Open letter to Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks. I’m calling you out!

I want to bring some context to this before writing the letter.
A few days ago, i watched a video with the young Turks (embedded bellow) where Cenk Uygur equated transsexuals with ugly. Now, this isn’t the first time he’s been expressing an anti-transsexual sentiment. He’s been expressing that attitude on numerous occasions. But this time, when it’s so blatant and so recent, i feel that it’s a good time to write about it. I’ll try to be as brief as i can.

Before anything, let me apologize in advance. My native language is not English. So there will be grammatical and spelling errors.

I really enjoy The Young Turks. Mainly because i find myself in disagreement with you guys a lot of the time, and because you often bring a fresh view on issues.
When you guys do the “Supreme court”, where we get to hear everyone’s stances and opinions on an issue (Sometimes multiple issues), i think we as viewers ends up well informed. All thanks to the great staff at The Young Turks.

Then you bring to light the less covered stories that mainstream media just won’t report on. Stories like the “Heroes” of that one football team, in that one town, who raped that girl (Not the story that mainstream media did report on, but one before that), comes to mind; horrible to hear about, but i thought it was important that you guys reported on it! You more often than not make me feel that your reporting isn’t like the mainstream, which focuses more on silly things. Like if Taffy is a racist candy or not.

The humorous moments and the lighthearted stories are always a nice break from the very heavy stuff you bring to light. The road to nowhere April 1st episode was very delightful.
All of these aspects of the show makes TYT, The Young Turks, one of the best news shows out there..
However. I’m not sure of your stance on transsexuals. And i have one reason to be unsure — and i want to be fair about this. I haven’t actually heard you explain it anywhere, you’ve just been anti-transsexual, seemingly without knowing it.
You guys sometimes bring up very stupid issues that aren’t really issues, and you start complaining like any other typical liberal would. And that’s all fine and dandy. It’s just the nature of the show. You guys are the liberal show, and that is fine. I am fine with it, we’re fine with it. We all have political leanings, and it’s just the nature of the game, i can’t stress that enough.
But to me, that brings something to mind. Which is that you obviously care about when sexism is being perpetrated, or homophobia, or racism, etc. But like the video at the top demonstrates, you have no issues with calling transsexuals ugly. Just generally.. We’re all ugly. And this isn’t the first time i hear this anti-transsexual sentiment from you, mr.Uygur. It’s happened on numerous occasions. And it just seems strange, because you’ll jump at the most minute, to me, non-issues, when someone as much as makes a joke based on gender/race/etc, and you will tip toe around women’s issues and homosexual issues by saying that you don’t obviously mean something, or that you’re saying it jokingly (Seriously, you always excuse yourself too much. We know at this point that you’re not anti-women or anti-gay or a racist). What we don’t know, however, is your stance on transsexuals. Which is my question to you. What exactly are your feelings towards transsexuals? What’s your stance on transsexuals? It’s unclear to me, and i would like to know, please. Because right now, i feel that you’re just disrespecting us on a purely visceral basis. Which is contrary to every other stance you take. Stances that are thought out.

Thank you for reading.

As a reference, here’s one example of, what to me, is an overreaction: 


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