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Anita Sarkeesian

This video was released, where the guy exposed Anita for “what she truly is”.

And i felt that i had to comment on it.
Hi! My name is Jenna, and i’ve been gaming since as far as i can remember, and i continue to do so to this day. I love games. It’s one of my passions in life.

So! With that out of the way, what can we take from this video? Sarkeesian lied about being a gamer. Does that detract from anything she says in the videos she’s made, on gaming? Well, it weakens her point, since she clearly has no issues lying in order to seem more legitimate, and it lends a lot of credence to the people claiming that she hasn’t done any research what so ever, and that she’s full of herself.

But you have to understand! Anita comes from the school of thought that postulates that lying is ok, so long as it serves the greater good. Skewing numbers in order to make rape seem more rampant than it is, and tricking people into thinking you’re legitimate, by lying, is all part of how she operates. So to her, this is nothing special. And so what that some people know she’s full of it? So long as her image is still intact, she’s ok.

Let’s keep spreading the word that the she isn’t the person so many people seem to think she is.


A little on trans-misogyny, discrimination and bigotry!

Yesterday, i had a really bad experience with a commentor on my blog. It’s the first time one of those elusive facade, pseudo-intellectual types had ever crossed my path, and i can easily say i wasn’t prepared for it.
She told me that “I might not consider myself male, but my male privileges are shining right through”, in response to the feminist post i made a few days ago. I am at a loss of words as to why this is bigotry, trans-misogyny (Or, just misogyny) and discrimination.

For one, it’s a personal attack, that does nothing to argue my points. It just points to that i was born in a man’s body, therefor, i know nothing about what it’s like to be a woman, and my critique stems from that ignorance.. This is bigotry.

Stupid as i was, i decided to tell her that she had no idea what she was talking about, and that she should inform herself on transsexuals. But of course, her living in the feminist bubble that she is, she flat out dismissed me, and basically said that women has it as bad, if not worse than transsexuals. Again.. Bigot! One, i am a woman, i know very well what it’s like to be one! Second, i’m also a transsexual.
Let me just step out for a moment and say that, i love that nowhere is she bothered, that she’s telling an actual minority on this planet, that her being a woman is more or less a joke. I’m a joke. No.. You don’t seem to get it! Of course i don’t know what i’m talking about! I’m full of male privileges. I don’t know what it’s like to be a woman, nor will i ever!

So anyway.. She’s the type of person who would start a subset of the feminist movement, which would only recognize “real women”. Yes, those exist. Those people who say that “only women who were born in female bodies are women”, and anyone else is a poser or woman hater. Not saying she.. Actually, yea, i am saying that she’s that stupid!
I know she didn’t say it to me directly, but how am i to interpret it, when she comments that “my male privileges shines through”, just because i’m a transsexual? She would never comment that on a “real woman’s blog”.

It’s just disgusting. I’m disgusted by her and people who think like her. Which i know isn’t representative of the feminist movement.
I think a big feminist should slap this commentor on the fingers and say “We don’t speak that way! A woman is a woman, end of story!”. But of course… A bigot wouldn’t listen either way!

What if i am wrong about Feminism?

Been pondering a lot of things as of late. During the dull moments of the Howard Stern show, i almost always phase out their banter about some boring celebrities or boobies, to ponder about things. And sometimes, i sit in complete stillness too!
I’m melting down yet another chat i had with my brother, regarding feminism! TJ made a video about some list that a supposed feminist had written.

TJ’s video is as (un)eloquent as ever, and it’s obvious that he’s just taking the shit out of that guy. But who can blame him.. The list is so silly,  that i don’t know what to say. Is the guy in question a troll? Is he for real? Is he even a feminist? How many feminists actually think this way?
The last question, i don’t even understand that i have to ask. Because with all other groups, you get a pretty good grasp of what the consensus within it is! But not with this.

AwesomeRants made a video a few months ago about feminism, where she basically said that it’s a moot term at this point. Because no one seems to know what it even means anymore!

I agree with her. But i would like to add, after a lot of thinking about it. I think feminism is in a crossroad, where it is changing a lot.
I mean, this very aggressive stance to redefine atheism and all of these feminists you find everywhere, who basically espouse the dreary things that this list maker pukes out!
I don’t know. The more i see, the more i’m convinced that they’re indoctrinated! Someone should not be able to proudly say “I went to this feminism study for a week, and it changed my perception of everything!” or “I didn’t know how marginalized and discriminated against i was, until i found feminism”. I mean, it sounds an awful lot like indoctrination! I’m sorry. I just feel that way!

But maybe i’m wrong in my perception of feminism! Maybe i’m just not seeing it! Maybe a naked woman is wrong, and is furthering the objectification of women in society at large! Maybe their conviction holds true, and i’m just a grumpy, dumb conservative.
I’d like to be proven wrong! Show me what feminism is!

Tropes vs women in videogames. Whatever response someone could make to her.

You know, i haven’t really commented on feministfrequency’s video she made a few weeks ago, where she talked about tropes vs women. Because one, she disabled comments and ratings. Which tells me that she obviously don’t care about other people responding. She defends it by saying that “people are just gonna troll and be sexist” (Sorry to paraphrase), but if that is her attitude, then why bother? Why even be on the internet? Doing something like that just makes you seem like a creationist. They do that shit too, because they know their opinions (Which is what your video is) won’t hold up to scrutiny. And second, i haven’t responded because i think so many others did a great job at it.. and i’ve already talked about it with my brother. Woman and man in between.

Her video:

But i just wrote something on facebook in response to an article i read on PA (Jocelyn had shared it), and maybe it could at least give you some idea of where i stand, as a gamer myself:

I don’t think video game developers are coming from a very sexist stance on the current state of the industry. I think it’s more of a holdback from a previous era, and a money issue. And it’s a catch 22, really. Because if they never branch out to make characters something other than 30-some-year-old white straight males, you’re never going to get a bigger market for other demographics either.
So for the industry and people as a whole, i think it would be better if we started mixing it up a little. Even though your numbers are currently telling you that this narrow scope is what sells right now.

And thunderf00t made a video where he did some good explaining too, and it pretty much sums it up. She’s not a gamer, and she walked into something that was way beyond her depths. Leave the gaming analyzing and women in gaming talking to extracredits. They explain stuff so much better than she could ever (Because she’s just not a gamer. She has little to no interest in games. At least if her video is anything to go by) do. And i don’t even agree with them on everything. I think they’re too liberally slanted at times. But i always respect their opinions, and find good points in them, because there is where you’ll find non-posers..

Anyway. Do check out thunderf00t’s video, and extracredits. But i’d recommend doing like me and not think too much of it. Because like i said in the beginning, she obviously doesn’t care about other people’s opinion. She seems to have already decided that they’re wrong anyway. And no, i don’t buy her bullshit excuses for a second.

Thunderf00t’s video:

Link to extra credits: http://www.penny-arcade.com/patv/show/extra-credits

So tired. Tribalism, and a short thank you.

Yesterday, i recorded myself talking about being tired of some groups of people, but i decided to scrap it, and just write it instead.
But before anything else. The 22nd of April will be the one year mark for this blog. One year, and almost 100 followers since then. Considering that i’m the most boring human being alive, i think that’s quite remarkable. Thanks to everyone who gave the time, and continues to give their time. It’s very much appreciated. If only for the fact that i’m not just speaking to myself.

You know.. I scrapped what i said earlier. Because what i’m really tried of is just one thing. And that’s ignorance. I’m tired of dogma. I’m tired of indoctrination. I’m tired of tribalism. I’m tired of blindness. I’m tired of bubbles. I’m tired of narrow mindedness. I’m tired of  lalalalala!!! I’m tired of ignorance.

And it all stems from groups. It all comes from “My side can no nothing wrong, and i’ll find flaws in the other side till i’m red in the face”. For instance, political affiliations. You know, the moment a republican president starts abusing the powers that a democratic president created for him/her, that’s when they’ll get mad. And it’s the republicans fault! Because fuck that guy.

Or you’ll see it among skeptics. Which is probably the most ironic group of people. They pride themselves on being skeptics and having a skeptical outlook on life. But in reality, they’re just as tribal as any other group. You know, the moment someone in their group starts saying someone stupid, they flat out ignore it, and often times reward it. Like atheism+.
Skeptics guide to the universe is the largest skeptics podcast out there, yet the people in it won’t even question it when Watson comes with her oh so enlightened thoughts. Like how saying cunt is wrong, but saying dick is ok.. Yes, you’re always right, Watson. You’re not a moron.

I could go on. Pretty short list, but like the title states, i’m just so god damned tired of it. I’m tired of dealing with it. Which is why i’ve decided that i’ll stop bothering so much with it. Because people will just be people, and their group is awesome, and every other group suxxx!1one It’s never our fault, and it’s always their fault. It’s always us vs them. There can be no other solution, and i’d sooner use my chest as a drum and yell AAAAAAHHHHAHAHAHAAAAHHHHAAAAAAAAAAA before looking at it in any other way. I’m just right, and you’re just wrong!

I’m done.

Epiphany. To all transsexuals and everyone else

I’ve had these thoughts nibbling away at me the past few days.. and perhaps even the past few years. And i feel that i’m in a stage where i can express them and externalize them. So i’m going to do that now.

For a longer time than i would like to admit, i’ve been worried about everything. More specifically, i worry about friends. I have difficulties keeping friends. And i know why. It’s because i worry too much. I worry that i’m going to lose them. I worry that they’ll feel bad about me, that they’re going to think less of me, that they’re not having a good time being with me. All these fears and worries i have. One person that comes to mind is Jocelyn. I’ve talked about her a lot on this blog as of late, and i adore her a lot. But i’ve had all these fears about her. THat she’s going to become a radical feminist, where she thinks that she’s been blind her whole life, and that she’s not seen all the harassment she’s going through 24/7. Or that she’ll become so popular that she’ll forget about all the fun interactions we’ve had, and the experiences we’ve shared with one another.

Sadly, i can’t really call her a friend. I’ve never met her. I call her an internet friend, and i would like to change it to friend. Someone who i can be there for, someone who can be there for me. Someone to have fun with. Someone to do stuff with. But what’s going to happen if i worry a lot, that she’ll just start ignoring me? What does that say about me? On an intellectual level, i need to be able to say to myself: What is wrong with you, woman? What on the holy earth that is this planet, are, you, worried, about?? That things are going to go STRAIGHT to the toilet, never to be seen again!
And i have got to stop that. I have got to stop worrying. Of course i’m always going to want to be able to share stuff with Jocelyn and all the other friends i have to. But if i worry to lose them all the time, guess what? It’s going to end up being true. A person’s worries about these sorts of things always shines right through them. No matter how hard he or she is trying to hide it. And until i can overcome these feelings, i will never be able to keep a good friend. I will be forever alone.

And another thing is that i need to stop being so negative all the time. I need to stop worrying about things that are outside of my reach. I need to. I need, i need, i need… That’s another thing. Stop being egocentric. It’s not about my needs. It’s just about being a good person. Just be yourself, to your best ability, and stop worrying, and stop thinking about who you dislike, and all of that nonsense. It’s a rabbitwhole that leads NOWHERE! And you need to stop chasing down it. Just dig yourself out of it, and stop whining!

So.. I finally, after months of feeling horrible, managed to buy myself some more makeup. Which will be fun. And that’s what it needs to be about. The good things in life.


It might seem small, but it feels big to me. This is to all the transsexuals out there: Be strong. Summon up the courage i know you have inside of you. Do what you know is right, and do it at your own pace. Stay strong.

And to the rest of you. Heed my advice. Don’t be a dumb shit (To quote Timothy Bishop). Life is too short to worry and to limit yourself only to yourself. Live life to its fullest. You know as well as i do that you can reach that full life.

Take care everybody. And thank you for reading.

Most outspoken atheists and famous scientists are men, and an update.


Let’s begin with the update. Going to move this Sunday instead. Stockholm, where the previous owner of the apartment is moving to, as well as most of Sweden at the moment, has been afflicted with a horrible blizzard. Apparently, they’re having class 1 storm warnings down in stockholm. Because of that, i am not moving until this Sunday, when they say it’s going to calm down. Which kind of sucks. I was hoping to move today. But as luck would have it, she offered to pay the entire rent for december, if i came down this Sunday to help her pack the last of her things. Sure, it’s early in the morning, but i get to move in fairly early this Sunday instead. And with no rent to pay! Feels pretty awesome. Saved me about 323 USD (2400 SEK). So yes. This Sunday, i’m moving. Which feels pretty good, all things considered. Because i hate Sunday, and anything i can do to take my mind off it is good to me.

Other than that, i’ve just been tinkering around with bluetooth on my devices today. It’s pretty fun.

That little rant the title is promising

I’ve seen this in many many pieces of art and stuff i’ve seen as of late. You know, there’s this great image of Hitchens, Hawkins, Feynman, etc. But since those are all men, there’s always a portion of the comments on the image that will say “This image doesn’t represent me enough”. And that has happened so much lately, that i feel i need to say something.
I think i’ve ranted about this earlier. But i guess it bares repeating. Truth of the matter is that most scientists and outspoken atheists are men. It’s as simple as that. A lot has to do with how we raise our kids. Because of that, not a lot of women, until now at least, has perused a career in the STEM field, and they also don’t tend to be outspoken about things (Because, you know.. It’s not “lady-like”). But i think we’re seeing a change in that actually. In a few decades from now, it’s probably going to be equally distributed, not only among men and women, but all sorts of people.

Which leads me to my last point. This goes out to all of those who have made comments, and are making comments, regarding the absence of group (Especially gender) representation in art and other media:  I don’t see how the world has to pander to your supposed political correctness. If anything, you’re the sexists/racists/homophobes. Because you’re the one noticing the difference between people, instead of just seeing it for what it is. A bunch of people. Humans. I mean, would i be right in saying that something has little to no representation of transsexuals? No, of course not. That would be silly. There is a time and place to check whether or not we’re discriminating against people, and art and most other media is not the time or the place.

Don’t blame the mirror, blame what’s looking back at it.

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