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New shoes!

A short one about shoes!
I’ve never owned high heels before, but i’ve always wanted a pair or two! So a week ago, i decided to order two pairs, online. I was looking in some stores initially, but since none of the carry a size 41 (I know… I have large feet. It bothers me..), i had to opt for the internet option!

So now i have them, and i’m so glad!  I fumble around in them, and i can’t walk very well! But at least now i have some lady-like footware! Perfect for going out on certain social occasions and just to ogle at. Did i mention i love shoes? :3

IMG_20130809_144828 IMG_20130809_144135 IMG_20130809_144655


I also got some other clothes while i was at it! My collection is growing (Muhaha) and it feels so freaking good, i can’t even explain! I feel that i’m becoming more myself. Now i have some ellegant, cute and beautiful things to put on, and i couldn’t be more pleased! :3


Dolling yourself up for the camera! <3

I decided to doll myself up real good, and take a bunch of pictures. Here are a few of them that i wanted to share ^w^
My hair has gotten really long. I like it!

IMG_20130801_180547 IMG_20130801_180313 IMG_20130801_180319 IMG_20130801_180211 IMG_20130801_180335

For once, i actually feel kind of sexy and really good with myself today. It’s an odd feeling.. But now, i’ll enjoy it, and indulge myself in some self-esteem for once!
By the way, i’m wearing my new dress (Not that you can see much of it).

I got a new dress!

Short post today! First of, i started following my big sister on wordpress! One of my siblings finally started something creative on the web for once. Everyone else kind of avoids it!

And yes! I got a new dress! Like i’ve said before. This might seem like a small thing. But for me, it’s a step towards my normalcy (I’ll explain that in more detail later). It’s a frilly dress that’s more lightweight than the other one i got. No straps (Only my bra straps).. And it’s awesome! So yay me!Image

New dress. OkCupid and next meeting

I’ve been neglecting this blog for a while now. It’s just that, as of late, i’ve been able to talk about myself more with others. So the blog just gets a little less useful then. But i’ve been doing some stuff that i wanted to share on here, so here goes!

New dress!

I got a new dress a few days ago.. Or rather, i got my first dress! And i feel so proud of myself, to have been able to go to a store to buy my clothes for once. Before, i always went online, or to second hand shops (Which i don’t consider the same). So now i’ve finally taken that step, where i’m comfortable buying stuff for myself. ^w^

I remember promising myself back when i was a about 12, that i would not buy any boys clothes ever! That i would buy women’s clothing only. My mom always got me the guys clothes that i have now (Me having a big family and all), so i had the luxery of waiting this long. Gotta say though. It feels great wearing a summer dress during summer! Makes you enjoy summer more, to be honest!

Here’s a picture:


Friend again

I fear a little for my friend. We were having another argument, about videogames as art. And long story short. Of course videogames can be art, i could have expressed myself better, and my argument was only that videogames should become universally considered art. Much like when the watchmen made comics into high art by creating the “visual novel” genre.

But anyway. The argument wasn’t that important. A very silly argument, really. All i really have to say about it is that she shouldn’t get stressed over it. I fear that she has very severe stress issues, and she’s not seeing anyone about it.. So what can i do? She won’t talk to me right now, and quite frankly, i’m just sick of it. Because it comes across as very disrespectful.


So i finally decided to try and look for love. I’ve gotten a lot of answers and PMs from guys. And i don’t know.. A lot of really nice, cute and handsome men on there. I think i kind of like OkCupid! Only issue i have is that you can’t really officially state that you’re a transsexual. It’s either male or female. Which kind of sucks. But oh well. I’ll try it for a few weeks and see what kind of people i’ll be able to meet.

Next meeting

Was postponed. Sadly. By about 2 weeks.  So that means i’ll have to wait even longer..
On a positive note, i’ve decided to go full femme when going down to Uppsala next time, to meet with the transsexual experts. So that’ll be fun! (:

Day 27: Search for dresses & Jesus iPods

I’ve been thinking a lot lately. Which is good, because it’s indicative of a good mental health. But i’ve been thinking about pantie shots. On the TV, they have a dance program on right now, and they talked about “ooh! A pantie shot! zomg!!1one”. And it’s the same for many other shows too. Always something special with it. But why? I mean, no one cares about a woman going around wearing a bikini? Cartoon or not. I guess what’s really going on is that a “forbidden fruit” kind of thing is built up with a skirt, and giving a pantie shot in those circumstances is somehow different than showing someone in a bikini.. Ionno, i just think it’s strange behavior.

Then i also wondered.. We have this perfect image of a very sexy guy, dancing or hanging out in a romantic setting with a sexy lady. Both very young, clad in loose clothing all around, and just a perfect picture. Maybe it’s on a beach during sunset, and they’re running along it playfully, like young people do (right?). And since it’s all perfect on paper, it must be perfect to be in that situation too, right? I don’t know, i just think that maybe, a memory like that, to have that experience, might not be so special after all. Especially not as special as the rest of us might think. But really, these are just weird thoughts, and i might not be making much sense right now. haha!

It’s been a very active day. Still a strange weather, but we’ll probably get a proper summer soon. Been talking to people and all that. Never really made any plans to hang out with anyone today though. So i’m currently by myself. Which is fine. I’ll see if i can hang out with someone tomorrow. Cause i love doing it.

Oh yea! My iPod started working today too. Started working as soon as the batteries ran out, and the device couldn’t be on anymore. Go figure. So it’s now my Jesus iPod!! It came back from the dead!

Went to a store later today too. Wanted to see if i could find some new clothes. But alas.. Couldn’t find anything of interest. Kind of want a new dress.

Anyway. Don’t have much more to say at the moment. Kind of distracted by this video at the moment:

I started watching it because my parents TV in the living room had an ad on that played the original of the song that’s played at the end of the video i embedded.. Damn, that was quite a mouthful.
At any rate. Happy friday!

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