From a bad mood to a good mood: A tale of socialist Sweden.

It’s really difficult for me to explain why i was in such a bad mood lately. Because i have to translate things into American. Because you see, i come from a country with a lot of socialist transitions. One of which being giving people who needs help, the help that they need. Simple enough!
So what help am i getting? I get payed rent with about 2500-3000 SEK (450 dollars) for clothes, food, etc. Mainly, I get some people helping me in my life.. And by “Some”, i mean many. But the two “groups” — please excuse the very vague terminology in this post — that this story involves, which i need to explain first: is one new that i got in contact with, about 2 weeks ago, which is a semi-private group of people who helps people with social needs (Helping with chores, getting in shape, grocery shopping, just talking, etc), and one other group of people working for the community/municipality. This is the group i got in contact with late last year, and has my aunt in it (She’s awesome).

One new group, through the socialist safety-net of Sweden, and one old! (Still am in contact with both. It’s not a switch). Hope that explains it sufficiently enough.

So anyway. When i first had the meeting with the new group of people, i was assured that they would help me with a form/application that i have to submit every month. It’s the form which grants me money from the state/municipality. Now.. Filling this thing in is a huge chore and a confusing mess. And what you have to put in there is different every time! And since i do have anxiety disorder, it also gives me a lot of stress. I know i should probably just learn how to do it myself, and i probably will after what happened.

Long story short, they didn’t help me with it. This left in a state of distress and despair, after they had shoved the paper through my door mailbox, along with a note saying that they didn’t really have the time, and was unsure if they could help me with it in time. And i don’t want to blame them for that. I understand.. But i feel that i should have been warned that i wouldn’t always get the help i needed from this new group, who was supposed to take a lot of stress off of the old group.

I was really stressed and bummed out for about a day, until i finally decided to go to mom about it. Since my mom and aunt has a great relationship (My aunt was on a vacation), my mom was able to call my aunt to figure out how to fill in this application. So that made me very relieved. I remember sitting there, feeling as though two stones were lifted off my chest, as mom told me that she would help me. I have the best mom ever!

That same day that i went to my mom about it, earlier, i had gone to the old group to see if i couldn’t find my aunt’s co-worker, to inquire about this form. Sadly, she wasn’t there. But she called up, the day after i had gone to my mom about the form, telling me that people had seen me searching for her the other day (My aunt’s coworker, who is a part of that old group). Which was yesterday. I told her about my woes, and we arranged a meeting this Friday.. Today.

I woke up early today to go and meet her (I had already told my mom at this point, that i would be seeing her about the form instead, and i had picked up the form, the day before) about it, and we talked it through, made sure everything was in order. Luckily, i had gotten my rent (Which is something you need to send in with the form, to act as evidence of your rent.. In order to get money. Gah, can i get more confusing) this morning.
Anyway, i’ve gone on long enough. Bottomline is that i got the help i needed, and i ended up sending the form in to where it should be! All is happy, and all is well!

As a side note, i should say that my aunt’s co-worker in the old group also helped me with some other medical woes. It involves a bunch of complicated things i can’t even pretend to know about. But essentially, we found out that i had a bunch of  invoices/bills that i hadn’t payed (Due to never getting them), and because of that, had a lot of penalty to pay. So fucking glad she looked that up, and in the same day, rid me off all of it, with the help of some legal rights i have as a Swede, and some phone calls to explain the situation. I was ready to go to court about it, but it seems state services such as the semi-social-medical-establishment aren’t really assholes.

Again, it makes me so freaking happy to have so many professionals around me who can help me, and that i live in such a great country, where i can get the help i need. I’m speaking about both my stress related problems, and my trans problems in this blog too!
Just amazing.. Quite frankly. So now i’m in a good mood. Slightly stressed, but there you go! I just need some time to recuperate.. It might seem like a small problem, but to me in my mental state, it’s kind of big.

Hope this made sense! Not sure if it did or not! Happy Friday everyone!


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One response to “From a bad mood to a good mood: A tale of socialist Sweden.”

  1. Candy Kowal says :

    We have the same issues here when we are unemployed. The paperwork is always a chore. But, this is a priority in your life you have to try to get in order! If you can figure out a “system”, a day put aside, to finish this task in the proper way, you can help others in the future, who join the group and become an asset to the group. Becoming a asset to the group has to be a goal so that future issues you have will get better response, sooner…
    If not this specific task, maybe doing something your better capable of doing….give it your all, and you will find a more positive social response when the next personnel crisis arises! Just a thought……and my 2 cents.

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