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Borderlands 2 madness, trans update (Or lack thereof), and some life and blog updates.

Borderlands 2

Been playing borderlands 2 the last week or so, and i can finally say that i’ll be taking a break from that game. For my short review, i guess i could say that the game is far better than the first one, and exceeded the hype by a million or more. Seriously, the only critique i have is that it could be longer (Even though it’s still a long game, and longer than the first) and that the ending could wrap things up in a better way. But that’s about it. It’s fun from start to end, and i urge any FPS/RPG fan to play it. It’s the definitive title of that sub genre.


I played with my big brother the first playthrough, and we got so many laughs from the dialog (Handsome Jack being the best deliverer of funny lines) and characters. Played as a siren. Then the second playthrough was alone, as a mechromancer. Nothing like i thought it would be. That character class is actually more fun than the siren. The whole anarchy stacks system (Which was my main skill tree) reminds me of the warrior class in titan quest, where you’re encouraged to go up to your enemies close range.. Anyway. A lot of fun! I’ll resume my borderlands 2’ing as soon as i can get my brother here again for the second difficulty level.

Fever and teeth issues

As for everything else in life. I’ve been fighting through a fever all this time playing borderlands 2; same with my brother, he also had a fever. But things are starting to look better now, i  think i’m through with the fever now, and the coughing has subsided ever so slightly. I should be feeling fine in a few days.
Also, i got time with a dentist this Monday (As in, Tomorrow) to check on my teeth. They’ve been hurting like a mother hobbard as of late, and have been in a really bad shape for over two years or so now.


For instance, two of them have shattered. So that should tell anyone with teeth woes a lot about the pain that comes from time to time. Oh well, at least i’ll know what needs to be done tomorrow, after the check. Which is all i’m going in for. We do have universal healthcare in Sweden, and we’re pretty awesome about everything health related, but we’re still lagging behind in social toothcare, in that, there is none.

Transsexual update

My trans-issues.. Still haven’t gotten an answer. I might have gotten one, only, it’s still at my parent’s place. I might walk to my parents (Which is on the other side of town, a 50 minute walk) tomorrow after i’m done at the dentist, and we’ll see then. My aunt called in to the doctors place to see if they couldn’t extend my “sick leave” (Not that it’s really a leave.. But in Sweden, i have a lot of reasons to be considered on “Sick leave”) and maybe hook me up with a few more pills for sleeping.. Not sure if i’ll need it though, so we’ll have to see. But mostly, i’ll want to be considered on sick leave so i can get a job part time or something like that. More as it develops.

As for trans stuff in general. I haven’t been too keen on it as of late. I feel very demoralized and just scared of dressing myself as of late (The last two weeks or so), and i haven’t been able to look myself in the mirror either. Thankfully, borderlands 2 has helped distracted me from this really sad state of mind i find myself in.. But i feel something’s gotta give. I just feel so lost..

Meta updates

Some meta stuff. My blog has been getting alot of views lately. A lot of them are searching through google, and some are jontron fans asking about his personal life. Jocelyn on deviantart just started a new chapter of her web comic, so that’s awesome. I should do a proper write up on her content for this blog. She’s kind of a big deal to this blog. So maybe expect that?
On the subject of blogs. I still haven’t started the karma post, and really, i have’t written anything, due to my borderlands 2 playing. But i do have one called “in defense of piracy: A response to allgengamers” in the pipeline. So there’s that.



And that’s gonna conclude this post. First real one of January. Shit! The one year mark is only a few months away. Can’t believe i’ve been blogging for almost a year now. I suspect i’ll be saying that a lot now. Haha!
Trying to think if there’s anything more.. Nope. Buy borderlands 2, read “Rain”, stay strong, and be awesome.

Peace out.


Leave bri… Jontron alone!!1one

I must have recommended this guy sometime in the past, because i keep getting search hits for people searching for him. Not just the name though.. Which is the creepy part. Apparently, i’m part of the 0.00000000000000000001% of people who facilitates creepy internet stalkers on pseudo internet celebrities. For months now, i’ve been getting hits from search terms such as “Does Jontron have a girlfriend”, “Did Jontron finish college”, “Does Jontorn believe in any religion?”. I guess people want to know a lot about him. To the guys searching for all that, i would recommend maybe checking some of his official sites. His facebook, twitter, youtube and what not. If it’s not listed there, and if he hasn’t talked about any of that in any of the videos his been in (Gamegrumps, TGS and Jontron), chances are he doesn’t want to share that information. And i would discourage people from being too nosy. The man has a personal life, and i’m sure he values it.

Day 139: The beautiful Billy West

In today’s post:
Billy West moment. And some gamegrumps.


Continuing to listen to the nerdist podcast. I just love it! Especially when i decided to go for a walk in the middle of the night while listening to their interview with Billy West, a man of many voices. They talked about everything, and it was almost magical, in a way. Went down to the river to view a little of the cityscape, went through a nice neighborhood and marveled at the beauty of every house. Lastly, i ended up standing on a hill, still listening, during a star bright, moon lit night; gazing as the moon makes its presence known from behind the mountain, casting a silhouette of the pines. To the left of that mountain, was the aurora. Its beautiful shine brought a calmness to my mind.

So yea. Wonderful night tonight. Autumn is the best!

That being said, it’s been quite a difficult day today. Been feeling a bit anxty, and didn’t really sleep last night. But hey.. It happens.


No plans

Today’s Image/Video

Day 120: I don’t conform

In today’s post:
South American men are sexy! On, conforming to social norms. Hillbillies. Internet time’s a-changing. Retsupurae. Gamegrumps animations

Ramblings and what not

I know it’s a generalization and totally random, but i feel like just blurting out random shit from my brain today. South American men are fucking hot! I mean, i have a friend in Brazil, named Pedro, who’s hot. Mysteryguitarman is hot. My sister’s boyfriend is hot. Etc!

Some more random shit!!

I remember once in one of the many daycares i’ve been to as a child, we were having hot chocolate. As always, when anyone but me makes anything you need to heat, it was overheated.. and i mean, mouth murdering hot. And the action i took to prevent this really makes me proud. Instead of waiting for it to cool down, i filled it with some cold water. Not much, but enough to make it drinkable. I would have used cold milk instead, but i remember that there was none left.

And it’s funny… because i remember everyone else being so shocked at what i had done. “Waaaah! How could anyone do that!? That is highly unorthodox!!”. And that’s basically my life. Other people alienating me for being “weird” and not conforming to the norm. I never have, and i never will. Because… Why would i want to be someone who jokes about someone watching cartoons, saying that “it’s only for kids”. Or someone who only thinks about their own narrow bubble. Basically, why would i want to be someone with a very limited worldview and way of being.

I mean, i remember other times when i’d be riding my bike in a slightly over average speed, (Cause i like going a little faster) — heck, sometimes, it would be normal or even slower speed — and having people cheer me on in a sarcastic manner. What do i even say to that? I mean, i live in a town, where people react at something so uninteresting, as someone biking. And that’s not only thing people react to. When you decide to let go of the handle of the bike, they’ll all chant in unison: “Fall, fall, fall, fall!!”. When you just walk. Every single car on the side of the road, will have people just looking at you. And they do this with everyone. There’s apparently nothing more interesting, than a pedestrian. They’re all fucking hillbillies. I can’t stand the people in this town.

Anyway. Ranting over!

Quality has changed

I watched this video:

And it made me think about how much quality has changed on the web. I mean, just a few years ago, you would be able to get popular making webcam vlogs, having something other than at least 480p quality and being mildly amusing.
The internet is getting a larger threshold for people that want to get into it and make something out of themselves. Not sure i like it.

A good thing is that there’s far more good stuff laying around everywhere, so you’ll always have something to watch. The bad part is that it’ll eventually turn into mainstream TV.


Been watching a lot of “retsupurae” lately. Ever since happy videogame nerd linked to one of their videos. Not sure if i really find them that funny, but i really like them. Really shows how much shit gets put up on youtube. I recommend checking them out, if you’re into “the let’s play community”.

Other than that, i haven’t really done much. I’m just resting for what’s to come in a week.. One week..


I guess i’ll play some skyward sword, although i am not sure if i will!

Today’s Image/Video

Day 96: I’m officially a student!

In today’s post:
Music program news. I’m a STUDENT!!! Amazing day. Bob ross and gamegrumps.

Music program update

Before i jump into the juicy bits of how my day was, i would just like to point out that i found a great platform for visual express C/C++/C#/.net/etc, to let me integrate HTML in my music app, powering it with webkit. It’s called “Awsomium”. So hopefully, i can make the application using only javascript, css and HTML.

I will learn more about it tomorrow. It’s a little light on tutorials and examples, so i have to manually check the API documentation to see what it can do, etc.
It seems like i’ll have to learn some C# though. But we’ll see.


It’s been an amazing day today. Started it off by getting a mail saying that i was accepted into the school i applied for, then i resigned from the employment offices because of it, made the payment for my bra and my skirt that i won on the auctions, talked a bunch with people, and just had an awesome day. I’m actually happy for once.

So i’ll get another answer from the school in a few days or so, instructing when i’ll start.
I need to turn to a different venue to be able to afford with a flat now though. Although… I could just sign up for a student flat. That way, the money you get from simply studying (Yes, we get money from going to college in Sweden) will be enough. Either way. I’m excited!


I’ll be eating junk food and snacks,  just to celebrate!

Today’s Image/video

First of. I’ve been watching a lot of gamegrumps lately. It’s a collab between Jontron and Egoraptor. A match made in heaven, if you ask me. Very funny guys:

Then this video came out a few hours ago:

Bob Ross is pretty awesome! Gotta love that afro.

Day 69: Mario and Machinarium

Today’s mostly been about talking and moving my stuff back to my place. So yes! I am back from my brother’s place! It was great staying there, and i might even go back as early as next monday. We’ll have to see. Totally gonna bring my fan then though! I love having that thing on a hot summer day. Although, it is very rainy right now.

My own 3ds.. A pink 3ds.. You know, i love pink, but i just don’t own many pink stuff. I’m more of a fan of keeping it light on the pink. I love having it as a secondary color, but sometimes, a primary color.
The two games (Because Darrin was kind enough to include that too) that i got were: Mario kart 7 and super mario 3d land.

I’ve always been a fan of the mario kart series, and i consider when the series on a handheld, to be when it’s at its best. Mario kart super circuit for the GBA was amazing! It was so packed with content, and it was very addictive with getting better score on tracks. It’s also the only game in the series to make it possible to deploy blue and red shells as homing mines. It also had coins, just like the SNES game before it. Which would increase your score. So get coins and get a good time. Very fun!
Then there’s the DS one. Mario Kart DS, i consider the strongest in the series. It did everything right, in my opinion. Jam packed with content, very fun gameplay, crisp graphics, etc.. Then i also love the rest of the games.. However.. 7 is the only one i have yet to play. It will be awesome to finally get to play it! Once again, thank you so much, Darrin!! ^w^

My brother’s been playing a game called “Machinarium” as of late. It’s a quirky little point and click adventure game, where you’re on a post-apocalyptic world with only robots.. Sounds pretty serious, but it’s played very lightly. The robot you’re controlling is very cute, all the animations and the design of everything is really funny, cute and quirky. So i downloaded the OST for it. Cause the music is good, apparently.

And that’s about it, i guess. Feeling a bit tired right now. Think i will be able to get a good nights sleep tonight. Tomorrow, it’ll rain the whole day, it seems. Which is great! But if it’s just cloudy, or whatever, i think i will take a walk in the field. Hopefully, they haven’t been there and harvested whatever they have there, already. Cause i recon the ground will become less pleasant to walk on then.. As it becomes full of humus and shit, for a new round of.. things.. to grow. I might walk in another field if that is the case though. So many cool places you can walk here. One of the benefits of living in a rural area.
Sadly, i’m not going to get closer to my 3ds tomorrow, as it’s the weekend.. I hate that nothing’s moving on weekends. I guess i’ll talk about my ideal government tomorrow instead, as this post is already closing in on 600 words. I like to keep it around 400 to 600. Going beyond 1000 is too much, and around 250 is too little.

Not sure if i showed this one or not, but JonTron made a video about a very strange movie:

Day 34: Apples and grapes

Got home from my brother’s place a few hours ago. All i can say is that it was a blast to stay there. Will totally do it again, sometime soon. We ended it off by drinking some alcohol while listening to some songs, watching youtube videos, talked about religion & stuff and listening to the much needed rain (Summer has come). Was pretty damn chill!


Not much else to say about that. I mean, i wrote about 3 posts on my time there. So yea.. When i got home, i talked a little with mom, and played some Modern warfare 3 (I think) for the first time, with my brother. We played 1v1 against each other. I did pretty well, but in the end, he won.

Currently eating some snacks and watching some videos. Gonna relax a little before going to bed.

It went well at the employment office by the way. I got a new contact person, so it was basically just a check up for him. That also means i will have to go back down there in a week or two though. Oh well.  He seemed like a nice guy.

I ended up giving up on that argument with that religious nut too. The phrase “self-proclaimed Christian” just annoyed me too much. Especially when he can’t even realize his own biases there. calling someone that because they don’t look at the bible the same way you do, is just arrogant and very delusional in the end. I just snapped there, basically.

But yea! I feel great. Tomorrow, i might spend some time playing mario and luigi, and then i donno what to do. Maybe take the bike for a long ride somewhere. I love how green everything’s become now that it’s summer outside.

A few things that me and my brother watched was JonTron and PeanutButterGamer. I highly recommend checking them out.

We also watched a documentary done by Vice (Of course), which was about the scariest drug on earth. Found it on Documentary heaven http://documentaryheaven.com

Then lastly, here’s a great reggae song:

So a lot of good stuff! Check it out!

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