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Disappointment in a friend

Woke up a few hours ago. I stopped lying down like a lazy shit, and came to my senses just now. I’ve been a bit annoyed, frustrated and incredibly disappointed for the later part of yesterday, and all of today. The reason is because me and a friend of mine were having an argument over something. It’s kind of a silly topic, but i think that what she did was far from it, and incredibly disrespectful. Of course, she won’t see it that way. Because to her, i just want to be right all the time.

We were talking about Nintendo putting ads on the footage of the games that they own. Which includes any non-partnered let’s play channel. A let’s play is when someone plays a game through, and adds his or her commentary to it. By all accounts, they don’t own the rights to the footage, unless they’re a partner.

So with that said. We were arguing whether or not this is ok. I said that i didn’t really mind Nintendo doing it. Only that i thought it was a really stupid decision. Because the short term profit is not with the bad reputation that they’re getting because of it. But sure.. My argument isn’t that they’re wrong to do so. Just the thought behind it. Because i can’t imagine this turning out in their favor.
She argued that people shouldn’t put their ads on footage they don’t own, period! And that anyone who does is no better than an art thief, and that they should get a real job.
Now, i should argued her argument directly, but at this point, i was kind of angry at her. Because i know how big of a fan of gamegrumps she is, and they, if anyone, is making a living off of doing it. I think it’s worth noting that she took this angry i had for her, as me caring about Nintendo putting ads on their videos.. But no. I was angry at you, rest assured. Because you’re sounding like a total hypocrite at this point in the argument.

So instead of arguing that, which i should have, i suppose, i decided to talk about the partner channels. If only, to prove a point to her. Because the partner channels are completely unaffected by companies putting ads on their videos. Just because the partner channels on youtube owns the rights to the footage. They’ve bought it!
Keep in mind that, at this point, she isn’t responding. I tell her about how gamegrumps is making a living off of “stealing” (As she puts it) and by not having a real job (As she also put it).
There, i proved my point, i thought. Maybe she’ll understand that it isn’t as clear as she had previously put it. At this point, the argument has nothing to do with Nintendo, and all to do with her two points here. I wrote a lot about it.. Because quite frankly, she’s being a hypocrite.

Time goes.. 5 minutes.. another 5 minutes.. yet another 5.. and 5 more. Eventually, she finally responds, and this is the part of the argument that i have a problem with! She tells me that i obviously do care a lot about Nintendo putting ads on the videos (No.. I’m not. I care about you saying what you said, obviously), and that i just want to be right. And because of this, she won’t argue with me any further.
I can take not wanting to argue anymore. That’s fine. But to write me off as though i just want to be right is just disrespectful. Why won’t you defend your position? I mean, i obviously want to talk about how it’s not as clear cut as “them stealing footage”, and that a “real job” isn’t quite that easily defined. I mean, i had an actual argument about this with a friend later that night. I told him about this thing that bothered me. And it was really constructive and it actually lead somewhere. And i think we both learned from each other..
But you! You just want to write it off as me just wanting to be right. How low do you think of me? You think i argue just to be right, is that it?

Words can’t even describe how disappointed this makes me. And how hurtful it was to me. Maybe i’m looking through this in the wrong way though. Perhaps i’ve misjudged, misinterpreted and misrepresented in this post. But this is my side of the story at least.



Leave bri… Jontron alone!!1one

I must have recommended this guy sometime in the past, because i keep getting search hits for people searching for him. Not just the name though.. Which is the creepy part. Apparently, i’m part of the 0.00000000000000000001% of people who facilitates creepy internet stalkers on pseudo internet celebrities. For months now, i’ve been getting hits from search terms such as “Does Jontron have a girlfriend”, “Did Jontron finish college”, “Does Jontorn believe in any religion?”. I guess people want to know a lot about him. To the guys searching for all that, i would recommend maybe checking some of his official sites. His facebook, twitter, youtube and what not. If it’s not listed there, and if he hasn’t talked about any of that in any of the videos his been in (Gamegrumps, TGS and Jontron), chances are he doesn’t want to share that information. And i would discourage people from being too nosy. The man has a personal life, and i’m sure he values it.

Day 156: Got a call. Step 1 out of 3, done

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News about the psychiatrist. Boring day. Gamegrumps animation


I got the call today!!

Woke up a little grumpy, cause i missed the first time she called me, but an hour later, i got happier, cause she called back. She told me about what she’s done. She’s sent note to an expert who will, as soon as possible, contact me about it. So that’ll be great! Hopefully, i should at least get a letter in the mail this week telling me when i can go down there. Can’t wait!

So now i wait.. Once again.
Been feeling a bit tired today. I think i’ll fall asleep as soon as i’m done with this blog. Which is always good. I prefer being tired. So long as the feeling isn’t anxiety, i’m glad.

I guess that’s it though. I can’t really think of anything else.


Nothing special. I should ask my mom about my aunt so i can get the apartment issues sorted out.

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Here’s another one of those funny animations:

Day 155: I read too many books, therefor, i lose

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Muslim moderate?

Been thinking a lot about Islam as of late. Probably because it’s once again been on the news for totally being a religion of peace, lawlz. But also because of an conversation i had with a moderate Muslim. I don’t know if this is a consensus among the most moderate of the Muslims, but i have to think that it’s not just him. He actually thinks that the world would be better if everyone were Muslims, and he isn’t entirly opposed to using violence to achieve that.

I asked him if he supported 9/11 (Because the conversation was revolving around the US, mostly, and he said “no”, and then said that no “real muslim supports that”.. But the thing is that, that’s violence. They used to the methods you claim to favor. Or maybe you just didn’t like the type of violence, or maybe you don’t want to be associated with terrorists. He also said that Islam will one day take over the world, and that he thinks that’s a good thing. We concluded the conversation with him saying that i read too many books. Which is just funny.
Keep in mind though, that this is just one Muslim i’m talking about at the moment. But it does make me think, and it makes me a bit worried.

All in all, religion scares me. Islam is just the most volatile and dangerous at the moment, but the core of all religions scares me. Which is the surrender of one’s mind. To put it into perspective to those who might not see what i’m talking about. Just replace the word “religion” with “cult”.

I’ll end it on this: I don’t want to follow laws that were made 100s of years ago. They’re not exactly applicable to how the world works anymore, and would be disastrous.


I’ve installed most things on my computer now. Still haven’t gotten up the servers yet though (80 & 25565).
It’s been a pretty awesome gray autumn day today, so that’s always good. Been a bit annoying to have to suffer through a weekend when you just want it to be a normal weekday, so that you can get the call you’re waiting for. Hopefully, i’ll be able to meet someone soon.

Did some early designs on what i hope will be my new tumblr design. I would like it to be sort of my main site, i guess. Anyway. Here it is:

So.. What are my ideas?
Well, first of all. This is obviously not done yet. I might change around a little on the header background and the “Jenna’s home”, will most likely change into something completely different.

I’ve noticed that the font play a huge role in the tone of the site (Right now, it just screams: Here by fashion. Although that’s a small part of it (My pinterest), it’s certainly not all). I should try to make it something more personal and robust, since the site will represent me as much as possible. I aim to make my tumblr link to a lot of different places, including this blog. So i aim to make the body of the site “fun”. Sort of the way windows metro looks, except it will only be by layout, and not general design. We’ll see exactly how i’ll do it.

Feeling a bit happy that i’ve been able to get something done today. Can’t wait til next week!!


Will probably work more on the design, and hopefully. I might even get a call.

Today’s Image/Video

GameGrumps animated. Their commentary lends itself so well to this type of thing:

Oh yea. I got a lot of Karma on reddit for this one:


I don’t submit to that site very often.

Day 139: The beautiful Billy West

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Billy West moment. And some gamegrumps.


Continuing to listen to the nerdist podcast. I just love it! Especially when i decided to go for a walk in the middle of the night while listening to their interview with Billy West, a man of many voices. They talked about everything, and it was almost magical, in a way. Went down to the river to view a little of the cityscape, went through a nice neighborhood and marveled at the beauty of every house. Lastly, i ended up standing on a hill, still listening, during a star bright, moon lit night; gazing as the moon makes its presence known from behind the mountain, casting a silhouette of the pines. To the left of that mountain, was the aurora. Its beautiful shine brought a calmness to my mind.

So yea. Wonderful night tonight. Autumn is the best!

That being said, it’s been quite a difficult day today. Been feeling a bit anxty, and didn’t really sleep last night. But hey.. It happens.


No plans

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Day 122: Moron on a bike is a pants expert

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I woke up today from a dream i had. I made a post about it on wordpress so that i wouldn’t forget it. I’ve been dreaming a lot lately. I think that makes about 3 or 4 days in a row that i’ve had dreams that i remember.

Got new shoes today. My brother had promised me to buy me a pair, so he did. Awfully nice of him. They’re “converse” shoes, apparently. Very comfy to walk in.

Got back the motherboard from the repairs today. Turns out there was nothing wrong with it. Computer still wasn’t working either. But after a few hours of letting my little brother take a look at it, it turned out to be the PSU, the power supply, that was wrong. We found it out after trying an older 500 Watt one. So now i’ll have to send in the PSU for repairs. With an added note that it doesn’t work on my particular setup. My setup doesn’t get enough power from it.. Which is funny, because now i’m using a 500 one, and not the 650 one.. Go figure. Obviously something wrong with it.

Other than that, nothing much. Some random girl on a bike told me that my pants were a little low. To which i replied with a “hahahahahahahaha!”, because i don’t see how that is her problem. I mean, if she’s grossed out  by that, then that’s a-ok with me! In fact, i proceed with the rest of the day, not pulling up my pants. They go down like, all the freaking time, and it’s annoying. But at least now i know that it makes some morons uncomfortable or annoyed. So that’s always good.


The call from the psychiatrist, first thing tomorrow. Pretty excited. After that, i’ll be going down the lake! My favorite lake!

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If you like gamegrumps, then this is a link for you:


Day 120: I don’t conform

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South American men are sexy! On, conforming to social norms. Hillbillies. Internet time’s a-changing. Retsupurae. Gamegrumps animations

Ramblings and what not

I know it’s a generalization and totally random, but i feel like just blurting out random shit from my brain today. South American men are fucking hot! I mean, i have a friend in Brazil, named Pedro, who’s hot. Mysteryguitarman is hot. My sister’s boyfriend is hot. Etc!

Some more random shit!!

I remember once in one of the many daycares i’ve been to as a child, we were having hot chocolate. As always, when anyone but me makes anything you need to heat, it was overheated.. and i mean, mouth murdering hot. And the action i took to prevent this really makes me proud. Instead of waiting for it to cool down, i filled it with some cold water. Not much, but enough to make it drinkable. I would have used cold milk instead, but i remember that there was none left.

And it’s funny… because i remember everyone else being so shocked at what i had done. “Waaaah! How could anyone do that!? That is highly unorthodox!!”. And that’s basically my life. Other people alienating me for being “weird” and not conforming to the norm. I never have, and i never will. Because… Why would i want to be someone who jokes about someone watching cartoons, saying that “it’s only for kids”. Or someone who only thinks about their own narrow bubble. Basically, why would i want to be someone with a very limited worldview and way of being.

I mean, i remember other times when i’d be riding my bike in a slightly over average speed, (Cause i like going a little faster) — heck, sometimes, it would be normal or even slower speed — and having people cheer me on in a sarcastic manner. What do i even say to that? I mean, i live in a town, where people react at something so uninteresting, as someone biking. And that’s not only thing people react to. When you decide to let go of the handle of the bike, they’ll all chant in unison: “Fall, fall, fall, fall!!”. When you just walk. Every single car on the side of the road, will have people just looking at you. And they do this with everyone. There’s apparently nothing more interesting, than a pedestrian. They’re all fucking hillbillies. I can’t stand the people in this town.

Anyway. Ranting over!

Quality has changed

I watched this video:

And it made me think about how much quality has changed on the web. I mean, just a few years ago, you would be able to get popular making webcam vlogs, having something other than at least 480p quality and being mildly amusing.
The internet is getting a larger threshold for people that want to get into it and make something out of themselves. Not sure i like it.

A good thing is that there’s far more good stuff laying around everywhere, so you’ll always have something to watch. The bad part is that it’ll eventually turn into mainstream TV.


Been watching a lot of “retsupurae” lately. Ever since happy videogame nerd linked to one of their videos. Not sure if i really find them that funny, but i really like them. Really shows how much shit gets put up on youtube. I recommend checking them out, if you’re into “the let’s play community”.

Other than that, i haven’t really done much. I’m just resting for what’s to come in a week.. One week..


I guess i’ll play some skyward sword, although i am not sure if i will!

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