Your average internet conversation

I feel like venting a little at people on the internet. First of, let me tell you all where i’m coming from.

I’m a transsexual woman in a one horse town full of bigots whose only interests are horses, scooters, floorball and football; i don’t have anyone i can really call a friend, per see; and the only vindication i have in life is the internet, as sad as that is.
So i have to express my anger and sadness over the fact that i can not for the life of my establish a conversation on the internet. I’m guessing it’s just me. Whatever wrong it is with me at the moment. That has to factor in somehow. Because, just wow! I don’t get it what so ever, how it always goes this way:

Hello. This thing you wrote was really interesting. Here are some questions, backed with some observations and points. What say you?

Ah, yes. You’re totally right, and that is really interesting. A question and another question. Some points and obserbations, you’re pretty cool.

Oh, yes. Very intersting, and here are some answers to your questions, here are some points and such, this conversation sure is going swell.


*Nothing but silence*

What you’ve just read is the ramblings of a madwoman who can’t figure out human interactions, obviously.
Seriously though. What gives? Am i the only one having this issue? Is it me, or is it other people who just have too much else to think about in their life?


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4 responses to “Your average internet conversation”

  1. finefin says :

    I’d say the internet is not the place for long conversations. Take twitter (where I “know” you from) with it’s 140 character limit. It’s not made for exhaustive colloquy, but for punchlines and banalities. so… maybe you just visit the wrong places…?

    Speaking of which… why don’t you leave Horsetown and move to a metropolis where you can take a bath in a crowd of unorthodox, crazy, queer and tolerant people?

    See, I live in Berlin and LGBTs are quite normal here. or better: in some quarters you actually won’t find _anyone_ with a “normal” biography. Sure, we also have people interested in horses here, but avoiding them is as easy as a walk in the park…

    • jennaisme says :

      Deviantart allows for infinitely long PMs though, and same goes for Skype.
      I would love to leave this town, believe me. But i don’t have the money yet. I also wanna live in a metropolis. :/

      • finefin says :

        “infinitely long PMs”… hm yes. but… communication over the internet is always filtered in any way. I had a colleague once, that communicated mainly via skype with me. he was not always an easy person to talk to in person, but to text-chat with him – oh my, i don’t even *want* to remember… let’s say, it ended up in struggle very fast. and we don’t work together anymore.

        what I want to say is… even if you know somebody in person, direct communication via text messages (chat, PM, SMS etc) always destroys some very important aspects of communication: facial expression and accentuation (we invented emoticons to fill that gap, but it’s a makeshift, if you ask me)…

        However, I wish you great success in escaping Horsetown! And I actually mean it 😉

      • jennaisme says :

        Body language does a lot, for sure. And i know what you mean. But when you can’t even get messages back, it just feels so shitty.

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