Finding the answers – part 5 – Beyond the sea

–Day 5
It’s almost been a week already?
Well. I came here on Monday. So more like, 4 and a half. But sementaics-shmantics.

Had a good night. I think not eating before going to bed is really important.

Gonna keep my phone on Charging for a while, and then go outside to download some podcasts and YouTube videos.

Downloading some videos now. I find it ironic that a lock and security firm would have an open internet. I wonder if they know… They have to, right?

The harbor area is without a doubt the coolest place. I can’t believe how cool these old building and inner gardens (in pictures) are.

I should start writing more with a pen. Maybe use my left hand more. I always wanted to write mathematical formulas more. I should take some time to brush up on my math.

Tried to start 100% Luigi’s mansion 2, but it’s too hard. Might just start some Mario 3d land again. Haven’t played it since I got it. Awesome game though.

So… What I’ll do with issues is…. I can look at it this way. Either do something about it, or come to a conclusion. But be open about things, when new information is presented.

I chatted up a woman about an hour ago, and it turns out we both love rock, and music in general. I mean, we all love music, but rarely do you find someone who really love it.

Someone on twitter just called me a feminist. She did a #ff on me. I’m OK with being called that. I’m one of those who clings to an ideal until it really dies, and I think there still are feminists out there. Actual feminists. People who focus on gender equality. This excludes the neo feminists, that you see on tumblr, freethoughtblogs, skepchick and atheism+ forums.

I should start making extensive #ff on twitter. #ff stands for “follow Friday”. Maybe I’ll do it in blog form. Not sure it warrants a video. But totally a 200 word or less blog post, with links to material and videos. Sounds like it would be fun!

Oh, and I should note that that empty feeling I get sometimes, is quenched once I get a conversation going with someone. Totally going to be chattier from now on.

*more hobby time, calculate & think things through and more conversations with people.

I wrote down that I should care more about appearance.. This means dressing the way I want. Embracing my true self.

Not many entries today. What can I say?
It’s been a warm week overall, and this is probably the last warm weekend we’ll have until spring. A lot of people in town, celebrating and having a good old autumn market festival.

I chatted up a really nice woman (an hour ago) who comes from the same town as me. It was pleasant.

Anyhow. I’m gonna put my phone on charge and play some super Mario 3d land. Then I’ll chat with some people, do some meditation after that, have a nightly meal… Surf some reddit.

Of course. The headphones had to break now. Because… Why not? Gah, this is so annoying. I can’t go change them until I get home. Only the left works now………. So annoying. And it’s so random too. How does that even work? How does a cable so that? Is the copper in the headphones THAT fucking thin?????? I do not get it!

Yeah. I’m buying new ones tomorrow. I’m not going to deal with this frustration just because of some broken headphones. So annoying though. So very annoying.

I had a chat with a woman. I think she needed it. She’s got a lot of reasons to be depressed.

All of these people, and all I have is stress issues.









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