Please Stop Using the N-Word: Why it’s not okay if you’re not black

I agree with your concerns about how freely the word is being used today, and how a lot of people seem to think it’s no big deal to call someone a nigger. But i feel that i need to point a few things out!
For one, it’s ok to say nigger if you’re talking about the word. I mean.. We’re all adult here. We all know what word you mean, so why not just say it if you’re gonna talk about it.
Second of all, i take issue with you saying that they, in specific, are of African descent. We’re all African at the end of the day! That’s the message you should be sharing. That we all come from the same place, and that we’re alike. Maybe that’s not that attitude you had, or what you were going for, but it rubbed me the wrong way when you typed it.
Lastly, i would go a step further and say that no one should use the word so freely. To me, the term has been so tarnished by history, that i think it would be best if no one called anyone a nigger. I know you mentioned that you thought it is ok for “them” (I really hate lumping a group of people together just because of their skin color, but i honestly don’t know how else to say it here) to use it. So we’re just gonna have to disagree on this point.


I’m kind of amazed that I need to write this post– and I mean amazed in the horrified sense, not the good “oh my god, I just won free coffee!” sense.

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