Something to be said about girl gamers

I’ve been pondering “Girl gamers” as of late. Specifically, the Ubisoft spokeswoman who spoke at last years E3 (I Think it was the 2012 one). You could google it if you want the details, but basically, she was lambasted by a bunch of people, for just being a facade, a poser, a brainiac in a dress! Whatever you choose to call it! She replied to the weird criticism (Which was because she was a woman, let’s not pretend here.. But i have a point, so give me a few more sentences) by stating that she had gamed, saved more princesses, killed more monsters and saved more kingdoms than them (The ones critizing her). She said that she had been doing it before they were even born! And she had. She could prove all of it! And i thought it was the coolest reponse ever! Not only did she not play the victim card (Which is easy to do, and kind of a weakling’s way out when it comes to just words), but she told those bastards! If only i could remember her name..

But anyway! I was thinking about why she got the backlash to begin with.  And her being a woman is certainly a part of it. But i think the root of it is that she is a woman, and women, traditionally doesn’t play games! It’s an instant disqualifyer in the minds of people such as that, i think! And any jock type guy, or little kid seems to land in a similar category!
What i’m getting at is that i think geeks just want others to suffer like they did. All old school geeks grew up getting bullied for liking Zelda, Mario, Sonic, Pacman, etc! And i’m among them! I remember having to be quiet about what i liked. Anyone even mentioning anything remotely geeky (Minus sports geeking.. That was ok) was subject to teasing or more commonly, bullying!

What i’m saying is that, there’s no wonder geeks are so sensitive! They want to rat out any poser. Any jock or girl, who used to bully them, who know, all of a sudden, think it’s cool! All the hell the geeks went through, just to have their hobby hijacked by jocks and girls! Fucking shit!!

That’s my opinion on what i think is part of, if not the root of the reason why geeks track down on girl gamers so much! Of course, they’re stupid morons when they think they’re in any authority to quiz women on games, as some sort of test. It’s pedantic nonsense.. But at least i’ve shared a little as to why i think they do it!
They’re just not happy about how things ended up!

EDIT: I should note that i think the term “girl gamer” is stupid! As far as i’m concerned, you’re a gamer.. Gender has nothing to do with it! So don’t be a dumb shit, like the girl portrayed here:


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3 responses to “Something to be said about girl gamers”

  1. diaryofdennis says :

    Good read. Inspired me to write about that topic too 😀

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