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The observer should observe its rear hole (More trans talk). About bigotry. And some life updates

Some quick info and blog stuff

I’ve been feeling very bloggy as of late. I just want to write, and i feel that i have enough to say to make this a somewhat sizable post.
First things first, i’d like all my transgendered followers to link me to their wordpress, twitter or anywhere else, because i would like to follow you. You know, to get to know some more sisters and brothers in arms out there. Second of all. And if you’re not transgender, you could link me your blog anywhere, and i’ll check it out. I’d like to get more active and stuff, so i’ll probably end up following everyone.

Observing bigotry. Observer not being observant. Blind observer.

Anyhow. What’s up with the Observer? Apparently, according to a blog post i read this morning, and according to a few people i tweeted, the observer (Which is a supposed left-wing high ranking magazine in England) had commissioned a feminist bigot who felt it necessary to spew her bigotry all over the place, in the form of an article. It apparently had some really vile and nasty stuff in there about how transsexuals are just.. How did she phrase it, “men in bad wigs” or something to that effect. That’s the only thing i remember hearing though. Though, if the people who got riled up about this feminist is anything to go by, that was small stuff.
Like i said, i didn’t really read it, and i only have other people’s blog posts to go by, so this won’t end up a very informative post about that thing, but i got a bit emotional about a supposed left-wing paper writing bigoted stuff, and felt that i should share my opinion anyway. Good thing is that they apologized for commissioning such a bigot. And the bad thing is that a lot of leftists agreed with the bigotry.

I guess i could sit here all day and tell the bigots that their bigotry is no better than that of a Nazi . In fact, i’d argue that they’re more ignorant than Nazis. I mean, it should be more expected of people in this day and age to be more well versed in history, and especially the history of human bigotry. Didn’t have as much information about that stuff back in the days of the Nazis.
But anyway. They’re just gonna say that “it’s not the same”, just like Nazis do, like racists do, like homophobes do, etc. The thing about the bigoted is that logic just doesn’t work on them.

Small life updates

On an unrelated note. I’ve been playing a lot of borderlands 2 with my brother as of late. We’re about done with “true vaulthunter” mode now. I don’t know, it’s just been so much fun. I can’t get enough of it. On a side, i have been completing all the normal difficulty missions (To get an achievement, and to learn as much as i can about borderlands lore). Not much else to say about it. I might write a review later, and talk a little about a certain plot hole. It’ll be my final borderlands 2 post. Out of.. What.. 7 or so now?

This is what initially sparked me to make a new post. I’m down to my last pill. The last sleeping/anti-depressant pill. After this, my body’s gonna have to get used to getting sleepy of its own. Which i think it’s more than ready to do. So it’ll be exciting for sure. I’ve been taking them for about 90 days now, so i have to say that it’ll be nice to try without now.
Speaking of depression. Still no word from the Swedish medical academy, and no word from the people here either. So no updates on my transgender issues so far. One thing though.. I still don’t think my aunt knows about my issues, so when she’s coming along to a visits about my anxiety with the doctor here, i guess she’s just gonna have to know. She’s been a lot of help to me, so i hope it won’t bother her too much. Kinda need her help, so… Yea..

That’s about it for now, everyone. I hope to hear from some people, and maybe get to follow some too.


Day 161: I’m pretty hot, although i’m hardly the hottest thing around

In today’s post:
Change.. Eating healthy. Lots of weird views? And how hot can it get?


Days go by, and nothing ever seems to change. That’s a lie though. Things do change. It’s just that, it’s going very slow. I just want to take the step where i get my own place. That big step, which is going to make everything so much better. I won’t have to feel that i’m walking in place, doing nothing.

But that is for another today. Today, i haven’t done much, other than eating very unhealthily. But hey, there are days when you do that too. I just know that while i’m living here, there’s no way i’m going to get back into shape. There are just too many temptations and what not.

So, with those two stories, i’m gonna end it off right here. Oh, and i got around 73 views yesterday on my blog, for some weird reason. All from the US, going to different entries. Seems like a bot to me, since i didn’t really get many likes and w hat not. But  then again, what do i know. It seems weird that it would be a bot, but it does make sense.


Nothing planned. My brother and i are going to play borderlands 2 next week, and have a LAN. I hope my brain is ready for that.

Today’s image/video

Day 149: Come late!

In  today’s post:
Late post. I might be a lesbian. Borderlands 2 soon!!!


Actually.. More like, yesterday. I’m writing this blog in the morning after, because i was so damn tired yesterday. Spent most of the day just walking. It was great though.

So.. I think i might be a straight up lesbian. I had an epiphany yesterday. I probably don’t like penises, sadly. Either way, i think i’ll be able to not focus so much on sex anymore.
I wonder.. Will i have an epiphany about my gender at some point too? I feel that i’ve already had that though. I’ve come to the conclusion that i’m a woman. But you know. I’m not an expert on the subject, and i feel that i need to keep an open mind about it either way.

Borderlands 2 was released to the greedy yanks yesterday on console or whatever. Apparently, borderlands 2 has a huge minecraft easter egg. So that’s pretty funny. But that’s about all i know! I don’t want to spoil any more than that.
Me and my brother’s gonna play it this friday when it’s released on steam! Oooh, i can not wait! Apparently, the characters from the first game’s gonna be in it too? I don’t know, i just like lilith more than i like maya, when it comes to the sirens. Which was my favorite class in the last game.
Either way! It’ll be awesome! I think i need to complete the second playthrough of the first game today or tomorrow though.

I still haven’t gone down to the employment offices. But it’ll come, i guess. Since i have to to be able to get my own place.


No plans.

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Borderlands 2 will come on this Friday on steam!!

Day 144: The bearded lady, trying a new hair style

In today’s post:
Trying a hairstyle, and talking about trans stuff. iPod touches with new colors! Skyrim fan video.

Some pictures

I was going to shave off the beard properly, but couldn’t find the tools i needed to do so.. So i ended up with a half-assed photo shoot (for lack of a better word) of myself. My hair has gotten much longer now. It still lacks a lot of hair where hair should be though. I shudder to think how it’ll look like in a decade unless i do something about it. Luckily, you can do hair transplantation. I haven’t read too much about it yet, but it seems to be working, and it’s something i intend to do once i get the money to do so. Cause i want hair that i can do more with.

Anyway. Here are some of the pics. I kind of hate having to show that aweful beard, but hey.. I kind of liked the way my hair looked on some of them, and i wanted to mostly show how long it is now.





Ugh.. Can’t wait til i get to start taking hormones.


It’s been better today than it was yesterday. Had some fun with my brother, and just relaxed for a bit. Played some more borderlands.


I saw this little piece earlier, and i found myself agreeing with its message for the most part. Maybe someone else can get something good from it too.

Saw a really cute scarf in a shop i went to today. I was thinking of going back there tomorrow with my own money so that i can buy it. Cause i want it! Black and dark grayish, almost tartanesque/Lineish. I’ll take a pic tomorrow.

Oh, and one more thing.. Apple announced a bunch of  apple product updates today. iPhone 5, new colors on iPod touches, and much more. The red iPod touch looked a little pinkish, so that’s one i’d love to have. Wish i could have a truly pink one (Like one girl i saw had. Most have been custom colored).


I have got nothing planned.

Today’s Image/video

For us Skyrim fans:

Day 128: First day of school

In today’s post:
Detailing the first school  day, after more than 3 years of unemployment and stress disorder. A little more borderlands.


It was the first day of school today, and i am just beat! Had to wake up in some ungodly hour (6am or so), and ended up only getting two hours of sleep.
But yea. The trip there was fairly long too. Keep in mind that i started at 10am, and got to the town the school’s in, at about 8:40am. To sum up the first day, i’d say it was hellish, or nightmarish. It’s obvious that i’m not used to interacting with many people or doing anything, really. It was kind of an eye-opener, how much i need this, to get away from this old way of being. Anxiety disorder.. Horrible.

But yea.. Things are going forward though! I love getting to a new town and all that. It’s a shame i can’t really be myself in my current state though! I feel so bogged down by it. Had to run to the toilet more than ten times before the day was done. To cry, two of the times.. It’s very hard for me, obviously. I’m just not used to it.

I was very relieved when the day was over though. Went to look around more in town, and ate some pizza. Then i took the train home. Tomorrow will be better, i feel.

When i got home, i told my family about my day, and we just ended up talking for a while. My brother and i talked a little about Borderlands too. We ended up playing multiplayer in the Jacob’s cove DLC for a few hours. Which is a good ending to the dawning of a new me.

All in all, i feel that unless i actually confront with my fears, and that which makes me feel very uncomfortable and all that, nothing’s gonna get better. So it’ll be a tough couple of weeks.


Last day of school for the week. Turns out that it’s mostly homework for about 6 weeks or so. So it’s a soft start, thankfully.

Today’s Image/Video

Day 55: It’s easy doing things when you don’t think

Yet another chill day. Woke up, completed dungeon village, went to the store, chilled for a few more hours when i got home, and then played borderlands with my little brother. End of day.

So yes! Like i said. Got done with dungeon village today. What a great game. Sad that there wasn’t more to it, but  i got a good few days out of it. If you’re a fan of micro managing games with an RPG style to it, i highly recommend you check out dungeon village for the iOS, android and cellphones (For all you feature phone users out there). I was thinking about making a review out of it.. But i never did.
Right now, i’m playing angry birds seasons: Piglantis on the iOS, as well as wordfeud with my mom (Scrabble). Not playing any classic game on consoles/emulator yet, but going to jump into live-a-live for the SNES. And with my brother on the xbox 360, i’m playing borderlands. Actually started it today. I’ve played it before with my big brother. However, we stopped playing quite early for some reason. It’s a first person RPG in a sort of post-apocalyptic setting, with pretty good looking weapons. It’s stylized, so it never looks boring, unlike fallout 3. I will have a great time playing it.
Looking at it.. I sure am playing a lot of games now. It’s great!

I was litening to a great remake of a song called “Mabe village” today:

It got me thinking of the past. I used to play the game where this song is from, quite a lot. Link’s awakening.. One of my favorite Zelda games. And i thought to myself.. Damn, i just played it. No worries in the world. Oh, i’m done with it? Start a new file and play it again. Amazing how many stupid worries and stuff that i’ve hoisted on myself in my adult life. I mean. I sure got a lot done in the game by just doing, and not really thinking. I think it would be better if i just did, and stopped thinking. Thinking about what i should do has stopped me quite a bit, i feel. Like when i think of ideas of what to create. Like a program. I always come to a stop.. I even have ideas for a game  i want to make, but haven’t started because.. Well, no reason, really. Maybe it’s just that i’ve gotten a lot more jaded and cynical. Every time i read about what’s new in the world, it’s always something unbelievable. Something i simply can’t believe. Not sure if it was true, but i read this morning about some woman who thought that men should only be allowed to expel semen into a woman’s body. Otherwise, it should be illegal. Not sure if it was true though. Sounds like it isn’t. I know the opposite is. Let’s legislate what a woman can do to her own body, why not.. Ugh.. This world.
I sometimes think about what it would be like to just disconnect for a year. Go for a globe trot, or maybe just do a lot of hiking. Live in a cabin in the woods. Soul searching.. Whatever.. So long as i don’t have to subject myself to this madness. It gets a little hard to be a thinker, in a world full of doers.

Anyway.. Enough about that. Depressing stuff, completely outside of my control (Even though a lot of people will tell me that voting for representatives is ttly legit, yall!!1one).
Found a very bizarre, but very well written, and often funny webcomic today; called “Twisted speedo”. I recommend checking them out: http://twistedspeedo.com/?p=553

And i guess that’s about all i wanted to talk about. I still got a comment from one of mah tweeps, on the latest post, that i haven’t read yet. But i will in due time. Too much on my mind today, and too much else things i’ve been doing.

Don’t think i linked this one earlier, but here’s a pretty funny video of a girl getting dumped, live on radio:

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