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Something to be said about girl gamers

I’ve been pondering “Girl gamers” as of late. Specifically, the Ubisoft spokeswoman who spoke at last years E3 (I Think it was the 2012 one). You could google it if you want the details, but basically, she was lambasted by a bunch of people, for just being a facade, a poser, a brainiac in a dress! Whatever you choose to call it! She replied to the weird criticism (Which was because she was a woman, let’s not pretend here.. But i have a point, so give me a few more sentences) by stating that she had gamed, saved more princesses, killed more monsters and saved more kingdoms than them (The ones critizing her). She said that she had been doing it before they were even born! And she had. She could prove all of it! And i thought it was the coolest reponse ever! Not only did she not play the victim card (Which is easy to do, and kind of a weakling’s way out when it comes to just words), but she told those bastards! If only i could remember her name..

But anyway! I was thinking about why she got the backlash to begin with.  And her being a woman is certainly a part of it. But i think the root of it is that she is a woman, and women, traditionally doesn’t play games! It’s an instant disqualifyer in the minds of people such as that, i think! And any jock type guy, or little kid seems to land in a similar category!
What i’m getting at is that i think geeks just want others to suffer like they did. All old school geeks grew up getting bullied for liking Zelda, Mario, Sonic, Pacman, etc! And i’m among them! I remember having to be quiet about what i liked. Anyone even mentioning anything remotely geeky (Minus sports geeking.. That was ok) was subject to teasing or more commonly, bullying!

What i’m saying is that, there’s no wonder geeks are so sensitive! They want to rat out any poser. Any jock or girl, who used to bully them, who know, all of a sudden, think it’s cool! All the hell the geeks went through, just to have their hobby hijacked by jocks and girls! Fucking shit!!

That’s my opinion on what i think is part of, if not the root of the reason why geeks track down on girl gamers so much! Of course, they’re stupid morons when they think they’re in any authority to quiz women on games, as some sort of test. It’s pedantic nonsense.. But at least i’ve shared a little as to why i think they do it!
They’re just not happy about how things ended up!

EDIT: I should note that i think the term “girl gamer” is stupid! As far as i’m concerned, you’re a gamer.. Gender has nothing to do with it! So don’t be a dumb shit, like the girl portrayed here:


Day 46: Xu is not an English word

Been an unproductive day today. Nothing was done. I talked with my mom about stuff, and i mentioned being without work for so long, and we talked a little about the school i’m expecting news from in a month or two from now. I hope so much that i will get in. I have really high hopes, and i have yet to be rejected from any school. But the other times, i had financial issues to worry about. Not this time. If i get in, i’m set! I’ll get a new life, basically! That’s how i view it, at least. But that’s only if i get a yes. There’s always the chance of them saying no, and.. That would make me really depressed.
But i really don’t know. We’ll have to see. All i know is that my grades are above average, and that it will be of help in this case.

I played some wordfeud (Scrabbles, basically) earlier today, and damn! Xu is a fucking word. What does it mean? Oh, you don’t know? Well, i did use the American English dictionary in the settings. So it was a US dictionary that i was using. Well.. According to google (Who reference external dictionaries), it’s a abbreviation of a tier of currency used in Vietnam.. 1xu is worth a certain amount of dongs… It suuuure is.
Fuck you, wordfeud. As soon as i figured out that they basically singled out that word just to make more use of the X, i suspended all my English matches. I checked if the Swedish “kr” was accepted, because 1kr is worth 100 öre. But nope! On top of that, when you find that “ok” isn’t accepted, you just.. Loose all faith in them. So i don’t know how much i’ll play it. I’ll try the Swedish one a little more, and probably just play it with mom and other people i know. But that’s it. Maybe the Swedish one will prove to be utter bullshit too. I know it didn’t accept “edo”, which is the name of a period in Japan, i think.. But i digress! That one’s my own ignorance, i’ll admit!

A note i feel like i should make on all of this, is that it could just be my massive ego who needs to make excuses why she lost so much. Maybe i’m just that lost in myself. I wouldn’t know, personally. I mean.. I do know that the game isn’t so much about what words you use, but rather, how and where you place them…

So.. After that rant.. Saw a really cool game today called “Watch dogs” (Video at end of post). Sat in my brother’s place with him, watching the E3 trailer.
First thought.. FINALLY A NEW IP! Something new coming from the AAA studios. Finally! The game looks fantastic too. I’ll admit. The trailer has me excited. Will totally follow the news on this one.

My brother and i also talked a little about some racist saying that “The immigrants are taking our jobs”. It was a response they had when it was reported that Greeks were fleeing their country to start a new life in Sweden. We did some quick observations about their statement, and realized that.. No.. Not really. I mean, if we look around us, we can see that there’s hardly a single immigrant working around. In stores and everything. So few get jobs, apparently. Which i think is a shame. I think everyone should be able to get a job.
If only it wasn’t even a fucking issue. But no.. I have to live in the time when humanity had to screw that specific thing up! But now i’m just complaining!!

I guess that about does it. Tomorrow.. I should call someplace. I’ve been reluctant to do so because of my right ear. Something inside of it.. Wax.. You know how it is, after you’ve had a fever. Can hardly hear a thing in it now.
Then i will also apply for another job. Once again. Will probably venture through the oho ocean in Mario And Luigi. Having a lot of fun on there. Today’s the 3rd day of training! Those trainings are pretty rough too. Gonna do the one for today after this post. I should probably put it earlier in the day though.

Day 45: Nintendo at E3 & Sagan comic

Started off the day playing some more mario and luigi. Got the part where you find the oldest brew of chucklehuck. Someone telling the brew joke after joke for 1000s of years. It’s quite funny, really. During the boss fight with the brew (Just go with it), the man who’s told it a lot of jokes can heal it by telling it jokes. “What does a soda call its dad? Pop!”.

Then later on, my brother woke up. He’s been sleeping at my parents house (Where i live) for two days due to regular inspection of his apartment. Since he works weird shifts, those inspections would be during times when he’s asleep.. So yea.
But he woke up, we  talked a little, and headed home to his place. Grabbed some stuff from his place, and went down to a friend of his, and someone i’ve known for quite some time too. So we watched the whole Nintendo E3 conference on his TV (Connected his laptop to it), and… It was fun as heck! We talked about the stuff presented and made some jokes.

I personally thought that Nintendo did a good job with it. Pikmin 3 was a big one for me. They also seemed to have made Luigi’s mansion 2 for the 3ds a little darker and more true to the original. The idea of being able to see what your friends are doing in the games they’re playing at a glance was pretty genius if you ask me.  And they’re even going to make it possible to see things like that (A friend stream that includes specific moments in games even) anywhere, on any browser. To me, this is a big thing. I can’t wait to see how it’s going to work. Get the full story, that is.
Then there were some really nice looking games on the 3ds, and some demoing of how developers can use the Wii U controller. Very interesting stuff. I’m more glad that the Nintendo default this time around is the classic controller now (Two sticks, d-pad, 4 front buttons, 4 shoulders, etc), except it also has a screen.. And seeing that they made a “pro” version of the controller, which is basically a 360 controller, without any screens; it appears that they’re going for more traditional controllers as the default, but adding the screen thing for specific games, and specific game features.

It’s all good, all around. It’ll be fun to hear what the podcasts say about it later. Maybe it could bring me back to earth? Haha!
Oh, and Microsoft’s conference kind of sucked, and Sony’s, i didn’t even watch.

And here i am, now i’m at home.
As soon as i’m done here, i’m going to do the exercises again. They will become a daily part of this blog from now on. So i will always, at the very least, include  the number of days i’ve been doing them now. Today is day nr 2! (:
Tomorrow.. I’m not sure. Middle of the week.. I suppose i will use tomorrow to get some stuff done. Apply for a job or two, hopefully making a call. really losing my mojo on that now.

Either way.. It’s been a fairly good day.
I found this fantastic site earlier. The guy who make all those awesome inspirational comics: http://zenpencils.com/

Here’s an example:

Carl Sagan quote


Day 44: First day of training

Today, i’ve been looking at google maps a lot. Found some interesting stuff. Like the country inside of south Africa… Can’t remember the name now, but it had the highest rape rate of any country on earth according to UN. Which… Sources may be debatable, but a lot of people are raped there, it seemed. A more light note on that country was that, it was interesting to learn that due to the high altitudes, they actually got snow there.
Then i found some islands in the middle of the ocean called “Heard island & McDonald island”.. It’s a deserted antarctic island with a volcano called “Big ben”, owned by Australia since 1960ish. Very funny to find that.

Aside from looking at google maps for places, i’ve been to my brother for a little while. Watched some videos and talked a little (Some about a documentery he saw about torture. Disgusting and it doesn’t work, seemed to be the name of the game. And yea, i am unconvinced that it works from earlier). I went mainly to get exercise (Like the doctor told me. Brisk walks). I’m still not 100%, of course, so i couldn’t walk too briskly. On the way home, i found some bird just standing in the middle of an off-beat path i choose to take. I stopped when i was right beside it, and it didn’t fly away. Pretty random, and cute. It did eventually fly off when i took a small step towards it though.

Earlier, i got into a mini argument on twitter with a Creationist. Yes! I found out he didn’t know what evolution even was (He thought it explained the physical world). He denied my accusations. Flat out ignored my proof of him not understanding it. After which, i just told him to read up on it and then we’ll talk. The final thing he told me was that i didn’t understand his position, and that “evos like me”.. Something, something. It ended in irony, in other words.
You can go on my twitter page to see it for yourself, if you’d feel so inclined, but that’s the short version. He tried the standards: Science lingo, “big words”, over-complication, etc. Just pathetic. But what can you do? Hehe!

Just got done doing the training the doctor told me to do too. Three different exercise. Toe-ups (Ionno the actual english names of these), sit-ups and out-stepping. Feeling a bit achy a little here and there now… Which means it worked. So it feels great to have finally started it.
I’ll do the recommended amount he started off with, but will, as he told me to, increase the amount as time goes on. That is how training works after all.

And finally, i applied for a job as a telephone person in Norway. It seemed pretty cool, and i think i might have some chances with it.

That’s that. Tomorrow, at 6pm, i’m going down to my brother to watch the Nintendo press conference at E3. It’ll be a lot of fun! Saw the microsoft one today, and was underwhelmed. It was better than last time when they got a circus show, though.

I haven’t watched it yet, but i decided to look up a video, showcasing all the minigames in Pokémon stadium 1:

I used to play that game quite a bit, and we had a lot of fun with the minigames. So it’ll be a nostalgia trip for me. (:

Day 43: How i met your mother

I feel better today. I think most of my fever is gone. My stomach muscles are aching a lot due to all the coughing though. Still not feeling 100% there.. But give it a week, and i’ll be completely cured.

E3 started today. First, boring sunday with little happening. Saw a pic of Reggie, Iwata and Miyamoto shaking hands, so that’s always good. So long as those three will be on the Nintendo conference in.. I think, about 2 days or so(?), i’ll be fine. I’ll check tomorrow when they’ll have theirs. Hopefully, i can go down to my brother to watch it live, but if not.. Then oh well.

I watched my first two episodes of how i met your mother an hour ago, and i have to say.. Awesome! I have to look up, and watch all of them. I just loved it. Fun, very well written, and emotional. Gotta love it. So expect a bunch of talk about that.

Decided to talk a short walk earlier. I hadn’t been outside for about 2 days. So i had to stretch my legs, so to speak. Then i also played some Mario and luigi. Had a lot of fun, got to the “chucklehuck forest”. Where they make the “Chuckola”. Add some chucklehuck fruit, tell it some good quality jokes while brewing it, and when it’s done.. Enjoy. Yea.. I just love that place! So having a lot fun with it so far. I have to admit that the beginning is a bit slow in the game, although kind of funny as well. But that’s the case with all RPGs. The first hours always has to be some kind of hype, i’ve noticed.

Read a study made by some people from Cornell university, where they found out that people think they’re smarter than what they really are. Which i have noticed in my life as well.
They correlated it with why we only see mediocre politics in leading positions in democracies. So i found that pretty interesting. And it’s something i’ve suspected for a long time now.

And that’s about it. Tomorrow, i’m going to start with the exercise that doctor told me to do. So that’ll be fun too. I’ll do the three muscle specific ones, and take a brisk walk. Can’t wait to start that!! I also need to call companies about internship. Getting sick kind of screwed up my mojo with that. I also haven’t touched the pics i was supposed to do earlier. Haha! But i’ll get it done! For sure.
I’m up for a pretty fun week.

Probably the only good JibJab video. Sometimes, you find people who make one single great video:

Day 42: Hopeful about E3 and still sick

Still sick. Head aches and stomach muscles are beat from all the coughing. It suuuuucks! But what can i do?

So yea.. Talked with my brother about stuff today. If i feel up for it, i’m gonna go to him tomorrow to watch some E3 announcements. I’m hoping for some Wii U launch titles, some PS4 stuff, and hopefully a word from crytec about time splitters 4 (Kind of doubt it though) and some surprises. It’ll be fun for sure. Nintendo always puts up a good show on E3, and i’m even interested in what Microsoft and Sony’s gonna come up with this time. Fun times to be had, for sure.

Woke up from a nap about 30 mins ago or so, and found myself thinking about Astrid Lindgren. If i ever get around to it, it would be fun to do a review of some of her stuff and my memories of her from my childhood, Nostalgia Critic style. Sounds like it would be a fun thing to do.

Anyhow.. I’m still beating this cold. Hopefully, i’ll feel better tomorrow. And if i get the power to do so, i will play some Mario and Luigi.

Saw this video about videogame easter eggs earlier:

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