Finding the answers – part 3 – in it for the long haul

–Day 3

Had a meeting with the head doctor again. An expected meeting. We talked more about what I’m getting out of being here, and how they could cooperate with me. I said what I’ve been saying in this diary (if you need to know, just read previous entries). And it ended up with them giving me free range of being able to go outside whenever I like (fuck yeeees) and giving me an assignment for next Tuesday: write down the habits and behavior that you wish to change. I’ve already done a little of that, but I suppose I should compile it all in a separate file.

Anyhow. I’m outside writing this. Ton a head to the store to buy some things, and hopefully get back in time for dinner.

Feeling much better already. Not just because I can go outside, buy also because I can manage social interactions much better.

I don’t get to see the head doctor for another 6 days. So I know for a fact I’m staying until then.

I’m inside again now. Feels good after a walk. I thought about remembering to breathe with my stomach, when I’m in social situations.. I will hone this skill.

Got some goodies to eat after lunch too. Which is in about 10 minutes.

Apparently, Obama is in Sweden. Oh-boy… I wish we didn’t have to do diplomacy with such a horrible human being. But oh well. I’m far from that event. And this is something I need to work on. Don’t get upset about it. Think it through instead, and rationalize.

Luigi’s mansion 2 is too much fun!
Brb, playing!

Done with Luigi’s mansion 2 for now. Just got to world 3, which seems to be western/cliff/desert. I just love that. It takes the clichés and tropes of the typical game, and adds a haunted trope to it. I could see the mixing of tried and true concepts take off. I mean, how can you not like a haunted tree house, a haunted manor, etc.
Needless to say. Fantastic game so far. It’s even made me laugh a few times.

I have written down a few things on that list I talked about too.
Part of what’s on that list. Of what I’ve figured out, is that I can’t delete my twitter or WordPress account. So now I’ve convinced myself and been convinced by others.

Gonna explore town for an hour before lunch.

Been playing a lot of Luigi’s mansion. I always seem to forget the therapeutic effect a good game has. To the list of hobbies I need to do more, games is one of them.
By the way. Luigi’s mansion 2 is amazing. I think I like it more than the first. Although, the first will always have a special place in my heart.

I asked about how much this would cost, and they said it’s about 80 sek a day. Which will add to about 800 sek once next Tuesday comes around. I have a feeling this can be covered by social security, but to be honest, if I keep making this amount of progress, I will be able to leave on Tuesday.
It will be sweet to purge my life at home, from the bad influences, and to start, in earnest, to change my life around.

I have to admit that my feelings are kind of mixed. On one hand, I love the change and the ability to recuperate; but I miss seeing family, and my job.

I’ve been really chatty today. I love getting to know people. That’s such an exciting thing for me. I must add that to the list of things I need to do more. Because I’m a people person, but I’ve been held off by my anxiety. No more!! Totally going to chat up my work mates once I get home.

I played some more Luigi’s mansion 2, and now I’m gonna reddit a little and go to bed.
I can easily say that Luigi’s mansion 2 rekindled my love for games.




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2 responses to “Finding the answers – part 3 – in it for the long haul”

  1. sharon scott says :

    I am praying for you do you have a bible please read it than it will empower your thoughts with positive things and that GOD is your eternal friend

    • jennaisme says :

      Believe you me, I’ve tried superstitions before. But it just doesn’t work for me. Simply more knowledge about a subject, and getting to know more about what other people have experienced, is enough for me.

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