So tired. Tribalism, and a short thank you.

Yesterday, i recorded myself talking about being tired of some groups of people, but i decided to scrap it, and just write it instead.
But before anything else. The 22nd of April will be the one year mark for this blog. One year, and almost 100 followers since then. Considering that i’m the most boring human being alive, i think that’s quite remarkable. Thanks to everyone who gave the time, and continues to give their time. It’s very much appreciated. If only for the fact that i’m not just speaking to myself.

You know.. I scrapped what i said earlier. Because what i’m really tried of is just one thing. And that’s ignorance. I’m tired of dogma. I’m tired of indoctrination. I’m tired of tribalism. I’m tired of blindness. I’m tired of bubbles. I’m tired of narrow mindedness. I’m tired of  lalalalala!!! I’m tired of ignorance.

And it all stems from groups. It all comes from “My side can no nothing wrong, and i’ll find flaws in the other side till i’m red in the face”. For instance, political affiliations. You know, the moment a republican president starts abusing the powers that a democratic president created for him/her, that’s when they’ll get mad. And it’s the republicans fault! Because fuck that guy.

Or you’ll see it among skeptics. Which is probably the most ironic group of people. They pride themselves on being skeptics and having a skeptical outlook on life. But in reality, they’re just as tribal as any other group. You know, the moment someone in their group starts saying someone stupid, they flat out ignore it, and often times reward it. Like atheism+.
Skeptics guide to the universe is the largest skeptics podcast out there, yet the people in it won’t even question it when Watson comes with her oh so enlightened thoughts. Like how saying cunt is wrong, but saying dick is ok.. Yes, you’re always right, Watson. You’re not a moron.

I could go on. Pretty short list, but like the title states, i’m just so god damned tired of it. I’m tired of dealing with it. Which is why i’ve decided that i’ll stop bothering so much with it. Because people will just be people, and their group is awesome, and every other group suxxx!1one It’s never our fault, and it’s always their fault. It’s always us vs them. There can be no other solution, and i’d sooner use my chest as a drum and yell AAAAAAHHHHAHAHAHAAAAHHHHAAAAAAAAAAA before looking at it in any other way. I’m just right, and you’re just wrong!

I’m done.


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