Swede privilages

I’ve spent many a-hours and even days pondering privileges as of late. What kind of privileges do we all have? You hear it from feminists especially. They always espouse the male privilege question. “Oh, men has so many privileges in our world”. And sure, they do. Like you’ll hear. They won’t have to worry too much about rape on a day-to-day basis, they’re also stronger, which comes with a lot of advantages. And you could go on with the male privileges. Certain advantages that men just has.
But is that all though? Is that the only set of privileges of a group worth discussing? And is it even that big of a deal, to be a man? Cats are usually said to be one of the most successful animals on the planet. They have all the privileges and none of the responsibilities. But let’s just focus on the privileges of humans instead of going down that rabbit hole. Swedish privileges. We get free healthcare, we have a lot of great social programs for all kinds of people, we have a lot of freedoms that the vast majority of countries could only dream of having (Like “Allemansrätten”, our crém de la crém), our government isn’t nearly as corrupt as the vast majority of countries, we have a good educational system, knowing two languages comes naturally to most of us here (Which means we can communicate very well.. Also a privilege, i’d say), etc. Looking at a country like, let’s say, USA, i could consider myself to be privileged to be a Swedish citizen. My Swede privileges come shining through. Yet, i complain about how we have it here. Because Norway has it better. Norwegian privileges are far better than Swedish privileges. They have no debt, their country handles terrorism like fucking badasses, they speak like the most friendly people on earth, their nature is pristine and illustrious (Fucking Lofoten, fucking please..).

But enough about countries various privileges over one another. What about other ones? Economic privileges. You’re born in a rich family. Compared to most people in your country, you have many more advantages than they have. You’re very privileged. You pretty much won’t ever have to worry about a job. Your future is safe. If it’s not for the many contacts you will no doubt have, it’s your parents. Racial and national privileges. I’m of Swedish decent, so naturally, i will have it easier in my country than people who doesn’t have it. People of Iraqian decent, people of a different skin color. People who dare to speak in an accent that will sure to rile up the Swedish rednecks. I’m privileged.

And men and women. Like i stated before. Male privileges. But what about female privileges? We can make a guy think with the wrong head, and make that an advantage. I know a lot of independent, strong and smart women who exploit that over and over again. Get drinks for free, get men to carry our shit (I’ve done this a few times myself), have a much easier time to crash in men’s places (So long as you know them even remotely well. We’ll pretty much get dibs automatically for being female), we won’t get in fights as much as men (And when we do, they’re usually not as brutal as guy’s tend to make it), we can dress in a lot more outfits due to society’s pressure on guys to not “seem gay”. I could go on. But i won’t.. But i could.

What have i learned from thinking about this? Struggle is a human universal. It seems to me that we all struggle. Be it the rich snob on wallstreet who wants to take away pensions from 100s of workers just to make another million bucks. Or some fisher, getting by in a tough economy and climate change.
These complaints that all these groups have, are all legit. You could probably think of even more. Bottom line is that we all have complaints. Good complaints. Legitimate ones. Here’s an idea. Let’s strive to fix them. Instead of pointing fingers and expecting a group with more (How you can quantify that is way beyond me) privileges than you to kiss your feet because they’re oppressing you by just being. That’s the problem i see. I don’t see good men doing nothing. I see stupid men doing the wrong thing.


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