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Anita Sarkeesian

This video was released, where the guy exposed Anita for “what she truly is”.

And i felt that i had to comment on it.
Hi! My name is Jenna, and i’ve been gaming since as far as i can remember, and i continue to do so to this day. I love games. It’s one of my passions in life.

So! With that out of the way, what can we take from this video? Sarkeesian lied about being a gamer. Does that detract from anything she says in the videos she’s made, on gaming? Well, it weakens her point, since she clearly has no issues lying in order to seem more legitimate, and it lends a lot of credence to the people claiming that she hasn’t done any research what so ever, and that she’s full of herself.

But you have to understand! Anita comes from the school of thought that postulates that lying is ok, so long as it serves the greater good. Skewing numbers in order to make rape seem more rampant than it is, and tricking people into thinking you’re legitimate, by lying, is all part of how she operates. So to her, this is nothing special. And so what that some people know she’s full of it? So long as her image is still intact, she’s ok.

Let’s keep spreading the word that the she isn’t the person so many people seem to think she is.


Dani Landers, and some gaming trans stories

A fellow trans woman is making a video game, i just found it. Couple that together with this article: http://penny-arcade.com/report/article/video-games-showed-me-who-i-could-be-transgender-gamers-share-their-stories

I couldn’t find her twitter, sadly. But at least i can show you her work. It looks to be a pretty interesting title.
The article goes into the game she’s making, some clarifications on definitions and best of all, some transgender gamers stories. I highly recommend reading the entire article, to learn a little more about transsexuals and videogames (Very little of the article focuses on the negative, which is a huge refresher). A lot of it applies to me, and i’m sure a lot of my transsexual readers. And for those you want to know a little more about why gender in videogames matter to us, then please!
Oh, and if you would, please support her kickstarter! ^w^

Always on, never good.

I woke up to this bombshell today: http://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/1bpbp0/im_glad_microsofts_creative_director_cares_about/

Source: https://twitter.com/adam_orth?protected_redirect=true (Of course, like a douche bag, he decided to go private. But in the unlikely event that he goes back to public, it should be linked)


There are two reasons why i want to comment on this. One is because i want to spread that message in whichever way i can. Second is because i need to sit down with you all, to tell you something important about this situation.

I doubt someone who’s managed to garner this much public backlash would have a future in a videogame company for years to come, so i think we can all rest assured that this guy’s gonna get what’s coming to him (Or at least that’s what i hope).
But i think we as consumers need to take it a step beyond the controversy, and start voting with our money.
Plain and simple, if microsoft decides to go through with the “always on” bullshit, don’t buy anything from them (Or at the very least, no more xboxes) until they change it. I mean, we saw this fail completely with sim city, and Diablo 3. Those two titles got a lot of negative publicity because of always online DRM.. People obviously don’t want to have a “always on” system anywhere. For three reasons:

  • One — it’s a headache and huge inconvenience for people who actually pay.
  • Second — it doesn’t work. Ever. At all. Never has. Never will. So it feels like companies are screwing us over for no good reason.
  • Third — Not everyone has access to a stable internet connection, and just because you do, that doesn’t mean everyone else does.

So show me that you mean it, people. Buy a PS4 or a PS3 to show microsoft that we will not accept this. Show everyone that good can come out of money being power every once in a while. And if you’re going to complain and buy a new xbox, then stop complaining. You revoke any rights to the moment you give them money. So i don’t want to hear it from people like you.

Yeah.. You sons of bitches!

Faith and subjectivity, a response to Extra credits on pennyarcade


I go on pennyarcade a little now and then to check out the extra credits guys. Pretty sure i’ve recommended them in the past. To put it briefly, for those not in the know, they’re a group of three people (One of them being a professional videogame designer) who make videos about various subjects as they relate to videogames (For the most part, sometimes, they out right make political videos, mailbag videos, etc). It ranges from things such as psychology (Skinner box and videogames, the uncanny valley and videogames) and culture (Violent videogames, sexism in videogames), and so much more.

Sometimes, i do have a lot of concessions to the things that they say there. Like the episode about politics, which in my opinion, was too liberally slanted. But i’m not here to write about that, i’m here to write about their latest videos. A two-parter about videogames and religion.


Just to maybe quell the fire that these videos has produced, i want to point out that they clearly stated in the first two minutes of the first video that it’s by no means the best way to look at the subject of religion in videogames. It’s just how they view it, and i think for the most part, they’re well on the right track.


Like their first point, about lore in videogames. I can’t really find any issues here what so ever. Mythology is pretty fucking awesome, and it does resonate with us, all these stories that has survived so many years of human history. The Illiad, the various stories in the bibile

The Quran which mentions Jesus a lot. So many cool things, really. And if games would just expand on the religious lore some more, i think we would see some pretty awesome stories. I mean, why leave out that part of fiction, just because some people believe some of it to be true? Take it for what it is, and make a great game around it, i say. And not just in the shallow way that would, like they say in the video, only provoke tangential learning. But in a more meaningful way. Wish i could point to a great example, but i think they’re right in saying that there really isn’t one.


This is where most people are gonna have issues, i feel.. know.
Because they dared to say that Religion brings us together. More specifically, “ways that religion brings us together”. And i think the underlying thing about their comments on the mechanics part, is that they are a little too roseie about religion. As if there’s equally positive and negative sides to religion.


Although i have to admit that religion isn’t all bad, i think it could be argued that it’s mostly a force for bad. But i’m not interested in making that argument today, as i want to move along to the part i do want to go more in dept on. So let’s leave this subject for now.


I think the feelings that they’re trying the equate to “faith” should be referred to as “religious experiences”, “Zen” and/or spirituality. I don’t think the simple act of taking something on faith is really that noble thing they’re trying to describe; but rather, it’s the religious experiences, or spirituality. Which i agree with them on. We can all experience that, even if we’re very skeptical.
So really, my issue is just the terminology  and i think it’s the mayor part of the backlash, is that they didn’t adequately explain it (Not that i have any delusions of being the one to correct them. I’m just pointing out how i see it, and it’s just my opinion on the matter)

And the other thing that they use the word faith for, which i have some issues with, is when talking about subjectivity and human beings. They bring up such things as “what if we’re just a part of a matrix” or “cogito ergo sum”. Which are valid points, and even here, i agree with them. When it all comes down to it, we can only look at things from a subjective view point. Anyone who knows anything about the electromagnetic spectrum knows just how blind our senses are, and the knowledge of all the science of the universe and all that, really doesn’t help that much in giving us a more objective point of view. They bring up how people are so sure about things like Newtonian physics, yet it does nothing to explain the subatomic world.

But yea.. Subjectivity should have been mentioned instead, and spirituality (For instance) would have been a more accurate term in the first point they made. Instead, they opted to say “faith” instead. Would explaining this better really help though? Would it stop all these people from getting mad at them?
Of course not. Apart from being very.. liberal when explaining the impact religion has had on our culture (Not that this should bother anyone, seeing as they didn’t mean anything bad by it. They just wanted to get to the meat of the topic, not explain shit just to apeace maybe a few rambunctious urchins), they also dared to compare the ignorance that exists within religion to the ignorance of even the smartest scientsts. Which triggers the general fanbase of science. Because they have attached their ego to it, and they’ve made sure to put themselves far above the religious, because they with their lingo brains are so obviously better than those damn dogmatic, religious scum.

Wrap up

That’s how i look at it at least. Have i really made my point about their videos? I agree with what they’re saying, i just don’t think they formulated themselves very well (Like i said, not that i’m much better). And my attack on those who get upset at people saying those things. The science fans, so to speak. They’re just fanboys. There’s nothing else you can really say. When someone has attached their ego to something, it’s really hard to say anything without upsetting them. So an obvious overreaction on their part.


Part 1
Part 2
A response video they made

Defining let’s play


You hear this term a lot if you’re a videogame goer who uses youtube to watch videogame videos. But what does it really mean? Is there a way to define it? Let’s find out!!

In defining what a “let’s play” is, we must first look at a few things. First of, what people refer to it as, and how it’s used. Second, to look at what can be inferred from the term. And third, try to look for any official source that defines it. If there even is such a thing.
Keep in mind that i’m just some schmuck who knows nothing about nothin’. So take it for what it is.

Videos labeled “let’s play”

To me, it seems that people will use the term”let’s play” in their videos to essentially mean a very loose walkthrough of a game, that focuses more on the individual and the individual’s relation to the game, than it does the game itself.

Some people do it better than others, but no matter what, it will always be some kind of playthrough, be it only playthrough in the sense the game gets completed. They’ll always include someone talking over it. Never in the way that you’d expect from a guide, but rather, someone talking more loosely, sometimes not even about the game.

The spirit of it

It’s in the name: Let’s play!

Let us play! Let’s just pick up the controller, and play some games. Let’s relax and just do it! At it’s core, i would say that a let’s play is just someone or some people sitting down, playing a game while talking. That’s basically what a let’s play is.

But a lot of people do more than that. Some decide to include an entire guide section to their videos, and some look up info on the game to tell about, and some even 100% the games, rendering it a perfect walkthrough.

So even if the spirit of it is to just play it and not bothering with the walkthrough part so much (Unless you’re a living walkthrough, like i know a lot of you nerds are), there still is a huge subsection of people that are accepted as let’s players, and label their videos “Let’s plays”, who focus a lot on the walkthrough part, and really, do walkthroughs along-side the personal commentary.

Another thing that sets it apart from pure walkthroughs

Walkthroughs of games often include extensive editing for the perpose of just including the parts that explains how to get through, or solve parts of the game. While a let’s play does ligther editing usually to break the monotony of grinding/retreading old ground/or seeing the same enemies (If it’s an RPG). Some let’s players don’t even do that very often, and tend to feel guilty when doing it, due to it not being very “let’s play like”. Which again proves (For the lack of a better word) my point of the spirit of let’s playing.


There is a wikipedia article on it which explains it in very simple terms http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Let%27s_Play_(video_gaming)  Someone recording while playing a game and commentating over it.
Other definitions i found were outdated, and talked about picture walkthroughs. Basically the origin of the term. Although i can debate and argue the legitimacy of “the origin”, i will just assume it’s true for now, seeing as it doesn’t matter.
In either case, i don’t think it’s what most people refer to it as anymore, and my reasons for thinking that is the wikipedia article and the fact that the popular among let’s players do the whole recording and commentating thing. So yea, it’s outdated, from what i could find outside of the wikipedia article.


I don’t know if i’ve made any sense in this article at all. But in case it didn’t make sense, here’s a quick summary of what i mean: Basically, a let’s play is a more loose form of walkthroughs of a videogame, which will be more inclusive of the player, rather than just explaining how to complete individual parts of the entire game.

In conclusion

I’ve been using the word “walkthrough” to mean guide in this post. Even though all you can infer from a walkthrough is that you’ll walk through the game. Which is in actuality more loose than Let’s playing. But in practice, i’ve noticed that “walkthrough” is usually what you say when you mean guide.

I could be wrong on everything here, like i said earlier, but at least i got to write down something a little more extensive than what’s out there, and hopefully spark up something in another person who can actually do more research, and who knows more about it than i do.

Maybe i am just reading too much into it though. It really doesn’t matter if you think about it. In this day and age, terms can change meaning very quickly, so i guess there’s no point in trying to define a term that refers to something so young that no one else can truly define anyway.

Day 71: Extra credits on Penny arcade

Sun times in Sweden

What i hate about living high up on this beautiful globe of ours, is that summers get very annoying. I really don’t like the heat and the insects to begin with, but hey.. I can live with that! The sun, is what gets to me. I really don’t like it that it comes up around 4am, and goes down around 10:30pm. Luckily, we’re going towards darker and darker days now, so that’s always something to look forward to. In winter, when it’s the darkest, the sun goes up around 8am and down around 4pm.
But yea. That’s my little summer rant.


I’ve decided that i should section different topics on my blog. Keep it a little more organized. Which is always nice.
Notice how this one has “BlogUpdate”? Well.. that’s something from years of programming. Can’t help that i type that way sometimes. Hehe.

Extra credits

I’ve wanted to address this for a few days now. But since i’ve talked about libertarians and freedom so much as of late, i just haven’t had the time.

Extra credits is a show on the internet, where they talk about videogames. What sets them apart from a lot of other shows, is that they address everything surrounding gaming. Like how mechanics of a game makes people feel. How to make games that are addictive, why they’re addictive, what skinner boxes are, the uncanny valley and it’s relation to videogame graphics, etc. They’re very informative, and really know gaming. They tend to keep it constructive too, which is always nice. One of the guys on there is a developer, himself. So a pretty great show, in my opinion.

That being said. I don’t think they have the expertise to stray outside the topic of gaming. They’re just not very good when they do that. The networking episode was confusing and the politics episode was slanted so far to the left, it made you all dirty.

There are times when they have a hypothesis that i don’t agree with very much (Like the kinect uncanny valley episode), and there are times when they don’t seem to understand what they’re saying. I’ll quickly address the politics episode, because i felt that i wanted to say something, regarding it.


For the most part, i think the episode on politics they made is very sleazy. It’s so liberal, it makes you want to puke. You know. Everything’s happy go lucky, and there’s no negative side on anything. I get that they allegedly wants to remain positive, and be constructive, but i think they should have pointed out the nasty sides of politics as well.
However.. I’m inclined to think that they may not want to be constructive, when i hear this in the middle of the episode: As a great canadian once explained it: “It’s lot like voting on Pizza toppings among your friends. If you  can’t be bothered to vote, don’t complain if you get stuck eating anjovis”.
Do you realize how alienating this is? You’re basically saying to a vast number of people, that they simply can’t complain. Cause you’re not going to bother with why they don’t vote. That’s pointless, right? This sort of mentality is utterly erroneous, because using it, you could say that the majority of people shouldn’t complain when a politican does something stupid, because you voted them in in the first place. You see how it doesn’t work? You see how the logic isn’t quite as simple and beautiful as you may think?
So yea. It’s alienating and flawed. You say it because you like hearing it come out of your mouth.

If you ask me, if you feel that you’re inadequate at making a decsission in regards to what you should vote for, don’t vote! It’s better if you take the time to hear everyone out, and damn it! Complain to your hearts content, if you feel like it! Because.. Maybe we could find some correlation between uninformed voters and mediocre politicans.. In fact.. http://m.yahoo.com/w/legobpengine/news/people-arent-smart-enough-democracy-flourish-scientists-185601411.html?orig_host_hdr=news.yahoo.com&.intl=US&.lang=en-US
So maybe it is the people who need to inform themselves more. Maybe the people who don’t vote are the smarter ones? I’m just channeling Bill here. Maybe?!
In all seriousness though! It’s better to stay at home and don’t vote than to make an ill informed vote.

But that’s that.. We obviously don’t agree politically, which may be a reason why i didn’t like that episode. But i do think i have some good points with what i said too.

Overall, i’d say, check them out! I come back to watch them from time to time. Because when they do talk about things more directly related to videogames, they’re really good.


3ds Update

Can’t wait until tomorrow! It said 2 to 5 days, right? So maybe…. But then again, it probably said 3 to 5. Aaah! I will get it this coming week though! Which is awesome! Oh, and yea! The 3ds large, or whatever it’s called. I’m with Shidoshi on this one. It looks ugly, and the things about it that are positive are negligible to me. Atop of that, it’ll also be more expensive. But yea! For those who want that, that’s awesome! Personally, i don’t care.


Penn’s sunday school, finally! And.. I don’t think i’ll get word about my 3ds, but…….. mmmaaaybeeee……. Probably not though! But one day closer! Which is awesome!
Other than that, i don’t have much else to do, really. Maybe talk a little more about getting a new place to stay, and see what measures i can take.

Today’s video/Image

An oldie, but a goodie, by dorkly:

Day 56: To travel the amazing world of ours

I’ve had three nights in a row where i’ve gone to bed fairly late now, and has gotten a little stressed because of it. Nothing too major, but still. Something i’m happy to report though, is that it hasn’t stopped me from having fun this saturday. My brother and i spent quite a bit of time just having fun at his place. There was supposed to be more people there, but no one else came. Probably busy with other stuff. But yea. We talked about a few things. Religion, games, people being idiots. And we watched some videos with James Randi and Ricky Gervais (And more).

One thing in particular was about traveling. I have for a long time now, thought about visiting places on earth. I’ve always been a traveler at heart, and being pinned down in this one horse town for so long, has been a real pain. I want to see the world. Explore everything it has to offer. Climb mountains, trek coastlines, traverse forest pathes; go by boat, plane, car, bus, train; visit japan, australia, USA, the rest of europe.. Enrich my life with many experiences and just have fun doing it. You know.. Maybe my future self will look back at this and think “It got better”. That’s how i want to do it though.

Kangaroo island, australia. Seems like it would be a pretty nice place to visit.

Speaking of that. I’ve been thinking about writing a letter to my middle age self. You know, some 40-50 year old self. Just to tell myself some things. I thought it would be a fun idea. So that’s something i’ll do.

Damn.. There’s so much more i would want to say. I downloaded a torrent of Roller coaster tycoon earlier today. Will totally play it tomorrow (And i have to buy the game as soon as i get a job). I remember loving the game, and since i’m on a micro/sim game rush right now, with many of Kairopark’s great games, i felt it was just appropriate. And i’m sure it’s still really good.

But anyway.. Been talking about stupid people quite a bit today with my brother today. It’s a scary time we live in, when someone like Romney can become president in the US, and someone like Mona Salin can come back with no one faulting her for… Well… being a lunatic, to put it mildly. And not to mention North Korea, most of Africa, a lot of south and central america.. etc.. I could go on.
I’ve been thinking about taking a short pause from reading news actually. When you’re completely powerless to do anything, and when you’re more of an observer type in terms of groups.. it just gets depressing. But oh well. It’s a frightening, wonderful, beautiful, weird, horrible and amazing world we live in.

Tomorrow, i will be playing some roller coaster tycoon, and maybe spend some time with my little brother, playing some boarderlands. So probably mostly gaming, but we’ll see where the day takes me.

Heard this great song earlier too:

Dad listened to it earlier, so we looked up the lyrics and found the song. Fantastic! Gotta love the future.

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