Mocking ignorant people is too easy. But fun. A reply to frontpagemag

So what if one day, humans could become other animals? Does that mean we should scoff at those who want that, and hate them for it? And what kind of jump is that anyway? You go from transsexuals. People who just want to be considered the other gender to the general public, and feel that they’re a different gender from their birth sex, and can undergo surgeries to make that a reality. One little difference in one chromosome.  To major difference in DNA. But maybe you don’t believe in DNA. Well, then allow me to explain that in a way i’m sure you’re probably more familiar with (Just don’t kill me over it. I know you really want to though): DNA is mah gawd!
It’s the slippery slope argument. It’s the same arguments anti-equal rights bullies use to justify their hatred against people of different races and same gender marrying eachother. “What’s next? Animals marrying humans!?”. You come off as someone like that. On a purely objective standpoint. Another objective thing that you can discern from your post is that you must be crazy, getting your morals from a cartoon. Has it ever occurred to you that maybe southpark isn’t the best source of morals out there?

What’s the deal? Even if transsexuals were mentally ill, and it was a mental illness, does that warrant your hate? Does it warrant transsexuals getting less freedoms? Does it hurt you directly? What’s the problem? Am i to believe that you’re one of those who will go up to someone with a mental illness and say “Get over yourself. Pull up your bootstraps up and get on with your life. You don’t need all that medication. I don’t, so why would yooooou? You know what? I’m going to give you less freedom?”. Does that make any sense to you? But maybe you want to take that with someone like Stephen Fry. Say that to him. I’m sure you’ll get a lot of love.

You know. It’s hard for me too. Because how can i convince someone who substitutes science and morals with cartoons, that he’s completely wrong? Should i just say “You’re confusing body dysmorphic disorder with the plight of transgender people” and be done with it? I mean, i can’t remember if there are any cartoons that explains body dysmorphic disorder in a competent way, so i guess i’m out of luck there. Damn it must be limiting to get all your morals and science from cartoons. I can’t imagine how you must have it.
But maybe you think that episode is scientific? Hold on. Let me just find the peer review Matt and Trey sent in. Damn, i couldn’t find it anywhere. Just something about “It’s just a cartoon” and “Whoever uses this as a basis for anything must be a fucking retard”. Not my words. I wouldn’t call you something like that. I’m happy with just calling you ignorant and stupid. Which you must be. Since you’re having such a hard time saying woman to someone who wants to be referred to as a woman, and vise versa (Oh, by the way. Vise versa is a term you use when you reverse the relations of a sentence. In this case, it means that it goes for men wanting to be referred to as men too).

You know what. Maybe i should have written and animated a cartoon so you could watch it. Because i know it’s the only thing you’ll listen to. I would get the best voice actors the deep south can offer. Just to make it feel as home to you as possible. Maybe then you’ll listen.



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