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Victory for LGBT and women, & some easy trans 101 material

Recently, a 6-year old kid by the name of Coy Mathis won a case against unreason and irrationality. So now she gets to use the girls bathroom. Imagine that? A girl gets to use the girl’s bathroom! Good thing we solved that pressing issue!

But in all seriousness though! I’ve had a pretty good week in news overall. Texas won against the anti-women crowd, some pretty big anti-DOMA steps were made (Even though the “let the states decide” is a little troublesome, i think at the end of the day, it was a step in the right direction), and then a little trans girl won against some more stupid people! Oh, and google and youtube are all like, we’re fabulous <3!

Google fabulous YT fabulous


We keep seeing transsexuals having to fight for her rights (Usually a woman, of course) to use a fucking bathroom, and it makes you wonder “why!?”. What’s the mentality? Why are bigots so against it.
Well, the obvious answer would be because they’re scared of transsexuals. If there’s something i’ve met far too often, even from very liberal people, it’s that a lot of cis people sees us as succubi. That we only want to have sex with everything, and that we’re promiscuous as all hell!
We somehow only want ill towards cis people. We seek only to deceive and delude the poor hetrosexual cis men, who thinks they’re getting a real woman, then BAM! Gay guy wearing drag! That’s what we are… That’s what they think..

Well, let me then present to you, some good material and first steps you could take to learn more about what we are. What being a transsexual constitutes.

If we can turn one mind at a time, to the idea that we’re just ordinary people who happen to identify with something other than our biological “gender”, then can this succubi effect be destroyed!





9 Unexpected Side Effects of Gender Transition

Nothing to add. Just a funnily written post with a lot of truth bombs.


Hair in doorIt’s been an appropriately long time since I rolled out the last list and that one went over like a wet log rolled over an angry Rottweiler. After all of 4 people read it, I decided the jig was up for my droll little attempts to interject nearly nonsensical humor. Just yesterday it just occurred to me that I missed doing these because I enjoy writing them, so why on earth would I stop? It’s not like anyone is paying to me to do this. Although I delight in seeing my stats rise and when new readers subscribe, it doesn’t really buy me much.

So, no disrespect to you dear readers, especially those of you who read and lend insightful comments to my more serious fare, but sorry, today’s just not going to be your cup of tea here in Michelleliannaland. I guarantee that if such a land existed geographically…

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Jenna and friends. Spoiler. It ends poorly!

I decided to end a friendship i had. Because i can’t be dealing with conflicting thougthts on whether or not i’m a friend to her. And that’s all i really need to say. I guess to point out an example. The recent thing that tipped me over the edge was a very trivial argument we had. I think i talked about this earlier, so i won’t go into detail. But it ended with her starting to ignore me.. For days. And during those days, i was questioning and wondering about friendship. ANd i feel that, if i have to do that, then is she really a friend? If that is on my mind so often with her, then what am i doing? I obviously have issues accepting her as a friend, and if years of chatting and what not isn’t enough, then what is? I have to come to a point where i tell myself that it’s not worth it. Someone i’m very skeptical about, whether or not she is a friend, is she really a friend?

It’s obvious that she is doing things to me to question it in the first place. But my skeptical view point — Or maybe cynical — of our friendship really can’t be just because of her. It’s on me as much, if not more. You know. Maybe someone me and her just aren’t meant to be friends. Maybe we’re just not compatible.

New dress. OkCupid and next meeting

I’ve been neglecting this blog for a while now. It’s just that, as of late, i’ve been able to talk about myself more with others. So the blog just gets a little less useful then. But i’ve been doing some stuff that i wanted to share on here, so here goes!

New dress!

I got a new dress a few days ago.. Or rather, i got my first dress! And i feel so proud of myself, to have been able to go to a store to buy my clothes for once. Before, i always went online, or to second hand shops (Which i don’t consider the same). So now i’ve finally taken that step, where i’m comfortable buying stuff for myself. ^w^

I remember promising myself back when i was a about 12, that i would not buy any boys clothes ever! That i would buy women’s clothing only. My mom always got me the guys clothes that i have now (Me having a big family and all), so i had the luxery of waiting this long. Gotta say though. It feels great wearing a summer dress during summer! Makes you enjoy summer more, to be honest!

Here’s a picture:


Friend again

I fear a little for my friend. We were having another argument, about videogames as art. And long story short. Of course videogames can be art, i could have expressed myself better, and my argument was only that videogames should become universally considered art. Much like when the watchmen made comics into high art by creating the “visual novel” genre.

But anyway. The argument wasn’t that important. A very silly argument, really. All i really have to say about it is that she shouldn’t get stressed over it. I fear that she has very severe stress issues, and she’s not seeing anyone about it.. So what can i do? She won’t talk to me right now, and quite frankly, i’m just sick of it. Because it comes across as very disrespectful.


So i finally decided to try and look for love. I’ve gotten a lot of answers and PMs from guys. And i don’t know.. A lot of really nice, cute and handsome men on there. I think i kind of like OkCupid! Only issue i have is that you can’t really officially state that you’re a transsexual. It’s either male or female. Which kind of sucks. But oh well. I’ll try it for a few weeks and see what kind of people i’ll be able to meet.

Next meeting

Was postponed. Sadly. By about 2 weeks.  So that means i’ll have to wait even longer..
On a positive note, i’ve decided to go full femme when going down to Uppsala next time, to meet with the transsexual experts. So that’ll be fun! (:

Navy SEALS Team 6 unit member is transgender

I’m not alone when i say that she’s a badass! Her anecdotes are all too familiar with any other transgender story you will hear. Very poignant.


kristenbeckTHE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Team 6, the Navy SEALS unit that captured Osama Bin Laden, had a transgender member on the team. Kristin Beck, now retired from the Navy, recently appeared on CNN with Anderson Cooper to talk about being a closeted trans SEAL.

Even though Beck eventually spent 20 years in the service, she feared being killed in the field if word got out that she was trans. Even today, she told Cooper, there is fear when when she steps outside her door as transgender people are often killed just for who they are. She said there are many trans people serving our country silently and they deserve equality.

Beck says she fought for peace and liberty for 20 years and now she just wants peace and happiness for herself.

What the CNN video here (captioned):

FIRST! Navy SEAL Comes Out as Transgender | Transgender Law Center

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Quickie: On Gender binary and throwing a fit over it

I’m not a big fan of gender binary. I think humanity could be so much more if we stopped being so rigid and black and white. Because the less difference we see in each other, the better.
That being said. If you’re someone who throws a fit the moment someone even acknowledges the fact that our society compartmentalizes humans into two genders, you should just give up. Because you won’t win over anyone with anger and hate. You could might as well join the WBC, if that is how you’re gonna act.

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