Milotic is a transgender? Pokémon supports the transgender community?

Milotic is a transsexual pokémon? Is there truth to it? Is Milotic’s exterior a reference to the transgender flag? Does the fact that it’s ugly first, and beautiful later indicative of a story you’ll hear from any transsexual?
Or is all this just yet another wily theory that could never be proven? Why don’t you stick around and find out. I’ve got the analysis the answers, the whole shebang.

The pokémon is a series known for its punny (There will be puns.. lots of puns) humor and cheap jokes. Usually, the idea behind a pokémon doesn’t go beyond a simple mythological reference (Gyrados, Lucario), animal design (Squirtle = Squirrel + turtle.. Fucking genius!), thing (Magnamite.. grimer. Garbodor?)

What the..

But a woman by the name of Jocelyn seem to think that there’s something special about Milotic. After all, it’s the only one who has the possibility of evolving through eating puffins, and its design does appear very transgender-esque, wouldn’t you say?



The hypothesis

Well, i’m not going to hold off any longer, let’s see her theory on why she thinks Milotic is a reference to the transgender community/a transgender.


She begins with the fact that feebas begins as a helpless, ugly pokémon. This statement could never hold its own. Because a lot of people feel this way. It’s not exclusive to transsexuals. It’s too broad a statement to really mean anything. It includes a group of people, that transsexuals fall into, but isn’t exclusive in.

Difficulty to locate means that it’s too afraid to show itself, because (And it’s as if emulating) “many pre-transition transsexuals don’t fit in well with most other people, and tend to distance themselves since it’s socially unacceptable for them to be who they wish to be”. I could name a few other reasons why it might be distancing itself.

  • Because it’s a weak fish
  • Because its face is ugly

And.. I know this is metaphorical. But the metaphor could might as well be that it’s an introvert by nature, and just doesn’t want to show itself. I think what they were going for was that it’s ugly and doesn’t like to be seen. To say that as anything else is to fill in blanks, and i don’t buy that. Sure, it’s something that comes with if it’s proven to be true at the end, that Milotic is supposed to represent transgender, but on its own, it means nothing. You can’t discern all that from this simple thing.

To digress a bit on the subject of confirmation bias. There are groups of feminists out there who sees mysogony in everything. They’re so enamored with the idea that there’s a patriarcy out there to put down ever single woman, that they see woman hating in everything. And i think there is some of that in this theory. You’re a transgender, so you’ll have an easier time seeing that in things. A Christian sees Mary in a sandwich. Humans see gods, the deieties that created the universe, as a human.. Or we see faces in bushes, and other patters we’re used to seeing. If i was a huge bleech fan, i could see bleech in pokémon like Shedinja, and make arguments as to why they were inspired by that series in the design of that pokémon. Or if i liked MLP, i could say that the meet the pyro video was inspired by it. I mean, just look at all the colors and stuff. Isn’t it obvious?
And that’s what confirmation bias is.

This next one is really interesting. Because Feebas is the only one that can evolve in such a way. It can also evolve using a prism scale in later games.
Prior to writing this, i took some time reading up on all the things surrounding Milotic, and i couldn’t find anyone who theorized that it was a repsentation of transgender. What i came up with was that Milotic is based on an Oarfish (If they wanted to make a transsexual reference, they could have made a clownfish pokémon. That would make far more sense. But even then, it would just be a reference to a clown fish) and i could find no reference to transgender and Oarfish. So no luck there. It also said that it could be a reference to sirens, which i could see. Also, a loch ness monster reference.. But i think lapras fits that description a little better.

Then i checked out the name of it. But that only seemed to refer to its beauty and healing powers. Which the pokémon is described as having (And does have in terms of moves). One more far reaching theory of the name was “Venus de milo”, which represents beauty, and it has no arms. No matter what i found on this aspect, i couldn’t really find anything linking it to transgender. Which they could have done, seeing as greek myth has the story of “Lesbos”.. Like.. Let’s say they wanted to make a reference to lesbian/homosexuality, they’d make an all female pokémon, and base it on something from the island of Lesbos. Or something. But no, i had no luck finding any such references. I did try though.

Anyway. Beauty puffins as hormones? Seeing as i couldn’t find any links to milotic and transgender, this seems kind of weird. I mean, sure, it was the only one that could evolve that way, but it didn’t (If i may read more into this) make other pokémon unhappy (Which it should do) and it wasn’t exclusive to feebas.

And the prism scale? Some pokémon evolve with metal coat, some with king’s rock, and some with other forms of items. All i’m saying is that there’s nothing special with it evolving with this item. It’s just one of many. Unless i’ve missed something here. I mean, sure, you could see it as change of wardrobe, and i see your point, but it’s just yet another case of confirmation bias, i think.
Then the trading sequence as “The channels we need to go through”. Again, it’s not unique to Milotic. I think that, if they really wanted us to suspect that they meant something more with something, they would have made this something unique to that pokémon. But as i’ve already pointed out, the only unique thing about this pokémon is the puffin feeding.

And lastly, she says that “incidentally, Milotic’s palette is made up solely of three colors..”. This is not true, and is a fact you find in platinum, BW1/BW2.

Its lovely scales are described as rainbow colored. They change color depending on the viewing angle.

In conclusion

I saw a lot of confirmation bias in this one, and that’s coming from someone with this bias herself (I really wanted to think there was something to this. Which is why i’m sitting still awake, early in the morning, writing and studying this).
But when all is said and done, i could be wrong. Maybe it was meant to be taken as a transsexual going through the process that we go through. But like i’ve explained, there’s really no reason to think that. It really does look like they just went with a from ugly to beautiful thing with this pokémon.
I would like to have it confirmed though. Denied or not.


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10 responses to “Milotic is a transgender? Pokémon supports the transgender community?”

  1. 19andnerdy says :

    Reblogged this on 19andnerdy.

  2. Anon says :

    Fucking dumbass. Firstly, Squirtle’s name mainly comes from “squirt” and turtle. Squirrel also makes sense, yes, but it is more of a secondary part of its name.
    Also, that theory is the most fucking retarded thing I have heard all day and the “founder” of it is looking waaayyy too far into things. The concept of ugly to beautiful is more or less based on stories such as The Ugly Duckling, where the theoretic “duckling” eventually grows into a beautiful swan. Ugh. Fucking people who look for shit that isnt there.

  3. Anon says :

    Sorry, op, i wasnt trying to take my frustrations towards the argument out on you, rathermore than the originator of that theory

  4. B. So says :

    I don’t think Milotic was intended to be a trans pokemon, but as a trans woman I can relate to it, as well as the struggles of its base form 🙂

  5. wow says :

    you know the colors have literally nothing to do with it right?
    color schemes and common color palettes are a thing. the pokemon character designers give 0 shits about lgbt stuff. it has nothing to do with pokemon.

  6. anon says :

    Personally, I’d deny it.
    I’m not necessarily in favor of or seriously against trans as a whole, it’s something that I am aware that exists and I wouldn’t down anyone for being themselves, I actually know a couple people and have casually associated with them.
    But on the main subject, I truly see it more as a confirmation bias rather than just some random theory. I do think it is being looked into a little too much.
    This doesn’t really have anything to do with the fact that Milotic is my favorite of all pokemon or that my image of it might be changed. I just see it for how it is and how it was originally meant to be introduced through 3rd generation Pokemon.

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