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Happy Easter. Where ever and whenever – A brief history of easter

Since the Babylonians were basically the first ones, i guess Ishtar would be the first symbol of the humanization of this season.


A victim’s interpretation. If you find this flasher daughter of a bitch, then please contact the police, immediately.

Then there’s the slightly newer and upgraded Germanic one called Ēostre. Not quite as keen on the whole prostitution thing. At least from what we know. *Wink wink*


She brings all the boys to the yard.. That’s just a cute way of saying that she’s a pedophile though. So report her too.

Then i guess the little sister of the Swedish midsommar, and a few summer fertility pagan rituals would count too, to some extent.


Swedes are known to dance around penises so that semen can be pumped into everything they eat.


Sex toys had more creativity put into them back in the day

Then there’s the Christian holiday of zombie Jesus coming to town to hide dem eggs.


Will his lust for brains ever be quenched? Not until every single person is a christian fundamentalist, expert creationist at the museum of true science inc says.

Then there’s the secular holiday that we all know and love. Where it’s more associated with bunnies, eggs, candy and witches. Basically a sub-text version of what it was initially, so many centuries ago. Symbol of promiscuity, lust, and forbidden fruit.




The tradition has never been more innocent than it is now.

And that concludes this slightly disturbing, yet interesting look back at this very bizarre tradition.
Humanity is great, isn’t it?


Day 134: A+

In today’s post:
Atheism+ and feminism. Small stuff. Next week. And a good song.


A lot of people have been making a fuzz over this new thing called “A+” lately. I learned today that it’s basically an attempt by a bunch of extreme feminists out there, who want to create a religion soooo badly, to combine atheism and feminism into one defining group. Now.. I don’t need to point out why this is stupid. All i’ll say about it is that it’s antithetical to everything that atheism means, to try to create a atheism group such as this.

I just thought i’d address it quickly. I guess on a side note, i think it would be worth pointing out something me and a few tweeps of mine were talking about in relation to A+ earlier. Namely, extreme feminism like Rebecca Watson and CO. It’s quite amazing that a community that prides itself on being skeptic hasn’t challenged them.. yet.
I mean, let’s be honest. When the last drop finally leaves the chalice of feminism’s free pass, the whole ideology’s gonna get shot down, and no amount of word tossing’s — Such as the one word people are deathly afraid of. Namely, misogyny — gonna save it.


A fucking Sunday.. Nothing’s happened. Sat on twitter to chat a little and learned more about A+. Tried to web design a little. Still thinking quite a bit about transsexuality.

All fairly small things that has happened today. None that i feel like going into right now.


School tomorrow.. Both dreading and looking forward to it. Then on Tuesday, we’ll begin an hour earlier to go to some place, i think. Which will be.. I don’t know. We’ll see.

Three more days until i get to talk to an expert! Can’t wait. One last thing for next week, is to study. That’s pretty important.

Today’s Image/Video

Feminist extremism and religious fundamentalism are the same, just different teams

Yesterday’s Skepchick fiasco got me thinking about the skeptic and new atheist community. I believe that skepchick isn’t insignificant when it comes to these movements, because i see far too many respectable and big atheists pay attention, and even supporting them. Ms.Skepchick herself, Rebecca Watson, is even in the same podcast as Steven Novella. Things like “The atheist elevator” incident, had most of the community strongly in support of Rebecca Watson.
So she’s no slouch. Here we have a little girl who has ties to pretty big people, and is a large part of the skeptics and new atheist communities.

What i was thinking of is why, when people at SkepchickCON espouses such radical ideas (Like that the male brain is like the female brain, but damaged by testosterone), is there no one in that community lashing out? I mean, you’re supposed to be skeptical, but as soon as it’s someone in your group/team, you don’t care.
Which is the problem, i think. Teams. We’re not very keen on attacking people in our own group. Because it’ll cause fragmentation, and possibly even split the group, which makes it weaker. We see this in politics too. To give an example: Obama’s policies are identical to Bush’s in almost every way, but because Obama is a democrat, the democrats won’t attack him. At least not with the same fearocity.

I just think it’s rather amusing that a group of people who pride themselves on being intellectual, skeptical, free thinking and enlightened; act this way. They’re still a subject of group mentality, and they can’t seem to break free from it, or even acknowledge it.

As a disclaimer, i guess i should point out that religious fundamentalism has been a much larger detriment to the world than feminist extremism, of course (Which i suppose is “skeptic extremism” at this point). But the things the two groups preach are equally as wrong. When a religious fundamentalist say that being gay is wrong, that’s no better than a feminist extremist saying that being a man is wrong. Which they do say..
And this only points to the extreme end of Feminism (Skepchick, in this case). Which i suspect isn’t representative of actual feminism, which focuses on helping women and actual women’s issues.

Day 41: Forgive me if i seem rude

I feel a little better today. Although, i still have a fever and i’m still feeling pretty pissy. I’m writing this early because i was thinking of laying down for a while.

All i’ve really done today is resting. So nothing really exciting. Except.. of course.. The doctor’s appointment. Didn’t feel like going what so ever, as i’m feeling very ill, and it’s a long way to that place. But i did, of course, and i don’t regret doing so. I told him about the situation, and he told me that it could be fixed with some specific and proper exercise. He thought the swollen leg was due to fluids. The leg is about 2cm (give or take) wider than the other. So quite a difference.
But yea. Long story short. I got some exercise he recommended i should do, and got a new time in two months, to see if there’s any progress. I really liked the guy, he was pretty awesome. Very forward and doesn’t hide anything. So yea. Should be interesting to see, and i will be doing quite a bit of exercise this summer.

Saw this really bad-ass picture a few moments ago. A lot of really awesome people. Penn, Bill, Hawkins, Carlin, Sagan, Hitchens, Darwin, Dawkins, Tyson, Kaku.. Didn’t recognize two of them. But whatever. It’s a pretty awesome one. Way to go.

Saw this link on reddit earlier this morning: http://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/uessk/can_you_oneup_me_in_most_offensive_joke_you_know/

All i wanted to do was to add to it a little. One that my little brother knows (For some reason), that we all find very offensive, is a slavery joke. It goes like this: “Two white guys were watching two black guys carrying a TV. One of the white guys asked the other white guy ‘Is that yours?’, and the other white guy said ‘No! Mine’s at home, cleaning my shoes'”. Very offensive, but funny non the less. Keep in mind that i think you can laugh at tragic things.. Is that wrong of me? Maybe.  But i can make jokes at hitler, the titanic, Kim jong ill, etc.. Just as, and sometimes, even more tragic…
But maybe i’m just making lame excuses and am just a horrible person for laughing at that awfully offensive joke. I apologize.

Lastly, i wanted to write a little about vegans. A twitter friend asked me why i was torn on the issue of pets, and i’m going to try my best at explaining why here now.
For the “Pets should be allowed” side of the argument, i can say that there are a lot of pets out there that belong to a species that simply can not live inside of nature anymore. Should we stop breeding them and just let them go extinct? Or put the last remaining ones at zoos? I just don’t know about that.
Then i have to ask. Why is nature such a better place to be? Before we were able to live in urban environments with socialism and what not, we lived very short lives. All thanks to the way we live now, we live much longer and far more comfortable, where we concern ourselves with marriage and other, in all honesty, trivial things. And i personally think most pets in families has it good. They’re well fed, get a roof over their head, get affection.

But at the same time, i can see the other side of the argument. They should live in their natural environment. Who are we to take them from there? That seems pretty mean. They can live and develop like normal living beings there, and not evolve into things like pugs, that are totally dependent on humans to live. We’re the ones who made them like this. Which is a bit sick.

All that being said, i have to say that i’m leaning more towards the side of having pets. I’m just not convinced that they’re “having a bad time” (So to speak), overall.
I am open to more arguments on that and would like to read up more if someone would recommend some good source, though. In the end, i don’t feel that vegan issues are all that big on my priority list. Maybe that makes me immoral or something like that, but i am a selfish person just like most of us stupid fucks.

And i guess that’s that. I am by no means an expert at anything. It is my opinion, based on what i’ve observed, what little i’ve studied and how i perceive it.

Saw a pretty great video about atheism earlier:

Day 15: God & comfort

Just got done drinking some “hot” (Lukewarm) coco. Sat on twitter for a bit, talked about god ‘n’ stuff. A pretty interesting thought went through my head, about belief and comfort. I am currently going through a very depressing time, and i think a lot about the future. I have no friends i feel i can really turn to in that way.. You know, when you need a shoulder to cry on. Only a few in my family, i feel i can do that on. Which is still good, and i’m happy to have such a great family. Most people don’t get to be in my position.
That being said.. I feel that i should become more open, and invite myself to others. To want to be social with people. It’s not that i have issues befriending people, or that i don’t like talking about stuff with them. But i have for the longest time relegated myself to a place of loneliness, which ultimatly has lead me to the place where i am right now. Depression, sadness and stress. A rough time to say the least.

But do i need to believe in some invisible force in nature to drag myself out of this? No, i don’t. I think doing that is a weaklings out of it. And i mean that in the sense that, if you do that instead of going to other people, you effectively chose to shut yourself out from the love of other people. I doubt very strongly that you can feel the love i can, if you’re someone who insist that you get love from a man in the sky. So you’re a weakling for shutting them off. But that’s just my opinion.

I could go on, but i think that’s the core of what i want to say on the subject at the moment.
I will aim to get more friends. People i can laugh and cry with. And i will. I feel like i have, at some point a few days ago, come out of an intervention, and am now reinventing my whole life. And i think the worst is over. Now i just have some stress i need to get through, and i should be fine. Like the song goes.. “I’ll get by with a little help of my friends”.

Anyhow! Dang, i rambled quite a bit about that. Felt pretty gewd though.. Been a fairly standard sunday, all things considered. No one’s doing anything, as per usual. Decided to have a walk, and it ended up much longer than i would have hoped. I must have been walking for 2 hours or more. Took some pics i wanna share though. Uploading them to dropbox now. It’s how i transfer files from my ipod.. For the most part, at least.

ImageI’ve walked that road plenty of time, but just now noticed that wagon there. I think they must have cut down some tress around it. Not sure how long it must have been there. Seems pretty old.

ImageI guess this must be someone’s private go-kart course? I always thought it was a parking, but the tires seems to say otherwise. A rich person must live here though.

ImageGraves like these are very common across the whole place. I know the location of maybe 4 or more. Most of them date back longer than the age of the US.

Anyway. I feel fairly up and down at the moment. Kind of up right now. Sister just came for a visit, so i’ll say hi to her. Pretty dang tired after that long walk though. So i think it’s time to wrap this up.

I’ll leave you with Thor breaking some uncomfortable news. Gotta see the avengers soon.

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