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Finally, this Tuesday. And the developer blog

Two things i want to talk briefly about today.

First of, i’m going to Uppsala this Tuesday. Hopefully, i can bring out some good news on the HRT situation afterwards. But we’ll see. Getting very excited though!

Second thing is that developer blog i was talking about earlier. I started it here. So for anyone who wanted news on the application progress, look no further!



3 posts, 1 day (Addendum)

I wanted to cram this in earlier, but i just forgot to tell. It’s the reason why i went on about self-sabotage and what not, yet i forget? I’m a very absentminded girl!

What i wanted to say is that i finally got a call from Uppsala, and i’m going there in a week! Needless to say, i’m very excited! That’s all i really had to say.. I guess i’ll do a short update as to what i’m doing.

Been playing some minecraft on the stephencraft server (As i explained earlier) and a lot more pokémon. Got out of the big city for the first time! Will probably hit the 2nd gym later (Sis… Do you even Pokémon?). That’s about it. I won’t pick up the progress on the app for a while. I am writing down a few features i’m going to add once i do get back to it, though!


Blogger’s block and naming a podcast application

I just got out of the blogger’s block of, and i’m ready to write about where i’ve been.

At home.

Seriously, nothing has really happened. I’m still in male to female limbo, and have no idea what will happen next. I am quite amazed at how i’ve been handling myself though! In the past, i would just feel self-pity and waste away, but now, i just figure “Hey! What else can i do at this present moment? Might as well enjoy myself and be productive”. So i took up programming again. Been having a lot of fun making my podcast app. It’s coming along nicely actually..

Since my trans-scapades are in a halt, i guess instead of raporting on that on this post, i could show a screenshot and write a bit about my progress on the application.

Here’s a download link to the APK (Yes, it’s android only). It’s target minimum version at the moment is around 4.x+, i think. But the full version will be 3.x+
Plain and simple, it’s a podcast manager. Been doing a lot of the visual aspects of the app so far, but will be adding the meat of the program very soon. So you’ll be able to manage your podcasts as well as play them. It will have a lot more features than that, of course. But that’s the start of the alpha. My app is currently pre-alpha.

Screenshot_2014-01-11-21-43-42 Screenshot_2014-01-11-21-43-12

Anyhow. Now you know what i’ve been up to. In case you were curious. Going to try to keep my blogs as short as i can, because long posts can be a huge drag (And… i might have to leave very soon on my nightly stroll i always take around this time of night (9:30pm)).

By the by. I would love if anyone out there came up with a name for my application. Anyone interested in naming a podcast player for Android?

Podcast android app, part 3 – I love programming

I decided i would put the embedded tab bar on hold, indefinitely, and start trying to figure out how to put different content in each “fragment” (As it’s called).. Basically, android has a standard, which lets you scroll horizontally between activities… It’s hard to explain. Basically, imagine that you can put whatever “screen” of a program (For instance, you click your way to the settings screen or the player screen. That’s a different screen) you want, in one horizontally scrollable main screen.
That’s what i managed to do.

So now i know how to get a new screen to appear normally, and i know how to put screens as a horizontal view. Those are some of the main GUI elements i have learned. So next time, i will tackle lists. How to put lists dynamically, and what can be done with them. After that, it’s player, access internet content, save and load files… And yeah.. Not much left until i can start the program development in earnest! Which will be really fun!

Screenshot_2013-08-17-14-50-28 Screenshot_2013-08-17-14-50-35 Screenshot_2013-08-17-14-50-39

Screenshots of the horizontal scroll

Podcast android app, part 2

Remember part 1? Me neither! For some reason, i think i made a part 1 at some point. It’s been a long time since i updated on this subject. The reason being is that i just haven’t had any progress.. Until now! For two days now, i’ve been enjoying some android programming for my phone!

I’m making a podcast app, akin to “beyondpod”. Only, mine won’t have — what i consider — the issues that beyondpod has. More on what that is later. Right now, i’m learning the bells and whistles of android. How it operates and how it works! Since i’ve done GUI programming on a number of different platforms in the past (Windows, java applets, css), this has been going very smoothly. A lot of it is similar to Windows, but some of it has a very unique Android feel to it. Like how you use classes, and what everything in an app is considered..
This is all technological babble though! How about a screenshot?


Note the little magnifying glass at the top left, in the notifications bar/top bar.
So yea.. It’s just testing the platform at the moment, so nothing i can really report on! All i’ve really done on the podcast app is thinking about features i want, and how i want it to look like. All in my head, so nothing i can show, yet!
Oh, some of the features it won’t have is backwards compatibility. I think 3.0 will be the lowest i’ll go. Mainly because i intend to keep this a free product, but also because i can’t really test the program on lower OSes.
I’m look forward to updating this more often!

PS: 10 points if you get the reference in the popup at the bottom of the screen!

Podcast app 2: Today i fail – 130302


Already a failed day, i feel… Although, that’s not entirely true. I got a little more acquainted with the various android methods and functions, and i got a little more familiar with the structure of an android program. So i got something out of it.. Just not much in terms of result. Some last time drag and drop of a asset that exists within the android OS



That little shadow thing there.. The text, i managed to get to work on all levels i need, so i’m fine with that at the moment. I hope to be able to get scrolling to work tomorrow. Both on an xml level, and a hardcoded level, for lack of a better word.

I give myself around 1½ hours of work everytime i program now. Reason is because i don’t want to fall back into a very stressful threshold again. I want to beat my stress, while being able to program. So yes. I suspect i’ll need around 2 weeks of practice before i jump into making the program itself.
Some of te major thing includes: Getting to know the java logic (The ifs, elses, fors and whiles.. Shouldn’t take too long), networking in android (To download mp3s, pictures and rss/text), media playback, read and write of mp3/text/images, background playback, some OS integration (Like using the button on a headset to play and pause, notification integration, and statusbar stuff). And as soon as i’m done learning that, i should be able to go. I suspect it’ll take about 2 or 3 weeks until i reach that point, if everything goes smoothly. Feels good to be programming for sure.

Oh, and lest i forget. I should learn how to get data from itunes. Both to open up a big catalog of programs for each podcast feed, and to add discovery to the app. Good stuff, good stuff. In the future, i hope to add some extra features too.. So i will always have stuff to do. I hope this will end up being a year long project or so.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are off limits for my programming, since i have workdays then. And yea… Not much else to say.

Aim for next time

I hope to get the images working. Both from loading from an absolute location and assets (Assets just so i can get ahold of the system images and what not, and absolute location for podcast cache and stuff). And i hope to start making the media playback.

Day 101: Brevity is the soul of wit

In today’s post:
Blabbermouth. Mayor news on the music program. I think i’m witty, can you believe it? And a raping parrot.


I ended doing a lot of programming today. Finally done with most of the rough parts of the music program. Turned out looking much better than i thought. I didn’t make a video of how the window animates yet. I might do it once the UI is done, which is what’s next! Hell yes!

Been very social this whole night (didn’t get much of a shut eye, to put it lightly) and the whole day. So it’s been fun. Even though my body is kind of tired, and i’m probably not making much sense anywhere, i’ve still had a good time.

We had a very sudden thunderstorm today too. Took a video of it. Probably won’t show it anytime soon though! Just for later, i guess.

But yea.. This post is fairly disjointed, which is indicative of a non-sense post. Haha!

Had so much fun with people on twitter though.. I love just saying whatever pops into my head, and making witty jokes about things. Mostly rooted in sarcasm, but i think they end up being very witty. You know.. Maybe i am naturally witty. From what i read about what wit really is, i feel that i may just be fairly witty, when i don’t restrict myself too much. But i don’t know. I couldn’t possibly be the judge of that.


Didn’t end up taking out the motherboard today, because mom forgot to bring the tools from my brother’s place. Oh well. I can always do that tomorrow.

Hopefully, i’ll get an answer from the school tomorrow. Also, i should apply for a new flat too. Got a no in the mail once again today. Which is still expected, of course. Not frowning about that.

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