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Losing weight and taking a step

I don’t particularly like being slightly overweight. But I can’t seem to place my health over the comfort of the stress relieving snacks. And that’s all it is. Health. Nowhere do I really care about my looks. In fact, last time I got some muscles to show, I had a panic attack and went into a depression. This was a long time ago now though.

Really, what all this means – Me being in all these pickles – is that I need to do some major change in my life. A major change I can’t seem to do. Mainly, I’m scared. I feel so safe where I am right now. How many tears and blog posts do I have to post before it really sinks in? I feel I’m retreading old ground, over and over again.

If I have the inclination tonight, I’m gonna look for jobs in Göteborg or something. That’s where I see a good future for me. All I have to do is to take that step.

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