Day 163: Olof Palme is totally still relevant

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It’s been a little better today, although the first half of the day was horrible. I don’t want to bring it up more than i have to though, so i’ll be brief. Fuck anxiety! Fuck it up the ass. It went so far that i had to go up in the forest and talk to myself, and scream a few times. Yup.. First time i’ve ever done that. But i just have so much i need to get out of my system.

From me screaming like a maniac, to me being a respectful person you should all listen to! I got a little angry at Expressen (A big Swedish newspaper) today, when i saw that they were talking about the Olof Palme murder, once again. For those of you who don’t know, and i expect most people don’t, Olof Palme was a big shot politican in the late 70s, early 80s. He was shot by an unknown person.

I don’t mind that people find it interesting, or if they want to privately investigate it with their fucking money. But don’t go around thinking it’s relevant to anymore, or that he was so fucking important that you have to keep looking for his fucking murderer, 26 years after the incident!

That’s all i’m asking. It’s not that hard. He is not important or relevant anymore.

Anyhow.. It feels a bit better right now. I feel that i’ve let out a lot of pent up emotions. I just wish i could express myself better at the moment, but anxiety makes you look like a moron no matter what you write. It all comes out wrong, basically. Oh well.


So nothing was done today, but the offer to play games is still open, and even if it won’t happen this week, i’ll still be able to stay at his place this weekend while he’s gone! Which feels fantastic! Just what i need. Two days of pure alone time. It’ll be great!
Oh, and still no answer..

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