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Epic music. Bravely Default and many more.

Two days ago, i was recommended a soundtrack from a friend (Jocelyn. I’ve mentioned her a few times before). We were talking about epic songs and how we both love rock music. Fast forward a day later: I’m told that my appointment was canceled, and i’m bummed.. Majorly so. But in the second half of yesterday, i gave the Bravely default soundtrack a proper listen, and it helped me immensely to get over my depression (That, and talking to Jocelyn about it).

Fast forward to now. I’ve listened to one of the best song’s i’ve heard in a veeeery long time, about 30 times now. And i’m telling you. It took me 20 listens to get over the goosebumps i kept getting. That’s how good it is! I mean, i’ve listened to songs on repeat a lot in the past, but never have i really had something like this for one song. Sure, for the whole album of Dream theater’s Metropolis part 2, i had goosebumps after many repeat listens. But never for any one song.

So here i am right now, just raring to share a bunch of epic songs. So why don’t i start with the song that i keep mentioning?

I refuse to think that the creators of the Bravely Default soundtrack aren’t fans of Dream theater. At the very least, they must have been an inspiration on some level (And considering that DT is big in Japan, it wouldn’t be too hard to believe). This song illustrates that DT inspiration more than any other:

I’m guessing this next one is a 2nd to final boss. Or final boss, first form:

And that’s more like an orchestra:

And there are plenty other fantastic songs in that sountrack. I strongly recommend you check it out if you’re a fan of videogame music and rock.

So here are a few more epic songs, just to collect them:

Just about any old school nightwish song, really.

A sample from Octavarium, sporting a pretty funny, almost DCMC-esque animation:

Anyhow. I’d be here all day. But these are some of my favorites. Anyone reading this has any good epic songs they’d like to share?


Day 75: Summer time!

Swedish Summer

I came to the realization today that i should probably try to enjoy summer instead of just wishing it was over. Even though that is what i want, i think.. perhaps.. since summer is more than half way over already (Seriously, summer isn’t long in Sweden), i should just enjoy while it’s here. Come september, and we’ll be glad to have days reaching over 20C+.
Autumn is coming.. Can not wait to see the leaves change color, the sky turning deeper and the days growing shorter.
When people say “Hey.. It’s time to pack it up, and return to reality”.


I think i might be allergic to something. Either something related to my bed here (Like dust) or something in the wilds. Or perhaps i’m just getting sick due to stress  related issues and the fan always being pointed towards me.. Probably the fan though!

I figured that it’s probably best to keep a more happy outlook on life. Because just thinking about “Oh, i am stressed. Woe is me” all the time, won’t help! In fact, it might just be making it worse.
Quoted a song earlier on twitter. A song by the group “D.A.D”, called “Jacketless in december”. There’s a part in it where he sings “You can still disappoint a pessimist”. Which i think is good.. You know.. Despite it looking grim now, it could always be worse.

Mario Kart

I played a little super mario 3d land earlier, but for the most part, i’ve been hooked on Mario Kart 7. Damn, is that game fun! I just unlocked mirror mode, and i played a little online too. It went well for the most part. Although the Mario Kart syndrome is always there. Which is.. Even though you kick ass and is first in a race, you could still lose. Which is nothing i fault the game on, it’s just the nature of the game.
I think 7 is becoming my favorite in the series too. It  does so many things right. But i’ll talk more on that later!


All gen gamers nr 100! It was pretty great! Grats on 100 episodes. Only heard 1½ hours of it though. Out of 4½.
Took a longer bike ride today. Which was refreshing. Kind of hate this summer heat though. Weekend promises rain though. Which i looooove about the summer. Nothing like walking under an umbrella, hearing the rain all around you, the cooling winds, while listening to a podcast. Such a cosy feeling!!
And i guess that’s about it! Still struggling with this stress. But i hope i will be able to properly function soon. 3ds helps tremendously by the way! So thanks a lot, Darrin!! ^w^


If i feel up for it, i will spend some time at my sister’s place, playing videogames. Hopefully, those plans will come to fruition! I will also bask in some snacks tomorrow. I think i’ve earned it. Having it a little now and then is always good.
Than i shall great the rain will open arms!!!

Today’s video/Image

Scientist at CERN explains Higgs Boson:

Day 74: Pink 3ds, got!!


I’ve got it! Heck, yes!! Mario kart and Mario 3d land… both great games! I haven’t really had the time to play both yet, since i’ve only had them for a few hours. But damn! I’m so greatful! Thank you, Darrin! (:
One day, i will make it up for you. You deserve happiness just as anyone else!
Well, i’m gonna have a lot of fun with this. And later on, as soon as i get some sort of income, i will get more games for it. I think i’ll put my aim on Ocarina of time 3d next.
Anyway! Expect a lot of impressions from the games!

Again.. Thank you sooo much! ^w^

Oh, and the pink is very pretty! Much more so than i thought!

Higs Boson

We found the god particle too, apparently. Seems it’s confirmed now. But i’ll write more about that as more info becomes available.


Other than being very happy for finally getting it, i was feeling a bit down earlier during the day. I just wish this headache would go away. My sister’s gonna have some game night or something, this friday. I’m hoping that i’ll be able to go. I’m not sure i’ll be able to. It really does feel painful to be in a cramped room when you feel stressed. But we’ll see.
Did the training for the day too. Should have done them earlier, but getting a 3ds made me forget about it. hehe! Oh yea, and i sent in those papers for the school too.. Hopefully, i’ll be able to attend this year, despite it looking grim at the moment.


Maybe i’ll take a longer bike ride tomorrow. Was thinking of doing that while listening to All gen gamers episode nr 100! Other than that, nothing planned. Will totally play my 3ds for most of it! Haha!

Today’s Image/Video

Saw this really heartfelt video about two elephants reuniting yesterday. Very sweet! ^w^

Day 71: Extra credits on Penny arcade

Sun times in Sweden

What i hate about living high up on this beautiful globe of ours, is that summers get very annoying. I really don’t like the heat and the insects to begin with, but hey.. I can live with that! The sun, is what gets to me. I really don’t like it that it comes up around 4am, and goes down around 10:30pm. Luckily, we’re going towards darker and darker days now, so that’s always something to look forward to. In winter, when it’s the darkest, the sun goes up around 8am and down around 4pm.
But yea. That’s my little summer rant.


I’ve decided that i should section different topics on my blog. Keep it a little more organized. Which is always nice.
Notice how this one has “BlogUpdate”? Well.. that’s something from years of programming. Can’t help that i type that way sometimes. Hehe.

Extra credits

I’ve wanted to address this for a few days now. But since i’ve talked about libertarians and freedom so much as of late, i just haven’t had the time.

Extra credits is a show on the internet, where they talk about videogames. What sets them apart from a lot of other shows, is that they address everything surrounding gaming. Like how mechanics of a game makes people feel. How to make games that are addictive, why they’re addictive, what skinner boxes are, the uncanny valley and it’s relation to videogame graphics, etc. They’re very informative, and really know gaming. They tend to keep it constructive too, which is always nice. One of the guys on there is a developer, himself. So a pretty great show, in my opinion.

That being said. I don’t think they have the expertise to stray outside the topic of gaming. They’re just not very good when they do that. The networking episode was confusing and the politics episode was slanted so far to the left, it made you all dirty.

There are times when they have a hypothesis that i don’t agree with very much (Like the kinect uncanny valley episode), and there are times when they don’t seem to understand what they’re saying. I’ll quickly address the politics episode, because i felt that i wanted to say something, regarding it.


For the most part, i think the episode on politics they made is very sleazy. It’s so liberal, it makes you want to puke. You know. Everything’s happy go lucky, and there’s no negative side on anything. I get that they allegedly wants to remain positive, and be constructive, but i think they should have pointed out the nasty sides of politics as well.
However.. I’m inclined to think that they may not want to be constructive, when i hear this in the middle of the episode: As a great canadian once explained it: “It’s lot like voting on Pizza toppings among your friends. If you  can’t be bothered to vote, don’t complain if you get stuck eating anjovis”.
Do you realize how alienating this is? You’re basically saying to a vast number of people, that they simply can’t complain. Cause you’re not going to bother with why they don’t vote. That’s pointless, right? This sort of mentality is utterly erroneous, because using it, you could say that the majority of people shouldn’t complain when a politican does something stupid, because you voted them in in the first place. You see how it doesn’t work? You see how the logic isn’t quite as simple and beautiful as you may think?
So yea. It’s alienating and flawed. You say it because you like hearing it come out of your mouth.

If you ask me, if you feel that you’re inadequate at making a decsission in regards to what you should vote for, don’t vote! It’s better if you take the time to hear everyone out, and damn it! Complain to your hearts content, if you feel like it! Because.. Maybe we could find some correlation between uninformed voters and mediocre politicans.. In fact.. http://m.yahoo.com/w/legobpengine/news/people-arent-smart-enough-democracy-flourish-scientists-185601411.html?orig_host_hdr=news.yahoo.com&.intl=US&.lang=en-US
So maybe it is the people who need to inform themselves more. Maybe the people who don’t vote are the smarter ones? I’m just channeling Bill here. Maybe?!
In all seriousness though! It’s better to stay at home and don’t vote than to make an ill informed vote.

But that’s that.. We obviously don’t agree politically, which may be a reason why i didn’t like that episode. But i do think i have some good points with what i said too.

Overall, i’d say, check them out! I come back to watch them from time to time. Because when they do talk about things more directly related to videogames, they’re really good.


3ds Update

Can’t wait until tomorrow! It said 2 to 5 days, right? So maybe…. But then again, it probably said 3 to 5. Aaah! I will get it this coming week though! Which is awesome! Oh, and yea! The 3ds large, or whatever it’s called. I’m with Shidoshi on this one. It looks ugly, and the things about it that are positive are negligible to me. Atop of that, it’ll also be more expensive. But yea! For those who want that, that’s awesome! Personally, i don’t care.


Penn’s sunday school, finally! And.. I don’t think i’ll get word about my 3ds, but…….. mmmaaaybeeee……. Probably not though! But one day closer! Which is awesome!
Other than that, i don’t have much else to do, really. Maybe talk a little more about getting a new place to stay, and see what measures i can take.

Today’s video/Image

An oldie, but a goodie, by dorkly:

Day 69: Mario and Machinarium

Today’s mostly been about talking and moving my stuff back to my place. So yes! I am back from my brother’s place! It was great staying there, and i might even go back as early as next monday. We’ll have to see. Totally gonna bring my fan then though! I love having that thing on a hot summer day. Although, it is very rainy right now.

My own 3ds.. A pink 3ds.. You know, i love pink, but i just don’t own many pink stuff. I’m more of a fan of keeping it light on the pink. I love having it as a secondary color, but sometimes, a primary color.
The two games (Because Darrin was kind enough to include that too) that i got were: Mario kart 7 and super mario 3d land.

I’ve always been a fan of the mario kart series, and i consider when the series on a handheld, to be when it’s at its best. Mario kart super circuit for the GBA was amazing! It was so packed with content, and it was very addictive with getting better score on tracks. It’s also the only game in the series to make it possible to deploy blue and red shells as homing mines. It also had coins, just like the SNES game before it. Which would increase your score. So get coins and get a good time. Very fun!
Then there’s the DS one. Mario Kart DS, i consider the strongest in the series. It did everything right, in my opinion. Jam packed with content, very fun gameplay, crisp graphics, etc.. Then i also love the rest of the games.. However.. 7 is the only one i have yet to play. It will be awesome to finally get to play it! Once again, thank you so much, Darrin!! ^w^

My brother’s been playing a game called “Machinarium” as of late. It’s a quirky little point and click adventure game, where you’re on a post-apocalyptic world with only robots.. Sounds pretty serious, but it’s played very lightly. The robot you’re controlling is very cute, all the animations and the design of everything is really funny, cute and quirky. So i downloaded the OST for it. Cause the music is good, apparently.

And that’s about it, i guess. Feeling a bit tired right now. Think i will be able to get a good nights sleep tonight. Tomorrow, it’ll rain the whole day, it seems. Which is great! But if it’s just cloudy, or whatever, i think i will take a walk in the field. Hopefully, they haven’t been there and harvested whatever they have there, already. Cause i recon the ground will become less pleasant to walk on then.. As it becomes full of humus and shit, for a new round of.. things.. to grow. I might walk in another field if that is the case though. So many cool places you can walk here. One of the benefits of living in a rural area.
Sadly, i’m not going to get closer to my 3ds tomorrow, as it’s the weekend.. I hate that nothing’s moving on weekends. I guess i’ll talk about my ideal government tomorrow instead, as this post is already closing in on 600 words. I like to keep it around 400 to 600. Going beyond 1000 is too much, and around 250 is too little.

Not sure if i showed this one or not, but JonTron made a video about a very strange movie:

Day 62: Thick fog in Sweden (2 posts for the price of 1)

Part 1

This is probably going to be ranty.
I went to my brother’s midsummer party that he was having at his place today, but quickly went home, because my head was feeling dizzy, and i fealt some stress from the load music.. Well, i get home, and dad is listening to even higher music! So now i’m frustrated as hell, because it’s currently fucking 30 mins until mid-fucking-night, and he’s still going with the same fucking load ass mother fucking volume! Sure, i could tell him that, but on the other hand, this isn’t my place, and i’ev been kindo f living here for the last fucking 3 years or so. So fuck it!

i’m terribly annoyed and frustrated, along with the dizziness and lighter stress (It’s better today, by the way. Finally got my sleep). I don’t want to hear no drum beatings and shit right now! I want peace and quiet! But no, i’m not getting that, apparently! So yea, i just got home from a rage enduced walk in the fucking forest, where i openly ranted at exactly everything i saw. Because.. Well, fuck it! Who needs to feel better, RIGHTASDFJasdilsdrioa?`=½!=?!=!=?WQils””””””!”!!!!!!!!!!!

But yea.. Need to try to calm down…. A little hard when you’re having sound torture outside the thin thin thin thin thin door where those big fucking speakers are. It’s just annoying.. As hell. And i think i will be taking another walk, because i just can’t take this right now. I honestly can’t. Maybe before posting this, i should  take the walk, and write a calmer part bellow this rant.

Part 2

Finally!!! Peace and quiet! Maybe now i can think! Damn, that was really annoying! I went out to some swings that are a few minutes away from here. It was nice and fun, just like how i remember it. I haven’t used swings in ages!
Anyway! Fog in Sweden. While on my inane rant through the neighborhood, i started thinking about, and mumbling to myself about how i don’t belong here. I started making metaphors about the tree chopping and the littering of the lumberjacks. It’s pretty funny when you see t hem take down trees that weren’t in the way of any view or anything, and them littering on the ground. The reason why i think that is because they could start looking past their own noses, and maybe we as a people would start craving to see more of things. Like i’ve said earlier, there’s no spot in this place where you can get a good view of the town. Not a single one. There’s always a few trees in the way or something like that. And not a single person cares. The only tower here where you could get a good view, is closed “due to vandalism”. Bullshit! It’s closed because you want it for yourself, you greedy bastard.
No one cares. Everyone’s so trapped in their own bubbles. Their own world is all that exist. I don’t belong here. At all. I need to get out of here. Oh, and voting? Just fucking forget about it. “Whatever benefits my bubble”.

An update on the 3ds thing. I probably won’t get far until Monday or so. Because it’s all at a standstill now that it’s weekend. As an unemployed.. You grow to hate the weekends. It’s one of the worst times in the week for me.
Another thing i should point out is that i fear i might have done something wrong. I checked the help section on my bank to be double sure about the account name, and when you actually log in on it, you use 19yy (y = year). That is what you should use, it said, and that is what is being used, and it is what fit in perfectly when using the paypal function to deliver it to my bank account. So yea.. Yet, when i look at the account name on my bank when logging in, it’s just with the yy. So i donno.. Either, when the weekend is over, it will get transferred (Because it’s apparently man controlled for safety reason), or declined. I highly doubt there’s an account on my bank (Which was the one i specified) with the exact same account name as mine, but with 19 in the beginning.. In fact, i know that is impossible. So maybe, since i specified it with 19 in the beginning, it has to go through some system to make sure it gets to me. But it should push back to my paypal account (Like it said it would if the account was invalid)… But it does make me worried when paypal says it has been transferred… But maybe they just mean that they’ve sent it.
I’m really paranoid with it! But i can do nothing until the weekend is over.

I was originally going to name this post “Defeat on midsummer”. Since i had to leave my brother’s place, but dad just made me too angry and more stressed. Maybe he’s the source of my stress. It’s because of him i can’t dress the way i want (Mom adviced me not to, because it would just complicate things now that i live at my parents) and about everything he does annoys me, he’s hardly ever happy, i feel that i can’t talk to him about anything because he’s always grumpy. I tend to get a bit happy when he’s unhappy actually. Ugh… My relationship to my dad is not very good. But i can’t do anything about anything as long as i have to live here. It’s ironic too, because he tends to barge into my little brother’s room, telling him to be quiet… Yea.. Fucking hypocrite.

And that’s it! I finally get to settle down. Way later than i hoped it would be.. But hey! Fuck him!
Tomorrow.. I hope won’t be the same as today. I hope he goes away during the night (As he tends to do), and it becomes just calm and great and awesome.  I can’t wait until monday, because i’ll get to stay at my brother’s place for 5 days then. And i will also be able to find out more about the 3ds thing. I sure hope i haven’t screwed myself and Darrin.

I haven’t watched it yet, but here’s a new PBG. I like that guy:

Day 61: Pink 3ds

So.. Retrocalypse found my latest blog, and thought he would give me a pink 3ds too. I just don’t know what to say! We talked it over on facebook, and i guess the money will arrive later (Still haven’t gotten a response. He probably got a little busy). Which means i will be the proud owner of a pink 3ds! Awesome! x3!!!

Aside from that, i’ve been feeling pretty stressed today. Not going to go too much into the details, but things seem to be going pretty well though! I think most of it is due to me flat out quitting my junk eating. And it is just like i thought it would be. A hard ass time!

My mom and i went down to my brother’s place today, where we talked a little about stressed feelings and what not. Mom said that she should try giving up smoking in a few weeks, when she goes on vacation. So that’s always awesome! Then i get to be her moral support.

I found a good way to relax. Trying out those relaxation/meditation voice guides. They help a lot. I think i’m learning important lessons on how to relax and take it easy. So you know.. Felt like shit for most of the day, but all things considered, it’s all good.

Gonna keep this post short, because i just took some strong medicine that makes you drowsy. Got it from a doctor back when i lived in “Kramfors”.
Tomorrow, i’ll be checking if Retrocalypose has responded (Still can’t believe that i’ll get to be an owner of a 3ds. And a pink one at that. He even said he would give me a game with it too. But you know. More on all this tomorrow) Oh, and if you’re reading this, Darrin, i will totally try to locate you at a gamer meetup (Pax, etc) and hug you, one day.

UPDATE: I just got a PM on facebook about the 3ds, and it’s done now!! So expect a post with me fawning over my new 3ds, and me thanking the very kindhearted Darrin properly, soon! It will take about 1 or 2 business days to get the paypal money to my bank account and about 2 to 4 days to order it from Siba. So expect the post at the latest, around 2nd of Juli, but probably earlier than that! Ooooh, i can’t wait!!! >w<!!!

Then i will be spending some time with my brother (Granted that i will get some sleep for once.. But i think i will) and have some fun there. Can’t wait to do some relaxation now. It’s just really enjoyable, i think. But yea.. Pretty happy now! ^w^

Not sure if i showed this one, but here’s Penn reading the invitation to his private party:

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