Helping out friends

I see a lot of transsexuals on the internet having to resort to donations for their transition fund, and i just feel bad for them. Me as someone from a highly socialized country probably won’t have to deal with insane costs (I probably will have to pay for various things, just not for things that costs a lot), so i can instead help others who are going through their transitions.

Anyway! I mostly wanted to post this to highlight a friend of mine, and an important part of this blog, who is going through transition right now, and needs money:

Here’s what she wrote:

I still feel awkward about doing this, but I’ve just added a Donate button to my DA main page.  I want make abundantly clear that you are, of course, not obligated to donate anything.  There will be NO hard feelings and I’m NOT going to hate you forever if you don’t.  Many of us our facing the same messed up economy, so really, I understand if you can’t.  It’s really okay.

But there have been people in the past who actually asked if they could donate to me, which is one of the big reasons that changed my mind.  The fact is though, I am hurting financially.  So, I did ultimately to go through with this because I’m nearly four months on hormones, and I’m still not confident enough to go full-time.  I lack access to a number of expensive elements of transition that I simply can’t afford, and I can’t seem to save up for.  It’s very discouraging, to put it lightly.

Additionally, I will probably use the money, to help in marketing Rain.  That means a couple things.  For one, I’ve recently learned that the reason Rain – Volume 1 is not yet available on Amazon (which was extremely poorly communicated to me), is that I needs an ISBN.  I can actually get one for free, but Lulu will essentially own it if I do that.  However, if I purchase my own ISBN (which will run me a couple hundred bucks), I can have my book (still legally owned by me) distributed by Amazon and Lulu and sold by any book store I can get it to.  And I’m going to need to repeat this process for EACH volume.

It also allows me create products to sell.  As many of you have expressed interest in t-shirts or posters or keychains, I want to be able to offer that in the future.  Furthermore, it will allow me to update my comic drawing equipment and software.  For instance, my tablet is mighty old now, and some days, it’s not very responsive.  I want to be prepared to replace it if need be, so I don’t need to slow down making pages.

I have the donation pool set up through GoFundMe ([link]), which if you’re not aware, is basically a site kind of like Kickstarter (except I like their system better Kickstarter).  You do NOT need to be a member in order to donate though.  You can simply do so as you wish.

So once again, I want to make clear that there is no obligation.   If you decide to donate – no matter the amount – then thank you very much; you have no idea what it means to me.  If you decide not to donate, that’s fine too.  I understand, and there will be no hard feelings.

Whether you decide to donate or not, thank you for reading this all the way through.  I promise not to make to big a deal out of this.

And here’s the source to that post, and a link to her donation page

Thanks to anyone willing to help.


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