Tropes vs women in videogames. Whatever response someone could make to her.

You know, i haven’t really commented on feministfrequency’s video she made a few weeks ago, where she talked about tropes vs women. Because one, she disabled comments and ratings. Which tells me that she obviously don’t care about other people responding. She defends it by saying that “people are just gonna troll and be sexist” (Sorry to paraphrase), but if that is her attitude, then why bother? Why even be on the internet? Doing something like that just makes you seem like a creationist. They do that shit too, because they know their opinions (Which is what your video is) won’t hold up to scrutiny. And second, i haven’t responded because i think so many others did a great job at it.. and i’ve already talked about it with my brother. Woman and man in between.

Her video:

But i just wrote something on facebook in response to an article i read on PA (Jocelyn had shared it), and maybe it could at least give you some idea of where i stand, as a gamer myself:

I don’t think video game developers are coming from a very sexist stance on the current state of the industry. I think it’s more of a holdback from a previous era, and a money issue. And it’s a catch 22, really. Because if they never branch out to make characters something other than 30-some-year-old white straight males, you’re never going to get a bigger market for other demographics either.
So for the industry and people as a whole, i think it would be better if we started mixing it up a little. Even though your numbers are currently telling you that this narrow scope is what sells right now.

And thunderf00t made a video where he did some good explaining too, and it pretty much sums it up. She’s not a gamer, and she walked into something that was way beyond her depths. Leave the gaming analyzing and women in gaming talking to extracredits. They explain stuff so much better than she could ever (Because she’s just not a gamer. She has little to no interest in games. At least if her video is anything to go by) do. And i don’t even agree with them on everything. I think they’re too liberally slanted at times. But i always respect their opinions, and find good points in them, because there is where you’ll find non-posers..

Anyway. Do check out thunderf00t’s video, and extracredits. But i’d recommend doing like me and not think too much of it. Because like i said in the beginning, she obviously doesn’t care about other people’s opinion. She seems to have already decided that they’re wrong anyway. And no, i don’t buy her bullshit excuses for a second.

Thunderf00t’s video:

Link to extra credits:


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