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Day 189: Anxiety is a mother fucking bitch

Slow sunday. Stephen Fry, podcasting and walking. Anxiety disorder material.


Been a typical sunday today. Nothing happening, no updates, no nothing. So i’ll just briefly explain what i’ve been doing today.

Been out walking for the most part. Feeling pretty content in the sun at this time of year. Pretty much winter here now.
Been listening to more stuff you should know. On the 4x mark now, so i’m getting down there. The episodes i heard was about lucid dreams and brainwashing and more. Then i also listened to some Stephen Fry and friends, talking about Hitchens. So that was great. Going to listen to Stephen Fry talk about his manic depression tomorrow. That’ll be very interesting for sure.

Then i’ve been thinking of a serious image change for myself as soon as i move out. I want to expand my outlook of the world too.. Going to try to figure out how later on. I just don’t know what to do.


Going to feature a lot of good things that explain anxiety disorder:


Day 95: Kim Jong Un got married

In today’s post:
Kim Jong Un. Brevity is the soul of wit. Freaky optical illusion. And global warming?

Kim Jong Un got married, lawlz

The benevolent leader who is loved by all, Kim Jong Un, of north Korea, got married today. It was a fully consensual marriage, devoid of any fear or lust for money. It was confirmed today by one of Kim’s employees, that this most holy of matrimonials, was held about 2 days ago.
Here’s hoping that the couple will have a great life, full of little Jongs, who can one day take over the totally not dictatorship.


I haven’t done too much today. I’ve mostly been sitting around, just looking for things to tweak my computer. You know, regular nerd stuff. It was great sleeping in a nightgown for once. I don’t know why, but i just prefer that.
It rained for most of the day..

Saw some pictures of greenland, which apparently has had a heatwave, because it had melted significantly under the past 4 days. They didn’t know what it was yet, but it sure is peculiar. Most likely a culprit of global warming, although it could be unrelated to it.. Don’t see how, but i just don’t want to assume things.

I looked up a way to be wittier. I feel that i want to be able to understand people better, which is a big part of wit. To get the grasp of what someone is actually saying. To truly listen. So right now, i’m going to try to focus on that.
I also checked some tutorials on web design theory. Like hierarchy and what not.

I also read a little about Lofoten in norway. It has a very unique nature: http://www.kuriositas.com/2010/12/lofoten-arctic-circle-anomaly.html


Got a call from the employment office, and they said i had to be there tomorrow, around 10am to 2pm. So that should be interesting. Not sure if i’ll get an answer on the internship then, or not.

Today’s Image/Video

Saw this video earlier. A cool optical illusion:


Day 53: George Carlin had a sharp mind

Today’s been ok. A lot of talking with my brother about various things. Then i was talking with my mom and little brother about things too. My little brother came back from donington a day ago, so we talked about that too. Was a huge rock concert there. Seemed pretty cool.

But yea.. Basically all i’ve done today. Talking. I tried to get some programming in, and maybe figure out the error in the code i was complaining about, but never got around to it. I did figure out a way to do push notifications to my iPod from a website i’m hosting myself, though. Programmed some php stuff and i use an api in prowl/growl to make it work. It’s pretty damn cool. Was thinking of integrating that youtube comment script with it, and try my hand at the subscription update thing too. Should be interesting to see how well it works.

That’s about it. Not a very exciting day overall. Not that i’m really expecting much, since i’m out of work and all.
I saw this really cute pic of an old woman with her cat: http://nippon.com/en/images/i00014/ Very cute! I bet they’ve shared a lot of great moments together. They look so happy together.
Then i re-watched a video with Feynman again, called “beauty”.

I just love it. Felt like watching it after i had read some Zenpencil comics again:

Source: http://zenpencils.com/comic/24-george-carlin-on-assassination-explicit/

It’s pretty amazing how sharp of a mind Carlin had. Just like Hitchens. It’s a shame they’re not longer with us. The world could use a little more sense, i think.

Day 41: Forgive me if i seem rude

I feel a little better today. Although, i still have a fever and i’m still feeling pretty pissy. I’m writing this early because i was thinking of laying down for a while.

All i’ve really done today is resting. So nothing really exciting. Except.. of course.. The doctor’s appointment. Didn’t feel like going what so ever, as i’m feeling very ill, and it’s a long way to that place. But i did, of course, and i don’t regret doing so. I told him about the situation, and he told me that it could be fixed with some specific and proper exercise. He thought the swollen leg was due to fluids. The leg is about 2cm (give or take) wider than the other. So quite a difference.
But yea. Long story short. I got some exercise he recommended i should do, and got a new time in two months, to see if there’s any progress. I really liked the guy, he was pretty awesome. Very forward and doesn’t hide anything. So yea. Should be interesting to see, and i will be doing quite a bit of exercise this summer.

Saw this really bad-ass picture a few moments ago. A lot of really awesome people. Penn, Bill, Hawkins, Carlin, Sagan, Hitchens, Darwin, Dawkins, Tyson, Kaku.. Didn’t recognize two of them. But whatever. It’s a pretty awesome one. Way to go.

Saw this link on reddit earlier this morning: http://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/uessk/can_you_oneup_me_in_most_offensive_joke_you_know/

All i wanted to do was to add to it a little. One that my little brother knows (For some reason), that we all find very offensive, is a slavery joke. It goes like this: “Two white guys were watching two black guys carrying a TV. One of the white guys asked the other white guy ‘Is that yours?’, and the other white guy said ‘No! Mine’s at home, cleaning my shoes'”. Very offensive, but funny non the less. Keep in mind that i think you can laugh at tragic things.. Is that wrong of me? Maybe.  But i can make jokes at hitler, the titanic, Kim jong ill, etc.. Just as, and sometimes, even more tragic…
But maybe i’m just making lame excuses and am just a horrible person for laughing at that awfully offensive joke. I apologize.

Lastly, i wanted to write a little about vegans. A twitter friend asked me why i was torn on the issue of pets, and i’m going to try my best at explaining why here now.
For the “Pets should be allowed” side of the argument, i can say that there are a lot of pets out there that belong to a species that simply can not live inside of nature anymore. Should we stop breeding them and just let them go extinct? Or put the last remaining ones at zoos? I just don’t know about that.
Then i have to ask. Why is nature such a better place to be? Before we were able to live in urban environments with socialism and what not, we lived very short lives. All thanks to the way we live now, we live much longer and far more comfortable, where we concern ourselves with marriage and other, in all honesty, trivial things. And i personally think most pets in families has it good. They’re well fed, get a roof over their head, get affection.

But at the same time, i can see the other side of the argument. They should live in their natural environment. Who are we to take them from there? That seems pretty mean. They can live and develop like normal living beings there, and not evolve into things like pugs, that are totally dependent on humans to live. We’re the ones who made them like this. Which is a bit sick.

All that being said, i have to say that i’m leaning more towards the side of having pets. I’m just not convinced that they’re “having a bad time” (So to speak), overall.
I am open to more arguments on that and would like to read up more if someone would recommend some good source, though. In the end, i don’t feel that vegan issues are all that big on my priority list. Maybe that makes me immoral or something like that, but i am a selfish person just like most of us stupid fucks.

And i guess that’s that. I am by no means an expert at anything. It is my opinion, based on what i’ve observed, what little i’ve studied and how i perceive it.

Saw a pretty great video about atheism earlier:

Day 28: The ravages of time

I just watched the majority of the movie “mr.bean” with my mom. In all honesty, we watched it mainly because there was nothing else on. Don’t get me wrong. The movie is funny and all, but we’ve both seen it plenty of times.
I should say that the movie is a guilty pleasure for me. It’s very lacking in so many ways, but overall, you can get some good laughs out of it. Mostly because i like mr.bean. Watched all the skits. British humor when it’s actually good. Like most of the monty python stuff, bill bayley, dylan moran, etc. Might sound like there’s a lot, but let’s be honest.. British humor is mostly kind of lame. But you know. Perhaps i haven’t seen much of it.

At any rate. It’s been yet another lazy day. Never ended up going to my brother or anything. I figured he’s most likely preoccupied with diablo 3, still. That game was released at a bad time in my life actually. Because at the moment, i don’t feel an urgent need to play it. I loved the second one to death. Played it more than i’d like to admit almost. But yea. I think i will just stay at his place for a few days next week. Maybe 2 or 3 days. We’ll see. Even though doing so might feel a little bad at first, i know that in the end, it’ll be good for me.

I thought earlier about friends, and hanging out with them, and i thought about being a woman. One of the reasons why i feel so awkward hanging out with people is because i never feel like i can be myself. In all honesty, i’m pretty limited in how i can dress and be at the moment. My mom recommended to me many months ago that i should probably not live as a woman while i live at home, because dad is apparently upset at it. Normally, i would just say “fuck him” and all that. But i feel obligated to follow the rules of this place. I sadly have to do it. I mean.. I really have no other way to go.. and.. it’s a little more than just that too. But i don’t want to write too much about that at the moment. If this internship and the school thing goes as planned though, i might be able to fullfil my dream, and get to live as a woman 24/7. So that’s great.

Let’s see.. I helped my sister with some stuff.. Played a lot of golden sun again. I’m about 1 or 2 more days from the end of the game. We’ll see. Kind of don’t want to rush it.

Listened to a TAM speech that Hitchens made before. Great to hear him speak. It brings me to another thought i had today, about poetry and great English linguistics. There is a character in Golden sun who’s very poetic in the way he talks, and when he explained that a ruler (Or rather, a significant character in the story) died, he said that “He’s succumbed to the ravages of time”. That’s just beautiful to me. I wish i was a good enough writer to come up with lines such as that. I have noticed that my English has improved over the years. Quite extensively too. For obvious reasons, i guess. But it leads me to my ultimate conclusion.. I need an actual goal in life. I haven’t had a goal in ages. Since i gave up on my childhood dream of making games. Cause i noticed i didn’t like making games.
So i guess the goal for now will be.. Get a goal. Do something! Strive to be something extra in one subject, rather than focusing on none. 

Anyway. I’m running long on this post. Overall, i’ve been feeling alright today. Kind of getting ready for what Monday and the next week will bring.
Oh, and tomorrow’s draw Mohamed day. I want to make a picture of Jesus and him holding hands. Just a simple pic of them as BFFs. Sounded like a good idea. I think i’ll do that tomorrow. I haven’t been on my big PC for ages, so i haven’t been doing much drawing.

Laughed pretty good at the end of this cutscene actually: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kj4o8sTps34&t=21m56s You won’t regret watching it!

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