have some issues with don’t and doesn’t in this case).
All in all, maybe deleting her will stir up some discussion later on. I mean, i’m clearly too much of a coward to engage my transsexuality in public anymore. Just because no one’s really encouraging me to be myself. I feel that i want to be, but as soon as i live here at home, that’s not going to happen.

So yea, i’m pretty depressed. I’d call it gender dysphoria and sadness combined with some other things… But you know.. Labels i probably don’t understand to begin with.
Had some issues sleeping last night too. Which kind of sucks, but i tried to keep my hopes up about it. I have an idea to do exercises that focuses on releasing stress. You know, just wiggle around and get warmed up. I know about some good exercises i learned once from a friend. Re-oxidase the muscles, and get relaxation from that. I think that could be a way out. We’ll see.

Had an argument about freedom with Emily Jillette.. This time, an actual argument, spanning a few hours. All on twitter, which kind of sucks. Hard to really get your point across there. I feel that i should be less open about what i’ve learned from it, and that there’s some nativity on my part (After all, i do know that i have a tendency to always want to be on someone’s good side). But i learned that i should think even more about not making it heated. I hate heating arguments up. It just gets confusing, and it’s not productive in the slightest. Then i learned that i should probably respect countries more, and think less globally. Because i did learn much earlier that you should respect people’s decissions to run the country the way they want.. I mean.. Who am i to tell someone that your way is wrong. Even if i can compare with the way my country is being run, and get good points out of that.. I still think that you should consider the country’s way of doing things. The people over there..

That being said, i remain unconvinced that her point of view is something to strive for. I mean, i get her point, that she wants freedom.. But i think you’re a bit too extreme. I mean.. Where do you draw the line, and how should it all work, when you don’t have a government? The government shouldn’t be allowed to do anything that is against your freedom, etc.. I guess you can’t expect someone to write down how it all should work on twitter though. But i think she summed it up best yesterday when she basically said that she doesn’t need a plan.. How can she expect anyone to jump on board the “no-government enforcement train”, when you have no idea where the rail even is.
But you know.. All in all, at least she can admit that maybe she’s wrong. Which i find to be very admirable. It’s a lot more than what you can say about creationists, who will say that just as a formality at best, and simply claim to be right about everything, at worst.
She may be a little too stuck up in her own view.. Although, i have to admit that i could be wrong on that. After all, i suppose you shouldn’t confuse passion with lunatic. Even if they go hand in hand a lot of the time.

Sunday tomorrow. I hate sundays! Keep in mind, that i don’t listen to Penn’s sunday school on sundays, but rather, on mondays when the recording’s up. So there’s very little to do on sundays. I want my 3DS and games, i want to know if i will get into the school i applied to, and i want some hope.. I want things to do.. It’s coming. Life will not always be this way.

Seems that i went over the 800 mark on this one. Had a lot to say. Not sure if it’ll offend someone. Probably will. People get offended at everything these days. Not that i mind. I’m not like one of those douches who will put “trigger warning” next to the title. Because.. Really.. You might as well do that on everything then!!
One last thing.. I saw that wordpress has a section where it shows popular tags. Might as well use that to see if any of them fit into what i have talked about here: http://en.wordpress.com/#!/read/topics/ Since

Couldn’t really think of a video to link this time. So here’s a response from Mario to PETA.

Day 69: Mario and Machinarium

Today’s mostly been about talking and moving my stuff back to my place. So yes! I am back from my brother’s place! It was great staying there, and i might even go back as early as next monday. We’ll have to see. Totally gonna bring my fan then though! I love having that thing on a hot summer day. Although, it is very rainy right now.

My own 3ds.. A pink 3ds.. You know, i love pink, but i just don’t own many pink stuff. I’m more of a fan of keeping it light on the pink. I love having it as a secondary color, but sometimes, a primary color.
The two games (Because Darrin was kind enough to include that too) that i got were: Mario kart 7 and super mario 3d land.

I’ve always been a fan of the mario kart series, and i consider when the series on a handheld, to be when it’s at its best. Mario kart super circuit for the GBA was amazing! It was so packed with content, and it was very addictive with getting better score on tracks. It’s also the only game in the series to make it possible to deploy blue and red shells as homing mines. It also had coins, just like the SNES game before it. Which would increase your score. So get coins and get a good time. Very fun!
Then there’s the DS one. Mario Kart DS, i consider the strongest in the series. It did everything right, in my opinion. Jam packed with content, very fun gameplay, crisp graphics, etc.. Then i also love the rest of the games.. However.. 7 is the only one i have yet to play. It will be awesome to finally get to play it! Once again, thank you so much, Darrin!! ^w^

My brother’s been playing a game called “Machinarium” as of late. It’s a quirky little point and click adventure game, where you’re on a post-apocalyptic world with only robots.. Sounds pretty serious, but it’s played very lightly. The robot you’re controlling is very cute, all the animations and the design of everything is really funny, cute and quirky. So i downloaded the OST for it. Cause the music is good, apparently.

And that’s about it, i guess. Feeling a bit tired right now. Think i will be able to get a good nights sleep tonight. Tomorrow, it’ll rain the whole day, it seems. Which is great! But if it’s just cloudy, or whatever, i think i will take a walk in the field. Hopefully, they haven’t been there and harvested whatever they have there, already. Cause i recon the ground will become less pleasant to walk on then.. As it becomes full of humus and shit, for a new round of.. things.. to grow. I might walk in another field if that is the case though. So many cool places you can walk here. One of the benefits of living in a rural area.
Sadly, i’m not going to get closer to my 3ds tomorrow, as it’s the weekend.. I hate that nothing’s moving on weekends. I guess i’ll talk about my ideal government tomorrow instead, as this post is already closing in on 600 words. I like to keep it around 400 to 600. Going beyond 1000 is too much, and around 250 is too little.

Not sure if i showed this one or not, but JonTron made a video about a very strange movie:

Day 48: Wreck-it Ralph, wordfeud and other things

Today’s been a fairly uneventful day. Had an epic match against mom on wordfeud. Playing the Swedish version. We were almost tied at the end, and went back and forth the whole match. So that was a lot of fun. Played a little Mario & luigi.. I mostly did some side stuff to get better equips and stuff, and then did a little more than 60% of jokes end. So not too much playing today. I guess i just want to savor the game. Don’t want it to end, so to speak

Five days of exercise. Already!! That is just crazy! Feels great doing them though. I’ll have more to report on as time goes on, obviously, so not too much to say until then. Hope that i’ll be able to say that my left leg is becoming normal size. Time will tell.
Played a little call of duty with my little brother. One thing we played was 2v2 on some map with a tower in the middle. Had a very exciting game where final kill mattered on both teams. So i guess i had a lot of exciting games today at least. Small excitements, but still!

I’m currently feeling a little beat, to be honest. No particular reason, really. Maybe i stood up a little too long when i watched my little brother play Amnesia: The dark descent. It had me stuck, that’s for sure. I would not be able to play it myself. I mean, i was scared and freaked out just watching.. Speakers.. During day.. Hah! I don’t know how people do it. Fantastic job the developers did though. Highly recommended if you want an actual survival horror game (Not those supposed ones where you’re a super soldier with lots of guns and a super armor.. Yea.. Damn, now i feel so vulnerable.. Dead space).

But yea.. Gonna go see my brother tomorrow. We were thinking of talking about stuff. He’s gonna bring some friends of his, and we’ll see where the evening goes, i suppose. Alcohol, videos and other nonsense! Hehe

Damn!! It seems that i haven’t linked this video yet!

It’s a trailer for a must-see movie for any videogamer, in my opinion. Wreck-it ralph. It speaks for itself!

Day 47: Jokes end

Four days of training. I already feel like my stomach muscles can handle more now. Same with the other muscles i’m training. But you know, i’ve only just started. So it can only get better.

I’ve been feeling a little shitty today. Been coughing quite a bit. Sucks! Last night, i had some issues sleeping too. Mostly because of coughing, and a little too much junk i ate before going to bed. But it should be easier this time. We’ll see.
Most of the day, i’ve been playing Mario & Luigi. Got a huge chunk of the game down today. I’m at “Jokes end” currently. It’s the place where all crude jokes come to die.. Playing with double dmg taken/given and exp if avoid dmg during battle equipment in the game. Makes it a lot more fun! I love having double damage and double exp. But yea.. I might even be able to finish the game tomorrow, come to think of it. Damn.. What should i play after it? I’ll find a game.

I feel like i’m in a stand still. I could get an answer from the school any day now. Could still take up to two months though. Somewhere between two months and tomorrow, basically. More than likely, sometime in july though. I can’t wait!! If i get a yes.. Well, let’s not hype it too much, in case i get a no.

One of my little brother is currently in England, Donington, for a rock festival. He’ll be away for about a week. My mom checked what weather they’re going to have, since they’re going to stay outside for most of the time, and it seems that they’ll have rain rain rain rain rain! Haha! Typical. He’ll probably come home with new viruses he’ll no doubt be happy to share with the rest of us.

Damn i hate coughing.  Can’t wait till i feel 100% on the illness front. Still have to sneeze and cough a lot, and i don’t feel 100% energetic either. But i’ll get there. Kind of sucks too, because tomorrow’s friday, and i like traveling long distances on fridays. I was thinking of taking the bike to a nearby large lake (I think it’s called Voxnan). So that’s a fun thing to do. Maybe not tomorrow, but probably next week. Maybe this weekend, i could do something with my brother. Or maybe my little brother. Kind of want to laugh a little. Sure, i do get some laughs from Mario & luigi (Because it’s such a funny game with so much humor), but sharing laughs is always more enjoyable in my book.

Speaking of “book”. I should take up some reading in the books i have here. The ones i borrowed from my big brother. Death by black hole and the little prince. Should be fun to read.

Here’s a really nice video and song by the ever so lovely melodysheep/Symphony of science. The guy on the video has the same composure and way of him, as Carl Sagan. Kind of looks a little like him too. I guess that’s just the look of humility, intelligence and wisdom.

Day 43: How i met your mother

I feel better today. I think most of my fever is gone. My stomach muscles are aching a lot due to all the coughing though. Still not feeling 100% there.. But give it a week, and i’ll be completely cured.

E3 started today. First, boring sunday with little happening. Saw a pic of Reggie, Iwata and Miyamoto shaking hands, so that’s always good. So long as those three will be on the Nintendo conference in.. I think, about 2 days or so(?), i’ll be fine. I’ll check tomorrow when they’ll have theirs. Hopefully, i can go down to my brother to watch it live, but if not.. Then oh well.

I watched my first two episodes of how i met your mother an hour ago, and i have to say.. Awesome! I have to look up, and watch all of them. I just loved it. Fun, very well written, and emotional. Gotta love it. So expect a bunch of talk about that.

Decided to talk a short walk earlier. I hadn’t been outside for about 2 days. So i had to stretch my legs, so to speak. Then i also played some Mario and luigi. Had a lot of fun, got to the “chucklehuck forest”. Where they make the “Chuckola”. Add some chucklehuck fruit, tell it some good quality jokes while brewing it, and when it’s done.. Enjoy. Yea.. I just love that place! So having a lot fun with it so far. I have to admit that the beginning is a bit slow in the game, although kind of funny as well. But that’s the case with all RPGs. The first hours always has to be some kind of hype, i’ve noticed.

Read a study made by some people from Cornell university, where they found out that people think they’re smarter than what they really are. Which i have noticed in my life as well.
They correlated it with why we only see mediocre politics in leading positions in democracies. So i found that pretty interesting. And it’s something i’ve suspected for a long time now.

And that’s about it. Tomorrow, i’m going to start with the exercise that doctor told me to do. So that’ll be fun too. I’ll do the three muscle specific ones, and take a brisk walk. Can’t wait to start that!! I also need to call companies about internship. Getting sick kind of screwed up my mojo with that. I also haven’t touched the pics i was supposed to do earlier. Haha! But i’ll get it done! For sure.
I’m up for a pretty fun week.

Probably the only good JibJab video. Sometimes, you find people who make one single great video:

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