Everyone hates me – Incoherent rantings of a madwoman


Before anything.. Yes, that’s hyperbole.

DISCLAIMER: Just a bunch of ranting here. No good arguments or anything. Just ranting. I need to get some things off my chest, and this is where i’ll do it. I’m not claiming to be a better person than anyone. I mean, it’s not like i were making good arguments to the people i’m going to write about, so why would i expect any good responses?

Have you ever felt that everyone on the internet hated you before? Because i seem to be in that position right now actually. Again.. I don’t mean that literary, i just wanted to point out a few things i’ve been doing as of late.

One includes some condescending bitch who thinks that her politeness, that she learned from Skepchick, makes her a better person. But in reality, it makes her come across as a condescending moron. Then i pissed off the vocaloid community on reddit for daring to have a different opinion than them. Granted, my arguments could be better, but still. Then i’ve just felt like a total bitch in general as of late. Bitter and what not (Although, i have been making some progress in real life as of late). But anyway. On to the really winy post.

Wining about Watson and her Ilk

I said something about how Rebecca Watson and her ilk was a bunch of morons in a post that linked her site, skepchick, a few days ago. Of course, a fan of Watson decided that she would act all high and mighty over me thinking that, and tell me, in a very pretentious, pedantic and condescending way, that i am wrong. I mean, no matter how often i would tell her how despicable Watson is (And she clearly is. Just watch one video with her), she wouldn’t listen. Now, i could have posted some examples of course, but when she couldn’t even understand what i was talking about, what good would a video example be? I might write something about just how despicable Watson is, in the future, and bring all my concessions against her and her ilk on the table for all to read.
And you know.. What made me just want to say fuck it, in that argument, is that she had the nerve to ask, to the one who owned the comment section, if we were being intrusive. Maybe i’m weird, but that feels really bad. It’s very condescending. I know this is mostly wining, but i had to get it off my chest somewhere.


It went as far as to where i got booed by the “Mikusexual” community of reddit’s very own r/vocaloid, for daring to suggesting that the site in which vocaloid had its first real success was hindering the growth of the phenomena in the rest of the world. Grr. How dare i!?
How dare i suggest that maybe forcing people to sign up to watch videos on a site isn’t perhaps a good place to put videos that you would want to grow in popularity. Sure, maybe for Japanese audiences, it’s fine. Most of them probably have an account on there. But if you expect vocaloid to reach global fame, maybe that’s not a good place to post it. We’re not going to get a 50,000,000+ video on a site like that. Think a little, damn you!

But yes, guy who rubs the other guy’s back for saying the word “Mikusexual” in response to a really creepy video with their “teal goddess” kissing a camera; maybe i’m the freak.

Some random stuff

At the time of writing this, news about a remake of wind waker has been announced. Needless to say, i’m excited. It’s one of my all time favorite Zelda games. Probably my favorite 3d one.. Second to. Majora’s mask is the tits.
Anyway. Here’s the video

I’ll make a post with updates later, but for now, this will have to suffice.
Again, sorry for being the most incoherent post ever, but i just had to get some things off my chest. Because.. Quite frankly. Fuck people sometimes.


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