Mine’s Jealousy! What’s yours?

This is an issue I’ve been dealing with all my life. For most of it, it’s been a very destructive thing. I’ve ended plenty of friendship due to it. I’ve even gone so far as to shove someone – the closest I’ve ever come to hitting someone – due to jealousy.

My jealousy is always over someone else having the attention, and not me.
These days, when I feel these feelings, I step outside of myself and I see the petty little beast that is my ego and instincts. Such a sad and pathetic little thing.
Why you jumpin’ up and down like that? That ain’t gonna get you anywhere, stupid!

The last few years, I’ve taken that jealousy that converted it into something good. I feel energized. Sure, the same old horrible feeling still persists, but it also fills me with a lot of energy now. It gives me that competitive edge that I’m missing in my life. I feel that I need to work hard or shut the fuck up!
I mean, you honestly think that good things are just gonna happen? That you deserve attention for simply craving it?
No, of course not. If you really want to feel the humble embrace of the crowd, you’ve got to work for it! Nothing is free in life!

I’m a person with a lot of flaws. A person who’s trying to become a better human being.
Anyone else out there who would like to share a flaw with me?


Male privileges.

A trans friend of mine got tired of people saying she used to have “male privileges”.
For those who may be unaware, this is something trans women get told a lot. Strange how you don’t hear it so much for trans men. I guess their logic is that, since they were born girls, they could never have male privileges. But what do I know, I’m not a feminist crying “male privileges”, nor am I a trans man.

It’s a bit troublesome that there are people going around saying this to any trans woman who doesn’t agree with their dogma. The mantra is basically to do anything to silence or illegitimize anyone who opposes them, at any cost. So they go for people’s “weaknesses”.
You’re a trans woman, therefor, your thoughts on women’s issues are to be dismissed, because you were born a man, you fucking freak! You’re a man? Obviously, you don’t know jack about women’s issues for that very reason. Never mind that we’re being really sexist and trans mysoginistic by espousing this. We need to silence dissenters, god damned it!

This is just a reality when you deal with these types of feminists. They’re not really in it for a conversation or argument. They’re here to tell you that you need to obey, and that’s that!

Anyone who ignores someone’s point because of their gender identity, gender, nationality, ethnicity, etc; could be called a bigot.
So that’s why the argument of “male privileges” is logically unsound and just stupid. Because it’s an ad hominem. And that kind of talk has no part in a civil discourse.