Podcast android app, part 3 – I love programming

I decided i would put the embedded tab bar on hold, indefinitely, and start trying to figure out how to put different content in each “fragment” (As it’s called).. Basically, android has a standard, which lets you scroll horizontally between activities… It’s hard to explain. Basically, imagine that you can put whatever “screen” of a program (For instance, you click your way to the settings screen or the player screen. That’s a different screen) you want, in one horizontally scrollable main screen.
That’s what i managed to do.

So now i know how to get a new screen to appear normally, and i know how to put screens as a horizontal view. Those are some of the main GUI elements i have learned. So next time, i will tackle lists. How to put lists dynamically, and what can be done with them. After that, it’s player, access internet content, save and load files… And yeah.. Not much left until i can start the program development in earnest! Which will be really fun!

Screenshot_2013-08-17-14-50-28 Screenshot_2013-08-17-14-50-35 Screenshot_2013-08-17-14-50-39

Screenshots of the horizontal scroll


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