A little on trans-misogyny, discrimination and bigotry!

Yesterday, i had a really bad experience with a commentor on my blog. It’s the first time one of those elusive facade, pseudo-intellectual types had ever crossed my path, and i can easily say i wasn’t prepared for it.
She told me that “I might not consider myself male, but my male privileges are shining right through”, in response to the feminist post i made a few days ago. I am at a loss of words as to why this is bigotry, trans-misogyny (Or, just misogyny) and discrimination.

For one, it’s a personal attack, that does nothing to argue my points. It just points to that i was born in a man’s body, therefor, i know nothing about what it’s like to be a woman, and my critique stems from that ignorance.. This is bigotry.

Stupid as i was, i decided to tell her that she had no idea what she was talking about, and that she should inform herself on transsexuals. But of course, her living in the feminist bubble that she is, she flat out dismissed me, and basically said that women has it as bad, if not worse than transsexuals. Again.. Bigot! One, i am a woman, i know very well what it’s like to be one! Second, i’m also a transsexual.
Let me just step out for a moment and say that, i love that nowhere is she bothered, that she’s telling an actual minority on this planet, that her being a woman is more or less a joke. I’m a joke. No.. You don’t seem to get it! Of course i don’t know what i’m talking about! I’m full of male privileges. I don’t know what it’s like to be a woman, nor will i ever!

So anyway.. She’s the type of person who would start a subset of the feminist movement, which would only recognize “real women”. Yes, those exist. Those people who say that “only women who were born in female bodies are women”, and anyone else is a poser or woman hater. Not saying she.. Actually, yea, i am saying that she’s that stupid!
I know she didn’t say it to me directly, but how am i to interpret it, when she comments that “my male privileges shines through”, just because i’m a transsexual? She would never comment that on a “real woman’s blog”.

It’s just disgusting. I’m disgusted by her and people who think like her. Which i know isn’t representative of the feminist movement.
I think a big feminist should slap this commentor on the fingers and say “We don’t speak that way! A woman is a woman, end of story!”. But of course… A bigot wouldn’t listen either way!


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7 responses to “A little on trans-misogyny, discrimination and bigotry!”

  1. transparentguy says :

    You do know how it feels to be a woman. With the exception of things like menstruation and childbearing, you have the same experience as any other woman. You know the social reality of women. You know what it is like to be dismissed in a meeting or group simply because you’re female. You know what it is like to have men objectify you. And so on …

    Don’t let one bigoted person get you down.

    • jennaisme says :

      Yea.. I try to not let it get to me, the sexism women do face. For me, it serves as a kick in the ass to show people not to dismiss me. I kind of shine under pressure that way.

      Thank you for your comment! ❤

  2. Kira says :

    I’ve had a few go arounds with people like her, them and their religious cousins… It’s like trying to talk with a brick wall. Their minds are so closed they can’t hear anything other than the echoes of their own thoughts.

  3. arkansasrose says :

    Many things about bigotry confuse me but I’m thoroughly baffled by “male privileges” What the … huh? There are also people out there who think because I am in a wheelchair I don’t know what it’s like to be a ‘real’ woman, even though my husband didn’t complain about that side of me once during our marriage lol. Keep your chin up, those people don’t matter in your life! 🙂

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