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Bye bye, Twitter, wordpress and more..

This is an audio post, so if you really care, take the time to listen to what i have to say:

I figured that only those who i would want to listen to it, would!


Meeting a psychologist, part 1

As a Swede, i enjoy the luxuries of getting SRS, HRT for free. But it comes with a very long “trail period”, or whatever you should call it. Since i’m not the one paying, they need to be sure i really have to do it. Which is fair. It’s the price to pay, so to speak.

So far, i’ve met with someone who wanted to ask me some initial questions, just to get to know me and how i came to realize i was trans. The second time, i met with someone who wanted to ask me some follow-up questions to the initial questions. Third time, i met with a counselor type of person. She wanted to know a little more about myself, and my background, She gave me some numbers to call in case i needed it, and she was a generally nice person.

But tomorrow’s meeting will involve a psychologist. So it’ll be the most intense meeting yet. And i’m more nervous about it than i ever have been! I get to meet with someone who legitimately knows about transsexuals, someone who has been dealing with people like me for years.. So in a sense, my real journey starts here. This is it!

I’ll write more on this tomorrow.. Right now, i need to avert my thoughts from it!

Chelsea Manning and transgender pronouns.

A lot of talk about how news outlets has been wrongly covering the Chelsea Manning’s transgender closet-walkout. It basically boils down to transsexuals being mad at news outlets for not using the correct pronouns when addressing her.. And all i can say is this:

Most transsexuals don’t seem to get that understanding is a two way street. They need to understand the simple concept of pronouns, but we also need to understand that cis-people don’t look at gender the same way we do. They don’t really get what being transgender really entails. And getting mad, and once again overreacting, won’t solve anything.
We certainly won’t be understood if we don’t understand their position to begin with! It just creates more misunderstanding, discombobulation, and that’s not good for anyone in the long run! So please stop it!

Bradley comes out as Chelsea


I feel i should mention this: Formally “Bradly”, comes out as Chelsea Manning. It finally became official, after having been spread around as a rumor for a while.
I have no comments to her being trans.. I do have comments about what the government is doing to her though.

She only did the job of a journalist, and she’s being treated like a criminal because of it. She is a victim of a totalitarianism, much like how journalists are put in cells to rot, in third world countries.
Time will make her a hero, just like time made anyone who has ever fought and sacrificed themselves for freedom, truth and justice; a hero!

I hope that the American government never finds Edward Snowden. And a huge kudos to the Guardian and Glenn Greenwald for standing up to what can only be described as thugs abusing their power, like a bully goes against the weak kid at school! Time will pay homage to the actions of everyone fighting against the takeover of the American government!

Podcast android app, part 3 – I love programming

I decided i would put the embedded tab bar on hold, indefinitely, and start trying to figure out how to put different content in each “fragment” (As it’s called).. Basically, android has a standard, which lets you scroll horizontally between activities… It’s hard to explain. Basically, imagine that you can put whatever “screen” of a program (For instance, you click your way to the settings screen or the player screen. That’s a different screen) you want, in one horizontally scrollable main screen.
That’s what i managed to do.

So now i know how to get a new screen to appear normally, and i know how to put screens as a horizontal view. Those are some of the main GUI elements i have learned. So next time, i will tackle lists. How to put lists dynamically, and what can be done with them. After that, it’s player, access internet content, save and load files… And yeah.. Not much left until i can start the program development in earnest! Which will be really fun!

Screenshot_2013-08-17-14-50-28 Screenshot_2013-08-17-14-50-35 Screenshot_2013-08-17-14-50-39

Screenshots of the horizontal scroll

(Wikipedia) The short story of a cis man, forced into SRS

I found a pretty interesting article on wikipedia that i wanted to share:

Podcast android app, part 2

Remember part 1? Me neither! For some reason, i think i made a part 1 at some point. It’s been a long time since i updated on this subject. The reason being is that i just haven’t had any progress.. Until now! For two days now, i’ve been enjoying some android programming for my phone!

I’m making a podcast app, akin to “beyondpod”. Only, mine won’t have — what i consider — the issues that beyondpod has. More on what that is later. Right now, i’m learning the bells and whistles of android. How it operates and how it works! Since i’ve done GUI programming on a number of different platforms in the past (Windows, java applets, css), this has been going very smoothly. A lot of it is similar to Windows, but some of it has a very unique Android feel to it. Like how you use classes, and what everything in an app is considered..
This is all technological babble though! How about a screenshot?


Note the little magnifying glass at the top left, in the notifications bar/top bar.
So yea.. It’s just testing the platform at the moment, so nothing i can really report on! All i’ve really done on the podcast app is thinking about features i want, and how i want it to look like. All in my head, so nothing i can show, yet!
Oh, some of the features it won’t have is backwards compatibility. I think 3.0 will be the lowest i’ll go. Mainly because i intend to keep this a free product, but also because i can’t really test the program on lower OSes.
I’m look forward to updating this more often!

PS: 10 points if you get the reference in the popup at the bottom of the screen!

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