Escapism and transgenderism, mocking atheism plus, lying politicians and the source of creativity

I wrote down a short list of what i wanted to write about today. The main focus will be escapism and transgenderism, but i’ll also write about feminism and thunderfoot, lying politicians, and how sleep depriving yourself leads to creativity. Perhaps some of these subjects interest you, or related to you. If so, then why not share your thoughts and reply to this post. I would love to read what other has to say.

Escapism and transgenderism

My brother and i finally picked up borderlands 2 yesterday, in a sort of mini-lan party. We sat at my place and had fun for a few hours, until he decided to leave around midnight (We are both sick and he had to work 6pm the next day). Anyway. The game is out right amazing. It’s better than the first one in every single aspect.
But i digress, what i wanted to get into was escapism. I remember when i was younger, i always used videogames to get away from reality, because i was never a fan of reality. It’s a horrible, cruel and boring place filled to the brim with morons, idiots, douchebags, dickheads, cunts, sons of bitches, regular bitches, pieces of shits and shit heads. And to top it off, i was never comfortable with myself. I could never look myself in the mirror until i got to my teens when i pretty much had to, in order to start shaving.. Ugh. Fuck me, it’s one of the most depressing things i’ve ever had to start with. But i feel that i grew a little more confident, and i started to experiment with dressing differently in the privacy of.. well.. I only had the forest to do that, since i come from a large family. I started stealing clothes from my two big sisters, just so i could try them on. I had done that previously when i was younger too, but not the extent that i did back then in my early teens. I didn’t dare to try using makeup until around 20, sadly enough. Because for the longest time, i thought there was something wrong with me.

But that’s a digression. Videogames! I don’t think i would have been able to cope with myself, had it not been for videogames. I’ve been starting to feel worse and worse about my gender problems the last couple of months (In general, i should say), and i’ve also started to play more videogames. What i think is that i’m just drawn to that. It’s a way for me to cope. I guess to my detriment in a lot of ways, seeing as i should probably try to talk about it with someone i know. But i honestly feel too afraid of myself, too depressed with myself and too hateful towards myself to get anything out of that. Hope that the experts will contact me soon.

Feminism and thunderfoot

Yesterday, i saw a video by thunderfoot where he talked about feminism again. And i want to keep this short, so i won’t go into that much detail in this post. Rather, i’ll let thunderfoot do his thing, and i’ll just add some comments about my disdain for some of the comments from the feminists in that video.

First of. I’d consider the likes of Rebecca Watson and the whole freethoughtblog mess to be radical. I don’t think they represent even a fraction of the whole feminist movement (Even though i have to say that i’m getting less and less convinced of that).
And i do realize that thunderfoot might be scewing it a little in this video, and maybe even misrepresenting the people he makes arguments against. I’m not the biggest fan of thunderfoot, but he does make an overall great point in this video..

.. Which is that feminism, the radical feminists are poisoning atheism. Most notably, the atheism plus fiasco.
And i mean, just listen to some of those stupid comments from Rebecca, where she just out right sounds like a fucking cultist. “Oh, i didn’t use to notice the misogyny and harassment going on around me, and i know a lot of women say that it doesn’t happen, but it does. Boohoo” (To paraphrase her insipid and mindless statement). All i can say to her in this instance is that the only thing that has changed for her, is that she now has a confirmation bias against all things male, and will do anything to stroke her ego and further the false notion that there is a god… I mean, patriarchy. Something that i have yet to have fully explained to me, and something that i have yet to notice.

The other comment that made me feel that this is no better than a religion (And it’s funny how they can’t even notice how similar to a religion their version of feminism is) was the comment about free speech. To paraphrase: Free speech stops where someone starts feeling offended at your comments.
I don’t even have to say why this is stupid. First of all, one of the big reasons why we even have a notion of free speech is to allow those with unpopular opinions to express themselves freely. Someone with popular opinions and PC language doesn’t need that right, because the majority will already been in that person’s side.
Second of all, do you even listen to yourself? Anything can be taken as offensive. It’s a completely subjective thing. For instance, i am offended at you being so easily offended, and i’m offended that we’re of the same species. Are those valid points to get you to shut up, and stop being such a winy little bitch? No, they’re not. Unlike you, i actually believe in free speech, and i will defend your rights to death to say those stupid things, and use my rights to mock you for saying those stupid things.

And that’s all radical feminism really deserves. Because it won’t listen to reason. But why would you expect it to? Someone who follows dogma, and believes in intangible concepts and says that you simply can’t understand them, are usually not very prone to listen to reason.

Here’s a logo i feel is more representative of the movement:

Atheism plus

It’s also far more creative than what they went with.

Lying politicians

This is quickly becoming a very negative post, but i don’t feel very positive, so it’s what’s gonna come out, i guess.

Let me actually be brief on this one.
The world would be a much better place if only people had the decency to not vote for someone who can’t even answer a simple yes or no question, and who goes out of their way to dodge a question. I realize this is how people are in general. I mean, i recently came in contact with some moron claiming that the second amendment protects all other amendments, and then completely dodged my question when i asked him to explain most of europe for me. So i guess i might be expecting too much of out people, when what they’re really doing is voting for someone as deceitful and dishonest as themselves.

Sleep deprivation is when your creative side wakes up

On a lighter note, i guess i could end with just telling people about something i’m sure any veterans of the internet knows about. About how sleep deprivation boosts your creativity. Well, i’ve had some issues sleeping as of late, so i’ve felt a little more creative.. Long story short, i made this (Unfinished):

A brief history of the exclamation point.

Like all characters and signs, the exclamation point is a relationship between different shapes. They’re usually pretty simple shapes. Arcs, lines, dots; to name a few.
The W for example, is a relationship of two bodybuilders. Together, they form a very strong letter that a lot of languages won’t even use. Swedish for instance. Swedish could only muster up the courage to invite its neece, the V. Who is an acrobat, often seen behind the scenes of experiments such as the Q or the O. Needless to say, V is a master of all things ring.
Anyway. I’ve digressed far enough from the initial subject of this report. The exclamation point. Now, to know where i’m coming from, i need to point out the culture of the alphabet clan. For you see, they don’t take very kindly to posers. In a way, the alphabet is the nerd of the sign kingdom. They’ll sometimes invite the numbers (dorks of the sign kingdom) to play some dungeons and dragons, but that’s about all the interaction they’ll have with anyone else. Their distant cousins of the east: Korean, Japanese, Chinese (to name a few) hardly ever gets to see them.

And i’m done. A pretty angry blog post this time, but hey. It’s just the mood i’m in. Now, i shall retreat into my fake worlds.


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