Princesses & Illusions. A response to SomecallmeJohnny

An internet personality whom i adore to no end, made a video today about a game which i adore to no end. So obviously, i must be outraged, right? Well, not quite. I’ve got some thoughts and ideas that i want to share. It won’t take long.

Anyhow. Before anything else, watch the video:

Now, i was surprised when he said that he would be tackling Link’s awakening. He had said a few times in the past that he would take the handheld games in a separate marathon.
My initial thought before watching it was “Damn you, Johnny! Releasing it right when i have to go to work”, followed by “It’ll be really interesting to hear the perspective from someone who didn’t grow up with it”. And long story short, it was. It was a very interesting video, and it made me wonder. What if some random shmo, or nintendo, remade the game, and improved it by fleshing out the story, thus making it live up to its potential. Because just like he says in the review, there’s a lot of potential there. Like when you learn that the island is but an illusion and a dream. Pretty heavy stuff, i have to say.

Another thing you could also improve on is the graphics (As charming as they may be) and the gameplay. So i was thinking that i wanted to do it myself. That was a thought that instantly came to me around the midpoint of Johnny’s review. Admittedly it’s something i’ve been wanting to do for years, for the exact reasons that Johnny pointed out, but this review made me want to do it all over again. I think, out of all the Zelda games out there, this is the one that would benefit the most from a remake.


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