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Epic music. Bravely Default and many more.

Two days ago, i was recommended a soundtrack from a friend (Jocelyn. I’ve mentioned her a few times before). We were talking about epic songs and how we both love rock music. Fast forward a day later: I’m told that my appointment was canceled, and i’m bummed.. Majorly so. But in the second half of yesterday, i gave the Bravely default soundtrack a proper listen, and it helped me immensely to get over my depression (That, and talking to Jocelyn about it).

Fast forward to now. I’ve listened to one of the best song’s i’ve heard in a veeeery long time, about 30 times now. And i’m telling you. It took me 20 listens to get over the goosebumps i kept getting. That’s how good it is! I mean, i’ve listened to songs on repeat a lot in the past, but never have i really had something like this for one song. Sure, for the whole album of Dream theater’s Metropolis part 2, i had goosebumps after many repeat listens. But never for any one song.

So here i am right now, just raring to share a bunch of epic songs. So why don’t i start with the song that i keep mentioning?

I refuse to think that the creators of the Bravely Default soundtrack aren’t fans of Dream theater. At the very least, they must have been an inspiration on some level (And considering that DT is big in Japan, it wouldn’t be too hard to believe). This song illustrates that DT inspiration more than any other:

I’m guessing this next one is a 2nd to final boss. Or final boss, first form:

And that’s more like an orchestra:

And there are plenty other fantastic songs in that sountrack. I strongly recommend you check it out if you’re a fan of videogame music and rock.

So here are a few more epic songs, just to collect them:

Just about any old school nightwish song, really.

A sample from Octavarium, sporting a pretty funny, almost DCMC-esque animation:

Anyhow. I’d be here all day. But these are some of my favorites. Anyone reading this has any good epic songs they’d like to share?


Day 190-191: Bipolar disorder

Lots of podcasts. About mental illnesses, stephen fry, bipolar disorder and dream theater. George Takei on Penn’s sunday school.


Been out walking for most of this day, and yesterday. Listening to a lot of podcasts. I have to say. I have no idea what i would have done without podcasts. I would probably have gotten sick of my music a long time ago, and i wouldn’t have as much to think about.

Listened to the full, what i think is, 3 hours, of Stephen Fry talking about bipolar disorder. About his own struggles, where he’s going next with it (Medication, therapy, etc) and how it’s getting worse for him. He also talked to various people who had undergone a lot of different therapy to feel better. And talked about detaining the hyper manic. How it works. Basically the whole thing. It was very moving to hear, and i think it’s very courageous of him to be so open about it.

I can’t really say that i personally am suffering from bipolar disorder though. Just a lot of anxiety, in what i think is anxiety disorder. I’m hoping that it’ll get better as soon as i move out.

Lastly, i’ve been listening to penn on his podcast, where he had George Takei on, to talk about various things. One of which was George’s efforts to educate the american public on the racist prison camps that came about during the WW2. Very interesting stuff, since he was about 5 years old at the time. I recommend checking it out.


Again, i can point to dream theater when it comes to mental illnesses, since they wrote a whole album about the subject (Six degrees of inner turbulence)

This one is expressly about bipolar disorder. From what i understand, it explains it pretty well.
Another song about another mental illness, which also wraps up the whole album (The finale), explains how we basically need to stop discriminating against those of us who are suffering from a mental illness. Highly recommend that one as well.

Day 189: Anxiety is a mother fucking bitch

Slow sunday. Stephen Fry, podcasting and walking. Anxiety disorder material.


Been a typical sunday today. Nothing happening, no updates, no nothing. So i’ll just briefly explain what i’ve been doing today.

Been out walking for the most part. Feeling pretty content in the sun at this time of year. Pretty much winter here now.
Been listening to more stuff you should know. On the 4x mark now, so i’m getting down there. The episodes i heard was about lucid dreams and brainwashing and more. Then i also listened to some Stephen Fry and friends, talking about Hitchens. So that was great. Going to listen to Stephen Fry talk about his manic depression tomorrow. That’ll be very interesting for sure.

Then i’ve been thinking of a serious image change for myself as soon as i move out. I want to expand my outlook of the world too.. Going to try to figure out how later on. I just don’t know what to do.


Going to feature a lot of good things that explain anxiety disorder:

Day 92: Take me as i am

In today’s post:
Jam full blogpost. Cleaning with Jenna. My Magic the gathering past. And, ZOMG, i’m weird? With a touch of politics.

Cleaning all day

I started around 12 and finally got done around 8pm. So i’ve showed, change my bed sheets, rearranged stuff, changed light bulbs, gone through every single drawer and just flipped the whole damn room up-side-down.

Feels great having done it. I finally have somewhere to store my clothes and everything. Which is good, by the way, because i won the auction for the nightgown! Woohoo! But i digress.

So cleaning.. Feels like i’m leaving behind something awful. For some reason. I also found some neat things i had forgotten about, or thought i forgot. You see… There’s one box that i’ve had unpacked (A cardboard box without a lid) since i moved into with my parents around 2009, and i hadn’t really looked at anything since.. But now i finally did. I finally removed it, along with many other things. So this room feels much more like mine now.

A few notable things i found while cleaning were: An unsent letter, which i will be telling more about in a future vlog i have planned; some more cables that could be useful; the receipt for my broken big computer and A lot..

Magic the gathering musings

…and i mean a lot of magic the gathering cards:

I love the “ultimate nightmare of the wizard of the coast customer service”. I did not know i had that card. It comes from the first edition of the “unhighned” cards or whatever the set was called. It was made just to have fun. basically, cards would tell the player to put the card on their foreheads, or spin around in a circle for 20 seconds, etc.

From left to right: Lands, common, rare, uncommon, a bunch of random cards.
I was thinking of maybe selling some of them, if i can get a decent amount for them, and put them on my new clothes fund. Even though i have had a lot of good memories playing magic in the past. It started when my brother took home some cards one day, and we just played with various people and against each other. Then when the first Kamigawa set came out, i got my very own first cards, collected and played with friends for a few years… and eventually lost interest. I mean, sure, i could play if the chance comes up again, but i donno.. right now, i feel that the money would give me far more joy. Guess i’ll think a little about it though.

Being weird

My brother and i talked a little about being weird. He told me that he had tried high heels, bathed with two friends (Who was one girl, and a guy. Boyfriend girlfriend) and all sorts of other awesome things. He told me about how people thought it weird, some of the things he done with people. Like, he’ll tell someone that he’s kissed three guys before.

Ionno.. I really like those reactions people get, because it really solidifies my suspicions that most people in this one horse town, and probably in many places, are trapped in their own bubbles. Now, of course, they can live like that if they so choose, i just think they’re missing out a lot on life by abiding by invisible codes of ethics and rules. I also think that behavior makes you a much worse voter, in all honesty. I think it goes without saying… But maybe if what you want for yourself is your only concern, then sure. You’re a bad voter for being a selfish fuck. But if you try to make the country better, and you only have a very limited perspective that extends to maybe your landscape, then you’re a bad voter for simply not informing yourself. I guess either way, you’re a bad voter.

Huge digression! But there you go.


I’ll be going down to the employment offices to talk to someone about.. something. I’m not sure. There’s someone i have to meet there, apprently. But most of all, i’ll be going down there to do the final touches on the papers i got, which could land me a internship as a photo scanner person.. Like i said earlier. Someone who takes a normal photo, scans it, edits the levels and possibly some wrinkles and then posts it to a mySQL database. Easy as pie. And kind of fun too.

Today’s Image/Video

And since i’m on the topic of being myself:




Day 19: Kim Jong chugging along

My brother and my mom is currently watching a documentary about a Swedish jeans (go figure) company called “noko jeans”, which was a project by three guys, who thought it would be a good idea to open a factory in north korea, and sell jeans. Needless to say, it didn’t last very long. But i valiant effort non the less. Kind of makes me think of what Carl Sagan named one of his books “The demon-hunted world”. Which had sections where he expressed his feelings about science as a candle in the dark. A factory in a dark country.. But i digress.

Today’s been a fairly slow day. Started it with going down to talk to one of the workers in the place i thought i was gonna get an internship at.. Yes.. Thought.. I didn’t get it. But they did say that i would go on a list of people to contact at least. Which is always good. Who knows what that might result in. Be happy for the small things, i guess.
Tomorrow, i’m going to call around more places though. Now that i have cracked my first egg, so to speak. I have to say that it’s been great doing it. Being far more active. Mentally, it’s doing a lot of good to my psyche. Still feeling in the stressed side of things, but overall, not too bad. I can’t complain.

It’s currently raining outside. Apparently, it’s gonna rain for the rest of the day, and the day after. Which i guess isn’t too bad. I have plans on going to my brother to do something with him this Saturday too, which feels great. I get to be away from my, now, re-furnished room (Which feels great and clean, by the way. I’d show a pic, but i never took a before pic) and be more social. I think it’ll be great. If anything, maybe i can talk a little about it with him too. Either way, i feel like i’m getting somewhere.

Maybe all the feelings i’m having. All the stress (And things related to it. Nausea and such), is just my body adjusting to a different lifestyle. I might have just hit rock bottom earlier.

I wrote a little about the North Carolina thing on my jenappendicies, in case anyone’s interested; found out that i can’t do any theme editing here on wordpress for free, which sucks; and might actually end the night with some Golden sun for the gameboy advanced. I feel like playing it actually.

I think that’s it actually. I’m chugging along, despite all the horrible images my mind is giving me cause of stress and stuff.
Oh yes!! One more thing! Tomorrow, i’m gonna give the doctor a call about my leg too. My left leg has been swollen for about two years or so now, and i need to know why. It’s most likely a result of my bad knees (I’ll go more into that later) and probably an infection of some sort. Because sometimes, it really really hurts.

I’ll leave out with a somber song about sleeping:

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